Face the consequences of your choices, or die out: We promise not to help you!



If you have failed to speak for your people for 26 years; if, in fact, you caused a destruction of untold proportions on the people siding with TPLF; if you invariably chose to please TPLF in every single policy measures including the most innocuous of all; if you brutally murdered the generation that voiced your own dream of liberation from the TPLF oppression; if you continue to smear that same generation that called your attention to the suffering of the people in whose name you served TPLF as stooges; if you fail to realign yourself with your people because you thought your alliance with TPLF fascists would last forever; then face the consequences when the monstrous TPLF machine turns against you.

Don’t run around mindlessly seeking this generation of Oromos to save you. No amount of borrowed insinuations such as “narrow nationalist” (the most recent phrase used by one of your most “educated apes” is “narrow democracy”!) will save you from the popular anger or from the TPLF killing machine. Stop the nonsense about “economic revolution”, the revolution that never was, to suppress the simple popular aspiration for peace, human security, and the dignity thereof.

No economic empowerment can happen while you yourself as leaders of the OPDO (let alone the people) are under TPLF repression in your own Oromo-speaking ghettoes. (Yes, the word used by the current OPDO leader, rightly, is gabrummaa, i.e., slavery, making himself a Slave President!) For you to lead a “revolution” of any sort, first free yourselves from slavery.

Else, hold your peace. Or die out. There is time for everything: a time to kill, a time to heal. A time to live, a time to die. You have killed more than your share, OPDO. You have killed for far too long. Perhaps, it is time for you to die. Yes, die out before you are consumed by a fire raging against you from two directions. Iffirraa du’a, dhiiroo!!! (Perhaps Girma Woldegiorgis’s death is the last signal reminding you of the end of an era for opportunists.) 

[Tsegaye Ararsa] via Girmaabbacabsa’s FB

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