One thought on “Ethiopia ‘ruthlessly targeted’ Oromo ethnic group, report finds (Aljazeera)

  1. Yes, ruthlessly:
    Ended, TPLF/EPRDF targeted Oromo Nation for no reason.
    First, the Tigray People Liberation Front started targeting the Oromo People from day one they entered Ethiopia. They thought it will be good beneficial for them and for their next generation since Oromia is rich in so called “RESOURCE.” Tigray is one of Ethiopia’s 14 provinces in northern Ethiopia. They new if they control Ethiopia, they will be granted for their best interest and will be serviced for their all generation. They have had a complex with the other northern pasties, is called “Amehara.” people. The Ameharas were controlled Oromia for more than 150 years and colonized under other dictators such as II Minilik, Tsayitu, Haile-Silase and Mengistu Haile-Mariam.
    As history tells, the Tigray guerrillas had have been tried to take over and control the Oromia and the southern parts of Ethiopia. However, the II Minilik, pleased them by presenting hundreds of KG gold, ox’s, moil, conks and hundreds of sieved Oromos men and women. Yohanis (Melese Zenawi’s) grate grand father cooled down and stooped killing hundreds of thousands of Oromo nation and the South people.
    In 1933, when Italy invent Ethiopia, one of Meles’s family helped out the root and the way how to move and where the best way to go in the center of Ethiopia. Ended, the Italians promoted them and gave them gun in exchange of everything they could. So, from then on, Tigray people never slept over night before they still, murder, cheat, lie to and everything they could.
    For instance, in 1978, I started working for the socialist government of Ethiopia in forest and wildlife authority. Every department of the places I worked for about seven (7) years, there were Tigray men, women, young people and an old men who did work there. From young to an old of them, I had have never so an honest person person, but they are so aggressive, never learn enough, lie, cheat, still and murderess. This is true, and I saw all these happened the same department I worked with them. In addition, when the department sent them to with heave trucks to bring coffee from different provenances, they go receive the coffee or whatever raw materials but they always came back with empty truck and reason that the guerillas took from them.
    Now, they became to be a president of one country with help of US and they controlled the entire country and showed and showing their superiority of murder, land grape, rape, kill, jail and burn the jail while humans are jailed in there.
    Finally, I’m not surprised how they are rude and ruthless people but the new generation of Oromo children did not know how they are so wild.

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