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Ethiopia: ONLF officials wary of the new tensions between brotherly nations of Afar and Ogaden region.

By Ahmed Abdi

Ogaden National Liberation Front’s Official, Rayal Hamoud, urged the two brotherly nations of Afar and Somalis from Ogaden region to take more precautions on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s old tactics of turning one nation against another.
“I  urge the two brotherly people of Afar and Somalis to be cautious about the intrigues of the TPLF and remember their unity in religion and blood.”

The TPLF / EPRDF is under increasing pressure from opposition and warring factions of  ONLF, OLF, SLM, BPLM, ARDUF and GMD and many other formations from the oppressed nations. So The Tigray ruling Junta will try to use all efforts to turn Benishangul against Oromos, Somalis against Afars, Gambellas against Sidamas, and so on in part of creating chaos among the oppressed nations under Ethiopian occupation, Mr. Rayaale Hamoud a member of the ONLF Central Committee and a former head of Regional vice-president and founder of Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front (IGLF) in 1990s said in an interview with Radio Freedom (Xoriyo).

Mr. Hamoud stressed that due to the ongoing protests in and outside of the country, the Tigray minority group who rule Ethiopia felt the reality on the ground and instead of looking for enduring political solutions has tightened its grip on power and create disputes between the nationalities ahead of the next year’s elections in bid to divert the eyes of the World Community from the real issues in Ethiopia.

Mr. Hamoud stressed that due to the ongoing protests in and outside of the country, the Tigray minority group who rule Ethiopia felt the reality on the ground and instead of looking for enduring political solutions has tightened its grip on power and create disputes between the nationalities ahead of the next year’s elections in bid to divert the eyes of the World Community from the real issues in Ethiopia.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front criticized Djibouti-Ethiopia railway in her issued press release dated in May 1,2014 that the Ethiopian government has commissioned China to build a railway track between Addis Ababa and Djibouti, which is passing through the Somali territory under Ethiopia rule. The new railway line is being constructed in a way that is obstructing the free movement of the nomadic people living in the area and their livestock.

“The railway line is being built on a very high rise track that is making impossible for livestock to cross over with no crossing point provided. The railway, which divides the area almost in half has already cut off the traditional routes within the territory,” reads the press release.

“Initially, when the Addis- Djibouti Railway was commissioned in 1896, both France and Ethiopia reached an agreement with the Somali people which guaranteed their well being and way of life. However, since then the rights of the Somali people are no longer respected and they have no say in what is happening in their own territory,” further added the press Release.

Over the last five years the nations under Ethiopia rule have been starting to demand their constitutional rights to either find justice and political equality or secede from Ethiopia. Instead; Ethiopian regime wants to prevent these nations to pursue their goals of political self determination by inciting violence, by imposing grossly unfair referendum over the disputed territories or deploying so-called Ethiopia’s Police state in the pretext of disputed lands.

“I am convinced that we shall do our utmost to take any measurable steps that are necessary to repel the aggression of TPLF and any  attempt of dislocating our people from their ancestral land,” Hamoud said.

Hamoud called on the sultan of Afar and the Ugaas of ISSA-Somali to positively interfere the issue and deescalate the tension over the disputed territories of Gadmaytu, Undafoo, Garmado and Adaytu.

He added that the Afar and Somali communities who were living side by side hundreds of years are capable of preventing the work of TPLF to incite civil war between them and if the two communities did not take precautions the two nations of Afar and Somalis will go eventually an unnecessary fight. We can’t stand by and wait the plot of the Tigray to be true. “We must act urgently.” Said Rayale Hamud.

Afar and Somalis share many things in common and Somalis have a great duty towards the Afars, who also claim-rightly-to have made part of the armies of great Emperor Ahmed Ibn-Ibraahim (Ahmed Gurey).

Porofeeser Mohaammad Abbaa_Jabal Xaahiroo Senetera Amerikaa Tahuuf Dorgomuutti Jira

Soraa Halakee

Porofeeser Mohaammad Xaahiroo,Teksas, Koollejjii "Collin College" Jedhanitti barnoota Dinagdee "Industrial Economy" barsiisaPorofeeser Mohaammad Xaahiroo,Teksas, Koollejjii “Collin College” Jedhanitti barnoota Dinagdee “Industrial Economy” barsiisa

​Abbaa ijoollee afuriiti, nama ganna 45ti, eegi Baalee Dodolaa bahee Amerikaa dhufee ganna 27 keessa jira, porofeeseri Mohaammad Senetera Amerikaatti kutaa Teksas tahuuf dhuunfaatti dorgomuutti jira.

Porofeeser Mohaammad baasii Amerikaa ta haga dabartee fil liqee isii haga hin qmane ta dhaloota dhufu irratti tuulamuutti jirtu diqqeessee akka baqataan isiilleen seerii guutameef jiraatuu fi akka daariin Ameerikaa eegamuu dandeettu tolchuuf dorgomaa jedha.

Gama kaaniin hujii gugurdoo akkanaa tanaaf dorgomuuf namii hedduun nama beekuu malee namii hagam porofeesera Mohaammad beeka jennaan,hujii ummatii bu’aa irraa argatu hojjachuuf hujiitti nama beeksisaa namii addunyaa tana jijijjiire hedduun hujuma isaaniitti isa beessisee jedha porofeeser Mohaammad.

Namii dorgommii te tana irraa maan barata jennaan Amerikaan nama cufaa carraa wal qixxee kennitee abbaatti hamtuu fi toltuullee keessaa filatee waan fedhe tahuu dandahaa jedha profeesera Mohaammad.

Porofeeser Mohaammad ufuma fulaa bu’ee dorgoma malee paartilee Demokiraati ykn Rippaabilikaanillee keessa hin jiru. Koollejii Koolin jedhanitti barsiisaa damee barumsa Industrial Economy jedhaniiti.

Godinii Teksas profeeser Mohaammad keessaa dorgomu kun godina perzdaanti Buushii fi abbaan isaa perzdaantiif keessaa filataman ta haga guddaan paarti Rippaabilikaan itti moohan.

Filannoon Amerikaa ji’a shaniin duubatti Sadaasaa keessaa jlqabanii porofeesera Mohaammad qaata dorgommiittti jira.

Hujii gugurdoo akkanaa tanaaf dorgomuuf doolara miliyoona hedduutti itti bahaa horii kana argachuuf humna qabdaa jennaan,”humnitii tiyya ummata,jedha.”

Ethiopia: Shocking Sexual Violence Against Women in Ogaden

(Ethiopian Army Campaigns against Ogaden Women)

As the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict opens in London next week, thousands of miles away in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, sexual violence continues to be used as a weapon of war. Unfortunately this is a story that will barely receive any attention in the London Summit. The reason is simple: it’s carried out by the government of Ethiopia, one of the most important allies of the UK in the Horn of Africa.

The region is cut off from the world due to the Ethiopian government’s restrictions on the media. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which is mandated to monitor international humanitarian law, is also banned from the region.

The evidence of widespread use of rape as a weapon of war in the region is based on research conducted by Ogaden Women Relief Association in the Ogaden and testimonies collected from the Ogaden refugees in Kenya. In Ogaden, there is no protection from rape and sexual assault for women and girls accused of sympathizing with the liberation movement.

Those who survive sexual violence still suffer profound trauma. The psychological terror is extreme and those who return home, often as rape victims, find hard to reintegrate into village life.

Furthermore, the restrictions on humanitarian organisations mean that there are no health services or other support mechanisms for the survivors of rape and sexual violence. Some of the survivors have to endure a dangerous journey through war-torn Somalia to reach overcrowded Somali refugee camps in Northern Kenya.

Ethiopia is an important ally of the UK government and the recipient of the biggest bilateral aid in the Africa. The question is how can the UK government use this Summit to urge Ethiopia to stop its military from using rape as a weapon of war in the Ogaden?


We urge the UK government to speak out against sexual violence in the Ogaden. In particular, we recommend the following actions;

  • Call for independent and credible investigation into the sexual violence in the Ogaden;
  • Call for unfettered access to all parts of the Ogaden by humanitarian and human rights organisations
  • Review of UK aid to Ethiopia and ensure that any assistance in the Ogaden is tied to unlimited access to the region by the humanitarian and human rights organisations
  • Stop UK assistance to the Ethiopian military and the special (liyu) police in the Ogaden
  • Support the resolution of the Ogaden conflict through political and peaceful means

Despite the raging conflict in Ogaden and the systematic evidence of rape and sexual violence and other serious human rights violations, the United Nations does not acknowledge the conflict and has not assigned its Special Representative on Sexual Violence to look into the Ogaden case and has undertaken no investigations to help bring the perpetrators to justice. Even the Ogaden rape issue does not figure much in the current UK Government’s-led Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict and there is no mention of rape in Ogaden in its human rights reports. In addition the international community that fund Ethiopia seem to maintain a conspiracy of silence about those crimes against humanity in Ogaden.

We, Ogaden women displaced around the world are deeply worried about the systematic use of rape carried out with impunity in Ogaden by the Army and other security forces of the Ethiopian government. We kindly request the international community to take urgent action that will stop rape in Ogaden.

Pictures of Ogaden Women and Oromo Women protest at the Global summit to End rape and sexual Violence

The Ogaden and Oromo women held a large protest at the Global Summit to end Sexual violence and demanded the recognition of the plights of the Ogaden women and Oromo women. The protesters complained the Rape and sexual violence used as a weapon against Ogaden  and Oromo women at the hands of the Ethiopian military.

More than three hundreds protesters gathered from Oromo and Somali Ogaden community in London outside the  ExCel Center where government representatives of more than 120 countries gathered to sign the declaration of commitment to end sexual violence in conflict.

The Oromo and Ogaden Women appealed to the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Julie the especial  envoy of the UN High commissioner for Refugees to support the Ogaden women and Oromo women survivors  of rape and other abuses who are currently in the Dadaab refugees camp with out any rights. The protesters also asked the International Community to pressure Ethiopian government and make accountable of the Ethiopian officials and military personnel who committed the sexual violence as a weapon of war and terror to intimidate locals.

Flare-Up in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region

Our statistical risk assessments continue to identify Ethiopia as one of the world’s countries at greatest risk of state-led mass killing, and recent reports of violent repression in Ethiopia’s Oromia region suggest one pathway by which that dismal but still unlikely outcome could happen.

Ethiopia’s Oromia Region

In mid-May, Amnesty International issued a public statement calling out the use of deadly force by Ethiopian security forces against a series of nonviolent protests in Oromia that began in late April. The protesters are objecting to the part of a new development plan that envisions the expansion of the national capital region into parts of Oromia. The central government claims this change will help bring city services to remote areas, but many Oromos fear it will only lead to land grabs and evictions. According to Amnesty,

Numerous reports from witnesses, local residents and other sources indicate that the security forces have responded with excessive force against peaceful protesters. Forces comprised of the federal police and military special forces known as ‘Agazi’, have fired live ammunition at unarmed protesters in a number of locations including in Wallega and Madawalabu universities and Ambo and Guder towns, resulting in deaths in each location.

Amnesty also reported that scores of protesters have been beaten during and after protests in numerous towns in the region, and that hundreds and possibly thousands of members of the main Oromo opposition party, the Oromo Federalist Congress, have been taken to unofficial detention sites and kept there indefinitely without due process. In an official communique, the Ethiopian government acknowledged deaths in some of the towns where Amnesty reported killings but claimed it was not responsible and blamed them instead on rogue “anti-peace” forces.

This crisis is really just the latest manifestation of a deep and long-running conflict. As one Ethiopia-focused researcher sympathetic to the Oromo protesters described in a recent post on the Warscapes blog,

The brutal crackdown on the Oromo people is not new. The Ethiopian state itself has been predicated upon the expropriation of Oromo lands and held together through violent assimilationist policies, the destruction of the identity of conquered and resistant people, and economic and political exploitation of groups who are not represented in government. With each changing regime state power has been retained in the hands of minority rulers and the Oromos, who are the largest group living on the richest land, have remained the main targets of Ethiopian state repression, terrorism and discrimination. Over the last two decades alone multiple human rights organizations have released reports documenting the extent of extrajudicial killings, mass imprisonment, and torture on a massive scale, mutilations and disappearances.

Of course, most flare-ups of protest and repression like this one pass without producing episodes of mass killing in which more than 1,000 noncombatant civilians are killed. A similar eruption occurred in Oromia 10 years ago in response to another unilateral decision by the central government, that time to relocate the regional capital. Only a small number of protesters—mostly students then, too—were killed, but hundreds were detained for long periods and suspended or expelled from university. And, in a cynical sense, the repression worked; the regional capital was moved, and the wave of public protest eventually ebbed.

So far, our pool of forecasters hasn’t budged in response to these events. Since we opened a question on our opinion pool about the risk of a state-led mass killing in Ethiopia before 2015, the small number of forecasters who have weighed in on this one have pegged the risk under 10 percent, among the lowest for the (higher-risk) cases about which we ask this question, and that has barely moved in the past few months. What’s unclear is whether that’s because they expect things to follow a course similar to 2004, or because they simply aren’t aware of the recent developments.


(Evaluation of the Oromo Struggle Strategies in Reference to Oromia and the seat of Abysinian Colonizers, Finfinnee)

B. Ibsaa (Ph.D.)


Biyya lafaa kana irratti, ummati adda addaa yookin humna Gita-bittaan, yookiin mootummaa cunqursaan gidiraa argaa, keessa jiraata. Keessuma kan ifatti ba’ee mul’atu ummata Afriikaa abbaa irrootaan bitamanii dha. Gidiraa Gita-bittaa/cunqursaa kana jalaa ba’uuf, yeroo baayyee qabsoowwan geggeeffaman, aadaa irratti kan hunda’ani fi daandii saayinsiin kan hin deggeramneedha. Daandii qabsoo isa kamtu mija’aadha, wareegama salphaan xumurama kan jedhaman ituu hin qoramin itti seenama. Daandiin Qabsoon kan biyya tokko keessatti gegeeffamu kan biyya biroo irraa adda ta’uu akka malu hin ilaalamu. Haa ta’u malee, kan yeroo baay’ee biyyoota Afriikaa keessatti filatamu lola-ripeeti (liberation front). Kan Oromiyaa keessatti ta’aa tures, kan walfakkaatu, lolli-ripee gannoota 40-f geggeeffameedha. Gita-bittaa jalaa, hiriirri nagaan bilisa yaaluun furmaata Kan fidu hin fakkaatu. Egaan ummati Oromoo daandii lameenin iyyuu, itti milka’uun hin dandeenye.

Kaayyoo: Waliigalaan kaayyoon qorannoo kanaa daandii qabsoo Oomoo mija’aa ta’u mala saayinsiin adda baafachuudha.

Mala fi meeshaa: Qorannoon kun baatota 4 dabran keessa namoota 100, umuriin 40 ol ta’aan, barnootaan digrii tokkoffaa fi ol akkasumas beekota waaanaa kan ta’aaniif gaaffiwwan qopha’an irratti hunda’ame gaafachuun kan geggeeffamedha.

Firii: Akka firii qorannoo kanaatti, haala Oromiyaa irratti hunda’een, kan irraa caalaan ummata baadiyaa hirmaachisu, riqicha diinaa kan ta’e, daandiwwan Oromiyaa keessa lo’an/dabranii fi Teessoo wiirttuu gita-bittaa kan taate, Finfinneen kan walquunnamsiisan kallattii afraniin hanga daangotaatti kukkutuudha. Meeshaan barbaachisu, qottoo, mukaa fi Gasoodha. Humni namaa irratti bobo’u achuma daandiitti naanna’ee jira. Yeroon irra caalaan mijaa’u galagalaa fi halkan ta’a. Akka gaafatamtooti mirkaneessanitti, Daandiin qabsoo kun yoo itti cichamee magaalaa hangaa baadiyaatti kallattii afuriin numna Oromoon ijaarame, irratti dalagame, kan wareegama murta’een geggeeffamu; humna waraana diinaa diigu fi kan dingdee Oromiyaa abbaa irrooti itti fayyadaman yeroo salphaatti laashessuu fi bulchiinsa Oomiyaa diinaan ijaarame tamsaasuudha.

Xumura- Fardis, Dirreenis kunooti jedhu Orommoti baayyeen kan Istraatejii/deemsa qabsoo kanatti 100% amanan.

Jechoota hiiktuu: Hiriira nagaa, lola-ripee,Qabsoo ummataa, Oromiyaa, Daandiwwan qabsoo, Daandiiwwan Oromiyaa diinni keessa socho’u, ittiin to’atuu fi qabeenya Oromiyaa waraabbatu kukkutuu.


Seenaa ummata addunyaa keessatti, ummati Gita-bittaan qabamee, gabrummaa jala jiru, yookiin mootummaan isaan cunqurfamu, daandii qabsoo adda addaan bilisummaasaa deebisee harka galchata. Isaanis, yookin hiriira nagaan, yookiin humna waraana ripe-looltuun yookiin immo fincila qabsoo ummataan yookiin diina fixanii wareegamuun. Kanaafuu, kan gita-bittaa yookiin cunqursaa kam iyyuu amen jedhee fudhaatee jiraatu hin jiru. Fakkeenya yoo fudhanne, Ummati Hindii, Gita-bittaa Ingliz jalaa ba’uuf, yeroo duraa kan socho’aa turan, humna ripe-loltuun ta’ee, booda garuu, qabsoo ummataatti kan jijjiirame ture. Akkasumas, qabsoon ummata Afriikaa hundaa, gita-bittota Awurooppaa irratti kan geggeeffame, daandii qabsoo wal-fakkaatuun ture (Transition from liberation front to civil struggle for freedom). Yeroo dhiyoo kanatti illee, fincilli ummata Arabaa kan biyyoota Masirii, Liibiyaa fi kkf geggeeffame, mootummaa cunqursaa turan, qabsoo ummataan taayitaa irraa hari’uu ture.

Yeroo kan ummata Oromoo xiinxallu, gita-bittaan Abashaa, kan addunyaa irraa adda ba’ee mul’ata: 1) Gargaarsa mootummoota USA fi EUn kan deggeramee lubbuun jiraatuudhadha, 2) bifaan, Gurraachi kan gurraacha koloneeffateedha, 3) Ollaan kan ollaa koloneeffatee dha, 4) Iyyeessi kan sooressa koloneeffateedha, 4) Beekumsa bulchiinsaa fi guddina Teknolojiin kan wal hin caallee, kan wal koloneeffatee dha, 5) Teessoon wiirtuu Gita-bittaa Abashaa, kan biyyaa fi ummata oromoon marfameedha dha, 6) Kan Ummata Oromoo to’achuuf hamillee fi humna hin qabne, garuu humna Goobanaa of jala hiriirsee/qacaree Ummata Oromoo kolloneeffachuu danda’eedha. Sababooti xuqaman kun, gita-bittaan adda ta’e kun, akka addunyaatti hin bekamne godheera.

Ummati Oromoo gita-bittaa adda ta’e kana jalaa of bilisoomsuuf, yeroo inni itti callisee, ameen jedhee, gita-bittaa fudhatee jiraate hin jiru. Sabai kun qofti, Ummati oromoo qawwee Gita-bittaan to’atamee, hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa turuu fi Jaarraa tokkoof walakkaa jiraachuu isaati.

