Tarkaanfiin Abdii Kutannaa Mootummaa Itoophiyaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Daranuu Akka Shaffisu Dhiiba (Ibsa ABO)

Tarkaanfiin Abdii Kutannaa Mootummaa Itoophiyaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Daranuu Akka Shaffisu Dhiiba

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Amajjii 05 bara 2013

Amajjii 2, bara 2013 irraa eegalee Yuniversiitii Finfinnee Mooraa Kiiloo 4 fi Kiiloo 5 keessatti arattoonni Oromoo fincila qabsiisanii akka jiran beekamaa dha. Fincila barattoota Oromoo kan duraanuu yeroo dheeraaf Oromiyaa mara keessatti deemaa turetu mooraalee yuniversiitii Finfinnee kana keessatti daranuu jabaatee guyyaa eerame kanatti bifa addaatiin dhoowe. Ergamtoonni sirna Wayyaanee akkuma yeroo dheeraaf aadeffatan barruu Oromoo fi Oromummaa arrabsuu fi salphisu mooraa Kiiloo 4 keessatti maxxansuu isaaniitti fufee kan dhoowe fincilli barattoota Oromoo kun yeroo ammaa gara dhaabbiilee barnootaa biyyattii adda addaatti akka babal’ataa jirus beekamaa dha.

Barattoonni Oromoo kabajaa maqaa saba isaanii tiksuuf jecha Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa kana qabsiisan wareegama u’ulfaataa kafalaa jiru. Odeessi hanga ammaa jiru akka hubachiisutti, barattoonni Oromoo dhibba tokkoo ol tahan kabajaa maqaa saba isaanii tiksuuf jecha mormii qaban waan dhageessisaniif qofa yakkamanii hidhamaniiru. Kana keessaa gariin akka hamaatti reebamanii qaamaa miidhamaniiru. Gariinis bakki bu’an hin beekamne. Kan arrabsamu Oromoo, kan hidhamus Oromoo, kan reebamus Oromoo dha.

–Ibsa guutuu- Afaan Oromo

From the Editor’s Notebook: Self-Reliance for Bilisummaa – On the So-Called “Oromiffa” Program on ESAT (Gadaa.com)

From the Editor’s Notebook: Self-Reliance for Bilisummaa – On the So-Called “Oromiffa” Program on ESAT

January 5, 2013 at 3:03 pm · Gadaa.com

From the Editor’s Notebook

UPDATE: Gadaa.com is finishing up arrangements to hold the first-ever ONLINE fundraising for the recently recognized OROMO NATIONALIST RADIO STATIONS; we’ll announce later the exact date(s) of the ONLINE fundraising to help empower our self-reliant media outlets.

On the So-Called “Oromiffa” Program on ESAT

For more than 20 hrs a week (7 days), ESAT denigrates Oromia and Oromummaa in the name of “opposing” Woyane’s “ethnic fez-ralism.” The reason they [ESAT, the Neftegna TV station] oppose the current Woyane-led federalism is because it’s structured in such a way that OROMIA is a federal state. It’s their wish and objective to dismantle OROMIA, and take us back to their feudal fathers’ “provinces.” On the other hand, the reason OROMO NATIONALISTS oppose the federalism is because it resembles ‘real federalism’ only in structure, but, functionally, it is still province-type ruled from the CENTER by Woyane thugs.

Mind you, Tigray was a “province” before on the old-Neftegna’s map, and a federal state now on the neo-Neftegna’s map. So, ESAT is not opposing “Tigray” as an ‘ethnic’ state. So, there is no reason for ESAT to unleash its hate propaganda on TPLF for making “Tigray” an ‘ethnic’ state. ESAT’s hate is on TPLF because TPLF agreed, in principle, to have OROMIA on the map, and to have some limited implementation of the linguistic/cultural aspects of OROMUMMAA.

For this reason, ESAT, the Neftegna TV station, is slick; they do not directly oppose OROMIA (otherwise, it will be a strategic failure), so they use TPLF as a punching bag to indirectly oppose OROMIA and OROMUMMAA.

