Abinet Guddisa Abdisa: The Suffering of Oromo nation under minority TPLF – EPRDF regime in Ethiopia

This article was edited on Aprl 23, 2017


Photo: Demonstrators chant slogans while flashing the Oromo protest gesture during Irreecha, the thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people, in Bishoftu town, Oromia region, Ethiopia, October 2, 2016. © 2016 Reuters

The Suffering of Oromo nation under minority TPLF – EPRDF regime in Ethiopia

Abinet Guddissa Abdisa *

Ethiopian empire built by live bulet of Habeshas dictators make more terrible against oromoo  people from day to day. The green land of oromia and its natural resources (the natural wealth like the mining, the forest, …), the population of live stocks, the Spice, and huge crop production was the cause to capture oromia before 130 years ago by Menilik second. Since then, the oromo people sufferd, tortured, disappeared, killed by live bullet. Here are some of the most important harrasement and discrimination and terrible situation of oromia.

1. Oromos are under Genocide and Oromia is under the colony of TPLF ( Tigray peoples Liberaration Front) which is dominating the power over all the puppet EPRDF sub- Servants or parties.

To make clear this, one can see the military authorities so as to Undestand who is ruling the Country. To mention few:

A. Samora Yunis / Tigre/: minister of Defence.

B. Seare Mekonen: Logistic & Education Director.

C. Yohanes  Gebre meskal

D. Gebre Adehana: Information & Inteligence Director.

E. Tekle Birhan Weld Aregay: INSA Director

F. Gebre Nedihin Fekadu: Agazi Director.

More over , thousands of oromos killed and wounded during the oromo protest Over all oromia. Oromo Students raised lots of quetions with free hand demonstrations.

A. Stop Addis Ababa – Oromia Integrated master plan!

B. We Need Freedom & justice!

C. Free all oromo prisoners!

D. Stop land Grabbing in Oromia! and Some other questions.

The Genocide happend on oromos reported by human rights organizations like Amnesty International (2014), HRW, HRLHA, … and major medias like VOA, Aljazeera and many more.

1. Oromos are destabilized, horrified and Stunned to Speak.

2. No freedom of Speech and fake freedom for legally registered opposition parties. Zone 9 bloggers, the oromo Federalist Congrass party and OPC leadership and memberswere arrested. Journalists best illustrated this. There is no single independent oromo Journal in that empire at all.

3. Unfair power /Authority/ distribution. To show the fact:

A. Ministry of federal  Affairs – Abay Tsehaye (Tigre)

B. National Intelligence – Getachew Asfaw (Tigre)

C. Federal police  – Aregash Beeyen (Tigre)

D. Defence ministry – Samora Yenus (Tigre)

F. Former prime minister – Meles Zenawi (Tigre)( Thanks to Death)

4. Intensive Corruption is recegonized and confirmd by world Bank (almost all the authorities from top to bottom level are highly Corrupted).

5. High Capital withdrawal to abroad and to restrengthen their economical domination EFFORT ( TPLF huge Companies) has established  more than 20 huge  Companies  using Oromian wealth with  83,710,117,000 Billion .

6. The Other destablizing problem in Oromia is the “Addis Ababa_ Oromia Region Integrated master plan”

Their document mention nothing about  the farmers fate, the compensation and benefit of farmers when they leave their farm land. This can  be taken as Genocide. Where are the farmers going to live ? With what in come ?  How will look like their future life? Nothing mentionded  because, once up on a time Meles Zenawi said  “it is possible to chenge the majority in to minority” which means  through the master plan “but in real sense “master killer”

7. The TPLF ruled government forced Students to be a member of the puppet party OPDO. They have a form to fill so as to become a member and in order to get job opportunities any where after graduation if one refused, he/she will suffer a lot to get Job or else forced to crush ” kobel Stone” having first degree.

If oromos  come together to be organized, they (OPDO) assumed that, all are OLF Supporters.

* Abinet Guddisa Abdisa can be reached by the following address: abguddisa@yahoo.com

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