Egaan, Gita bittaa Abashaa jala of baasuuf/ba’uuf, qabsoon bittinn’aa ture, gara qabsoo humna bilisa baasaatti jijjiirame (Akkuma Ummata Biroo addunyaa jechuu dha). Humni Bilisa baasaa Oromoo (keessumaa ABOn), qabsoo seenaa gannoota 40 lakkobsiseera. Yeroo kana keessttti, goototi Oromoo kumaatamaan lakka’aman, dirree waraanaa irratti wareegamaniiru, kumaatami hiidhaan gidiramaniiru, hara’as kumaatami mana hidhaa diriiree jiru keessatti gidiramaa jiru. Humni bilisa baasaa kun, injifannoo murta’an haa galmeessu malee, yeroo yerootti laafaa deemeera. Kanaaafis, sababoota adda addaatu kennama. Sababoota kana beekuun, akka falli biroon sakatta’amu nama dirqisiisa. Sababa olaanaa keessaa, dhiibbaa mootota USA fi Awurooppaa, seenaan mirkaneeffameedha. Seenaa dabran keessatti, Tokkumma Itoophiyaa jiraachisuuf, biyyooti Awurooppaa akka wal mallatteessan, dokumantiin ifa ta’e jira. Fknmotummaan faransaayii fi Ingliz, wal mallatteessaniiru. Akkasumsa, Moototi Itoophiyaa dabran yeroo adda addaatti akka irratti wal mallatteessan ragaan dhoksaa fi addabaaba’i ni jiru. Moototi guddatan kun, akka Humni Bilisummaa (ABOn), injifannoo argamsiisuu hin dandeenyee gummaacha olaanaa godhaa turan, har’as irra caalaan, kan Teknoloojiin deggerameen deggersa laataa jiru (Tokkummaa Itoopphiyaa yookin dhumiinsa Oromootti , kan amanan fakkaata).

Egaan, Ummati Oromoo, (jaarraaf tokkoof walakkaaf) Abashaan wal-mormee, karaa hiriira nagaa fi humna bilisa baasaan, injifannoon milkaa’uu hin dandeenye. Hiriirri nagaa ji’a caamsaa, 2014 keessa torban lamaaf Oromoo maraan geggeeffame, wareegama lubbuu ilmaan Oromoo dhibbootaan lakka’amaniif deebii ta’eera. Qabsoon Baalee, fi ABOn gannoota 40 geggeeffame lubbuu kumaatamaa nyaatee dabreera. Kumaatami maqaa ABOn umuri hidhaan dabarsaa jiru. Kumaatami bakkaa bu’een isaanii hin beekamu. Kanaafuu, daandiwwan qabsoo lameen kun Ummata Oromoo Gita-bittaa Abashaa (Mootoa Awurooppaan deggeramu) jala baasuu hin dandeenye. Falli maaliree??? Falli tokkoo fi inni dhumaa, Akkuma ummata biroo, Qabsoo Ummataati. Qabsoo Ummataa humni kam iyyuu, eenyu iyyuu kan mo’uu, fi dhaabuu hin dandeenye akka ta’e, ummata injifannoon keessa dabran irraa beekuun salphaa dha. Qabsoo ummataa waraanni USA fi Aurooppaa kan Teknoloojii waraanaa hidhate dhaabuu hin danda’u. Haa ta’u malee wareegami ulfaataan miliyoonatti shallagamu jiraachuu isaatti amanudha; amananii itti seenuudha. Qabsoon Ummata Kibba Sudaan wabiidha.

Egaan, qabsoon ummataan geggeeffamu, biyya biyyaan adda ba’uu ni mala. Akkaataan qabsoo ummataa, ummata Libiyaa fi Masiriin deemu, kan Oromiyaa keessatti deemsifamu irra adda ba’uu ni mala. Kan ummata Arabaa kan mootummaa cunqursaa wajjin yommuu ta’u, kan ummata Oromoo kan humna Gita-bittaa wajjin geggeeffamuu ta’uusaati. Lammaaffaa, Ummati Oromoo, magaalaa gudditti finfinnee keessatti qabsoo geggeessuun, mootummaa Gita-bittuu hai’uun mija’aa miti; Akka ummata Arabaa, Teessoo yookiin wiirtuu mootummaa irraa hari’uun itti cima. Falli biroon maaliree?? Gabrummaa ameen jedhanii liqimsanii jiraachuudha? moo barabaraan injifannoo malee wareegamaa qofaan jiraachuudhaa?? moo fala biroo sakatta’ani qabsoo walrraa hin citne, kan ummata Oromoo mara hirmaachisuu danda’u, fi wareegama salpisuu irratti galgalaa ganama hojjachuudha?? Kaayyoon qorannoo kanaa, fala sadaffaa irratti hunda’uun deebii itti laateera.

Akkuma gararraatti xuquu yaale, qabsoon Ummata Oromoo daandii sadiin, keessumaa hiriira nagaa fi humna bilisa bilisaan kan geggeefamaa tureedha.Yeroo dabran keessa, Qabsoon ummata Oromoo naannoo tokkotti akka abiddaa yeroo boba’uufi wareegami daneen kaffalamu, bakka birootti gurraan qofa dhaggeeffachuu ture. Fakkeenya, Arusii keessatti Oromoon Arsii yeroo waraana Minilikiin dhumu, wareegama kaffalu, Shawaa fi Baaleen gurra qabatee dhaggeeffachaa ture and vice versa. Yeroo Harargeen dhumu, Wallaggaan taa’ee dhaggeffata ture and Vice Versa. Har’a garuu, ummati Oromoo labsii yookiin waamicha dhaaba siyaasaa tokko malee, Kaabaa Kibbatti, Bahaa Lixatti ba’uun wareegama kaffaluu jalqabeera. Biyya keessaa fi alaattis, kutaa fi siyaasaan wal-qooduun hafee, Oromummaaf qabsaa’uun yeroo itti seenameedha. Haa ta’u malee, ammas hanqinni ni mul’ata. Humni diinaa qaawwa kanatti gargaaramaa jira. Qaawwa akkasii irratti dalagani duuchuun, kan eegamu ta’a.

Muuxannoon qabsoo ummata Oromoo akka nu barsiisutti, Oromoon Walloo, diinatti daandii cufuun beekamaa ture, Mootii H/Sillaasee irratti ittiin qabsa’eera. Yeroo dhiyootti, fakkeenyaaf, Lixa Shawaa Amboo fi Lixa Wallaggaa Mandiitti, daandiin qabsoo, ummataan geggeeffame keessaa, inni tokko, humna diinaatti, daandii cufuudha. Humni diinaa, kan daandii qabsoo kanaa hubate, garuu, fakkeenyaaf, bakkoota riqichi jiran, bakka warshaalee jiranii fi albbuudi ba’aan hundaatti humna waraanaa qubachiisuun, eegumsa cimsuun eegaa jiraata. TPLFn bara 1990 keessa, daandiiwwan Oromiyaa finfinnee hanga daangaatti kellaa dhaabuun humna ABO irraa eegaa akka turte ijaan kan ilaalaa turreedha. Haa ta’u malee, Istraatejii diinni itti dammaqe eegumsa godhu kana irratti bali’naan hin hojjatamne. Kanaafuu, daandii Oromiyaa bakka hundaatti kutuun aangoo gita-bittaa kanaa salphaaatti kan laashessuufi daandii bilisummaa wareega salphaan bilisummaatti ceesisuudha. Haa ta’u malee, Istraatejii fi toftaan qabsoo Ummataan cufamuu danda’u kun, Oromiyaa maratti qindoominaan jiruu irra hin oolle.

Kan qorannoo kanaaaf na kakaase yoo jiraate, maaliif Ummati Oromoo jaarraa ol gita-bittaan lolee milkaa’uu/injifachuu dadhabe?, barabaraan ajjeefamaa fi hidhamaa, gidiraa keessa jiraata?? Kan jedhuudha. Ummati Oromoo, humna namaanis yoo ta’e, qabeenyaanis yoo ta’e, gootumanis ummata kamiin iyyuu kan gad-hin taane, maaliif bilisummaasaa deebfachuu dadhabe kan jedhu kan sammuu koo keesaa yeroo hundaa bilbilu ture.

Jaarraa kana keessa, wanti hundumtuu karaa saayisawaa ta’een, falli addaan ba’ee, irratti hojjatama. Beekumsa aadaa fi kan naannoo tokkoofi birooti hin hojjanne ituu gargar hin baafatin socho’uun yeroo baay’ee kufaatiin xumurama. Mootummooti addunyaa, Itoophiyaa dabalatee humna waraana isaani, Saayinsii fi Teknoloojiin gabbate, hanga barnoota olaanaatti yeroo leenjisan argamu. Kunis humna Ittisaa beekumsa Saayinsii irratti hunda’ee ittiin bobba’u hoomishuudha.

Hanga beekumsa kootitti, qorannoon qabsoo Oromoo ilaalu yeroo fuulduraaf kan geggeeffameedha. Firiin qorannoo kanaa, irraa caalaan, waa’ee qabsoo Oromoo irratti, daandii saayinsiin deemuun ka’umsaa fi bu’uura ta’a jedheen amana. Kanaafuu, daanddi qabsoo ummata Oromoo, karaa saayinsawaa ta’een qoratame, yeroo fulduraaf akka ifatti ba’u godhameera. Firii qorannoo kun akka agarsiisutti, daandiin qabsoo adda ba’e kun, wareegamaa fi yeroo qabsoo kan baayye hirrisuudha. ”Fardis, Dirreenis kunoo”, jedhu mitiiree, jarreen diinaa iyyuu kan abdii USA fi EU goodhatan, waaanaaf Oromoo haffeeran.

Faayidaa 5 Daandii qabsoo kanaa ilaalee (significance of the strategy of this struggle)

1. Sochii waraana diinaa qinda’aa ta’e, wal-irraa kukkuta

2. Ummata Oromoo, magaalaa hanga baadiyaatti, qabsoo bilisummaatti, yeroo tokkootti, bakka hundaatti akka hirmmachisuu,fi finiinsuu danddeessisa.

3. Aangoo siyaasa Oromiyaa, wiirttuu kolonii, Finfinnee taate irraa kuta

4. Dinagdee Oromiyaa, faayyadama diinaa irraa kutee sirna Gita-bittaa laashessa

5. Bulchiinsa qacaramtoota diinaa, TPLFn durfamtu, wiirtuu kolonii; Finfinnee irraa kuta.

6. Wareegama salphaan, humna diinaa laaffisa, qabsoo bilisummaa finiinsa.

Haala murteessan fi Waadaa (Limitation of the strategy of this struggle and its mitigation)

Daandiin qabsoo kun yeroo deemutti, sochii ummata Oromoo murteessuu ni danda’a. Qabeenyaan miidhuus ni danda’a. Beellii fi Gidiraan jiraachuu ni mala. Haa ta’u malee, barabaraan gabroomani, diinaan ajjeefamaa jiraachuu irra, dhhaloota gabrummaa dhaalchisuu irra, rakkinaa fi gaaga’ama dhufuu malu gad-liqmsanii seennaa JAARRAA jijjiruutu filatama.

Yeroo kanatti, rakkina malu hir’isuuf, ummati Oromoo daandii hundaan wal bukkee dhaabbata. Beelaa fi Dheebuu walbaasa. Waraana Oromoo diina jalatti qacaramee jiru akka bukkee dhaabbatuuf, karaa hundaa waadaa galaaf. Maatii Oromoo diinaan gaaga’ameef waadaa gala.

Kaayyoo Walii galaa/General objective

Daandii qabsoo Oromoo mija’aa ta’e, wareegama hir’isuu fi qabeenyaa Oromoo diina harkaa baasu haala Oromiyaa irratti hunda’ameen gargar baasuu

Kaayyoo tokko tokkoon/Specific objectives

  1. Qabsoo ummata Oromoo kan qoranoo irratti hundaa’een geggeessuu

  2. Daandii qabsoo oromoo adda baasanii ittiin socho’uu fi humna diinaa laashessuu

  3. Daandiiwwan Oromiyaa keessa ya’aan, Finfinnee hanga daangaa Oromiyaatti kallattii afuriin bakkoota filanii kukkutuu.

  4. Ummata Oromoo baadiyaa hanga magaalaatti, umurii fi saalaan kan hin daangessine, qabsoo bilisummaatti hirmaachisuu

Wantota barbaachisan fi Akkaata deemsaa/materials and methods

Akkaataa adeemsaa (methods)

Qorannoon, mata duree, ”Daandii Qabsoo Bilisummaa cabsani Baasuu” jedhamuun kan ganna tokkoof (2013-2014) geggeeffameera. Gaaffiwwan 20, namooti dhibba tokko fedhii isaaniin deebii laataniidha. Gaaffiwwan kun dhuma barreeffama kanatti qabsiifameera. Namooti gaafataman, barnootaan Degrii 1ffaa fi ol, akkasumsa humna waraanaa kan turan, umuriin, 25 0l kan ta’aanii dha.

Gaafffiwan gaafataman/ Interview

Gaaffiin inni duraa, 1) Ummati oromoo Gita-bittaa Abashaa jala jiraachuu isaatti ni amanta moo hin hamantuudha? Lammaffaan, 2) Ummata Itooppiyaa biroo wajjin, mootumma Dimokiraatawaa ta’een yoo waliin jiraate ni mormita moo hin mormituudha? 3) Mirgi dimokiraasii ummataaf hin kennamu yoo ta’e, heerri ba’e hin kabajamu yoo ta’e, daandiiwwan qabsoo kamitu irra caalaan mija’aa fi wareegama salphaan xumurama jette yaadda? Gaaffii 4-ffaa gaafatameef, filannoo sadii kennamaniif qabxii tokkoo hanga kudhaniitti laadhu jedamani ni gaafataman: Isaanis: a) Qabsoo nagaa qofaan; b) qabsoo rippee-lolaan, c) fincila ummataan. Filannoo sadan laataman keessaa harki caalaan ‘C’ wanta filataniif, Fincilli ummataa akkamittiin bakka ga’uu danda’a kan jedhu gaaffii ni gaafataman; a) Hiriira nagaan, b) Daandii kukkutuun c) kaffaltii gibiraa diduun, d) waraana geggeessuun, e) filannoo biroon yoo jiraate. Deebii laatameen, harka persentii caalaan, ‘’b’’ wanta filateef, qabxiin kun xarappeessan kutaa itti aanu keessatti agarsiifameera. Firii fi xiinxalli, gaaffiwan kaneen olitti gaafataman, kutaa aanu keessatti mul’famaniiru.

Firii fi maree (Result and Discussion)

Akka gaafatamtooti gaaffi 1ffaa deebisanitti, gaafatamtoooti hundi, dhibbaa dhibbatti, Ummati Oromoo gita-bittaa Abashaa jala akka jiru mirkaneessaniiru. Kunis, seenaa gochaa gita-bittaa Oromoo irratti raawwatammaa turee fi jiruudha jechuun yaada isaani dhugoomsan. Gaaffii lammafaaf, UO Gita-bittaa jala haa jiraatu iyyuu malee, sirni dimokiraasii fi heerri ba;e jiruu irra oollaan, wqaliin jiraanna kan jedhu dhibbaa keessaa 75 yaadaan deggeraniiru. Kana booda isa kaaniif deemna jedhan. Kaneen hafan, harki 25, akka sirni Gita-bitta Abashaan durfamaa ture wabeessutti, kan walitti nu hidhe, gita bittaa dha, kanaafuu, erga bilisoomnee booda, yoo barbaachisaa ta’e waliin mootomna jedhan.

Qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoo gita-bittaa Abashaa irratti geggeeffamaa ture, sadarkaa bittina’aa gara rippee-lolaatti erga jijjiiramee, gannota 40 ta’eera. Haa ta’u malee, qabsoon Bilisummaa Oromoof geggeeffamaa ture kun, lubbuu kumaatama Oromoo nyaatee dabreera; har’as nyaataa jira. Kunis sababoota mataa isaatii ni qaba; Isaan keessaa, sababi olaanaan,

Fakkii 1

Fakkii 1. Bakkoota Oromiyaa fincilli ummataa itti geggeefame (Oromia times, 2014)

dhiibbaa mootota guddatanii fi gargaarsa meeshaa fi maallaqaa irratti dhangalaasaniidha (Invest godhaniidha). Kanaafuu, lola-ripeen (Liberation front) injifachuu yaaluun, tulluu dhiibaa ooluudha, jedhu, hayyooti oromoo daneen. Wareegama namootaa yeroo yerootti itti fufsiisuu irraa kan hafe injifannoo fiduun isaa kan shakkisiisuudha jedhu. Qabsoon ummata Oromoo erga kolonii jalqabee geggeeffamaa ture wabii ifatti mul’atuu dha.

Fakkii 2

Fakkii 1. Daandiiwwan Qabsoo waliigala

Akka firiin qorannoo kanaa agarsiisutti (Xarappeessaa 1), harrka dhibba keessaa 80 ol kan ta’aan gaafatamtooti, ummmati Oromoo kan bilisoomuu danda’u, yoo qabsoon, ummata mara hammate geggeeffame qofa yommuu jedhan harki 8 lolla ripeen, harki 5 daandii immoo nagaan jechuun amantii isaanii ibsaniiru. Sababi lola ripee fi hiriira nagaaf qabxii gad-aanaa laatan yeroo gaafataman, muuxannoo dabran akka wabiitti xuqu. Innis, mootummaan Abashaa, Finfinnee qubatee jiru, humna gita-bittaa wanta ta’eef daandii nagaan bilisummaa eeguun abju’achuudha jedhu. Lola ripee kan ilaaluuf, kan akka sababaatti xuqan, qabsoo bilisummaaf kan ripeen waraanaa ture fi jiru, ABOn kan gannoota 4o lola ripee geggeessaa ture injifannoo dhumaa/xumuraa argamsiisuu akka hin dandeenye wabii godhu. Itti dabaluun, Mootummaan abashaa, umama Itooppiyaa duraa fi boodaa jalqabee, mootota USA Fi EUn, gutummaatti kan deggeramu wanta ta’eef, sochiin ABO (WBO) hundi salphaatti rukutamaa ture, jedhan. Kanaafis, lafa taakkuu bilisoomsee qabsaa’uu hin dandeenye, jedhu. Akka qabsoo seenaa ummata Hindi (India) Keessatti xuqamee jirutti, qabsoon lola rippee, gara qabsoo ummata hammatetti jijjirame, seenaan dhugaa ba’eera. Akkasumsa, qabsoon ummata Arabaa, gannoota fuuldura ta’e, wareegama yeroo gabaabaan firii agarsiiseera.

Akka haala Oromiyaatti, qabsoon ummata Oromoon geggeefamu, akkamitti, eessatti, maal irratti xiyyeeffatee deemsifamuu qaba jedhame, filannoo sadii laatameef, qabxiin olaanaa laatame, Daandii Oromiyaa sochii diinaaf, jirenya lubbuu gita-bittaaf, burqaa dinagdee taate kutuuf bakka hundaatti akk daandiin dabarsuu hin dandeenyetti kukkutuudha jechuun mirkaneessaniiru.

Gabatee 1 Daandii Qabsoo ummataan geggeeffaman adda baasuu

Daandiwwan qabsoo

Harka 100 keessaa (%)


1 Qabsoo magaalaa fi baadiyaa hiriira nagaan deemsisuu


2. Daandii Oromiyaa diinni keessa socho’uu fi ujummoo dinagdee ta’eef kukkutuu. Wal-quunnamtii Oromiyaa fi Finfinnee Jidduu karaa hundaa dhaabuu.