Now, why would any self-respecting Oromo group affiliate with this Neftegna TV station to air a 1-hr per week “Oromiffa” program? Doesn’t this give legitimacy to the 99% of the ESAT’s programming that indirectly targets OROMIA and OROMUMMAA by directly attacking TPLF’s “ethnic fez-ralism“? Even if one is assuming this 1-hr will be a rebuttal of the 99% Neftegna garbage-propaganda on ESAT, why not first be reliant on self like our Nationalist Radio Stations (which were recognized as Gadaa.com’s 2012 PERSONS OF THE YEAR?) …

For the record, ESAT had offered Gadaa.com allotment for Gadaa.com-produced programming on ESAT several months before the Jan-1, 2012 failed coup d’etat of the Oromo struggle by Group-7, and our response was, “NO.”

Click here to read more at Gadaa.com


Born to run: Ethiopia’s golden girl Dibaba ( Part of complete coverage on Human to Hero, CNN)

Born to run: Ethiopia’s golden girl Dibaba

By Paul Gittings, CNN
January 2, 2013 — Updated 1551 GMT (2351 HKT)
  • Tirunesh Dibaba is a three-time Olympic gold medalist
  • The Ethiopian has dominated women’s distance running
  • Her town of Bekoji is home to many other star runners
  • Dibaba’s cousin Derartu Tulu won two Olympic gold medals

Editor’s note: CNN’s Human to Hero series screens on World Sport at 1700 GMT (1200 ET) and 2230 GMT every Wednesday, and 0500 GMT Thursdays.

(CNN) — It could be the spartan living environment, or perhaps growing up in the thin air nearly 3,000 meters above sea level — or maybe it’s the influence of a legendary local coach.

Whatever its secret, a remote mountain town in Ethiopia has produced a string of world-beating distance runners.

Three-time Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba is the current cream of a crop that has helped put Bekoji on the map. Like many from her area, she was clearly born to run.

“Running is for me my job, but also my source of entertainment,” the 27-year-old told CNN’s Human to Hero series.

Gold medalist: Losing is not an option


“It’s because of running that I am well known around the world. For me, it’s the ultimate thing.”

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Her elder sister Ejegayehu was an Olympic silver medalist in 2004, while younger sister Genzebe was the 2009 world junior cross country champion and a younger brother Dejene is a promising 800m runner.

Sporting excellence flows through the family genes: Dibaba is the cousin of double Olympic 10,000m champion Derartu Tulu, while she was also inspired by another cousin — Bekelu, who she often calls her sister, and was an international distance runner.

They all hail from Bekoji, a town of fewer than 20,000 people set high in the mountains of the Arsi province, but with a freakish record for track and field success.

“Bekoji has produced so many great athletes starting from Derartu. In Beijing, Kenenisa (Bekele) and I brought home two gold medals each,” Dibaba said.

“Bekoji has strong runners. Bekoji is great and can produce even greater athletes.”

It has echoes of Jamaica’s Trelawny district, another rugged rural setting which has produced a string of sprint champions, including six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt.

Before Dibaba, the great Kenenisa Bekele — a three-time Olympic champion and double world record-holder in the 5,000 and 10,000m — was the most famous product of the area. Both were coached by Sentayehu Eshetu in their important formative years.

Inspiring coach

“Sentayehu knew that my cousin Derartu Tulu ran, he knows that my sisters ran too. That’s why he encouraged me to start running and used to tell me that I would be a great runner, he knew I would be a fast runner,” Dibaba said.

Success clearly breeds success — the peak of which came at the 2008 Beijing Olympics as Dibaba and Bekele both won distance doubles — and she believes the conveyor belt of talent will keep going.

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Bekele has suffered injury problems since 2010, and he had to settle for fourth in the 10,000m at London 2012 as his younger brother Tariku chased home Britain’s Mo Farah and Galen Rupp of the United States to claim a bronze medal.

Dibaba was unable to repeat her Beijing double, but became the first woman to retain an Olympic 10,000m title and took bronze in the 5,000m as Addis Ababa-born arch rival Meseret Defar won back the gold she first held in 2004.

In addition, Dibaba has won four world championship golds and has also claimed the coveted world cross country title on four occasions, beating the best that Ethiopia’s great rivals Kenya could produce.

Early struggles

But despite her faultless pedigree, Dibaba’s route to the top was not without its difficulties. She hoped to further both her education and her fledgling running career by moving to the capital of Addis Ababa, a grueling 276-kilometer trip from Bekoji.

