​Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa: Responsibility, Accommdation, and Compassion: the Imperative of Our Time

​Responsibility, Accommdation, and Compassion: the Imperative of Our Time


By Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa

Responsible leadership, accommodative politics, and compassionate governance alone are the way forward as the struggle enters a new, if complicated, phase.
Responsibility for one’s rights, one’s safety, one’s acts, and one’s destinies; responsibility for our neighbors and for those amidst us; and responsibility for the safety and security of the most vulnerable ones (for “the weakest and the worst” among us) is, and should be, the guiding moral-political imperative of the time. Responsibility at all levels!!!
As the apologists of TPLF continue unleashing a renewed politics of division, suspicion, and hatred, it is absolutely necessary that it is countered head on by redoubling our commit to accommodation. No one should be left out of the political process (even from this politics of resistance). Inclusiveness is much in demand and, as such, is the imperative of our redeemed future in the democracy to come.
People are bleeding. And that, for a long time. The nation is bleeding. As a nation in resistance, it has always been bleeding (from arbitrary executions, massacres, mass arrests, mass incarceration, dispossessions, evictions, displacements, dislocations, war, and refugeeism). Only boundless compassion from the public square can help us overcome myriads of everyday suffering our people are experiencing. Hence, the imperative of compassionate governance.
While we recognize that these are trying times (that exude anger and resentment), it is important for our people to bring a rigorous sense of discipline to their struggle. The times are tough, yes. We need to be tougher still.
For ours is a generation of hope and agony, of revolution and sacrifice, of critique and reconstruction, of resistance and redemption–all at the same time, all at once.

#Oromo #Ethiopia  #SavingEthiopiafromItself

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