3. Kaffaltii Gibiraa humna Gita bittaaf kaffalamu dhaabuu


4. Bulchiinsa Godinaa, Aanaa fi Gandootaa diiguu fi humnoota bulchinsaa adamsuun balleessuu


Lammaffaa wajjin kan waliin deemuu danda’u

5. Lola ripee ummata hammate jajjabeessanii itti fufuu


6. Ummati Oromoo, meeshaa waraanaa akka bitatu/qabaatu; qabsootti qophaa’u jajjabeessuu; yeroo eeguu.


Lammaaffaa waliin kan deemuu danda’u



Akka firiin qorannoo gabatee 2 agarsiisutti, gaafatamtoota dhibba kessaa 75, Daandiiwwan Oromiyaa diinni keessa socho’uu fi diinni ujummoo dinagdee godhaatee ittiin Oromoo to’atu kukkutuun, istraatejii qabsoo oromoo isa olaanaadha jechuun amantii isaanii ibsu. Kunis irra caalaan, wal-quunnamtii Oromiyaa fi teessoo Gita-bittuu (Finfinnee) Jidduu karaa hundaa dhaabuu ni danda’a, jedhu. Istraatejiin kun humnaa fi deemsa diinaa, yeroo gabaabaa keesatti ni laasheessa jedhu. Daandiwwan kana bakka itti saganteeffametti, kukkutuuf, humna ga’aan wanta jiruuf, salphaatti jiruu irra oola, jedhu. Har’a qabsoon Oromoo, ummata oromoo baadiyaa kan hammate, irra caalaan, ummati baadiyaa ummata magaalaa irra ka’aa jira kan jedhan, wabii ta’u; Kanafuu, ‘’Fardis Dirreenis kunoo’’ jechuun ni danda’ama. Itti dabalaan, qorataan kun kan mirkaneeffate yoo jiraate, har’a dargaggooti baadiyaa, siyaasa Itooppiyaa keessa jiruu fi gita bittooti kan Ummata Oromoo irratti badii geggeeessaa jiran, hayyoota caalaa yeroo xiinxalan, hangam mirga isaani akka beekanii fi dirqama itti laatamu fudhatani akka socho’an nama amansiisa.

Fakkii 1 Fakkiiwwan ka’insa duula qabsoo ummataa mirkaneessan

Akka gabatee kanaatti, lakk. 4 fi 6, lakk. 2 waliin kan deemuu danda’uu fi wal simatuu dha jedhu, gafatamtoonni. Egaan, daandiin qabsoo adda ba’e (Qabsoo Ummataa) kun haala biyya Oromoo irratti kan hunda’e, mija’aa fi wareegama salphaa kan gaafatu, kan humna waraana diinaa ittiin laashessuun danda’amu, akkasumas, kan dinagdee Oromiyaa, harka diinaa keessaa ittiin baasanii fi, bulchiinsa qacaramtoota diinaa (Goobanaa) ittiin dadhabsiissanii salphaatti balleessaniidha.


Daandii saaynsiin waa dalaguun, jireenya dhala namaa erga ta’ee bubbuleera; mala adda addaa ittiin xiinxaluudha. Mala mija’aa ta’e ittiin adda baafachuudha. Har’a teknolojiin addunyaa kan dagaage jiru hundumtuu daandii saayinsiin adda ba’eeti. Humni waraanaa nam-maleen balali’ee, ergaa deemeef raawwatee deebi’u, qorannoo saayinsiin argame. Har’a TPLFn humna waraanaa hanga Degrii lammaffaatti leenjisuun, ittiin ummata oromoo to’ataa jirti. Haa ta’u malee, hangan beekutti, qabsoo ummata Oromoo keessatti, daandii saayinsiin deemuun hanga har’aatti wanta yalamee hin fakkaatu. Firiin qorannoo waraqaa kanaa akka jirutti ta’ee, kan caalaatti daandii qabsoo Oromoo irratti qorannoo geggeessuu barbaadaniif karaa bana jedheen amana.

Qorannoon, hayyoota Oromoo dhiyaataa turan, waa’ee seenaa oromoo irratti kan fuuleffatetti caala. Har’a garuu kan ta’u qabu, Ummati Oromoo daandii kamiin yoo qabsa’e, gita bittaa jaarraaf irratti wareegamaa ture jala ba’a kan jedhu irratti yoo xiyyeeffate garrii ta’a. Har’a qabsoon Oromoo, yeroo qorannoo saayinsiin furmaata/fala mij’aa barbaadan malee, yeroo seena dabre qofa irratti deddeebi’ani itti barreessan miti; Waltajjiif dhiyeessan miti. Ijoolleefi Ummati Oromoo humna Gita-bittaan dhumaa jira.

Karaa biroo, deemsa qabsoo kana keessatti, Ummati Oromoo rakkina jireenyaaf saaxilamuu ni danda’a. Wal-quunnamtiin daandii hundaan dhabachuu ni mala. Kana irratti ummata hubachisuun, amansiisun babaachisaadha. Hima Qabsa’aa Kibba Afriikaa, N. Mandeellaan amansisuun salphaadha. Innis ‘’Daandiin qabsoo bilisummaatti ceesisu, arangamaa fi qoraattii jigsaa deemuu akka ta’e, lubbuu kitilatti lakkaayamu akka kaffalamu/gaafatu’’, ifatti beekanii barsiisuudha. Gabrummaa guyyoota 40 irra, bilisummaa guyaa tokkoo jedhu mitiiree, warri Gita-bittoota keenyaa iyyuu, jaarraa tokkoof walakkaa UO bitan, to’atan. Har’as, biyyaa ofiittii ajjeechaa fufeen to’ataa jiran.

Yaadachiisa fuulduraaf (Recommendation)

Qorannoon, mala saayinsiin geggeeffame kun, qorannoo itti fufuuf (Istaatejii qabsoo kanaaf humna namaa barbaachisu irratti, meeshaalee barbaachisan irratti, waliraa fageenyaan; daandii kukkutamu irrattii fi deggersa hundaa barbaachisan irrratti, biroofis) ka’umsa ni ta’a jedheen amana. kana booda, qabsoon Oromoo kan irratti qoratame, saganta’amee fi karoofamee ta’uu akka qabu nan yaadachiisa. Kaneen achi, akkuma yeroo dabranii diinaaf qaawwa banaa, Ummata Oromoo qawwee diinaan nyaachisaa jiraachuudha. Ituu wanta yaadan/fedhan tokkotti hin qoph’in, wantota barbaachisan adda hin baafatin/itti hin qoratin, humna namaa barbaachisu hin ijaarin, ‘’Qeerroo ka’I’’, ‘’Oromoo ka’I’’ jechuun, diina meeshaa fi beekumsa waaannaa hidhatetti bobbaasuun, ummata ficcisiisuufi caalaatti hamilee cabsuu irra kan hafe bu’aa inni laatu qabsoo fi ummata guddaa salpisuudha. Kanaafuu, qorannoo irratti Kan hunda’ameen qabsoo geggeessuun qophee barbaachisuu hundaaf daandii agarsiisa.

Itti dabalee, Ergaa kana, barreessotaa fi beektota Oromootti, biiroo ABO fi OSA-tti akka naa tamsaaftan maqaa Ummata Oomoon, dhiiga ijoollee Oromoo biyya keessatti dhangal’aa jiruufi maqaa waaqayyoon isin gaafadha/kaka.

Akeekkachiisa: Barreeffama kana heyyama barreessaa malee website kam iyyuu irratti maxansuun/baasuun dhorkaadha!!

Galata: Gaafatamtoota hundaaf Galati koo haa ga’u

Waboota: Wabiin kan funaanaman, website seenaa Oromoo maxansan adda addaa irraati.


Qabsoo Ummata isheetiin Oromiyaan Ni Bilisoomti”

Final Waamicha Labsa Tokkoomu (.pdf)Waamicha walgahii ABO fi Galgala Aadaa Oromoo


Waamicha walgahii ABO fi Galgala Aadaa Oromoo


Hawwaasa Oromoo fi Miseensota ABO hundaaf


Akkuma beekkamuu ABO bikka lamatti citee ture Sadasaa bara 2012 tti dhibdee turte araaran xumurachuun akkataa garaa Jarmaa tokko jalaatti walitti deeb’uu walhubannoo taheen labsamuun ni yaadatama. Amma kun xumuramee walgahiin jila hoogganootaa dhaabni kun Caasaa fi Hooggana takka jalatti deebi’uu laabsu Berlinti tahuuf deema. Kanumaan walqabsiisee haala yeroo ammaa biyya keenya keessa deemaa jiru fi fuuldura Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo irratti firoottan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo, Hawaasa Oromoo, Deggaraa fi Miseensootaa waliin marihachuuf jecha aduu 28.06.2014 sa’a 14:00 tti walgahiin saganteeffamee jira. Walgahii kanarratti argamuun yaada keessan akka gumaachitan kabjaan isin affeerra.

Guyyaa:28.06.2014  Sa´aa 14:00

Bakka Walgahii:

SPD Haus

Kurt-Schumacher -Haus

Müller Straße 163

13353 Berlin

Akka itti dhuftan:U & S- Bahn Wedding, Bus 120

Galgala Aadaa Oromoo:

Wallisaa beekkamaa Hailu Kitaba waliin dabarsina!

Guyyaa:28.06.2014; Sa’aa: 19:00 irra kaasee

Bakka Galgala Aadaa:Glasskasten Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin

U-Bahn U8 Pankstraße, Metrotram 13, Tram 50 bis Osloer Straße/Ecke Prinzenallee Metrobus 27, Bus 255 bis Prinzenallee/ Ecke Soldiner Straße


Koree Qindeesituu Konferensii Tokkoomuu

Adda Bilsummaa Oromoo


Waamicha walgahii ABO fi Galgala Aadaa Oromoo (in .pdf Format)

Ethiopia’s Police State: The Silencing of Opponents, Journalists and Students Detained


Detention under spurious charges in Ethiopia is nothing new. With the second highest rate of imprisoned journalists in Africa[1] and arbitrary detention for anyone who openly objects to the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) regime’s despotic iron fist, the Western backed government in Addis Ababa is a dab hand at silencing its critics.

Eskinder Nega and Reeyot Alemu are just two of the country’s more famous examples of journalists thrown in prison for daring to call the EPRFD out on their reckless disregard for human rights. This April the regime made headlines again for jailing six[2] bloggers and three more journalists on trumped up charges of inciting violence through their journalistic work. Repeated calls for due legal process for the detainees from human rights organisations and politicians, such as John Kerry, have fallen on deaf ears as they languish in uncertainty awaiting trial. This zero-tolerance approach to questioning of government repression is central to the EPRDF’s attempts to control its national and international image and doesn’t show much signs of letting up.

Stepping up their counter-dissent efforts the regime just this week detained another journalist Elias Gebru – the editor-in-chief of the independent news magazine Enku. Gebru’s magazine is accused of inciting student protests[3] which rocked Oromia state at the end of April. The magazine published a column which discussed the building of a monument[4] outside Addis Ababa honouring the massacre of Oromos by Emperor Melinik in the 19th century. The regime has tried to tie the column with protests against its plans to bring parts of Oromia state under Addis Ababa’s jurisdiction. The protests, which kicked off at Ambo University and spread to other parts of the state, resulted in estimates[5] of up to 47 people being shot dead by security forces.

Ethiopia has a history of student protest movements setting the wheels of change in motion. From student opposition to imperialism in the 1960s and 1970s to the early politicisation of Meles Zenawi at the University Students’ Union of Addis Ababa.  The world over things begin to change when people stand up, say enough and mobilise. Ethiopia is no different. Similar to its treatment of journalists Ethiopia also has a history of jailing students and attempting to eradicate their voices. In light of such heavy handed approaches to dissent the recent protests which started at Ambo University are a telling sign of the level discontent felt by the Oromo – the country’s largest Ethnic group. Long oppressed by the Tigrayan dominated EPRDF, the Oromo people may have just started a movement which has potential ramifications for a government bent on maintaining its grip over the ethnically diverse country of 90 million plus people.

Students and universities are agents of change and the EPRDF regime knows this very well. The deadly backlash from government forces against the student protesters in Oromia in April resulted in dozens[6] of protesters reportedly being shot dead in the streets of Ambo and other towns in Oromia state. Since the protests began scores more have been arbitrarily detained or vanished without a trace from campuses and towns around the state. One student leader, Deratu Abdeta  (a student at Dire Dawa University) is currently unlawfully detained in the notorious Maekelawi prison for fear she may encourage other students to protest. She is a considered at high risk of being tortured.

In addition to Ms. Abdeta many other students are suspected of being unlawfully detained around the country. On May 27th 13 students were abducted from Haramaya University by the security forces. The fate of 12 of the students is unknown but one student, Alsan Hassan, has reportedly committed suicide by cutting his own throat all the way to the bones at the back of his neck after somehow managing to inflict bruises all over his body and gouging out his own eye. His tragic death became known when a local police officer called his family to identify the body and told them to pay 10,000 Birr ($500) to transport his body from Menelik hospital in Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa town in Oromo state.  Four of the other students have been named as Lencho Fita Hordofa, Ararsaa Lagasaa, Jaaraa Margaa, and Walabummaa Goshee.

Detaining journalists and students without fair judicial recourse may serve the EPRDF regime’s short term goal of eradicating its critics. However, the reprehensible silencing of opponents is one sure sign of a regime fearful of losing its vice-like grip. Ironically the government itself has its own roots in student led protests in the 1970s. No doubt it is well aware that universities pose one of the greatest threats to its determination to maintain power at all costs. Countless reports of spies monitoring student and teacher activities on campus, rigid curriculum control and micro-managing just who gets to study what are symptoms of this. The vociferous clamp-down on student protesters is another symptom and just the regime’s latest attempt to keep Ethiopia in a violent headlock. The regime would do well to remember that stress positions cause cramps and headlocks can be broken. It can try to suppress the truth but it can’t try forever.

Paul O’Keeffe is a Doctoral Fellow at Sapienza University of Rome. His research focuses on Ethiopia’s developing higher education system.


Mass Grave of Oromos Executed by Govt Discovered in Eastern Oromia

According to sources, a confrontation between residents and Ethiopian government officials broke out on June 9, 2014, over a mass grave discovered at the former Hameressa military garrison near Harar city, eastern Oromia. The mass grave is believed to contain remains of political prisoners executed during both the Dergue era and the early reigns of the current TPLF regime. Among those who were executed and buried in the location was Mustafa Harowe, a famous Oromo singer who was killed around early 1990′s for his revolutionary songs. Thousands more Oromo political prisoners were kept at this location in early 1990′s – with many of them never to be seen again.

The mass grave was discovered while the Ethiopian government was clearing the camp with bulldozers to make it available to Turkish investors. Upon the discovery of the remains, the government tried to quietly remove them from the site. However, workers secretly alerted residents in nearby villages; upon the spread of the news, many turned up en mass to block the removal of the remains and demanded construction a memorial statue on the site instead. The protests is still continuing with elders camping on the site while awaiting a response from government.

In addition to the remains, belongings of the dead individuals as well as ropes tied in hangman’s noose were discovered at the site.


Lafeen ilmaan Oromoo bara 1980moota keessa mootummaa Darguutin, baroota 1990moota keessa ammoo Wayyaaneen dhoksaan kaampii waraanaa Hammarreessaa keessatti ajjeefamanii argame. Ilmaan Oromoo mooraa san keessatti hidhamanii booda ajjeefaman keessa wallisaan beekamaan Musxafaa Harawwee isa tokko. Musxafaa Harawwee wallee qabsoo inni baasaa tureef jecha qabamee yeroo dheeraaf erga hiraarfamee booda toora bara ~1991 keessa ajjeefame. Hiraar Musxafaarra geessifamaa ture keessa tokko aara wallee isaatirraa qaban garsiisuuf muka afaanitti dhiibuun a’oo isaa cabsuun ni yaadatama.

Baroota 1990moota keessas Oromoonni kumaatamaan tilmaamaman warra amma aangorra jiru kanaan achitti hidhamanii, hedduun isaanii achumaan dhabamuun yaadannoo yeroo dhihooti.

Haqxi dukkana halkaniitiin ajjeesanii lafa jalatti awwaalan kunoo har’a rabbi as baase. Dhugaan Oromoo tun kan amma as bahe, mootummaa kaampii waraanaa kana diiguun warra lafa isaa warra Turkiitiif kennuuf osoo qopheessuuf yaaluti. Lafee warra dhumee akkuma arganiin dhoksaan achirra gara biraatti dabarsuuf osoo yaalanii hojjattonni ummata naannotti iccitii san himan. Ummanniis dafee wal-dammaqsuun bakka sanitti argamuun ekeraan nama keenyaa akka achii hin kaafamneefi siidaan yaadannoo akka jaaramu gaafachaa jiran.

Hamma feetes turtu dhugaan Oromoo awwaalamtee hin haftu!

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Breaking news TPLF shooting at civilians at Hammareesa mass garve |

Somalia: Does Ethiopian General Performance at Mogadishu Help Al-Shabaab?
As Ministries reform continued, reliable sources had confirmed that the list of new cabinet members of Somalia is added to well-known individuals that will serve the Ethiopian selfish-interest in Somalia.

Ethiopia’s General Gebre,who hails from Ethiopian minority tribe of Tigray has passed to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, to nominate certain important positions behalf of Ethiopia such as the Minister of national Security of Somalia to Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s agent, Mohammed Hassan.The news is not here that Ethiopia’s Gen. Gebre is forced Mr. Mohamoud and Mr. Abdiweli to accept his selection,but that the Somali intellectuals and talented politicians from Hawiye and Darod clans in Mogadishu are at risk.

Since, Mohammed Hassan is known about his allegiance to Al-Shabaab and his involvement of constant support to terrorist- affiliated elements.

On October 6, 2006, the ammunition and grenades that were captured from his house that Aden Saran-soor resided in proved his role as being one of the actors behind Somalia’s insecurity, different kinds of firearms including 125 DShKs,250 BKMs, 300 RPGs,300 AK47s,222 Mortars,3,200 F1 grenade and uncountable ammunition as reports indicated that it was intended to be transferred to Al-Shabaab and the likes.

How could it be easier to deal with the terrorist threat that is coming from the terror networks in Mogadishu and the country at large is questionable.

Our inaction is not only making us a state-sponsored terrorism, but also turning us all a nation that is Ethiopian serfdom and competing with each other to get Ethiopian blessing in part of serving our TPLF masters in Ethiopia’s Finfine (Addis Ababa) ,who have been meddling in Somalia’s domestic political affairs over the past 23 years in bid to make sure it is long-time goal to become true.

Our archenemy of Ethiopia has only two options: To realize the reflection of its hidden agenda, which is based on divide-and-rule policy in Somalia.

It has been very keen to involve in tribal politics of Somalia in order not to be realized a long-awaited strong Somali unity government that stands its feet again or burn the entire Somalia at once. Not more, not less!

Other Individuals that Ethiopia’s Gebre demanded from our head of states to be appended to the list of the important ministerial posts are included Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow, who is being appointed as interior minister and Hussein Abdi Halene, who is being to re-name his former ministerial position of ministry of finance.

Also, The Prime minister of Somalia surprised ,that the government of Ethiopia asked the Minister of Justice and the federal government not to exclude Farah Topaz from the new cabinet,who was among the forefront of the cabinet that are planed not to return to the federal government of Somalia.

Ethiopia has a comfortable relationship with Somalia’s Al-Shabaab ,you ask how. Whenever Ethiopian military moves towards an Al-Shabab held-town in Somalia ,The so-called Ethiopian Army faces no resistance .Someone may ask why? It is a proven concluded fact that Ethiopia is No 1 army-and ammunition supplier to Al-Shabaab.

