Breaking News: List of TPLF Military & Intelligence officers in Planning and Commanding the Somali Liyu Police Mercenary Paramilitary exposed!

List of TPLF Military and Intelligence officers  involved in planning and commanding the Somali region  Liyu Police mercenary paramilitary  

Via Jawar Mohammed / Girma Gutema / Dammaqaa Nagaasaa @FaceBook

1. Col. Gebremedihin Gebre, Shhinelle Zone Coordinator and deputy commander of Somali Special Forces 

2     Col. Fiseha, chief of intelligence of somali regional government, specializing particularly in Oromos and Oromia issue, also heads  and supervises Fefem zone security

3.    Col.  Gitet Tesfaye , coordinates and leads disputed borders issue and security

4.  Major Desalegn Haddish, Babile front intelligence chief

5     Major Abraha Sisay, heads training of mercenaries and somali recruits at Bobas training center

6     Brigadier General Hadgu Belay, advisor to the president of Somali region  on security and organizational affairs on security at regional government level
7     Col. Gebretensae, heads and coordinates Somali militias organization
Oromo mercenaries working with the TPLF officials 

1. Lieutenant Hassan Ali, former member of defense forces of Ethiopia, now commands  a Liyu Police unit  consisting  120 members at  attacking Erer district( wereda)

2.  Captain Mohammed Ibrahim,  with a unit of 120 members at Babile front( WEREDA)

3 Sergeant Usman Mohammed,  Garalencha district

4 Sergeant  Jibril Ahmed spies on Oromo militia in Gursum district, to Fafam direction

5 Sergeant Mohamed Usman, Raqe, Meyu Muluke  areas military operations

6 Sergeant Fuad Aliyi, Chinaksen district

 * The Liyu Police and Somali region militia are organized in 26 regiment each consisting up to 500 personnel.

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