List of TPLF Military and Intelligence officers  involved in planning and commanding the Somali region  Liyu Police mercenary paramilitary  

Via Jawar Mohammed / Girma Gutema / Dammaqaa Nagaasaa @FaceBook

1. Col. Gebremedihin Gebre, Shhinelle Zone Coordinator and deputy commander of Somali Special Forces 

2     Col. Fiseha, chief of intelligence of somali regional government, specializing particularly in Oromos and Oromia issue, also heads  and supervises Fefem zone security

3.    Col.  Gitet Tesfaye , coordinates and leads disputed borders issue and security

4.  Major Desalegn Haddish, Babile front intelligence chief

5     Major Abraha Sisay, heads training of mercenaries and somali recruits at Bobas training center

6     Brigadier General Hadgu Belay, advisor to the president of Somali region  on security and organizational affairs on security at regional government level
7     Col. Gebretensae, heads and coordinates Somali militias organization
Oromo mercenaries working with the TPLF officials 

1. Lieutenant Hassan Ali, former member of defense forces of Ethiopia, now commands  a Liyu Police unit  consisting  120 members at  attacking Erer district( wereda)

2.  Captain Mohammed Ibrahim,  with a unit of 120 members at Babile front( WEREDA)

3 Sergeant Usman Mohammed,  Garalencha district

4 Sergeant  Jibril Ahmed spies on Oromo militia in Gursum district, to Fafam direction

5 Sergeant Mohamed Usman, Raqe, Meyu Muluke  areas military operations

6 Sergeant Fuad Aliyi, Chinaksen district

 * The Liyu Police and Somali region militia are organized in 26 regiment each consisting up to 500 personnel.