Whenever they, Ethiopians abandon a place, the Somalis know that there are Shabaab members who came to the same spot and collect what the Ethiopians have left behind for them.

Moreover, Ethiopia has been very happy with Al-Shabaab during its presence in Kismayo,because when Barre Hirraale who was the sole warlord governor of Kismaayo for so long before the Shabaab ousted him ,willed to invade Al-Shabaab but Ethiopia stopped him . And when Kenyan Forces with the help of local militia fighters captured the town of Kismayo Ethiopian government dismayed and the diplomatic relations between the two countries was at stake.

However, It is reported that fighting between Liyu Police militia and Al-Shabaab occurred in Bakool province that at least 74 of warring sides died and none Ethiopian highlanders.

The fear now is that all Somali politicians are competing to embrace Somalia’s traditional foe,Ethiopia which is a country that has always been declaring their ill feeling of Somalia abs as a nation. It is Somalia’s responsibility to wake up and tell Ethiopia to stay away from Somalia’s internal issues or meet the consequences.

Written By Dahir Alasow From Netherlands and Ahmed Abdi From Yemen

Caaltuun Akka Helan

Afaan Amaaraatiin ka barreesse: Tasfaayee Gabra’aab

Afaan Oromootti ka hikee fi seenesse: Amaan Hedatoo ti.

Obboleeyyan! irra jireessi keessan seenaa “ጫልቱ እንደ ሄለን- Caaltuun Akka Helan” jedhu kanaaf haarawaa miti. Seenaan seenaa intala Oromoo sirna Amaaraa keessa Oromummaan keessaa haqamee, qorqalbiin miidhamtee sababuma saniin lubbuu isii dhabdeeti. Barruun kun kitaaba “Tasfaayee Gabra’aab “የስደተኛውማስታወሻ-ጫልቱ እንደ ሄለን” isa jedhu keessaa fudhatame. Tasfaayeen seenaa Oromtittii tanaa barreessuu isaatiif woreegama guddaa kafale. Duula guddatu irratti godhame. Duulli kun garuu seenaa Caaltuu fi kitaaba isaa taan caalaa akka beekkamu godhe malee akka isaan yaadan maree sheelfitti hin dachaafne. Akkuma irra jreessi keessan beektan, duulli Tasfaayee irratti godhame kun ka jalqabaatii miti. Tana durallee kitaaba ”የቡርቃዝምታ“ jedhu ka bara 2000 keessa barreesse irratti akka dhiifama gaafadhu jedhanii nu kolfisiisaa turan. Haata’uu garuu duulli dhiheenna Tasfaayee irratti godhame seenaa Amaarran dhoksuu yookiin waakkachuu barbaadan taan caalaa akka dhagayamu taasise. Seenessi sagalee ka “Caaltuun Akka Helan” jedhamee Afaan Oromootti hiikkame dhihoma tana miidiyaalee hawaasaa irratti gad dhiifamee ture. Barruun kun ammoo worra dubbisutti aanjoo qabuuf. Worri caqasuus ta’ee dubbisuu dandeettan affeeramtaniirtan. Waan dur Amaarri Oromoo irratti raawwatte kana hubadhaa hubachiisaa. Ka biraallee kumii-kitiltu jiraa gad baasaa. Dhiheenna kana Ameerikaa keessatti “12 years slave” fiilmiin jedhamu tokko bahee ture. Haala suukanneessaa dur ummata gurraacharratti raawaatame worri fiilmicha laaltan agartaniirtan. Wontichi yoo laalan waan mataa nama tuqaati. Haata’uu garuu maraattuu “waan kaleessa dalagameef adiidiin ardhaa gaafatamuu qabdi” jedhu argaa hin jirru. Arguullee hin qabnu. Adiidiin arhaa isaan kaleessaatiin adda. Wonni kaleessa dalagame deebi’ee akka hin raawwatamne irraa wolbarsiisan. Daba kaleessa ummata gurracharratti dalagame sirrii ta’uu ka mirkaneessu yookiin ka haalu yoo jiraate seeraan gaafatama. Keennaa fi ka  Habashootaa garuu adda. Bara ardhaa “waan Miniliik Oromoorrati dalageef ilmaan yookiin ilmaan ilmaan isaa itti gaafatamuu qabdi” Oromoo jedhu hin agarre. Arguullee hin qabu. Oromoon ekeraa Miniliik faana hirriba dhabu hin jiru. Garuu Miniliikota ardhallee akka Miniliikitti Oromoo bituudhaaf hirriba dhabaa jiran ufitti dadhabaa jirra. Miniliikiin nutti faarsuu bira taranii, “harkaa-harmi muraa wonni jedhamu hin jiru! kijiba! /“የጥቂትየኦሮሞልሂቃንየፈጠራታሪክነው። Seenaa kijibaa eliitonni muraasni uuman” nuunjedhaa jiran. San birallee taranii ragaa nu gaafataa jiran. Dhiiroo barri “harkaa-harka muraan aanolee” fi “Calii Calanqoo” akkasumas fixxaan kaleessaa fi ardhaa dachii Oromoo irratti raawwatame/aaru fiilmiin hojjatamu dhufaa laataa?

Obboleeyyan! Waan kaleessa ta’ee fi ardhaallee ta’aa jiru qabadhaa kaayaa! Dhalaaf dabarsaa! Kana ka goonu ammoo eennuunuu miidhuuf yookiin balleessuufii miti. Akkuma ummata kamiituu jiraachuudhaaf. Maraafuu caqasa yookiin dubbisa gaarii isiniif hawwa. Dhiheennatti ammoo seenessa mata- duree “Ihaadigicha!” jedhu, ka bara Tigree kana keessa ta’e tokkoon isinitti deebi’aa nagayaan naa turaa.

Amaan Hedatoo ti.


Caaltuun Akka Helan

Seenaan Caaltuu baay’ee nama ajaa’iba. Garaa nama nyaatas. Haqaaqii irraa kiilomeetiroota muraasa irra ka jiru ganda baadiyaa Qooftuu jedhamutti ta dhalatte Caaltuun woggaa digdamii shanitti kichuun karatti hafte. Faaya laalanii gara biraa laaluun nama dhibu, ta gamaa gamanni bareeda isii irraa odeesse ijoollee qotatee bulaa turte. Sababa du’a isii, ka biraa hafee maatiin isiituu guutuu hin beeku.

Hennaa ijoollee turte seenaa isii namni hin beekne hin jiru ture. Maqaan isii Tuulama keessa haga Waajjituu, haga Wolmaraa, haga Seeraa, haga Dawwaraa, haga Bachoo, haga Cuqqaalaa, haga  Dirree fi Gimbichuutti hanga’ee beekkama ture.

Ka’umsi beekkkamuu isii seenaa Tuulamaa keessatti dhiira woliin dorgomtee injifachuudhaan farda badhaafamuu isii ture. Bareedinni uumamaan qabduu fi dhiiraan qixa farda kaachisuun ammoo caalatti maqaa isii hangaase. Gaaf tokko hennaa woggaa kudha afur turte ture. Fira gaafachuudhaaf kophaa isii Qooftuu irraa gara Tulluu Diimtuu hennaa deemaa turte ka’ima butuudhaaf hordofaa ture jalaa galtee turte. Dargaggeessa durba butuudhaaf bahe hoongessanii galuu jabduun caalu kamtu jira? Dargaggeessi seenaa isii kana hin beenne ammoo hin jiru ture.

Namoonni jajjaboon naannoo, kanneen seenaa isii jaalatan, Caaltuu ilmaan isaaniitti fuudhuudhaaf hawwaa turan. Abbaan isii obboo Midhaksaanis mucayyoo isaanii namoota kanniin dhoorgatanii tursiisuu hin dandeenne. Ufiin bulaa yookin algala tokkoon uduu jalaa hin butamin, maatii kabajamaa tokkoof kennuuf murteeffatan. Haaluma kanaan mucayyoo isaanii ganna kudha shanitti maatii Ada’aa ka Dirree dhufe tokkoof kennan. Kana godhuu isaanii firaa heddutu mormee ture.  “Mucayyoon tun uduu barattee…” jedhee ka yaada kenne heddu ture. Martuu hafee Caaltuun heerumte. Garuu qalbii guutuun ka fudhatte hin turre. Maatiin Caaltuu akkuma namoota naannoo sanii qonnaan bultoota ka turan ta’us qotattoota naannoo heddu biratti garuu maatii irra woyyaawaa turan. Abaabayyuun Caaltuu Bantii Dammoo nama heddu horee, hundee maatii baldhaa hambifatee dabre. Kanaafuu maatiin Qooftuu keessa jiraatu irra jireessisaa ka hiddi isaa Bantii Dammootti galu. Caaltuun worra isiitiif takkittii taatullee, maatii baldhaa Bantii Dammoo ka Qooftuu marsee jiraatu saniin marfamtee, hiree matatti baadhatamuudhaa argattee guddatte.

Umrii ijoollummaa isitti seenaa dhaloota dabreetiin kunuunsee ka guddise abaabiyyee isii woggaa dhibbaa ol jiraatanii daran turan. Maqaan isaanii Godee ture. Bantii Dammoo ammoo nama maatiin marti ittii boonu ture. Beekaa miiloo isaa lakkaayee Daacitti galchu. Kana qofaa miti. Abbaa fardaa dhukaasaan beekkamu ta’utti dabalee namoota wol dhaban araarsuu fi galtee gumaa fixuudhaan seenaa gaarii hambifatee nama dabre.

Caaltuu, seenaan dhaloota durii ka abaabibiyyee isii irraa baratte qaama isii ta’ee woliin guddate. Umrii ijoollummaa saniin aadaa fi seenaa Tuulamaa qeensaa haga refeensaatti beekti. Hora Finfinnee dhaquun dur-durii ta’ee hafus, hora Bushooftuutti irreeffachuun hawwiilee qalbii isii keessatti mana ijaaratan keessaa isa tokko ture.


Farda Caaltuun gaaf dur dhiiraan dorgomtee injifattee badhaafamte maqaan Gurraacha ture. Egaa Caaltuun eega Gurraacha badhaafamte as nama hin danda’amne taate.

Guyyaa gurraacha badhaafamte adda babayii duratti utaltee irra buute. Guyyaa san irraa qabee “Caaltuu worra Galaan” jedhamtee maqaa baate. Yaabbii fardaa akka kennaa addaatti dhuunfatte. Egaa “Caaltuu worra Galaan” gurraacha malee jette. Gurraachillee isii malee jedhe. Caaltuu malee namni itti dhihaatu ni dhabame. Dhaabatee maddii yookiin boqoo isii yoo arraabu ‘raajii’ jedhame. Abbootiin gaarii fardaa, kanneen Haqaaqii Basaqaa “qarshii kuma tokkoon nutti gurguri” jennaaniin fuulati cirriiqattee ariite. Yaabbii fardaa namni isii barsiise jiraachuu baatullee, Sambataa haga Sambataa gurraacha hallayyaa Tulluu Diimtuu keessa utaalchifte. Achii yoo kaate harka ufiitiin haga inni cululuqutti dhixxi. Harka ufiitiin nyaachifti. Galgala daree isaatti galfattee, “nagayatti naa buli gurraacha koo!” jettee biraa lixxi. Gurraachillee akkuma isiiti. Caaltuu sagaleedhaan beeka. Waan isiin jettuun hubata. Yoo isiin itti fiissite, bakka jiruu haada kutee dhufee isii bira dhaabata. Maqaan Gurraachaa fi Caaltuu yoo waamamu wol biraa hin hafu ture. “Gurraacha Caaltuu! Caaltuu haadha Gurraachaa!

Guyyaa gabaa gurraacha saggaarsisaa hangaati. Intalti ilma Bantii Dammoo! Caaltuu Midhaaksaa. Imaltoonni Tulluu Diimtuu, Gimbichuu fi Dirreellee uduu hin hafin Caaltuu fi Gurraachi adda bahuu akka hin dandeenne baratan. Hajaallee qabaachuu baattu gabaa Kiibxataa fi Sambataa gurraacha kooratti lixxee gabaa takkaa lama naannofti. Gurraachi isii “gadabee utaala! Daaraa kaasu homboleleettii fakkeessa!” jedhamee jajame. Gurraacha kooratti lixxee yoo kolfaa gabaa naannoftu isii ta’uu maratu beeka. Marumatu itti lallaba. “Caaltuu worra Galaan! Caaltuu haadha gurraachaa!”jedhaniin.  “Intalannana akka si hin bunne!” jedhaan ka bareeda isiitiin qalbiin badde. “Digdama hori akka akaakilee keetii!” jedhaan ka eebbisu ammoo. “Caaltuu sanyii Bantii Dammoo!” jedha ka gaachena isiintiin gammade. Wonni jedhamu heddu. Isiinillee kana yoo dhageettu diqqaa hin boontu. Kikissitee kolfiti. Yeroo akkasii bowwuun kolfa isii Tulluu Diimtuu irraan maree mandi’ee taphatee bosona Bilbiloo qalbii jiisa. Kana qofaa miti. Kolfi isii yeroo garii samii Ad’aa Liiban irra mashisuudhaan, hortee Bantii Dammoo qalbii rarraasa. Bira tareellee Shaggar qixxee Dhakaa Araaraa dhaqqabuu dhabuu isaa namni himu hin jiru.

Beekkkamtiin sanyii ilma Bantii Dammoo egaa hagas gahe. Egaa dur! Gaaf dur! Gaafa gurraacha yaabbattee fira gaafachuuf gara Tulluu Diimtuu arreeddu san ijoollee ganna kudha afurii turte. Dhaabaa fi bareedinni akkasumas  rifeensi isii ka akka faachoo gurraacha isii asii achi dhangala’u, maashoo ilkaan isii ka yoo kolfitu namaan badutti yoo dabalamu guchii samii bosona bilbiloo dhuunfatee kophaa isaa bararu fakkaatti turte.

Karaa biraatiin akka ijoollee baadiyaa ija laaftuu hin turre. Yoo itti dubbatan saalfattee ta lafa laaltus hin turre. Waan akkasii garayyuu hin beektu. Maatiin isii malee ijoollee biraa waan hin qabneef akka ilma dhiiraatti mirga guutuun guddatte. Uumamni isii ammoo gubbaan dabalame. Akka ilma dhiiraatti manguddoo keessa teettee caqafti. Yoo isaan haasayan waan hin galiniif “akkas jechuun maal jechuu dha?” jettee gaafachuu jaalatti. Hennaa ijoollummaa isii manguddoon “ankoo xinnoo!” jedhaniin ture. Anko dur dur keessa dubartii dureettii akkasumas jajjaba fi mootii Karrayyuu turte. Bakki galmi Ankoo ka dur sun “Ankobar” jedhamee waamamaa akka ture dur duriidhaan itti himamee ture. Kanuma irraa Ankoon durii sun Caaltuudhaaf modeela turte.

Karaa biraatiin ufitti amantaan, akkasumas sodaa malee waa dubbachuun Caaltuu jajjaba akka fardoo lolaa worra Galaan ture. Tumata morma isii gurra jalaa ka’ee haga qomaa bu’u yoo laalan Hindoota diddiimtuu fakkaatti. Diimtuu waan taateef tumanni hanga’ee irraa muldhatu bareeda isii ka hafe ol baasee nama cuullifata. Dhugamatti baras, hallayyaa Quuftuu keessa laphee dhiibdee yoo gurracha utaalchiftu mootittii Tulluu Cuqqaallaa abadaaf jiraattu fakkaatti turte. Maal godhan ree ?! Mucayyoo akkas taate! Isii Biyya maratti dhagayamte! Isiin gurra dhagayatte sun! Ta deebitee hin argamne sun… Ah! Dhalattee woggaa digdamii shanitti…


Dubbiin akkana. Woggaa kudha shanitti ciini guddaan godhamee heerumte. Garuu akka aadaa naannootti haadha manaa jabduu ta’uu hin dandeenne. Heerumtee baatii sadaffaatti sokkitee gara maatii isii deebite. Sabani bakka itti heerumtee baateef garuu gahaa ta’ee hin muldhanne. Jaarsi isii machaayee galee akka isii dhaanu himattullee gorsaniinii turan. “Abbaan worraa yoo gabaa dhaqee gale waa unuun waanuma jiru. Yeroo tokko tokko ammoo jaartii dhaanachuunillee haarawaa miti!..” jedhanii gara jaarsa isii deebisudhaaf yaalanillee hin taane. Hin didde. Yoo ka isii dirqan ta’e ija qabattee akka baddu akeekkachiifte. Dabalteellee “an intalti ilma Bantii Dammoo machaayaadhaaf harka hidhadhee hin jiraadhu! Machaayaan jaarsa naaf hin ta’u!” jette. Maatiin waan godhu wollaale. Aanaa-aanteen yaa’ee waan jedhu dhabe. Jaarsi biyyaa bahee “qeerransi akkanaa Galaan keessatti dhalatee hin beeku” jedhee wolitti hime. Dhugatti ammoo akka aadaa naannootti, dubartiin hin heerumin farda kaachisuun argaa dhageettiif haarawa ture. Durbi hin heerumin sagalee ol qabattee kolfitee hin beektu. Mataa gad qabattee waan jedhan fudhatti malee, akkanatti manguddoo dura hin dhaabattu. Karaa kanaan egaa Caaltuun nama addaa turte. Uduu maatii isiitiif takkattii, akkasumas intala ilma Bantii Dammoo ta’uu baattee aadaa fi safuun Quuftuu amala durbaa ka akkanaatiif bakka hin qabu ture. Addatti ammoo akka hin fakkaanne abaabayyuu isii Bantii Dammoo fakkaatti ture. Manguddoonni abaabayyuu isii beekan, hennaa isii gurraacha kooratti lixxe argan “Bantii Dammoo deebii’ee dhufe!” haga jechuu deeman ture. Maayii irra dubbi gara godhan wollalanii maatii wolgahee irratti mari’ate. “Dubartiin takka jaarsa jalaa yoo baate deebi’ee ka fuudhu hin jiru. Ka Caaltuu ammoo adda. Amala isii kanaan eennullee isitti hin dhihaatu. Ka akkanatti isii balleessite ammoo Godee dha. Kanaa achi ammoo wonni danda’anii fooyyessan hin jiruu maal godhutu mala?” Ka mala wol gaafatu baay’atee ka fala fidu yeroo barbaadametti dhabamullee maayii irra waan mala jedhan irra gahan.

Caaltuun algabara taatullee Quuftuu guututu jaalataan ture. Ka uumamaan qabdu bareeda fuulaa qofa miti. Uumaan sammuu haxxiyyaa dafee waa hubatullee badhafteenii jirti. Akka dubartoota naannoo ta cunqursaaf ee jettu hin turre. Umriidhaan barumsi irra tarullee “deemtee hiree isii haa yaaltuu” jedhanii irrati wolii galanii akka gara Shaggar deemtu murteessan.

Caaltuun hennaa yaanni kun itti himamu gammachuu guddaadhaan fudhatte. Shaggariin hin beektu. Oduu ammoo ni qabdi. Adaadaa isiittu hennaa tana dura Quuftuu dhufte itti odeesse.  San dura naannoo dhaloota isii irraa fagaattee ka deemte haga Haqaaqii basaqaa qofa. Sunis hennaa woggaa kudhan turte. Kanaafuu “Shaggar deemtee haa barattuu” yaanni jedhu baay’ee isii kakaase. Fedhiin barumsaa ka eebjuu ta’ee isii keessatti hafee ture kana dhageennaan kottee baasee ka’ee dhaabate. Woldorgommiin seenaa Tuulamaa, ka injifannoo itti argatte deebi’ee isii keessatti lalisee injifannoo biraa argachuudhaaf hamilte. Maayiirratti, deemsa isii ka gara Shaggar mataan hidhamee qophoofte.