She was to live with her Bekelu and sister Ejegayehu, but missed the school registration deadline by six days.

Bekelu, recognizing her cousin’s talent, instead enrolled the teenager into the sport club run by the Prison Police in Ethiopia.

Her early promise blossomed, and it was not long before Dibaba announced herself on the global stage by taking a surprise 5,000m gold at the 2003 world championships in Paris, still only 18 years of age.

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At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Dibaba was beaten into the bronze medal position in the 5000m by the more experienced Defar and Isabella Ochichi of Kenya, a defeat which rankled despite her young years.

“Our country is not like other countries. Silver and bronze in our country is no better than finishing fifth or sixth,” she said.

Winning gold at the Olympics became the overriding goal for Dibaba, who underlined her dominance by winning the 5,000/10,000 double at the 2005 world championships and becoming the first woman to defend a 10,000m world title in Osaka two years later.

Inspiring husband

Going into Beijing, she was further inspired by Sileshi Sihine, whom she was to marry after the Games.

Sihine was twice a silver medal winner in the 10,000m, at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, and wanted his fiancee to go one better.

“My husband Sileshi used to tell me that in order to become a great runner, you have to win the Olympic gold,” she said.

“When I said that I was tired and won’t go to training, he would say work hard just for this one.

“I did not believe then that I won my first Olympic gold (in the 10,000m). It was a hard race, a tough race, I broke the Olympic record, I broke the African record. I was very happy. ”

Going into the 5,000m as the world record-holder, Dibaba sprinted to a golden Beijing double, while Defar was third.

With her main goal achieved, Dibaba concentrated on her wedding that November, when celebrations lasted over a week as the couple was feted in Ethiopia.

She took a four-month break from intensive training and suffered as a consequence, sustaining injuries which she believed threatened her career.

Serious injury

“I never thought I would return back to running again. I thought I had would never return to competition. I was under treatment, I spent a lot of time going back and forth to Germany for treatment,” Dibaba said.

She was seeing renowned specialist Hans Muller-Wohlfahrt, who had to keep assuring Dibaba she would recover.

“He told me that I would return, but I still did not believe I would return back to running. It was really hard for me,” she said.

The doctor’s confidence was well placed, but it took until 2012 for Dibaba to rediscover her best form, just in time for the London Games.

A blistering command performance in the 10,000 saw her claim her third Olympic gold, but her double attempt was thwarted in the 5,000 by Defar and Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya as she was relegated to the bronze medal position.

Dibaba shows no sign of winding down her career, but she is involved in several commercial projects, which include building a hotel.

Having earned her own wealth, she takes pride in providing employment in a developing country such as Ethiopia.

“We create jobs for those who don’t have any. We create opportunities,” she said.

The next goal

Dibaba has never forgotten the help of her family and the sacrifices she has had to make to achieve her success.

“I remember there were days where I felt could not complete my training program. But because I had to finish it, because my coach (Hussein Shebo) would advise me that it’s a must to complete the program, I would finish the program,” she said.

“There were times I got so tired that I would go to bed without eating food, only drinking water. To run well and be a good sportsperson, you have to work hard.”

Rising around 6 a.m., she will do two sessions per day, preparing for the track season with intensive speed sessions as part of a specially devised schedule.

Dibaba is usually in bed by 9 p.m. and restricts herself to a mostly pasta and rice diet.

She will eventually move up to the 42 kilometers which make up the longest race on the track and field program — the marathon being her ultimate goal for the 2016 Games in Rio.

“I want to do something special, that is historic and unforgettable. Especially in the Olympic marathon, I want to compete there. I believe that is what is left for me to achieve.”

