Via Denboba Natie 

Tedros Adhanom has taken the ugly experience of his repressive TPLF regime to the helm the UN specialized agency — the WHO. 

Four Oromo refugees who worked for the World Health Organization in Yemen [ worked for 1 to 8 years] have been arrested prior to his scheduled visit in Yemen. Here is the chronology of events that culminated in the arrest of the four Oromo employees of WHO in Yemen:

1) On the 22nd of July, just few days after the announcement of WHO’s new director scheduled visit to the WHO branch office and its activities in Yemen, these Oromo employees of the agency were politely told by their boss, herself a senior WHO officer, that they are needed by the Yemeni immigration department. She convinced them that paying visit to the department, for what so ever reason they were needed, would have no risk on their job or personal security.

2) Accordingly, on the 22nd of July, the four employees were driven [by the WHO car, as per my immediate informant] to the immigration department of Yemen—and there and then, they were all arrested. They are now in prison for the last four days. 

3) All of the four people have reported to have been tortured, as they are being visited by friends and families. 

4) According to one of the detainees, there were other people from Ethiopia working for the WHO there too but only these Oromo employees were selectively taken and detained.    

5) The names of these four people now suffering in Yemeni prison cells are: 

A. Jamal Ahmed badhaso

B. Hasan fayiso bultum

C. Shamil dalo

D. Mussa Jamal husa