Maatiin ijoollee isaatiif tola hawwuun haqa. Waan ijoollee isaatiif hawwe raawwachuudhaaf tattaafata. Abbaan finnaa ijoollee isaatiif, keessattuu mucaa intalaatiif haga hin qabu. Abbaa Caaltuu obboo Midhaksaallee kanumatu simate. Yaadee mari’atee dhumarratti mucayyoo isaa gara Shaggar obboleettii isaa biratti erguudhaaf murteeffate. Deemsa isii ka gara Shaggar irratti aanaa aanteen yaa’ee nagayaa fi tola hawweef. Jaarsi bahee akka aadaa Tuulamaatti eebbiseen.

“Yaa Waaq! Tokkicha maqaa dhibbaa,  Roobaa garaa Taliilaa,

Waaqa sagal Booranaa, Sagaltama garbaa,

Waaqa ciicoo gurraattii, waaqa bokkuu gurraachaa!

Waaqa Tuulama Sadanii, Waaqa sadan Daacii, waaqa jahan Bachoo,

Waaqa jahan Jiillee, waaqa jahan Galaan!Waaqa torban Obboo!

Waaqa sadan Sooddoo! Waaqa shan Kuraa Jiddaa! Waaqa sadan Ada’aa!

Waaqa lamaan Liiban! Waaqa Sadeen Aabbuu!

Waaqa Odaa Nabee! Waaqa Caffee  Dongoraa!

Waaqa Caffee Tumaa! Waaqa Yarar Kormaa!

Waaqa Birbirsa Fooqaa! Waaqa Malkaa Hawaas! Caaltuu Midhaksaa! bakka deemtu nagayaan geechi!

Nama baratee abbaa fi haadha gargaaru godhi!

Kan duudhaa fi safuu ofii beektu godhi!

Hayyittii Galaan! Ayyaanni Bantii Dammoo! Abdaariin Quuftuu! Ateeteen haadha teetii bakka deemtu nagayaan si haa geechu! Nama beekee biyyaaf ta’u ta’ii guddadhu! Jedhanii wol duraa duubaan eebba itti roobsan.

Eebba booda Caaltuun namota abdii isii irra kaayatan mara galateeffatte. Namoonni naannootis ta’anii dhalaa- miiloon isii akkanatti isii abdachuun bareeda uumaa isiin qabdu irraa kan ka’e qofaa miti. Amala shamarran naannoo sanii irraa adda ta’e akkasumas ufitti amantaa waan qabduuf ture. Karaa biraatiin intala jabduu akkanaa Quuftuu irratti hidhanii kaayuun yakka ta’ee itti muldhate. Kanaaf jecha gara Shaggar deemtee akka barattu godhame.

Egaa Caaltuun kana mara keessa tartee Shaggar galte.


Adaadaa fi maatiin isii haaluma gaariin ka isii simatan ta’ullee, guyyaa mana adaadaa isii galte irraa jalqabee wontoonni isiin hin eegin, ka ammallee isiif hin galle muldhataa dhufuu jalqaban. Jaarsi adaadaa Caaltuu doktor Geetaachoon barsiisaa yoo ta’u, nama amantii Oortodooksii hordofu, nama biyya Amaaraa, nama Marraabeeteeti. Maatiin isiin biratti galte ka adaadaa isii ijoollee lama ka qaban yoo ta’u, obboleettiin doktortichaa woyiillee isaan bira jiraatti. Maqaan isii Maarituu dha. Maarituun guyyaa Caaltuun Shaggar mana isaanii dhufte irra qabee Caaltuu afaan Amaaraa akka barsiiftu dirqamni itti kenname.  Caaltuun san dura jechoota muraasa bira waan tare afaan Amaaraa irraa waan beektu hin qabdu turte. Jechoota sanis Quuftutti qeensota mana kadhannaa Qobboo fi araata gabaa galu irraa dhageette.  San irraa waan hafe Afaan Amaaraa dubbachuufillee yaaltee hin beettu. Birattillee Afaanichi nama dhiba. Adaadaan isii gaafa isiin Shaggar galte galgala maatiin eega wol barsiifteen booda, ganama itti aanu teessiftee, afaan Caaltuun beettuun akkana jettee gorsite. Afaan Amaaraa jireenna isii ka uf duraatiif barbaachisaa ta’uu, Mana barumsaa seenuudhaaf afaan Amaaraa beekuun barbaachisaa ta’uu akkasumas Amaariffa dubbachuu baannaan mana barumsaa galuu akka hin dandeenne tolchitee itti himte. Daftee Amaariffa barachuudhaaf ammoo Afaan Oromoo dubbachuu dhiisuu akka qabdus akeekkachiifte.

Ka itti aane ammoo waa’ee maqaa isii ture. Caaltuu Midhaaksaa maqaan jedhu midhaagina isii ka miidhu ta’uu fi kana hambisuudhaaf ammoo maqaa isiitii fi ka abbaallee jijjiirachuu akka qabdu irra deebitee tolchitee ibsiteef. Hin turre. Caaltuu maqaan jijjiiramee Heelan jedhamte. Mana barumsaa uduu hin seenin dura wagggaa tokkoof afaan Amaaraa akka shaakaltullee itti edaateef. Maayiirratti akkana jetteen. “Bifaa fi argaa akkanaa qabaataa Caaltuu jedhamtee waamamuun si miidha.Tumata mormaa kana immoo sitti godhuu hin malle. Immoo takka ta’eera. Homaa gochuun hin danda’mu. Abbaan kee bifa kee kana fakkaatutti taphate. Bareeda akkana jiru kana akkanatti balleessuun baay’ee nama gaddisiisa. Ta’ullee Amaariffa yoo qajeelfatte homa hin jedhu. Ati jabaannaan ammoo woggaa dhufu Fulbaana irratti barumsa galgalaa si galchina…”.

Haala kanaan Caaltuun jireenna Shaggar takka jette. Haata’uu garuu wonni isiif hin galin waa heddu ture. Jijjiirraa maqaa sammuun isii fudhachuufii dide. Maqaan ijoollummaa isii irraa ittiin boonaa guddatte maaliif jijjiirame? Waan isii hin galle qofa utuu hin taane ka isii dhukkubsu ture. Maruma irra wonni jaalattu yoo jiraate maqaa isiiti. “Caaltuu” jechuun isii waanuma maraanuu maruma caaltu jechuu dha. Kanaafuu “namoonni Shaggar maqaa kana maaliif jibban laata?” baaftee buuftee, buuftee baafte. Hiikkaa maqaa itti moggaafame, ka “Heelan” jedhuullee yaaduun isii hin oolle. Adaadaa isii garuu hin gaafanne.  Yeroo Quuftuu turte “Caaltuu worra Galaan!” jedhanii boonsaniin ture. Worra akkas jedhee waamaanii ture, keessattuu dargaggoota Quuftuu yaadatte. Boonni Quuftuu fi wonni Shaggaritti isii simate isima keessatti wol a’e wolin rakkatte. Isii bira taree maqaan abbaallee jijjiiramuun taan caalaa isii cinqe. Maqaan akaakayyuu isii inni “Bantii Dammoo” jedhu isiidhaaf maqaa qofa hin turre. Ka akka dhiigaa qaamaan wol fudhate, hundee eennummaa isii ka ittiin boontu ture. Inni abbaa jedhamee amma kennameef  ka “Geetaachoo” jedhu, uffata ergisaa ka hafuura hin tolle itti ta’e. Baafattee ufirraa darbuu kajeeltee dadhabde. Waa’een tumata qaama isiillee baay’ee dhibeen. Tumata mormaa, haga guyyaa Shaggar dhuftuutti wanna dubri qaamaan bareechifattu ta’uttu beekti. Adaadaan garuu “abbaan kee qaama si balleessee” jetteen. Tumanni mormaa akkamitti bareedinna namarraa balleessa? Agartee dhageettee hin beettu. Gaafilee eega gaafa Shaggar dhufte irraa isii marsan, kanneen deebii hin qabne hedduun rakkattee wonni dalagamu marti sirrii itti fakkaachuu baatullee, adaadaan isii akka isii hin miine, waan isiidhaaf tolu qofa ka gootuuf ta’uu uf amansiifte. Ajaja kennamuuf raawwachuudhaaf garuu qalbii shakkiitiin itti qophoofte. Oolmettiin isii obboleettii doktortichaa woliin. Kun ammoo Amaariffa barachuudhaaf hiree ta’eef. Bataskaanaa fi gabaa Maarituu woliin deemti. Maarituun dhiheennuma baadiyaa ta dhufte taatus, akka barbaaddetti bakka barbaadde deemtee afaan isiitiin namaan wolii galti. Caaltuunillee akka isiitti afaan isii akka barbaaddetti, bakka barbaaddetti nama barbaadde woliin uduu dubbattee hawwite. Kun ammoo afaan Amaaraa akka barattu dhiibbaa itti godhe.

Tattaafattee Amaarifficha torbanneen muraasa keessatti dubbachuu jalqabde. Maarituunillee manatti qubee laakkofsifte. Dubbisuu fi barreessuunillee yeroo dheeraa irraa hin fudhanne. Kitaabbilee dur durii suutuma suutaan dubbisuu jalqabde. Barumsi herregaa afaan Amaaraatti dabalamee itti himame guddaa hin dhibneen. Hennaa Quuftuu turte “Takkaan maal? Lama maal? Sadi maal?…” herrega jedhu, ka ijoollummatti sammuu ijoollee herregaan kunuunsuuf maatiin ijoollee barsiisu sirritti beekti. Akkaataan waamicha tapha herregaa sun ammoo ardhallee akka biraa itti tola.

Takkeen maal?      Takkaan takkittima!…

Lama maal?      Lama mucha re’ee, takkeen takkittima.

Sadi maal?    Sadiin suunsummanii, lamaan mucha re’ee, takkeen takkittima,

Afur maal?   Arfan muchiin sa’aa, sadiin suunsummanii, lamaan mucha re’ee, takkaan takkittima

Shan maal? Shanan qubiin harkaa, arfan muhiin sa’aa, sadiin suunsummanii, lamaan mucha re’ee, takkaan takkittima….

Haaluma kanaan gaaf tokko galgala haga dhibbaa isiin laakkofnaan jaarsi adaadaa isii; doktortichi ajaa’ibsiifatee “Heelan sammuu cimaa qabdi. Ammuma mana barumsaa galuu qabdi” jedhe.

“Fulbaana dhufu barnoota galgalaa haa seentuu” jette adaadaanillee.

Miluma san gaaf tokko. Uduu gara bataskaanaa deemaaran adaadaan akkana jetteen.

“Helan bareedduu tiyya! Ollaan marti si jaalateera! Mucayyoo cimtuu fi qalbi qabeettii dha jedhanii natti himan. Bareedinnaa fi argaa kee namni hin dinqisiifanne hin jiru. Amaariffi keellee nama maratti toleera. Baay’ee na boonsite. Isa arraba kee hidhu kana garuu balleessuu yaali. Kana yoo goote jireenyi kee jijiirama. Yoo barumsa jalqabde ammoo kana caalaa na gammachiifta. San booba qabaataa barate wayiitti si heerumsiifna…”

Caaltuun Shaggar eega geettee tutturtus, jireenni mana firaa sun isiif mishaa hin turre. Qorumsa heddutu mudateen. Qorumsa kana hubachuudhaaf ammoo Oromoo ta’uun barbaachisaa ture.

Yeroo tokko garuu waan ni ta’a jettee hin yaadin taate. Wanni ta’e sun lafetti isii dhukkubse. Ijoolleen adaadaa isii lama turan. Daa’imman. Lachuu dhiira. Inni tokko woggaa ja’a. Inni kuun ammoo saddeet. Dhiqee ka isaan nyaachisu Caaltuu turte. Ijoolleen sun haadha Caalaa Caaltuu jaalatan ture. Afaan Amaaraa Maarituu caalaa ka isii barsiisan ijoollee san turan. Yeroo haadhaa fi abbaan gara hujii, akkasumas Maarituun gara mana barumsaa deeman Caaltuu woliin oolan. Guyyaa tokko tasuma isii ateetee faarfattu ijoolleen dhagayanii jalaa butanii faarsuu jalqaban. Akki ijoolleen faaruu ateetee itti jedhan kolfisiiseenii irra deebitee uduu itti himtu, ijoolleenillee itti tolee uduma wol jalaa faarsan oolan. Galgala yoo worri galu ijoolleen faaruu ateetee san Caaltuu caalaa bareechisanii faarfachuudhaaf homaa isaan hin hafne.

“Ateetiyyoo woggaan gahee,

Woggaan geenyaan caaccuu furree,

Woggaan geenyaan Sabaroo furree,

Woggaan geenyaan qorxii furree,

Woggaan geenyaan qoloo furree,

Woggaan geenyaan gaadii fi okolee furree” faaruu jedhuun worra simatan ijoolleen sun. Adaadaan Caaltuu kana dhageennaan naasuudhaan ija babaaftee, bakka dhaabattetti afaan qabattee hafte. Jaarsi isii doktor Geetaachoon ammoo kolfaa ture. Wonni ta’e Caaltutti balleessaa hin fakkaanne. Badii guddaa ta’uu fuula aarii fi rifaatuu, ka adaadaa isii irraa hubattee rifatte. Adaadaan garuu aarii fi rifaatutti hin dhaabanne. Fuula baddee “ijoollee hujii shaaxanaa naa barsiisuu jalqabdee?” jetteen.

“Adaadaa bar kun faaruu ateeteetii!?” jette Caaltuun akkuma rifattetti. Isiin kana jennaan adaadaan taan caalaa itti iyyite. “Hin barbaadu! hin barbaadu! Lammata! Lammata ijoollee too waan akkanaa hin himin! Waan hin barbaachifne akka dhiiftu ammoo sitti himee ture” jetteen. Caaltuun iyyansa adaadaatiin rifattee qabbanooftee waan jettu wollaalte. Yeroo kana jaarsi adaadaa isii jidduu seenee “Heelan! Hin rifatin! Kun badooma hin qabu! Garuu ka ijoolleen faarsan kun hiikkaan isaa maal mee nutti himi!” jedheen. Caaltuun hin dubbanne. Bakkuma teettetti mataa lafa keettee caldhifte. “Hin aartee?” jedheen isiin caldhifnaan.

“Lakki hin aarree?” jetee Caaltuun amma ol jettee.

“Adaadaan tee sumaaf yaaddeetii… garuu mee beekumaafii hiikkaan isaa maal? Faaruudha jettee mitii? Mee natti himi”

“Afaan Amaaraatiin hin beeku!”

“Callee, Qaalicha, ayyaana  ka jedhan sanii?” Caaltuun ammallee hin dubbanne. Isiin caldhifnaan jalqabe. “Callee, qaallichaa, ayyaana maarroo jedhan san yoo ta’e akkuma adaadaan tee sitti himtu, wonni akkasii mana kana keessatti hin barbaachisu! Nuti kirstaana. Atillee kirstaana! Qaallicha! Callee! Maarroo wonni jedhan kun aadaa sheexanaati! Sheexanni qaawwa akkanaa kanniiniin seenee sammuu qulqulluu dhara hin beekne xureessa. Gooftaan yasuusii fi haati isaa karaa jannataati. Wonni qalbii, onnee fi sammuu kee dhuunfachuu qabu isaan!” jedhee eega itti haasayaa tureen booda “yeroo biyya kee turte bataskaana deemtee beektaa?” jedheen.

“Ee ni deemna ture” jette Caaltuun.

“Akkatti gooftatti galata galfataniin isin hin barsiifnee?

“Wonni isaan jedhan nuuf hin galu ture”

“Eegasuu bataskaana deemtanii maal gootan?”

“Afaan Oromootiin sirbina!”

“Maal jettanii?”

“Baallamii yaa shaammaree shaammaree,

Gootarraa maa dheessan ree namaa gamtu malee…”

“Maal jechuu dha akkas jechuun?”


“Tolee… amma… hunduma keennaaf… sifis waa’ee qaallichaa kana mana kanarraa fageessuu woyya. Kun ammoo dogongoraan ka hojjatte waan ta’eef hin rifatin” jedhee dubbii mataa hidhe doktortichi.

Ateeteen Caaltuun faarfatte sun garuu ergaa sheexanaa hin turee? Abadan! Amantii Oromoo keessatti Ateeteen Ayyaana yookiin woliyyii dha. Isii naggeenna haawwanii eegdu, ka hormaata dhabeef waaqarraa kadhattu akkasumas ka waaqni kenne guddiftu jedhamee amanama. Dubartiin Oromoo martuu ateetee mataa isaanii qaban ture. Ayyaanni Ateetee Oromoo guutuu biratti ka beekkamu ta’us akkaataan itti kabajan garaa garummaa qaba. Tuulama keessatti woggaa lama lamaan kabajama. Ayyaana kanaaf uffanni uffatamu, calleen godhatamu, akkasumas hoolaa yookii re’een qalamu adda bahee bekkama. Dubartii yoo eebbisan “ateeteen haadha teetii si woliin haa taatu” jedhan.

Dogoggorri Caaltuu sanitti hin dhaabanne. Sanii asillee dogogora wol fakkaatu ka biraa uumuun isii hin oolle. Guyyaa tokko “ayyaanni irreechaa eessatti kabajama?” jettee gaafatte. Adaadaan Caaltuu yeroo Caaltuun Shaggar dhufte Afaan Oromoo itti dubbachuu dhiisuudhaaf torban tokko hin geenne. Eegasii dhimma kamiifuu afaanuma Amaaraatiin itti dubbatti. Afaan Amaaraatiin waan isii barbaachisu itti himti. Yoo gorsitus yoo loltus afaan Amaaraatiin. Har’as Caaltuun waa’ee ayyaana irreechaa kaafnaan Afaanuma Amaaraatiin itti iyyite. “Mucayyoo nanna! Ati hojii sheexanaa kana dhiisi jennaan dhagawuu diddee mitii? Deebitee waan akkanaa kaaftee Geetaachoon dhageennaan guyyaa tokkolee mana kana buluu hin dandeettu”

Guyyaa biraallee akkasuma waan itti himame dagattee “sirni waaree fi okolee hin godhamuu?” jettee gaafatte. Adaadaan isii ardha taan caalaa aartee, mataa uf ciraa Afaanuma baratteen “Uuuuuuu! Maalumatu naaf wayya! Mucayyoonnana! An sitti himee hifadhe. Akkamuma si godha?! Afaan kamiin akka sitti himu wollaale. Waan yeroo Quuftuu jirtu beektu kamuu akka waan hin uumaminiitti hubadhu siin jedhee ture! Asitti Irreechi hin kabajnu! Waareen hin jiru. Okoleen hin jiru. Ibsaa Oromoo wonni jedhamu hin jiru. Ateeteen hin jiru! Siif gala wonni siin jedhu!? Iyyitee kutuu didde.

Caaltuun waan eega Shaggar dhufte balaaleffatan kana marumaa hammeennatti hin beettu turte. Ibsaan Oromoo ayyaana yeroo birraan bar’u kabajamu. Gara baroota maayii kana ayyaana masqalaa woliin yeroo kabajama. Ibsaan ayyaana Oromoo bara haarawaati. Shubboo bobeessanii ibsuudhaan kabajan.