Call for Protest of all Oromos in and around Washington D.C. against the Ethiopian Regime (Re-posted)


Call for Protest of all Oromos in and around Washington D.C. against the Ethiopian Regime

Dear Oromo brothers and sisters,
The Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and Oromo Youth Self-help Association (OYSA) have jointly organized a public protest to be held in Washington D.C., in front of the US State Department, on Friday, January 25, 2013 to request the release of Obbo Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelisa and thousands of Oromo political prisoners.
If you are an Oromo or friend of Oromo living in and around Washington D.C. (especially Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, NY) we kindly ask you to stand with us and advocate for our brothers and sisters who have been unjustly incarcerated and their voices have been silenced. If you say you stand for the Oromo cause, this is the time when you take a practical action which can make a difference!
Let’s stand together in large numbers and show to the public that we are not weak. Let’s show to the US policy makers that we are indeed a strong force that can not be ignored.
Come! join us! Don’t let a severe weather stop you! Don’t allow yourself a lame excuse. Make every effort to take a leave from your work for this one day. Make this small sacrifice for you nation Oromia! I live in Alabama, far from Washington D.C., but will come for this protest. If I can do it, yes you can!
Please distribute this announcement (attached) to all your domains. Put it on your facebook and advertise, circulate in your mailing list, put on the Front Page of your website, announce on your radio or TV, and so on. Use your influence and convince your brothers/sisters/friends/son/daughter/mom/dad/relatives to stand up with us!
Together, we can make a difference!
Mosisa Aga, Ph.D.
OSA President 2012 -2013

Jointly Organized by the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and Oromo Youth Self-help Association (OYSA)

The government of Ethiopia has continued its widespread harassment, arrest, killing, kidnapping and disappearance, accusing, convicting and sentencing to life and long term prison of Oromo nationals under fabricated charges.  It is using the infamous   newly adopted so called “Anti-Terrorism Proclamation”. To cite few of the most recent examples:

  1. On November 1, 2012, two well respected Oromo opposition leaders, Mr. Bekele Gerba and Mr. Olbana Lellisa, and seven other Oromo nationals are convicted under the charge of “working underground to secede Oromia from the federal government” and other bogus “terrorism” charges after keeping them in prison for more than one year in jail.
  2. On September 30, 2012, more than 200 Oromo nationals, mostly the youth, have been rounded up and arrested when they were peacefully celebrating the annual Irreechaa festival at Lake Arsadi, Bushoftu, Eastern Shoa zone. Two months after their arrest, they are still held without any change.
  3. On April 6, 2012, at least four Oromo Muslims: Musa Gabi, Kemal Irena, Aliyi Wako, and Shafi Jano  were gunned down in the town of Asasa, Oromia regional state, when the government forces fired live ammunition on unarmed civilians coming out of the local mosque.
  4. Harassment of our  Muslim community has continued unabated:
  • More than 30 Muslim leaders are put in Maikelawi Prison and facing the same fabricated “terrorism” charges,
  • Thousands of Muslims, mainly Oromos, have been beaten and rounded up and incarcerated merely for demanding their religion freedom enshrined by the Ethiopian Constitution.
  • On October 21, 2012, at least three Muslims; Said Abdala, Abdu Oda, and Hussein, were murdered by the Federal Police in Gerba town, Wollo. Several others were beaten and wounded and many others arrested.

These are few of the recent examples of the rampant human right violations of the Ethiopian regime perpetrated on the Oromo and other oppressed nations and nationalities demanding their lawful rights. Overall, it is estimated that more than 20, 000 Oromo nationals languish in prison at any given moment over the last 20 or so years of the EPRDF rule.

To bring these abuses to the attention of the US public and decision makers, the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and the Oromo Youth Self-help Association have jointly organized a protest in Washington D.C. We call all Oromo nationals and Oromo friends living in and around Washington D.C. to participate in this peaceful demonstration. Let’s get together, stand in unison and speak on behalf of those whose voices have been unjustly silenced.

Protest Date:     Friday, January 25, 2013

Protest Time:    8:30 AM – 12:00 noon

Protest Place:   US State Department, 2201 C Street Northwest, Washington,  

                               D.C. 20520

Contact:                Oromo Community Organization, Washington D.C.:

                              Tel. 202 234 1151

                              Oromo Youth Self-help Association, Washington D.C.:

                              Tel. 202 705 6585


Waamicha Hiriira Nagaa Oromoota Washington D.C. fi Naannoo San Jiraataniif

Waldaa Qorannoo Oromoo (WQO), Jaarmaa Hawaasa Oromoo Washington D.C. (JHO) fi Waldaa Walgargaarsa Dargaggoota Oromoo (WWDO) waliin Gamtaan kan Qindeessan

