​Press Release of Wakeffanna Oromo Assembly

Press Release

Wakeffanna Oromo Assembly

Date 05.06.17

Subject: Video channeled through youtube by Presence Tv Channel on May 30,2017 by Prophet Suraphel Demissie
Wakeffanna Oromo Assembly is shocked to discover a disturbing  video aimed at denigrating and disfiguring Wakeffanna religion through a youtube, TV channel, Facebook page and website managed by Prophet Suraphel Demissie (www.prophetsurapheldemissie.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX1p6rOY_7c ).

It is beyond our imagination to watch that a church preaching belief in God and a prophet could go to that length to denigrate, defame and dehumanize the culture and religion of a nation that amicably harbors him and his followers. It is uncalled for to specifically mention other’s value system and present it in such dehumanizing fashion.  In fact, that does not bode well with the values of Christian teaching, as the world knows it today.

Wakeffanna is a belief system that is practiced by Oromos from time immemorial and still being practiced by millions of Oromos and other people all over the world. Its followers do not worship anything like  lakes, rivers, mountains or any other idol. They believe in one and only one creator -Uuma-  called by its followers Waaqa or Waaqa Gurracha (God). Its underlying believe is that the Creator is one God but with many names. Wakeffanna fully recognizes that other nations have a belief system to address their creator in their own way and understanding. From its basic tenets, it does not demand its followers to confront other belief systems. It  would naturally expect other belief systems to do the same.  

This belief in one creator has made the Oromo community as you know it today, a honest,  accommodating and respectful community.

Dear Prophet, your depiction of Wakeffanna and Irrecha (thanks giving) is completely erroneous at best or intentional defamation of the Oromo community, at worst. Indeed that is in contradiction with the constitution of the country. 

Dear Prophet; so many  are more disappointed by what you demonstrated in that video as it is in complete contradiction of  Christian values itself as described in the Holly Bible which preaches to love your neighbors as you love yourself. I assure you, Dear Prophet; those true Oromos in your congregation hereafter will think twice before they come to your church and call you a prophet.

We ask you to come to your senses to preach compassion and tolerance and respect for races. Your depiction of the fair colored (qey sewuye) individual in the ladies dream to Jesus while leaving the black individual to represent devil is an insult to the whole world of Africa including your followers in that very Hall.  

We members of Wakeffanna Oromo Assembly  are  disheartened  beyond expression by your presentation and we would like to request you to desist from any temptation of denigrating remarks as it pertains to Oromo values  and we call up on you to urgently  remove all such remarks from the websites. We finally ask you to live by true Christian values that demands its followers to ask for forgiveness in case of damaging offense and request you to ask for apology from the Oromo people including those in your church.
Wakeffanna Oromo Assembly.

Bergen, Norway.
Copy to:

The Office of FDRE president, His Excellency Mr. Mulatu Teshome

The office of Prime Minister: His Excellency Mr. Haile Mariam Dessalegn

The office of Oromia Regional State: His Excellency Mr. Lama Magarsa

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