Waareen ammoo borumtaa ayyaana masqalaa ka kabajamu yoo ta’u, loowwan bakka margi jiidhaan jiru geessanii dheechisuu dabalata. Itti aansee ka kabajamu ammoo ayyaana irreechaati. Irreechi ayyaana Oromoo isa guddaa fi kabajaati. Ayyaana gatii galataa waaqaa itti baasan. Waaqa dukkana gannaa irraa gara ifa birratti nama baaseef galata galu. Marga jiidaa afanii, bunni dhaabamee, asheeta ataraa fi baaqelaa akaayanii ‘waaqaaf galata’ jedhan. Midhaan facaafamee gaarellee akka guutee gahu kadhatan.

Ka biroo Sirna okolee dhaabannaa ti. Inni kun goromaa dhale eebbisuudhaaf sirna godhamu. Aanan goromsaa kuufamee, cinaan raafamee dhadhaa baasanii, kaan itittuu godhanii, shalalaa isaatiin qincoon marqamee, firri wol gahee eega wol eebbiseen booda nyaattama. Bara durii sirni kun baatii Hagayyaa keessa kabajama ture. Eega kiristaanummaan dhufee garuu wonni heddu itti mammakamee ayyaana masqalaa woliin kabajama.

Adaadaan Caaltuu Quuftutti dhalattee ka guddatte ta’us irra jireessa ka jiraatte Shaggar. Isii woggaa kudhan jirtu, Tulluu Diimtutti lafa baldhaa ka qabu abbaan lafaa tokko kiristinnaa kaasee Shaggar geesse. Maqaan isii Gaaddisee ture. Jijjiiranii Immabeet jedhaniin.

Caaltuun halkan gaafa adaadaan isii itti kaate san uduu hirribni ija isii irra hin baane bulte. Sodaa hin beekne woyiitiin liqimfamtee turte. Maaliif akka sodaatte ammoo hin beektu. Yeroo Quuftuu jirtu Sirna Okolee fi Ateetee kiristaanummaan woliin kabajuu baratanii turan. Wontoonni yeroo Quuftuu jirtu jaalattuu fi dinqisiifattu, akkasumas aadaan bareedaan keessatti guddate asitti dhoorgamaa ta’uu hin oolle ka sodaa isitti naqe. Bakka seenuu hin qabne akka waan seenteetti itti dhagayame. Hennaa biyya turte ateeteen woggaa lamatti harka tokko kabajama ture. Sirna haadh Milkii” irratti yeroo heddu hirmaatteerti. Sirni haadha Milkkii sirna tola lootiif moonaa loonii keessatti godhamu yoo ta’u haati milkii ayyaana nageenna loonii tissiti jedhama.

Sirni biraa ka kabajamu Wodaaja. Wodaanyi sirna kadhannaa naannoo fi maatiidhaaf  godhamu galata Waaqaaf galfamu. “Wodaaja biyyaaf bulfatu” jedhama. Kanaafuu Wodaaja eebba biyyaatiif godhatan. Caaltuun kana mara yaaddee yaaddofti. Akka Godeen itti himtetti sirni kun marti uduu kiristaanummaan hin dhufin dura irraa ni jiran ture.

Kun marti bakka amma jirtutti teeda. Dhoorgaa dha. Wonni dhoorgameef ammoo abadan galuufii dide.Yeroo wonni akkanaa isii mudatu garaan lafatti deebitee ciifti.


Caaltuun woggaa tokko booda Fulbaana irratti mana barumsaa kutaa afur seente. Barumsa isiitiin cimtuu taate. Woggaa lammataatti qorumsa kutaa jahaffaa fudhattee qabxii quubsaa argatte. Adaadaan isii kanatti gammaddee woggaa sadeessoorratti mana barumsaa seensifte.

Rakkinni Caaltuu irra gahu guddaan ka jalqabe eega mana barumsaa seentee as. Afaan Amaaraa akka gaaritti dubbachuu dandeettullee arraba gara Afaan Oromoo jalaa mucucaatu ufirraa hambisuu hin dandeenne. Gaafa mana barumsa guyyaa dhaxxe irraa jalqabdee jechoota isii cinqan dhagayuu jalqabde. Jechoonni sun naannoo mana barumsaa qofa uduu hin taane naannoo gabaattillee itti isii rakkisan. Namoonni akka waan woliin mari’atanii waanuma tokko isiin jedhan.

“Gaallaa morma tumaa uduu ta’uu baattee bareedduu turte! Ayi hujii gaallaa! Bareeda kana fakkaatu akkanatti balleessan!”

Haasofni akkanaa miidhaa guddaa irraan gahuu itti fufe. Waa’een eenyummaa isii, inni “Caaltuu worra Galaan” jedhaa guddatte haala amma keessa jirtuun faallaa ta’ee jeeqamte. Maqaan isii haarofnillee rakkinna biraa ture. Maqaa gaafatanii “Heelan!” jettee yoo himattu itti kolfan. Wonni kolfaniif ammo hin galuuf. Gaaf tokko barataan tokko “uduu geejjaa ta’uu baattee wol dorgommii ni injifatta ture.” jedheen. Yeroo san jechi sun baay’ee ajaa’ibeenii ture. Gurbaan sun Gajjaa jechuudhaaf dogogoree geejjaa jechuu akka hin oolinitti hubatte. Akka isiin beettutti gajjaan waan ittiin nama arrabsan hin turre. Waan qaanfatan waan turellee miti. Akkamitti gajjaan arraba ta’a? Gajjaan naannoo isiin dhalattetti abbootii fardaa isaan fardaan lolan. Yeroo tokko, abbeeraa isii Barraaqaa Boruu jedhamu woliin farda kaachisaa Gajjaa deemtee turte. Gajjaan mootummaa kamiifuu uduu hin jilbiiffatin worra bilisummaan jiraate ta’uusaaniitiin beekti malee ka ittiin nama arrabsan hin turre. Jannummaa fi ufitti amantiin gajjaa ammoo waan isii hinaafsisu ture. Dur ijoollummaa isiitti worri isii jabeenna isii laalanii “Gajjatti si heerumsiifna!” jedhaanii akka turanillee hin dagattu ture. Haata’uu garuu ardha, mucaan magaalaa sun jechicha jijjiiree “geejjaa” jedhee isii arrabse. Egaa wonni siin jabinnatti dur beektu marti bakka amma jirtutti arraba ta’uun isii galuu baatullee waan gootu waan hin qabneef numa caldhifti. Guyyaa biraallee barataan biraa maqaa isii gaafatee itti himnaan itti kolfe. “Heelaniin hin fakkaattu! Waan Caaltuu jedhaniin woyiiti malee!” jedheen. Yoona akka malee rifatte. Garuu homaa hin dubbanne. Akkasumaan fiigaa galtee waan taate adaadatti himate. “Adaadaa! Caaltuu ta’uu koo namoonni beekaniiru!”

“Dogongortee itti himteerta akka hin taane!”

“An homattuu hin himne!”

“Maal siin jedhan! Mee qajeelchii nati himi!” Tokko tokkoon waan ta’e itti himte. Yoona adaadaa dubbiin galeefii waan jiru ibsiteef.

“Caaltuu ta’uu kee namni beeke hin jiru”

“Caaltuu naan jedhee beeki!” isiin jennaan adaadaan suuta jettee irra deebitee ibsiteef.

“Biyya kanatti Oromoo baadiyaarraa dhufeen Caaltuu jedhu. Yoo dhiira ta’e immoo Caalaa jedhuun. Magaalaa kanatti Caalaa fi Caaltuun akka arrabaatti fudhatama. Namni Caaltuu siin jedhe sun ammoo tumata mormaa fi Amaariffa ati haasoftu irraa ka’eeti. Tumata mormaa homaa godhuun hin danda’amu. Yoo haasoftu arraba kee qajeelfachuu yaali. Yoo arraba kee sirreeffatte ammoo baadiyaa irraa ta’uu kee malee bakka irraa dhufte beekuu hin danda’an. Tumata mormaa Goondaroonnillee ni godhatu…”

Ibsi adaadaa isii kun Caaltuu baay’ee ajaa’ibe. Galuufii dide. Caaltuu fi Caalaan akkamitti arraba ta’a? Adaadaa fi jaarsi adaadaa isii waa’ee bifaa fi bareedinna isii dinqisiifataa, waa’ee tumata morma isiitiif ammoo abbaa isii yoo abaaran irra deddeebitee dhageetteerti. Haata’uu garuu irra deebitee yaaddullee badummaan tumata morma isii abadan! Itti muldhachuu dhabe. Irra deddeebitee daaw’iteedhaan yoo laaltu ammoo akkuma dur itti bareeda. Uf argaa keessatti uf daa’wataa maaliif abbaan isii tumata isii bareeda saniif akka abaaramu galuufii dide.

Maayiirra garuu ilaalchi tumata mormaa saniif qabaataa turte itti hin fufne. Adada tumata mormaa isiitiin isii arrabsaniin suutuma suutaan jibbaa dhufuu jalqabde. Tumanni sun akka uf jibbitu godheen. Faarmaasii seentee karaa tumanni mormaa sun itti baduun gaafattee turte. Abdii woyiituu kan hin qabne ta’uu yoo itti himan akka nama du’eetti uf laalte. Fuuldurri isii dukkanaayee itti muldhate. Adada namni isii mildhatuun waan tumata mormaa san itti kaasan seetee bararraaqxi. Oromoo ta’uu fi tumata mormaa san qabaachuun wontoota qorqalbii isii miidhan keessaa haga tokko. Wontichi waan gaaf tokko.

Wontich waan gaaf tokko ta’e ture. Yeroon yeroo shaakala spoortiitiif dirreetti yaa’aniiran ture. Caaltuun jimnaastikii irratti barattoota maraayyuu ol taanaan barsiisaan akka barattoonni harka dhayaniif godhe. Barattoonnilee wol jalaa fiissaa harka shaaaaaa…. godhaniif. Akkuma harka rukkuttaan sun dhaabateen, “niqqisee gaallaa” sagaleen jedhu gurra isii seene. Arraba kanaan ka isii darbate barataa Samsoon Zallaqaa jedhamu ture. Gammachuun rukuttaa harkaatiin isii fudhatee ture hin turre. Yoosuu tana buutee isii keessaa ta’e. Saalfattee ija waan irra dhaabdu dhabde. Gaallaa jecha jedhu yeroo duraatiif ka dhageette eega Shaggar dhufte as. San dura jecha kana dhageettee hin beektu.Yeroo jalqabaatiif eessatti akka dhageettellee hin dagattu. Hennaa san Shunkurtii akka bittu gara gabayaa erganin. Namticha shunkurtii qircu haasaya isii irraa Oromoo ta’uu eega hubateen booda “ati gaallaa dha?” jedhee gaafateen. “Galaan” jechuu waan barbaade itti fakkaatee “eeyyan! Galaan irraay” jetteen. Akkuma deebitee mana geetteen waan taate adaadaa isiitti himte.

“Namtichi shunkurtii guguru sun Galaan irraa dhuftee naan jedhe”

Adaadaan diqqoo eega yaaddeen booda “Galaan waan jedhan beekuu hin danda’u! Gaallaa sin jedheera!” jetteen. Itti fufteellee ibsiteef. “Dur dur keessa Gaallaa jedhanii nu yaaman ture. Haga mootichi Hayla Sillaaseen kufe dhoorgamee ture. Gariin garuu har’as ittuma fayyadamu” isiin jennaan Caaltuun gaafii biraa aansite. “Gaallaa jechuun maal jechu dha?”

“Hin beeku Helan!”

“Galaan jechuu barbaadanii ta’innaa!?”

“Hin beeku!”

Tumata morma isii laalchiseellee arrabuma fakkaaattu isii simataa ture. Gaaf tokko uduma deemtu, namni isiin hin beekne tokko bira gahee “niqqisee!” jedheen. Kanas galtee adaadaa isii gaafattee turte. Kunillee ni ibsameef. “Jecha afaan keenyaan “Tumaa” jennu Afaan Amaaraatiin “niqqisaati” jedhu. Isuma kana ammoo gabaabsanii “niqqise” tti jijjiiranii ittiin nu yaamu” jettee itti himte.

San boodas namoonni isiin hin bekne “niqqisee gaallaa” jedhaa yoo itti qoosan dhageetteerti. Jechoonni wolitti tisheessaman kun lamaan arraba ta’uu yeroma ittiin isii waaman hubatte. Jechi gaallaa jedhu isa galaan jedhuun hariiroo woyiituu akka hin qabne hubattee jechicha jibbite. “Ijoollee worra Galaan” jedhamaa guddatte waan ta’eef “Galaan!” jedhanii uduu isii waamanii baay’ee jaalatti ture. Maayiirra jecha “niqqisee gaallaa” jedhu jibbuu bira tartee sodaachuu jalqabdeerti. Jechoota kanniin yoo dhageettu, ni birbinyiti. Jireenna isii keessatti arraba waan jedhan hin beetu. Qooftutti namni tokko sababa malee akkanumaan ol ka’ee nama hin arrbsu. Asitti garuu namonni waan tokkolle isiin itti hin dubbatin lafumaa ka’anii arrabsaniin. Gaafa Jimnaastikiidhaan ijoollee maraa ol taatee harki dhayameef san gurbaan Samsoon jedhan maaliif akka isii arrabse galuufii dhabe. Gurbaa saniin san dura gadoo wolitti hin qaban. Isiin mufachuu dhiisii ol jetteetuu nama ija keessa laaltee hin beektu. Dhaabbata, bifaa fi dandeettii akkasumas jabeenna qaamaatiin eenyuuyyuu ol akka taate of beekti. Gaaf san akkuma sochiin jimnaastikii sun dhumeen nama mara keessaa hojja baatee teette. Baay’ee gadditee turte. Garuu nama mara jumlaan jibbuu jalqabdee turte. Fedhiin barachuu keessatti du’eera. Yaadaan bakka mara gettee biyya yaadatte. Baroota gammachuu ka gurraacha isii woliin dabarsite hawwite. Maal qaba uduu deebitee bosona Bilbiloo fi Tulluu Diimtuu keessa gurraacha isii kaachiftee?? Yaada kana mara keessatti baddee haga barsiisaan ispoortii dhufee isii bira dhaabatullee hin agarre turte. Tasuma yoo mildhattu agartee naatee lafaa ol utaalte.

Barsiisichi sun ammoo afaan Oromotiin itti dubbate. “Eechaa dhufte?” jedheen.  Afaan Orommootiin namni isii dubbisuun waan hin eegin ture. Barsisichi sun afaan Oromootiin itti dubbannaan waan dur keessa turte yaadattee ibiddi itti qabatee, imimmaan dhanqooleen harra goote. Barsiisichi sossobuu yaallaan ufirra dhaabattee imimmaan haqattee, waan barsiisichi gaafateef deebii kennite, afaan Oromootiin.

“Galaan irraa dhufe!”

“Galaan keechatti eecha?”

“Ganda Quuftuu jedhamuu dha. An akaakilee Bantii Dammooti!”

Afaan isii yoo dubbattu ittii boonaa baate haga diqqotti Shaggar galtee dhabde. Woggoota sadi booda deebitee hiree dubbachuudhaa argannaan ammas imimmaan boqoo dhiqe. Maaliif akka boottu ammoo barsiisichi sun hubachu hin dandeenne.

“Dihana kee nyaattertaa?”


“Eenyu wajjiin jiraatta?”

“Adaadaa koo wajjii nan jiraadha”

“Si dhaanuu!”

“Lakki namuu na hin dhaanu”

Barsiisichi sun waan akkasitti isii boochise hubachuu baatullee haga diqqoo haasofsiiseen.

Guyyaa san arrabni namootaa isii miidhaa ture keessatti du’ee gammaddee oolte. Barsiisichi bareeda bifa isiitiif itti dhihaatee haasofsiisuu akka barbaadullee hin hubanne turte. Ee! Afaan isii dubbachuu qofatu gammachuu san keessatti hore. Cinqaa keessa isiitti ukkaamamee isii dhukkubsu hafuura baafatte. Qajeelcha adaadaa isii irra ijjattee afaan Oromoo haasayuun balleessaa ta’uunillee itti hin dhagayamne.


Baruma san baatii Arfaasaa adaadaan isii galata bataskaanatti galfattu qabdi ture. Kanaaf jecha Caaltuu woliin Harargee Qullubbii deemte. Bakka bulanitti gara halkanii irkatanii kaanii kaan kaasanii uduma haasayan adaadaan jiddumaan “Amaariffaa fi tumata mormaa kee kanaan si rakkisanii motii?” jetteen. Caaltuun adaadaa isii kana dubbatti jettee hin eegne ture. Garuu homaa hin deebifne. Gubata afaan ufiitiin dubbachuu dadhabanii afaan namaatiin arrabamuudhaa uf keessatti gad afuufattee caldhifte.

“Rabbi isaanii haa dhiisu…”jettee itti fufte adaadaan. “Waan hin beekneefi… waanqni ilma namaa hundumaa qixa godhee uume”

Mucayyoon ammallee hin dubbanne. “Rakkini sirra gahu waan na hin dhukkubsine sitti fakkaataa?” jettee kaatee, afaan Oromotiin itti fufte. “Garaa koo keecha barbadaa abiddaattu jira. Guddachuudhaaf afaan Amaaraa beekuu si barbaachisa. Afaan kana yoo hin beeknee hojii faanchoollee hin argattu. Kan kana hunda si dhiibu sumaaf jedheetan. Gadadoo ati keecha jirtu kana gabaabsuufan!”

Caaltuun waan tokkollee uduu hin dubbanne mataa lafa keettee, ijaan lafatti goddee caqafti.

Kutaa isiin itti baattu keessa Barataa Tolasaa Magarsaa jedhamutu ture. Hennaa maqaan isaa barsiisaadhaan waamamu yookiin ammoo inni maqaasaa himatu barattoonni itti kolfan. Caaltuun adada barattoonni kolfaniin keessa isiitti dhukkubsatti. Heelan ta’uu dhabuu waan beekan seetee cinqamti. Caaltuu ta’uu irratti argan seetee fuuraan isii fudhata. Tolasaanis akkuma isiitti yoo cinqamu agarti. Akka nama qullaa dhaabatateetti yoo maqaa isaatti kolfamu waan ta’u wollaala. Caaltuun Tolasaa woliin guyyaa tokkollee haasoftee hin beettu. Akkuma tasaallee yoo wol bira gahan daftee jalaa gara galti. Yoo maqaa fi Amaariffa isaatti kolfan woliin kolfitee hin beettu. Waan isii kolfisiisullee hin turee. Caldhifteetuma mataa lafa keetti. Karaa biraatiin ammoo barattuu Elsaa Abbabaa Caalaa jedhamtutu ture. Shaggar keessatti dhalattee guddate. Amaariffi isii rakkoo hin qabu. Tumatallee hin qabdu turte. Garuu maqaa akaakayyuu isiittu Caalaa ture. Kanaaf ta kolfaa taate. Barattoonni ‘Caalaa’ jedhanii waaman. Caaltuu kunillee ni ajaa’ibaan ture.  Maaliif akaakayyuudhaan isii yaaman? Caalaan ammoo maqaa dhiiraati. Akkamitti dubartiin maqaa dhiiraatiin yaamamti? Naannoo sanitti Caalaan maqaa arrabaa ta’uu ka adaadaan itti himte yaadattus arraba namootaa mucayyoo Elsaa jedhamtu saniin wol biratti laalte. Elsaan mucayyoo michuu dha. Mucayyoo hin dubbanne. Ta nama hin geenne. Akkanumaan ol ka’anii akkamitti nama arrabsan? Hammeenni akkanaa kun maal? Gaafilee tarree itti galaniif garuu deebii hin qabdu. Waan galuuf  hin turre.