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa Wayyaaneedhaan hoogganamu akkuma amala isaa saba Oromoo yakka tokkon maleetti hidhuu, ajjeessuu, dararuu, biyyaa dhabamsiisuu fi ragaa sobaa itti funaanee murtii hidhaa bara dheeraa fi du’aa itti jigsuu itti fufee jira. Erguma dhiheenya kanaa asi:
1. Gaafa Sadaasa 1, 2012, hogganoota saba Oromoo beekkamoo kan ta’an Obbo Baqqalaa Garbaa, Obbo Olbaanaa Leellisaa fi Oromoota torba kan biroo irratti seera “Farra Shororkeessummaa” jedhuun sobaan himatee murtii yakkaa haqa hin qabne itti muree jira.
2. Gaafa Fulbaana 30, 2012, lammiileen Oromoo 200 ol tahan bakka nagaadhaan ayyaana Irreechaa kabajaa jiran Malkaa Arsadii, Bishooftuu irraa qabamanii mana hidhaatti darbaman. Erga qabamanii ji’a lama darbus, lammiileen kun hanga ammaa mana murtiitti osoo hin dhihaatin mana hidhaatti ugguramanii hiraaraa jiru.
3. Gaafa Ebla 6, 2012, hawaasa Oromoo amantii Islaamaa hordofan nagaadhaan masgiida magaalaa Asaasaa, Arsii, keessaa salaataa Jum’aatirraa bahanitti dhukaasudhaan Oromoota Afur gara jabeenyaan guyyaa adii ajjeesee, kanneen 200 ol tahan mana hidhaatti darbe. Oromoonni ajjeefaman kunniin: Musaa Gabii, Kamaal Irranaa, Aliyyii Waaqootiifi Shaafii Jaanoo jedhamu.
4. Hawaasa Muslima karaa nagaatiin gaaffii mirgaa gaafatee hiriira bahaa jiru hiraarsuu, hidhuu fi ajjeessuun bal’inaan itti fufee jira. Hoogganoonni Musliimotaa30 caalan sobaan himatamanii ammallee mana murtiitti deddeebi’aa jiru. Musliimonni kumaatamaan lakkaayaman, sababa mirga amantii seeraan kennameef gaafataniif qofa ammallee mana hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jiru. Gaafa Onkoloolessa 21, 2012, Muslimoota Afuritu magaalaa Garba, Wallootti hidhattoota mootummaatiin ajjeefame. Warra ajjefame keessaa sadan isaanii Sa’id Abdallaa, Abduu Odaa fi Husseen jedhaman. Namoota baay’eetu reebamanii madayan, hedduunis hidhaman.
Kanneen asi olitti tuttuqaman hiraarsa maqaa “shororkeessummaatiin” ummata Oromoo irra geessifamaa jiru keessaa hanga muraasa dha. Yeroo ammaa yoo xiqqaate Oromootni 20, 000 ol tahan sababa Oromoo ta’an qofaaf yakkamoo ta’anii mana hidhaa keessatti rakkachaa akka jiran tilmaamama.
Roorroo bifa hundaan lammiilee Oromoo biyya keessa jiraatan irratti raawwatamaa jiru mormuu fi mootummaa Ameerikaa fi mootummoota addunyaa dhageessisuuf jecha Waldaan Qorannoo Oromoo, Jaarmaan Hawaasa Oromoo Washington D.C., fi Waldaan Walgargaarsa Dargaggoota Oromoo walta’uudhaan hiriira nagaa magaalaa Washington D.C. keessatti geggeeffamu qindeessaniiru. Hiriira kana irratti ummanni Oromoo Washington D.C. fi naannoo ishee jiraattan akka hirmaattan dhaamsa lammummaa isiniif dhiheessina. Tokkummaan humna! Tokko taanee, harka wal qabannee, lammiilee keenya hiraarfamaa jiraniif haa falmannu!
Guyyaa: Jimaata (Friday), Amajji 25, 2013
Sa’atii: Ganama 8:30 AM– 12:00
Bakka:US State Department, 2201 C Street Northwest Washington, DC 20520
Quunnamtii: Waldaa Hawaasa Oromoo, Washington D.C.: Tel. 202 234 1151
Waldaa Walgargaarsa Dargaggoota Oromo(WWDO), Washington D.C.: Tel. 202 705 6585