​Barii Ayano: Leadership Crisis is driving the Proxy War!

Leadership Crisis is driving the Proxy War!

By: Barii Ayano

Both the Oromo nation and the Somalia nation are facing leadership crisis. The Oromia region and its people and the Somali Region and its people have neither representative nor nationalist leaders. Both OPDO and Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party (ESPDP) are lackeys of the TPLF, who don’t defend the national interests of the Oromo and the Somali people in Ethiopia. Both have been working against the national interests of the two nations, including in taking part in the extrajudicial killings, raping, torturing, and imprisoning innocent people. They’re parts of the problem-not solution.
ESPDP, under the leadership of Abdi Mohamoud Omar, is even much worse than the deadwood OPDO. Most of the crimes in Oromia have been committed by the TPLF with the assistance of errand boys/gals of the OPDO. ESPDP, particularly after the establishment of the Liyu Police, is directly involved in killing, raping, torturing and imprisoning innocent Somali Ethiopia. Information abounds that the president of the region is personally took part in torturing and killing innocent people. He is much worse than the OPDO leaders. He is a cold-blooded killer of Somalis for years.
Therefore, it’s not only politically wise but it also sounds logical to frame the ongoing war as the proxy war lead by the TPLF thugs like Abay Tsehaye and TPLF security and military leadership. TPLF thugs have multifaceted plans to weaken and disintegrate the two large nations in Ethiopia: Oromos and Amharas. Some Amhara daydreamers don’t want to acknowledge how much TPLF thugs have destroyed the integrity of the Amhara nation since they prefer to live in their illusions much more than facing the reality on the ground in the Amhara region. Oromos have woken up to the crisis!
Genuine nationalists don’t kill their own people to serve the interests of the members of other nations. ESPDP and OPDO, as organizations, cannot pass the test of nationalist organizations, including as nationalist dictators. But they can easily pass as the local stooges that serve the colonial masters at the expense of their nations. TPLF’s rule in Ethiopia has much more similarities with the cruelest forms of colonial regimes than normal home-grown dictatorship. It’s the colonial minority regimes that weaken the large nations by arming & empowering the minority groups. Read the works of colonial masters in different parts of the world, and then compare them with the work of the TPLF-led regime.
Oromos have leadership crisis since OPDO is a deadwood that cannot even guarantee the safety of the people. Somali people have leadership crisis, and they become mercenaries that die serving others like TPLF thugs for some perks.
When the genuine leadership of the Oromo and Somali nations takes over, border issues get true settlement. It’s unequivocally clear that due to the difference in their relative preference by the TPLF in the proxy war, ESPDP leadership has no respect for the OPDO leadership. The signed agreement was totally useless. We have been arguing over years the fact that TPLF thugs neither want OPDO to be strong nor want it to be popular among Oromos. TPLF thugs want OPDO to be a deadwood that only serves TPLF thugs. TPLF thugs don’t want ESPDP to be popular among Somalis either. They want the ESPDP leadership to be hated by Somalis. And the nations of the Oromos and Somalis suffer in the crisis since they lack any form of nationalist leadership.
The war is not between the Somali people and the Oromo people. It’s a war between the Somali mercenaries of the TPLF and the innocent Oromo people. Mercenaries are merciless for both their nations and other nations. Oromos need to organize to defend themselves. OPDO members need to directly and indirectly side with the Oromo people. The proxy war is not only a war on the Oromo people but it is also a proxy war to make OPDO irrelevant for Oromos forever.

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