Gurbaan Samsoon Zallaqaa jedhamu sun arrabaan Caaltuu irraa hin teenne. Diddiga arraba isaatiif garuu guyyaa tokkollee deebii kennitee hin beettu.  Inni garuu Caaltutti qoosuu meeshaa taphatuun ka worri biteef godhatee itti fufe. Arrabni isitti baasu mirga addaa itti fakkaate.

Gaaf tokko yeroon ka boqonnaadhaa dacha’an ture. Gabatee gurraacha irraa fakkii dubartii woyiittu muldhata. Fakkichi ka akka sattawwaatti mormi keessaa baheeru woyii ture. Tumannillee irratti fakkeeffameera. Jalatti ammoo barreeffama “Heelan- niqqisee Gaallaa!” jedha.

Barattoonni fakkii san wolitti muldhisaa afaan qabatanii kaakkisan. Heelan homaa hin dubbattu. Bakkuma teettetti gogdeerti. Wonni yeroo sanitti yaaduu dandeette guyyaa itti aanu barumsa dhiiftee gara Quuftuu deebi’uu qofa. Fakkii san ammoo ka haquu yaale hin jiru. Uduu kanatti jiran barsiiftuun Ingiliffaa seenan. Barsiiftuu Xiggee jedhaman. Yoosuu woci dhaabatee caldheesi kutaa fudhate. Barsiiftuun kitaabbilee xarapheezaa irra kaayatanii gabatee gurraacha haquudhaaf yoo as gara galan fakkii san argan. Wonna jalatti barreeffamellee eega dubbisaniin booda gara barattootaa as gara galanii “eenyutu kaase kana?” jedhan. Namni deebii kenne hin turre.

“Eennu itti gaafatamaan kutaa?” jedhan. Mucaan Darajjee jedhamu ka’ee dhaabate. “Eennutu kaase kana?” jedhanii gaafatan.

“An hin garre. Yoo boqonnaadhaa deebinu akkanumatti agarre”

Gara Heelan gara galan. “Eennutu kaase kana Heelan?” jedhaniin. Gad gurraachattee deebfte. “An abbaa kaase hin garre. Garuu akkana jedhaa ka na arrabsu Samsoon” jette. “An hin kaafne!” jedhee iyye Samsoon. “Ka’ii koottu garana” jedhanii itti ka’an. Ka’ee gara barsiiftuu dhaqe. Martuu waan ta’u caldhisee qalbiin laala. Hafuurrillee hin dhagayamu. Barsiiftuun shabbeena goommaa itti fudhatanii “eennutu kaase?” jedhaniin. “Anaa miti” jedhe. Takkittii shabbeennaan iyyansa gad dhiise. “Eennutu kaase?” jedhaniin ammallee.”Barsiiftuu! anatu kaasee dhiifama naaf godhaa!” jedhee mummu’ame. Shabbeena san akkuma qabatanitti diqqoo eega yaadaan badaniin booda “afaan meeqa dubbachuu dandeetta?” jedhaniin. “Amaariffa danda’a” jedhe mummu’amaa ammas. Gara Heelan akeeaa dubbatan. “Heelan afaan lama dandeetti. Afaan Oromoo ni dandeetti. Afaan kee Amaariffallee ni beetti. Afaan Ingiliffaatiinis sii oli! Garuu semistara tokkoffaa Heelan meeqaffaa akka baate beettaa?” jedhaniin. Hin caldhise. “Natti himi kaa Heelan meeqaffaa baate.”  kaa!” “3ffaa” jedhe ija qaaniitiin. “Ati hoo?” ammallee ni caldhise. “Si gaafadhaa bar!” jedhaniin. “41ffaa” jedhe amma taan caalaa qaanayee. “Ati barataa shantamii sadi keessaa afurtamii tokkoffaa dha. Isiin sadaffaa dha. Agartee garaa garummaa keessan?! Bor worra kee qabii koottu! Deemii taa’i amma! Dadhabaa!”

Akkuma barsiiftuun Xiggeen kutaa bahaniin Samsoon ol ka’ee dhaabatee Heelanitti dhaadachuu jalqabe. “Si Niqqisee Gaallaa! Waxabajjii soddoma wol garra! Guyyaa san sitti muldhisaa eeggadhu!” jedheen. Baratteen uduu hin taane baranneen ijoollee magaalaa isa marsanii Caaltutti baldan.


Kana mara keessatti wonni Caaltuu rakkise eennummaa haarawa itti dirame godhachuu wollaaluu isiiti. Yeroo takka takka ka akeekkatte itti fakkaatus eennummaa dur beektuun wol fudhachuufii dide. Adada gara Heelan hiiqaa deemtuun Heelan jalaa deemaa deemti. Caaltuu ammoo irraa fagaataa deemuu yaalte. Uduu hin jaalatin jibbite. Caaltummaan isii keessatti du’aa deemus Heelanummaan isii kessatti guddataa deemuu dide. Barattee nama Shaggar ta’uu fedhii qabdu irraa Heelanummaa waan jaalatte yeroon itti fakkaatu jiraatus Heelanitti qulqullaahuu danda’uu isii irraa amantaa hin qabdu ture. Keessattuu wonni eennummaa isii ka durii isii yaadachiisu argamnaan Heelanummaan isii keessaa dhabamti. Haala kanaan addunyaa isii keessatti wol dhabe, ka tasgabbii isii dhoorge kana keessatti kophaa isii cinqamuun qooda jireenna isii ta’e. Caaltuun Qooftuu fi Helaniin Shaggar yeroo mara isii keessatti wolitti duulan. Kun ammoo yeroo adaadaa isii woliin bataskaana dhaxxu itti hammaata. Yeroo namni kuun waaqa isaa kadhatu weedduu aadaa ka Qooftuu weeddisutu isiif ta’aaf.

“Baallamii yaa shaammaree, shaammaree,

Gootarraa maa dheessan ree namaa gamtu malee…”

Ilmi namaa afaan guyyaa keessa barateen fedha isaa ibsachuun ni ulfaata. Caaltuunillee haaluma akkanaa kana keessa seente. Shaggaritti yeroo du’a firaa dhageettu waan akkanaatiin rakkataa baate. Yeroo akkasitti du’a firaa dhagayan afaan Amaaraatiin booyuu wollaalte. Afaan beekanin malee imimmaanillee akka nama didu agarte. Akkasitti rakkattee yoo Afaan Oromootiin boottu, nama irraa adda baatee, gola tartee kophaa teettee akka boottu godhamaa ture. Adaadaan isii hiriyyootaa biratti jecha “ani bade fira kiyya! Ani haa badu dhala kiyya!” jedhu dhagayuu hin barbaanne. Gadda, naasuu, sodaa, waan tasa ta’e akkasumas gammachuu afaan Amaaraatiin ibsachuun ammoo Caaltuuf hin taane. Itti wollaalte. Haala keessa jirtu keessatti yoo cinqamtu “badde tan Bantii Dammoo!” jetti. Yoo kakattu “Hayyittii Galaan!” yoo naatu “joollee Galaan!” jechuu ufirraa dhisuu dadhabde. Yoo abdii kutattu akkasumas sodaan isii fudhattu aammoo “yaa ateetee haadha kootii maal keecha na galchite?!” jetti. Alattis ta’ee manatti yerroo jechoonni kunniin uduu hin beekin afaani bahan cinqamuun isii hin hafne. Adaadaan isii ammoo waan kana yoo dhageettu irbamtee itti kaati. Kanarratti jaarsa adaadaa isii doktorticha woyya. Yoo wonni akkasii ta’u kolfaa “Heelan! Maal jechuudha mee natti himi” jedhaan. Inumaayyuu yeroo tokko “uduu yeroo qabaadhee afaan Oromoo na barsiiftaayyu” jedheenii ture. Afaan Oromoo akka hin dubbanne dhoorgamuu isii uduu beeku kana jechuun isaa isii galuu dhabus baaftee hin dubbanne. Wonni eennummaa isiitiin wol rukutu, ka manatti, naannotti akkasumas mana barumsaatti ta’u dhamaaseenii barumsa isiitiinis hanqataa dhufte. Bu’aan qorumsaa ka gara kutaa saddeetii tarteen baay’ee jalaa gad bu’ee ture.


Ganna san gara worra isii Quuftuu akka deemtu eeyyamameef. Uffataa fi kopheen bitameefii, yeroo jalqabaatiif surree jiinsii itti godhan. Dabbasaa isiillee tottolfattee, boorsaan haarkaa moofaan adaadaa isii kennameefii deemuuf kaate. Uduu deemsaaf hin ka’in garuu adaadaan teessiftee akkana jettee akkeekkachiifte. “Qooftuu yoo deemte Amaariffi jim jedhee si harkaa bada! Kanaafuu Afaan Oromoo ni dagadhe jedhii afaan Amaaraa qofaan itti haasayi! Haadha teetillee taanaan! Caaltuu waan jedhu kana ammoo deebisanii akka si hin barsiifne. Heelan ta’uu kee itti himi. Caaltuu jedhee ka si waame jalaa hin dubbatin.”

Jaarsi adaadaa isii doktortichi garuu kana dhagayee lole. Jaartii isaatiin wolii hin galle. “Maal ati mucayyoo maaliif akana cinqita?” yoo doktortichi jedhu Caaltuun dhageettee turte. Akkana jechuu doktortichaa jaalattus adaadaan isii dogongora dubbatti jettee yaaduu hin dandeenne. Adaadaa isii waan taateef waan isiif hin taane hin gootu. Haala mataa mataajjii isii wollaalchise kana keessa woggaa afur eega turteen booda yeroo jalqabaatiif gara ganda itti dhalate Quuftuu qajeelte. Hennaa Shaggarii kaatu jeeqamteerti; yaadannoo hedduun.

Barri Sadaasa keessa ture. Bara dargaggeeyyii woliin dorgomtee injifattee gurraacha badhaafamte. Gaafii wol dorgommii irratti dhihaate namni gaafateen manguddoo Abbaa Guutaa jedhaman turan. Uduu abbaan Guutaa gaafatanii hin fixin afaanitti qabdee yoo isiin deebiftu eebbi shaaaaa…  jedha ture. Gaafilee darzana gahan keessaa takka qofa dhabde. Yeroon woldorgommii san injifattee gurraacha ka dhuunfaa ufii godhatte sun jireenna isii keessatti yeroo cululuqaa ture. Kun ammoo akka hin haqamnetti sammuu isii keessatti maxxanee hafe.

Baras gaaf woldorgommii injifatte san. Gurraachi Ashankitaabiin bareedee qowwaafateera. Ka’imticha woyiittu qabee dhaabata ture. Abbaan Guutaa bacumaa Abbaa Gadaa irra taa’aniiran. Caaltuun ummata bakka maraa yaa’ee dhufee Odaa jalatti yaa’ii marsee taa’u dura akka loltuutti dhaabatti.

“Caaltuu! Waan gaafatamtu deebisuudhaaf qophoofteertaa?”

“Qophaayeera Abbaa Guutaa!”

Caaltuun “Godeen waan hundumaa si barsiifteerti jedhama. Kana si ilaaluudhaaf!” Abbaan Guutaa jennaan kolfitee “na gaafadhaa Abbaa Guutaa! Bantii Dammoo hin saalfachiisu!” jette. Ashaqxeerti. Bara ummanni Oromoo Sirna Gadaatiin bulu biyya Oromoo keessatti abbootii Gadaa heddutu aangoo wolitti kennaa ture. Haaluma kanaan baroota 1800 dura Tuulama keessatti abbootii Gadaa 223 tu baallii wolitti dabarse seenaa jedhutu jira. Gaafileen Abbaa Guutaatiin Caaltuudhaaf dhihaatan kana irraa ka’aniiti.


“Oo! Abbaa Guutaa!”

“Ada’a eenyu?”

“Ilma Galaan afraffaa dha kaa Abbaa Guuta”

“Ijoolleen Ada’a Sadeen eenyu fa’i?” Afaanitti qabdee deebifte.

Handa, Dhakkuu fi Ilu”

“Caaltuu Shanan Gadaa Tuulamaa natti himi!”

“Birmajii, Beelbaya, Michillee, Halchiisaa fi Roobalee” Yoona rukkutaan harkaa eebba caalu “shaaaaaaaaaa….” Jedhe.

“Sirna Gadaa Tuulamaa keechatti isaan Birmajii wajjiin dorgoman kam fa’i?”

“Roobalee fi Belbaya”

“Qadaadduun Gadaa Birmajii eenyu fa’i?”

“Halchiisaa fi Michillee dha Abbaa Guuta!”

“Ilmi Bachoo sadaffaan eenyu?”

“Waajjituu dha”

“Abbaan Amuummaa eenyu jedhama?”

“Warra Jaarsoo!”

“Abbaan Jiddaa eenyu jedhama?”  Gaafichi itti laafee kolfaa deebifte.


“Mucayyoo too Caaltuu?”

“Oo Abbaa Guuta!”

“Ijoollee worra Galaan” jettee si dhaadattu namni hin dhagayin hin jiru! Mee lafa seenaa Galaan keessatti argaman natti himi!”

“Odaa Nabee! Caffee Dongoraa! Caffee Tumaa! Hora Finfinnee! Hora Arsadee! Kanneeni. Garuu kan biraa jiraa Abbaa Guuta!”

“Lakki isaanuma mucayyoo too Caaltuu!”

Gaafii fi deebiin itti fufe.

“Abbaan Galaan eenyu?”

“Daacii dha kaa ! Abbaa Guuta! Akkamittan kun na dhiba!”


“Oo Abbaa Guuta!”

“Ada’a moo Liibantu angafa?”

“Hangafti Liiban! Quxisuun immoo Gaadullaa dha Abbaa Guuta!”

“Gosooti Tuulamaa dur Miniliik Finfinnee irraa buqqise eenyu fa’i?”

“Gullallee, Yakkaa fi Galaan!”

“Mucayyoo too Caaltu!”

“Oo Abbaa Guuta!”

“Sooddo Ilmaan meeqa qaba ture?”

“ Sadi!”

“Bakki Araarri itti godhamu, kan amma masaraan Miniliik irra jiru maal jedhama ture?”

“Dhakaa Araaraa!”

“Bara Mniliik woraanaan Shaggar qabate Gadaan Tuulamaa aangoon harka ture woggoota sadihiif Odaa Nabeetti yaa’ii akka hin godhamne godhamuu beektaa?”

“Nan beeka Abbaa Guuta!”

“Gadaa isa kam?”

“Roobalee dha” jettee kaatee deebitee sirreessitee “nan dogongoree na hofkalchaa Abbaa Guuta! Birmajii ture” Asii achii namoonni tataa’an ajaa’ibsiifataa “guddadhu mucayyoo! Ijji hamtuun sin argin!” jedhanii eebbisan.  Yoona gammaddee kolfite. Gaafii fi deebiin itti fufe.

“Mucayyoo too Caaltuu!”

“Oo Abbaa Guuta!”

“ Waa’ee Raada Nabee dhageetteertaa?”

“Nan beeka Abbaa Guuta”

“Iddoon raaddi Nabee itti dhalatte maal jedhamee waamama?”

“Caffee Tumaati kaa Abbaa Guuta!” Yoona sagaleen guddaan dhagayame. Abbaan Guutaa kolfaa “dogongorte Caaltuu. Caffeen Tumaa bakka dildhuun itti buute. Bakki Raaddi Nabee itti dhalatte Caffee Dongoraa ti” jedhan.

Caaltuun haga Shaggarii kaatee gara Qooftuu deemaa turte waan keessa turte kana mara yaadaa deemti. Dabalees weedduu ijoollummaarraa jaalattu isa yeroo cidhaa faarfataa deemti.

“Emmoo Yaa lashoo kooraa cabee,

Kophatti hafee yaa hiriyyoo too,

Emmoo yaa lashoo!

Alangee Alanagee Alangeen mukumaa!

Woldhabnee woldhabnee,

yaa qe’ee abbaa koo wol dhabnee dhugumaa!

Lammii fi firri koo babbareechaa oolii,

Eeleen caban ooltuu, wal jaalachaa oolii!

Gargar baati hin ooltuu,

Kooraan cabee, kophaan hafee,

Yaa hiriyoota koo!”

Weedduun san qofa hin turre. Yaadannoon woggoota afuriif isii keessatti ukkaamamee akka bahuun dhabe bakka argatee keessaa dhooyee weedduu kaan weeddiftee kaanitti tarte. Irra caalaa ammoo ateetee haadha isii weeddiftee dhiisuun isii dhibe.

“Faana loonii jalaa owwaadhu na jalaa!

Oomii jaalaa faana loonii jalaa,

Owwaadhu na jalaa!

Garbii jalaa, faana jabbii jalaa!

Owwaadhu na jalaa,

Ateetiyyoon dhufteettii!


Haa teessu kaa boroo ishii

Haa suuftu kaa qoloo ishii,

Ateetiyyoon dhufteettii,


Haa suuqxu kaa mutaa shii,

Haa suuftu kaa mucaa shii!

Haa suuqxu kaa xarbii shii,

Haa suuftu kaa jabbii shii!

Egaa Caaltuun yaadannoo, haala fi yaada biyya isii isii gubaa ture keessa tartee Qooftuu geettus turtiin baatii lamaa gaarii hin turre. Ka eegde akka hin egin harkaa ta’e. Oduu guddaa ka ta’e tokkoffaan jijjiirramuu maqaa isiiti. Kun Quuftuu mara wol gahee waan aanaa fi firaaf hin galle ta’e. Warri isii Amaariffa barachuu jaalatanillee maqaa jijjiirachuu isii garuu fudhachuudhaaf rakkatan. Dabaleellee “Afaan Oromoo dagadheera” jettee Amaariffa qofa haasawuun ta kolfaa isii godhe. Itti amanuu baattus gorsa adaadaa isii faana baate. Akka Amaariffi harkaa hin banneef jecha afaan Oromoo dubbachuu didde. Haati isii kana dhagayan akka salphinaatti fudhatan. Kanaaf jecha kophaa isii teessisanii dubbisan.

“Caaltuu intala too!”

“Oo harmee too!”

“Intala too maqaa abbee fi haatee sii baasne maaliif jijjiirte?”

“Shaggaritti maqaan kun hin ta’u naan jedhan”

“Heelan jechuun maal jechuu dha?”

“An hin beeku harmee too!”

“Abaarsa haa ta’uu eebba, maqaa hiikasaa hin beekneen akkamitti si yaamna ree intala too?”

“Waanuma adaadaan godhi naan jetten godhe ani. Shaggaritti Caaltuu hoo jedhan ni kolfu!”

“Maaliif kolfu intala too?”

“An hin beeku haadha too!”

“Inni haa ta’uu… afaan Oromoo maaliif irraanfadhe jetta ree?”

“Yoo afaan Oromoo dubbatte afaan sidaamaa si jalaa bada. Kanaafuu hin dubbatin naan jedhan”

Egaa Caaltuudhaaf turmaanni quuftuu ka cinqaa ture. Haalli isiin taate yoosuu biyya mara wol gahe. Yoo gabaa baatu, yeroo fira gaafachuudhaaf mandara deemtu, dursanii ka gaafataniin waa’ee jijjiirraa maqaa isiiti. Yoo afaan Oromootiin itti dubbatan Amaariffaan namatti deebisuun isii biyya akkasitti mootomte san keessatti akka tuffatamtu godhe.Yoona namoonni “Caaltuu eechatti gatte Caatltuu?” jedhaniin.

