​Dr Mohammed Abbajabel Tahiro: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

Dr Mohammed Abbajabel Tahiro

TPLF bosses are trying to pull a fast one on the people, yet again. Their latest project is creating the appearance of an adversarial relationship between them and the OPDO. Eighty Tigrean contraband merchants were arrested by OPDO officials in Shashamenne, Lemma Megersa threatened Oromia would stop tax remittance to the federal coffers, and any number of such rumors have been disseminated by TPLF agents. Coupled with deceptively belligerent speeches of Mr. Lemma Megersa, the uninitiated could be tempted to believe there really is a rift between the master and the slave. 
Here is the reality on the ground:
1. The Oromo person and resources thereof have been treated as spoils of war for 27 years. TPLF has been looting Oromia mercilessly since the first hours they set foot in Finfinne. Anyone who is perceived as upsetting to this fundamental relationship between the Oromo and the TPLF is ruthlessly eliminated.
2. There are tens of thousands of innocent prisoners languishing in TPLF prisons; this includes almost all Oromo opposition figures. It’s well documented by international human rights groups that prisoners are subjected to sub-human treatment, including torture.
3. TPLF has unleashed mayhem on all people, from all walks of life, simply because the people demand TPLF respect its own constitution.
4. Thousands of Oromo families have been forcefully evicted from their ancestral homesteads and their lands given to Tigre settlers or auctioned off to foreigners. Despite scant coverage in social media, forceful eviction of Oromo families continues unabated. 
5. There has been tremendous damage to the environment through pollution and deforestation. International media such as Aljazeera and the BBC, among others, have reported on water pollution in Aqaqi and the Awash river basins.
6. In keeping with war on Oromo language and culture, the TPLF recently initiated change in the sequence of Qubee, through its proxy, the OPDO.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of the atrocities perpetrated by the TPLF against the Oromo. The takeaway is that the fundamental relationship between the TPLF and the OPDO has not changed a bit, and is not likely to change at all. The OPDO was created by the Tigreans to serve them as an enabler in Oromia. It’s staffed, at the highest level, by individuals who are loyal (out of fear or opportunism) to their Tigrean masters. That’s today’s reality on the ground. Lemma Megersa’s deceptive talk alone can’t change the reality on the ground. Talk can never be a substitute for action.

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