PRESS RELEASE: Stand United to Bring About Genuine and Lasting Change in Ethiopia!

PRESS RELEASE: Stand United to Bring About Genuine and Lasting Change in Ethiopia!

Ethiopian Political Organisations of the All-Inclusive London Conference (EPOAILC-February 2018), strongly condemn the Moyale killing of innocent civilians by the TPLF regime. This wanton and fascistic killing occurred on unarmed civilians in the heart of the town of Shewaber, in Moyale (Oromia region), whilst people were on their daily routines. The TPLF army went on a shooting spree and killed children, school teachers and women. Despite the army blaming false intelligence for its actions, the evidence from the administration of the Oromia Region and eyewitnesses shows that some of the victims were made to kneel before they were shot dead.
Regardless of the requests of local people and the judicial administration, there have been no inquiry or judicial process initiated following the killings. On the contrary, the Oromia Judicial administration head, Mr. Taye Dendea, was arrested by the military and taken away after he openly condemned the killings and demanded the perpetrators to be brought to justice. In the wake of these killings, about 50,000 people have fled and others continue to flee to the nearby Kenyan town across the border for safety.
These crimes happened in the wake of the illegal State of Emergency that was declared for the second time by the regime on 16 February to reverse the loss of grip on power in recent months due to the mass protests that rocked the country. The regime has found it difficult to believe that the change driven by protesting young people – the Qeerroos, the Fanos, the Zerma’s, the Nebros and the likes, is irreversible and that this is the beginning of the end of its corrupt and racist rule. Despite the harsh response from the regime the peoples’ demand for change is tenacious. The regime’s recklessness is increasingly driving the country into deeper crisis.
The TPLF divide and rule policy has costed our nation many lives and the dislocation of over one million Oromo people, tens of thousands of Somalis and other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. There are strong indications that the regime still intends to open rift among nations and nationalities by arming and pitting one community against another. We warn the peoples of Ethiopia and political activists to expect more of these artificial conflicts in the near future and act on it by exposing these intrigues of the regime and strengthen our unity and fraternity.
Now, the country has come to a standstill. Over three years of sustained and peaceful mass protests and boycotts of the peoples for fundamental change, especially in central and South Ethiopia, including areas surrounding the capital, Addis Ababa/ Finfinne, have been excessive but have brought us closer to the end of the dark days of oppression. Similarly, areas in the north of Ethiopia- Gonder, Gojjam and some parts of Wollo – are fighting for their freedom and democracy. Most cities and towns especially in the Oromo and Amhara regions have been completely blacked out, deprived of internet and other means of communication so that the protesters would find it difficult to communicate with each other as well as to blind the world from knowing what is going on in those regions. In the current TPLF enclave of Southern Ethiopia, political oppositions and youth groups seeking for change are rounded up and jailed and tortured. In Gambella, the TPLF regime mostly keeps a blind eye to cross-border raids from South Sudan where families are attacked, people get killed and children abducted and any protest by the people is brutally suppressed. Hence, the command post that was set up to oversee the illegal State of Emergency is continuing to imprison many people all over Ethiopia, including local government officials for refusing to hand over government funds, for resisting undue intervention by the command post in administrative matters as well as for exposing the heinous crime being committed by the regime’s infamous Agazi forces.
Therefore, Ethiopian Political Organisations of the All-Inclusive London Conference call upon:
1. the people of Ethiopia, especially the young who are taking the toll of the burden in this
struggle, to continue to resist this evil regime by working together and allowing no divide
amongst themselves.
2. all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia to stick together as brothers and sisters of one nation and not allow the evil regime to use our differences as instruments to instigate war against each other.
3. the regime’s armed forces and the security apparatus to refuse to shoot their own people and stand for justice with the people of Ethiopia to do away with this tyrannical rule. Any more killing will only worsen the situation for you as there soon will come a time when you will be called upon to be accountable.
4. the international community, including the United Nations, The Unites states of America, Europe, China and Russia to put pressure on the regime to stop all extrajudicial killings, imprisonment and torture of all dissidents and others and accept genuine transfer of power to a transitional government.
5. the African Union, as having a special relationship with African nations, to do its best in not only saving a member nation from falling apart, but also in saving the seat of the Africa Union.
6. all political organisations and other stakeholders fighting against the TPLF led regime, to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our fight for individual and collective rights, the rule of law and justice, freedom and unity in Ethiopia. Since the challenges we face are huge and the gravity of the problems unfathomable, we call upon you to take a united stand against the tyrannical rule of the TPLF. Stand united against the TPLF!
Victory for the People of Ethiopia!
21 March 2018 Members of Ethiopian Political Organisations of the All-Inclusive London Conference (EPOAILC)
1. Afar Liberation Front Party (ALFP)
2. Gambella Nilotes United Movement (GNUM)
3. Oromo Parliamentarian council (OPC)
4. Shekacho People’s Movement for Democracy and Socal Justice (SPMDSJ)
5. Tatek Movement for Freedom, Democracy and Unity of Ethiopia (Tatek Ethiopia)
6. Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD)
7. Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM)
8. Gambella Peoples Liberation Movement (GPLM)
9. Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)
10. Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
11. Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF)

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