2nd Ethiopian athlete crosses arms in protest against government after winning race in Canada


14088615_1573381419635411_5780786197523534801_nAnother Ethiopian marathoner has made headlines for crossing his hands above his head as he finished the race.

Ebisa Ejigu crossed over his hands as he cross the finish line to emerge the winner of the Quebec City Marathon in Canada.

The latest protest sign comes just a week after marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa won silver for Ethiopia at the Olympics in the same fashion.

Crossing arms is a sign of protest against Ethiopian government’s treatment of the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in the Horn of Africa. The protests were sparked after the government began extending the municipal boundary of the country’s capital, threatening parts of Oromia and the people’s land rights.

The protests began in a small town named Ginchi, approximately 80 kilometres outside of the capital. Both Lilesa and Ejigu are from Addis Ababa or the surrounding area.

According to human right groups, security forces in the East African country have killed scores of people in recent weeks in a series of brutal anti-government crackdown.

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