Senate Resolution 432 Call Drive Directions for Community Leaders – Oromo Advocacy Group

Senate Resolution 432 Call Drive Directions for Community Leaders

Dear Oromo Community Representatives,

Thank you for your long term commitment to the Oromo cause. Your participation in the meetings, briefing, and rally on April 19, 2016 led to the introduction of the Senate Resolution 432 (Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia) into committee on April 20, 2016.  It was only through your meetings, phone calls, and letters that the Oromo communities in North America were able to cooperate to achieve progress.  However, the fight to make the United States take a firm stance on Ethiopia has only just begun.   We need to continue our efforts to ensure that the Senate Resolution 432 is passed and that a hearing about the human rights situation in Ethiopia takes place.  To this end, we are organizing a call drive to make sure that we continue to keep the Oromo issue on the minds of our elected officials.  If we do not continue to call and write to our Senators, we will not make progress and the Senate Resolution 432 will not pass.

We need your help!  We are asking that Oromo community organization coordinate a call drive to get S. Res. 432 passed.

Step 1:   Identify constituents in your city/state to commit to call their Senator about either co-sponsoring or supporting Senate Resolution 432 sponsored by Senator Cardin.

Step 2:  Do not call at the same time, divide the group of volunteers and assign each a certain day to call (for instance, if 25 volunteers sign up, have 5 different people call each day).

Step 3:  Forward each caller the attached script which details how to call their Senator.

Step 4:  Follow-up at the end of each day to ensure that all of the volunteers have made their calls. If the calls were not made or the line was busy, encourage the volunteer to call the next day.

Step 5:  Thank each volunteer for their assistance.

Step 6:  Repeat with new callers the following week.

Step 7:  Publicize the call drive with your members via email and circulate the information about the call drive on social media.

Note:  Please print the the sheet in this link to track the number of calls made.  See the attached script to be utilized during Senate phone calls. Do not just call on one day, call over a period of weeks so as to keep the Oromo in the hearts and minds of our elected officials.


Script for Calling your Senator about Senate Resolution 432: Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia

Your call should be short and focused. Call as frequently as possible in order to get your voice heard. Every call will be logged; as a result, be sure mentioning the Senate Resolution number (432).

Step 1. Dial the Capitol Switch Board at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected with your Senator’s Washington, D.C. office.

You will be directed to an operator at the Capitol Switchboard. This switchboard can direct you to both Senators as well as members of the House of Representatives.

Step 2. Speak to your Senator or his/her representative as follows:

Hello, my name is ____________________. I am a constituent of Senator ___________.

I live in _____ (City/Town) in ___________(State).

I am calling about Senate Resolution 432 introduced by Senator Ben Cardin.

Can I speak to the legislative or foreign affairs staff member please? (Once connected, ask)

May I have your name?

I am calling to urge Senator _________________ to cosponsor or support Senate Resolution 432entitled Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia sponsored by Senator Ben Cardin.

Step 3. Tell them why you want your senator to support this resolution.

I am concerned about the human rights violations currently being committed by the Ethiopian government against peaceful protesters in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The violent treatment of those who practice legitimate forms of resistance indicates a general breakdown of governance in Ethiopia. Without a strong rebuke from the U.S. government, Ethiopia will continue kill and forcefully detain peaceful protesters and dissenting voices in the country.

Step 4. Tell them what you want your senator to do.

I ask that Senator ________________ support Senate Resolution 432.  

Thank you for your time.

Step 5. Repeat.

Source: Oromo Advocacy Group:

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