Denboba Natie: The TPLF’s Ethiopian regime is continually brutalizing the Oromo civilians using Somali Liyu militia

Dear humanitarians

People of Ethiopia, 

March 11, 2017

The TPLF’s Ethiopian regime is continually brutalizing the Oromo civilians using Somali Liyu militia, trained and armed by the UK, USA and some EU countries such as Germany and France; as part of their anti-terrorism special forces for east and horn of Africa. TPLF rather uses these special forces equipped with snipers, to terrorize the Oromo, Ogaden Somail, Sidama, Gambella, Benshalgul, Konso, Amhara and the rest civilians of the country. In particular, since the regime has imposed state of Emergency in October 2016, it is literally terrorizing the entire peoples of Ethiopia apart from its own region whose population only amount less than 5% out of 104,000,000 populated Ethiopia. 

Diametrically opposing to the former (the size of their population), the (Tigray People’s Liberation Front-TPLF) owns the entire country by monopolizing the economy, military leadership, security and political power– leaving the rest of stakeholder -just simple and fragmented (under the divide-and-rule tactics adopted in the last 26 years) puppets who have neither power nor means to defend themselves from the legally organized criminals calling themselves -the government; erroneously re-baptized as EPRDF. 

The West’s politicians remain oblivious although the situation in Ethiopia is becoming extremely unsettling. Cholera is rampaging Ogaden Somali civilians. Poverty is debilitating the entire peoples of the country with less than $1 a day. Often neglected drought is also putting over 5.5 million peoples in various regions at the risk of death; Last year the people who have depended on food aid were over 15, million. The Wests’ politicians oblivious of the reality whilst praising the incumbent regime for its fake development projects. 

Moreover, demonstrating its neglect and disrespects of the subjects, it is celebrating its 42nd anniversary within the country’s 4* hotels, safeguarded with its killing machines; and in foreign country (Dubai) 5* lavish hotels spending between $5 and $7 million public money as we speak.   

Furthermore, due to ongoing massacre of the Oromo civilians, the death toll in Oromo targeted executions exceeds 2000; since the Oromo resistance against injustice and slavery imposed on the nation by the TPLF’s government in October 2015 began. The numbers of unlawfully incarcerated civilians also exceed 150, 000 in Oromia region alone. The death toll in Amhara region, in Ogaden Somali region, Konso Zone, Gambella and Benshangul and the rest areas also remain high. 

The TPLF’s government is masterminding the ongoing massacre of Oromo civilians using those special forces trained, funded and remotely supervised by the West’s politicians. The Oromo victims are unarmed civilians as any person can see from the picture of the wounded Oromo youth.

Unite and defend your rights, leaving your petty differences aside to emancipate the Oromo nation and the rest peoples of Ethiopia. 

Freedom and Justice for Oromo nation and the rest peoples of Ethiopia.

Denboba Natie

March 11, 2017


Source: Denboba Natie’s FB

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