Obbo Tolchaa Wagii: The Irreecha Massacre (Pictures and Names of some of more than 700 victims)

The #IrreechaMassacre (2nd October 2016, Hora Arsadii, Bishooftuu) in which more than 700 Oromos were massacred by the TPLF’s Agazi Army and security will not be forgotten in Oromo history. More than 3 Million Oromos and others were gathered to celebrate the annual Irreechaa Festival (Oromo Thanksgiving Festival).

Obbo Tolchaa Wagii Saattoo collected the lists and pictures of about 200 Oromos and sent us as a .pdf document. We would like to say many thanks to obbo Tolchaa for tirelessly collecting and publishing this important documents. Please feel free to share this file with all concerned groups and organizations.

Click one of the following links to share the document:


Obbo Tolchaa Wagii Saattoo: #IrreechaMassacre


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