Ibsaa Guutamaa: TPLF cannot survive the catastrophe it gradually brought on itself

TPLF cannot survive the catastrophe it gradually brought on itself: 

When it overtook the Ethiopian empire TPLF did not make much distinction between Amaaraa and peoples of the colonies. That pushed native Amaaraa to fight for their country, their identity and Amaaraa unity. The matter for Amaaraa at home became fighting for own survival as a people; they do not have the luxury of daily condemnation of Oromo by those nostalgic for the Nafxanyaa system. Amaaraa has now turned the nearest to home nemesis for TPLF. In addition to this there are some points that are weakening TPLF. 

1. The leaders that led the youth that brought TPLF to power betrayed the initial objective after monopolizing the empire and had started to enrich themselves and corrupt those youth by opening access to plunder. Unless they are the laziest there is no Wayyaanee fighter that did not amass as much wealth as possible through the plundering. Now TPLF power is coming under doubt for the oppressed people have no tolerance to alien rule. Popular protest is shaking TPLF foundation from the ground. Those that brought it to power are not the same energetic revolutionary youth but people that had formed family and wealth. Head on clash with people that have just cause to fight for cannot be a guarantee for their gains. So will not give up their lives for corrupted leaders. They know from their own history that those that struggle for their freedom will win. 

2. Supremacy of Tigree had humiliated and wounded many. Their discrimination was obvious.

3. There is no nationality that did not lose its nationals for TPL F/EPRDF genocide. That bred more enemies for TPLF than friends.  It drove into wars that did not concern them and many did not return from battle field. Wars with Al-Shabaab and Shaabiyaa can be mentioned as evidence. Relatives are not told whether they are dead or alive. But TPLF elites have benefited from it and piled high rise buildings with their blood. That has stored peoples’ hatred for TPLF. 

4. TPLF has no difficulty to break its promises. That makes it a liar. Liar is not credible. TPLF did not think like those before it, aliens they conqured will remain ever theirs. It chose to engage every hour it spends in power in plunder that made others weep tears of blood. It invited the rich, from across the waters included and sold them country and city lands at the expense of natives. 

5. Those thrown as garbage by fake assessment known as “gimgamaa” could serve as warning to the rest and many are losing confidence if they can personally survive while serving TPLF. There are more internal dissensions in its camp than ever.

6. EPRDF is said to be association of equals but decision maker is TPLF. Out of fear, all the others are taking equal responsibility, which is now demoralizing them when they start imagining the consequences. 

7. Institutions of security and defense belong to TPLF; but the name is Ethiopian. All crimes committed in the name of Ethiopia are going to include the Amaara.    

8. The most senior in Ethiopia are Amaaraa; but, just like the colonies they are also now under TPLF control. Their land is cut and taken by Tigree. Nationalities in Amaaraa country, not known as separate entities to the colonies are now exposed by the Tigree that is instigating quarrels among them. This might make the Amaaraa to ally with enemies of TPLF like the Oromo and others, not as Ethiopians but as good neighbors.   

9. Invasion to which the ruling Amaaraa class was head, had built the Nafxanyaa system to create an empire. Most of these people were recruited from the conquered people but they were brainwashed to call themselves Amaaraa and Tawaahido. They are descendents of those and refuse to be cleansed from invader and alien mentality. Despite having countries in which they were born and brought up and so belonged to, they wish to once again occupy the empire in the name of Amaaraa and Ethiopia. TPLF, rather than recruiting such types closed all accesses to wealth on them. For this reason they do not want to see it get strong but work towards its fall. 

10. Unless the Amhara keep these people out, they could even because to lose their own country. If their sovereignty over their country is challenge it would be appropriate for neighbors to defend them. But to claim that neighboring countries belong to them would amount to arrogance. Their own fathers used to say, “Ya qooxuun aawurd bilaa yaa bibbituwaan xaallach”. That means to take down from raft above she dropped what was in armpit. Let relations be as they may, these old Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are the most vocal and are driving to expose ill deeds of Wayyaanee to replace and cancel all not Emperor’s policy Nafxanyaa based. 

11. TPLF/EPRDF trained and armed Somalis led by Abdii Ilene and are invading Oromiyaa. That OPDO has knowledge of it is obvious from its constitutional duties and the way it is now behaving. This has mad Oromo people to get angrier and have more grudge than it has in storage before. 

12. The above points and others added together are putting TPLF out off balance. If neighbors of Oromiyaa do not cross over from their own country and claim “yours is also ours” the Oromoo have no problem with them. There can be no cause that could hinder them form talking to each other like African siblings and amicably determine the course of action they need to take at present and the future they can have together. Not only uniting Horn of Africa, Uniting all Africa have to be in all Africans mind. But such decision could be made with free will between free peoples alone. So raising the issue of Ethiopian unity at such a time when all of us are enslaved is trying to give TPLF longer life. Otherwise TPLF cannot survive the catastrophe it gradually brought on itself.

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