Adugna Gamachu: What are behind mass killings and eviction of Oromo people by Somali Special Forces?

What are behind mass killings and eviction of Oromo people by Somali Special Forces?

Adugna Gamachu

Bildergebnis für Ogaden liyu policeThousands of Oromo’s were reported killed and evicted from their land properties in the first week September of 2017 by Somali special forces known as “liyu police”, which is trained and supplied by Ethiopian federal government and Somali state regional government. This clash has displaced more than 50,000 Oromo ethnics those who lived in the Somali region and around the border between Somali and Oromia.  Around 48,000 of the victims were reported to camp in three different camps in eastern Hararghe of Oromo region waiting for humanitarian aid.

Medias and governmental officials tried to imply that the current eviction and mass killing is due to the result of border disputes between Oromo and Somali. Actually Oromo and Somali are two largest ethnic group by the land mass they occupied by sharing the border of more than 1,400 km (870 miles). It is known that there is long time question of boundary between two regions that was solved by the referendum of 2004. In the referendum, more Oromia won more than 80% of the land. But the decision is still not implemented paving the way for the current disputes.

The reality of the conflict is much away from the reports and speculations by the government, which is the fulfillment and continuation of mass killing, arbitrary arrest and mass eviction of the Oromo. Since it came to power current Ethiopian government paved the way for the execution and ethnic cleansing of Oromo people either by direct action by its officials or by colliding them with the neighboring ethnics in order to secure power and silence the voice of the people. For instance, there is enough evidence that there is the work of the government behind the conflict of Oromo’s and Amhara for long period of time and the recent conflict between Oromo and peoples southern nations and nationals region.

TPLF government created and perpetuated the current conflict in order to transfer the attention of the Oromo people from the real and long enduring problem to the border clash between the neighbor people. It is known that there was anti-government protest throughout the country that resulted in the death and eviction of thousands of Oromo people and exposed true identity of TPLF government to the world. The country was under the state of emergency for the period of ten months that lifted in the last July. The people had long time grievances and sorrow implemented by the government on them that they can do anything to get away with their murder and brutality including clashing the neighborhood. The current conflict is also the means the government is using to change the focus of Medias and international organizations from the real problem. Currently, international organizations and Medias had done a great job in exposing the real problems in the country and trying to help in overcoming the problems by providing various solutions which were ignored by the government and now the government is hoping that they will focus on the current issue than on the real problem.

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