SNLF: The Sidama and Oromo Elders Foiled the TPLF attempt to ignite coflict between the two nations!

The Sidama and Oromo Elders Foiled the TPLF attempt to ignite coflict between the two nations!
The uprising of the gallant Oromo nation since 2015 scored several great victories. The most important of these victories is the unity of the Oromo nation. The Oromo nation is more united for freedom and democracy today than ever before. As it should, the Oromo nation is spearheading an irreversible revolution against the predatory and minority TPLF dictatorship in a systematic and sustainable manner.
The downfall of the TPLF could have been hastened if other oppressed and  marginalised nations like Sidama had risen against the regime. In our previous article “Regional Autonomy for the Sidama Nation Now” we narrated how for the first time in the nation’s history the Sidama men and women have resorted  to begging on the streets for survival against a cultural taboo.
TPLF has destroyed the very fabric of the Sidama society. The few TPLF agents have reigned supreme over the impoverished nation. They have so far managed to divide the nation and weaken its resolve.
The demand for regional self rule for which over 10, 000 Sidama freedom fighter sacrificed their lives particularly between 1978 and 1983 has saddly been dampened.
However, Sidama is down but not yet out!
One reason for hope is the victory over the recent TPLF attempt to open a western battle front between Sidama and Oromo using a similar model they employed in the east using the Ogadeni militia against Oromia. This victory was due to wise leadership of the Oromo and Sidama elders. Thank you our beloved forbears!
The responsibility to spearhead further resistance against the fascist TPLF regime now lies on the shoulders of the Sidama youth, wedella!. Wake up wedella and stand on the side of Qeerroo! Lest history will judge you!!

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