“Caaltuun ni duute!” jettee Amaariffaan deebifti.

“Eechatti awwaalamte ree?”

“Madaanalamii Qobboo!”

Akkanuma jedhaa Helanummaan itti fufte. Karaa biraatiin qalbiin isii farda isii Gurraacha bira hafuu dadhabdus Gurraacha arguu hin dandeenne. Gaafannaan worra gaarii fardaa Aqaaqii Basaqaatti qarshii dhibba torbatti gurguramuu itti himan. Gurguramuun gurraachaa garaa isii gubus baaftee hin dubbanne. Bara isaa garmaamtu yaadattee yaadaan baddus homaa godhuu hin dandeenne. Qarshii inni itti gurgurame haatii kenninaaniif “atuu itti fayyadami” jettee harkatti didde. Egaa amma wonni bakka jiru hin jiru. Hunduu jijjiiramee akka hin jirre ta’eera. “Ijoollee worra Galaan” qe’ee jettetti, qe’ee dhoorgaa malee bashannantee qashaatee akka garaa isiitti kolfite keessatti uf jijjiirtee kophee taakkoo dirattee, boorsaa moofaa rarraafatte nama woliin dhalatteen adda uf godhuu yaalte. Kun garuu kabajaa isiif hin taane. Afaanii baafatanii itti dubbachuu baatanis akka isiin taate kana akka irraa jibban hubatte.

Aanaa fi fira isii beekutti dhaqxee, eega dhungatanii nagaya gaafataniin booda ka gaafatan hiikkaa maqaa isiiti. Isiin garuu deebii hin qabdu. Gaafiin garuu itti fufa. “Afaan Oromoo maaliif hin dubbanne?”

Deebiin kennitu inumayyuu ka hin amansiifne waan tureef deebitee saalfatti. Namoonni seenaa ijoollummaa isii irraa jaalatan “abbatu Shaggaritti ergee galaafate! Mucayyoon akkas fakkaattu sun akana taatee hafte!’ jedhanii yoo dubbatan dhageette. Turmaata baatii lamaa fixattee gara Shaggar gaaf deebitu barsiisaa akkuma isii baadiyaa turee gara Shaggar deemuun miila taatee karaa buute. Barsiisaan sun haga Aqaaqii gahanitti waa’ee cunqursaa Oromoo irra gahaa turee fi jiruu itti haasayaa ture. “Qabsoo Oromoon cunqursaa dhabamsiisuudhaaf godhu! Afaan, Aadaa, Seenaa!! Waan heddu itti haasaye. Isiin garuu itti haa dheeratuu yookiin galuufii haa dhabuu qalbiin hin caqafne.


Egaa seenaan Caaltuu Midhaksaa asitti xumurame. Haata’uu haga kutaa saglaffaa barattee turte. San booda bulchaa konyaa tokkotti heerumtee turte. Kufaatii dargii irratti jaarsi isii hidhamuu irraa ka ka’e manni ijaarattee turte ni diigame. Dhalee jaarsa isiitiif mana hidhaatti guduunfutuu mitii ufii isiitiifuu waan nyaattu hin qabdu ture. Gara adaadaa isii ammoo hin deebine. Kaaffee woyii keessa hojjataa haga humna isiitiin mana kutaa diqqaa qabu woyii kireeffattee jiraachuudhaaf yaaltee turte. Manneen bunaa galtee uduu hojjattee galii mishaa argachuu ka dandeettu ta’uu namoonni itti himanii turan; isiin tole hin jenne malee. Umriin isii woggaa digdamii afur ta’us akka nama bara dheeraa rakkoo keessa tureetti miidhamtee ta dadhabde turte. Eega Dargiin kufee waan televizsiinii keessaa dabru hordofaa turte. Oduu afaan Oromootiin darbu arguu isiitti baa’ee dinqamte. Waan akkanaa yoo agartu yeroo jalqabaati. Oromonni maqaa Oromo qaban cunqursaa Oromoo irra gahaa ture kaasanii yoo dubbatan qalbiidhaan caqaftee turte. “Gaafii bilisummaa Ummata Oromoo!” ka jedhullee dabalatee.  “Afaan ufiitti fayyadamuu fi dhimma itti bahuu!” ka jedhu garuu guddaa isii hawatee ture. “Sirna Cunqursaa Amaaraa!” wonna jedhamu ammoo qajeelatti hubachuu dadhabde. “Amaarri marti diina!” jechuullee itti fakkaatee ture. Barsiiftuu Xiggee fi jaarsa adaadaa isii yoo yaadattu ammoo kun harkaa bada. Namoota kabajju kanniiniin “cunqursitoota” jechuu rakkatte. Yaanni isii keessatti wol a’u waan hubattuu fi dhiiftu isii wollaalchise. Waan Raadiyoo irraa dhageette keessaa jecha “cunqursaa” jedhu hubachuudhaaf yaaltee turte. Qajeelatti eennu akka isii cunqurse hin beekne. “Namoonni na cunqursan eenyu fa’i?” jettee uf gaafattee turte. Samsoon Zallaqaa…, Namticha shunkurtii gurguruu… moo adaadaa isiiti. Garuu deebii hin arganne. Kufaatii dargii booda wonni haarofni isii keessatti uumame yoo jiraate maqaa “Heelan” jedhu waanuma kamiinuu caalaa jibbuu isiiti. Ka irra caalaa isii cinqe ammoo Heelaniin jibbuu uduu hin taane Caaltuu barbaaddee uf keessaa dhabuu isiiti. Caalaa fi Caaltuun maqaalee jibbaman ta’uusaanii sammuun isii fudhatee ture. Maqaa qabsaayaa Oromoo waa’ee mirga Oromootiif dubbatu maqaa “Abbaa Caalaa” jedhu haguma dhagettullee maqaan Caaltuu jedhu baay’ee cinqeen. Ee! “Caaltuu akka Helanitti” uumuudhaaf diraamaan dalagame diraamaa hin qabanne ta’ee hafe.

Garuu waan isiin taate isii keessatti galaafatee, waan isiin hin ta’in ka taasise eennu?’ Kun ammoo sirna sirnaan eennummaa ummata tokootti duule ta’uun isaa Caaltuuf hin galle. Ka isii dhibe waan biraati. Yoo Heelanitti qulqullaayuu hin dandeenne, Caaltutti deebi’uun ammoo yoo dhibe eennuun taati yookiin ammoo maal taati?


Akka lakkoofsa worra Habashaa bara 1984 baatii badheessa keessa gaaf tokko, dubartiin golgoloofte woyii shaanxaa diqqaa woyii rarraafattee Quuftuu dhufte. Akkuma mataa lafa keettetti balbala mana guddaa woyii geette. Dubartiin manguddummatti deemaniiran, isaan umriin jabeenna qaamaa-qalbii hin tuqin mana san keessaa gad utaalanii dubartii golgoloofte san simatanii itti jigan.

“Caaltuu intala too baga nagayaan naaf galte!”(Bakka tanatti haadha Caaltuu haa fakkaatu) jedhan. Sagaleen dadhabee deebifte. “Aayyoo too naaf dhiisi! Naaf dhiisi harmee…!” (Caaltuu dadhabde haa fakkaatu) jettee morma haadhaatti maramtee bootte. Hagas!


Baatiilee muraasa mana worra irraa dhalattee turte. Guddaa manaa hin baatu turte. Dabree dabree garuu gabaa dhaquun sii hin oolle. Yoo namoonni “Caaltuu” jedhanii waamaniin hin mormine. Wonni mormituufis hin turre. “Heelan” jedhee ka isii waame ammoo hin turre. Deebitee Afaan Oromoo dubbachuu jalqabuun isii isaan ajaa’ibus baasee ka isitti dubbate hin turre.  Sammuun isii ammoo naga akka hin jirre maatiin hubatee ture. Yeroon cululuqaan isiin keessa tartee fi waa’ee gurraacha ka isiitti kaasan sammuu isii jeeqame gooharsee fayyisuu hin dandeenne. Baruma san gara baatii gannaa dargageessa yunivarsitii baratu, ka boqonnaasaatiif baadiyaa dhufe tokko woliin haga takka mumuldhattee turte. Namarraa fagaattee kophaa waan turteef barataa san woliin gooharuun sammuu isii ka tasgabbii hin qabne san ni woyyeessa jedhamee abdatamee ture. “Sheexana hamatu tuqeenii jira” worri jedhaa turellee yaada jijjiiree ture. Fulbaana irratti eega barattichi gara Shaggar deebi’een booda garuu kophaa taate. Namatti hin dhihaattu. Nyaatallee homaa hin nyaattu. Gara guyyaa bakka ciiftuu kaatee buna eega dhugdeen booda, qixxaa gogaa afaanumaan qabdee bakka ciiftutti deebiti. Gabaa dhaquu maruma dhiifte. Manaa ka baatu takke takkee qofa. Miilaan diqqoo deddeemtee deebitee ciifti. Haadha malee nama kamiinuu dubbisuu dhiifte. Haaluma kanaan baatii muraasaaf eega turteen booda, guyyaa Sambataa tokko akkuma baratame buna dhuddee deebitee ciifte. Galgaluma san yoo haati irbaataaf kaasuuf dhaqan Caaltuun lubbuun hin turre.


Ambo Protests: Going back

After deciding that we wanted to leave Ethiopia, we had return to Ambo to pack our bags and say goodbye to our friends. Packing our bags turned out to be the easy part.

When we arrived back in Ambo, the destruction was still apparent, although the cleanup had already started. The burned cars were pulled to the side of the road. The debris from the damaged buildings was already being cleared. The problem, however, was that the courthouse was one of the buildings that was burned. How do they plan on having trials for those hundreds of people we saw in jail, we wondered.

We wanted to tell all our friends why we were leaving, but how could we say it? Maybe we should say, “It’s not OK for the police to hunt down young people and shoot them in the back.” Or maybe we should say, “It’s not OK for us to have to cower in our home, listening to gunshots all day long.” Or maybe we should say, “It’s not OK for the government to conduct mass arrests of people who are simply voicing their opinion.” Since the communication style in Oromia is BEYOND non-direct, with people afraid to really say what they mean, we knew exactly what to tell people:

“We are leaving Ambo because we don’t agree with the situation,” we repeated to every friend we encountered. Everyone knew EXACTLY what we were talking about.

We told our friend, a town employee, we were leaving, and he said, “Yes, there are still 500 federal police in town, two weeks after the protests ended.”

We told a neighbor we were leaving, and he said, “Now there is peace in Ambo. Peace on the surface. But who knows what is underneath?”

We told a teacher at the high school we were leaving, and she was wearing all black. “Maal taate? (What happened)” we asked. One of her 10th grade students was killed during the protests.

We told the local store owner we were leaving, and she said, in an abnormally direct way, “When there is a problem, your government comes in like a helicopter to get you out. Meanwhile, our government is killing its own people.”

After a traditional bunna (coffee) ceremony, and several meals with some of our favorite friends, we were the proud owners of multiple new Ethiopian outfits, given as parting gifts so we would ‘never forget Ethiopia.’

How could we forget?

We still don’t know exactly who died during the protests and the aftermath. It’s not like there is an obituary in the newspaper or something. But questions persist in our minds every day:

  • Our two young, dead neighbors remain faceless in our minds…was it the tall one with the spiky hair?
  • Students from the high school were killed…had any of the victims been participants of our HIV/soccer program?
  • What about that good-looking bus boy that is always chewing khat and causing troubleis he alive? in jail?
  • How many people were killed? How many arrested?
  • If we knew the exact number of people killed or arrested, would it actually help the situation in any way?

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Ambo Protests: Spying the Spy?

After the protests and violence in Ambo, we fled to the capital city of Addis Ababa and stayed at a
little hotel called Yilma. Immediately, we started telling everyone about what happened in Ambo. We called and texted our friends, we talked to anyone at the hotel that would listen, and we posted things on Facebook. If we tell everyone about the protesters in Ambo being imprisoned and killed, surely it will stop, we reasoned.

The next day, two strange men – one tall with dark skin, the other short with lighter skin – struck up a conversation with us in the hotel restaurant.

“We’re from Minnesota, here to visit our family in Wollega,” they said.
“Oh, we’re from St. Paul!” we replied, excited.
“Oh, we’re from St. Paul, too!” they said, pulling out a fake-looking Minnesota driver’s license.

The address said Worthington, not St. Paul.

“How long have you lived in St. Paul?’ we asked.
“Yes.” the tall man said, nervously.
“I mean…how long have you lived in St. Paul?” we said, slower.
“Just 2 weeks.”
“And you’re already back in Ethiopia. And you just drove through Ambo, past all the protests and the police, to visit your family in Wollega?” we asked, thinking about the single paved road that heads west through Ambo.
“Yes.” he replied.
“You must be very brave,” we said, thinking about how the road was closed due to the violence.
“Why?” he asked, baiting us with a stoic face.

We froze, afraid to speak further. At that moment, after 20 months in Ethiopia, we finally understood why so many people in Oromia are afraid of spies. When we first arrived in Ambo, people thought WE were C.I.A. spies, which we found amusing…spies who couldn’t even speak the language? If we had been spies, we certainly weren’t very good at our job. But now, the tables were turned.

The two men began following us around the hotel area, sitting next to us whenever possible, walking slowly past our table, then returning slowly past our table – sometimes up to 10 times per hour. A different man followed us to a restaurant about a mile from the hotel, then sat at the closest table to ours, rudely joining a young couple’s romantic dinner.

For the next three days, we stopped telling people about the protests and the imprisonments and the killings in Ambo. We were afraid that the two men would be listening. We were afraid that someone was monitoring our communications on the government-controlled cell phone service and the government-controlled internet. Were we just paranoid? Were we really being monitored? Maybe we had just integrated too much, to the point where we had become Oromo, afraid of government spies and afraid of speaking out and being put in jail. While being ferenji (foreigners) gave us some level of protection, thoughts of the Swedish journaliststhrown into an Ethiopian jail in 2011 lingered in the backs of our minds. The journalists “were only doing their jobs, and human rights group Amnesty International said the journalists had been prosecuted for doing legitimate work.” Did we seem just as suspicious to the government as those Swedish journalists? We didn’t want to find out.

Peace Corps gave all the volunteers strict instructions NOT to blog or post on Facebook about the protests or killings across Oromia. It is just too dangerous to say anything about the Ethiopian government, they pointed out.

That’s when we decided to leave Ethiopia. For us, staying in Ambo, not ruffling any feathers, was not an option. How could we go back and pretend that our neighbors, students, and and fellow residents didn’t die or didn’t end up in prison?


Saturday, May 24, 2014


Ambo Protests: A Personal Account

Barricade on main road in Ambo

Disclaimer:  We are no longer Peace Corps Volunteers, and the following is a personal story, not a news report, and does not reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, the Ethiopian Government, or the people of Ambo.


Friday, April 25th, the protests began in Ambo. We heard the sounds of a big crowd gathering at the university, walking east, yelling and chanting. The single paved road in town was barricaded, and traffic was diverted around the outskirts of town.


“What is going on?” we asked a group of high school boys.


“Oh, the students are angry. They have some problem,” they responded.


We called some friends at the university, who were able to explain further. Apparently, there are expansion plans for Addis Ababa, which would displace poor Oromo farmers and considerably shrink the size of the Oromia region. Justifiably, many Oromo people were upset. The Ethiopian Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of speech, press, and assembly, so demonstrations started across Oromia, mainly in towns with universities. Some of the protests turned violent.


Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were quiet, somewhat normal days in the town of Ambo. However, in other parts of Ethiopia, journalists and bloggers were arrested and thrown in jail.


Main road in Ambo, cars & buildings being burned

Tuesday morning, the protests resumed. Friends in town called us to warn us not to go into work and not to leave our compound. Apparently there were protests at the preparatory school and the federal police were in town. We stayed home all day, listening to the sounds of the protests, denying to ourselves that the ‘pop, pop, pop’ we heard in the afternoon was gunfire. That night, the government-run news station reported that there was a misunderstanding between Oromo university students and the government. Other online reports said that the protestors were defending the Oromo’s right to their land.


Wednesday morning, the protests resumed, and our friends emphasized NOT to leave the house and NOT to answer our front gate. This time, we heard sirens. Ambo only has one ambulance – no police cars or fire trucks – and it wasn’t the normal noise. Again, we heard the ‘pop, pop, pop,’ every few minutes. We poked our heads out of the compound gate and talked to our neighbor, who confirmed that they were, in fact, gun shots. Neighbors said the federal police had already shot and killed demonstrators who were participating in the protest. As we were finishing our conversation, a group of at least 30 adults ran past, glancing nervously behind themselves as they ran.


Maalif fiigtu? (Why are you running?)” I shouted.


Poliisii as dhufu! (The police are coming here!)” a man responded, ducking behind a corner.



An hour later, we headed to the nearest store to stock up on phone cards so we could put minutes on our cell phones and data on our internet device. The storekeeper is a tough older lady who doesn’t tolerate any nonsense.


“Maal taate? (What happened?)” we asked.


She paused, looking down at her hands, her eyes welling with tears.


“Hara’aa….sirrii miti, (Today… not right)” she said, fighting back tears.


Ironically, as we sat at home, listening to gunshots all day long, John Kerry was visiting Ethiopia, a mere 2 hours away in Addis Ababa, to encourage democratic development.


Around 3pm, while the sounds of the protests were far on the east side of town, we heard gunshots so close to our house that we both ducked reflexively. An hour later, we talked to a young man who said, numbly, “I carried their bodies from their compound to the clinic.” Our two young neighbors – university students – had been hunted down by the federal police and killed in their home while the protest was on the opposite side of town.


Other friends told us other violent stories of what was going on in town, including an incident at a bank. Apparently, students attempted to enter the bank, and one was shot by the police. Not being armed with weapons, protesters retaliated against the shooter by hanging him.


Another friend told us about 2 students who were shot and killed by the federal police in front of a primary school…again, far away from the protest.


Wednesday night, we slept fitfully, listening to the sounds of the federal police coming around our neighborhood. They were yelling over a bullhorn in Amharic, which we didn’t understand, but was later translated for us: “Stay inside your compound tonight and tomorrow.”


Thursday, the bus station was closed and there weren’t any cars on the roads. That morning, a Peace Corps driver finally came to get us, looking terrified as he pulled up quickly to our house. We had to stop at the police station to get permission to leave town. While waiting at the station, we saw at least 50 people brought into the station at gunpoint, some from the backs of military trucks and many from a bus. Inside the police compound, there were hundreds of demonstrators overflowing the capacity of the prison, many of them visibly beaten and injured. After the U.S. Embassy requested our release, we headed out of town. The entire east side of town, starting from the bus station, was damaged. A bank, hotel, café, and many cars were damaged or burned. Our driver swerved to avoid the charred remains of vehicles sitting in the middle of the street.


We couldn’t help but shed tears at the sight of our beloved, damaged town.



SAY ‘’NO’’

TPLF policy will never be realized more on Oromo Land (Oromia)

By B. Ibsaa

The Finfinne/AA master plan (FMP) including five Oromian towns has long been planned by TPLF elites and designed by foreign experts (Figure attached at the end of this message)). This plan is partially collapsed by the rise of Oromo nation throughout Oromia, including hundreds of life sacrifice and thousands of prisoners yet. This is the first victory on TPLF policies in 23 years. ‘’We Oromos never forget, what Mr. Matwoos Asfew and Abay Tsehay have said on the meeting held at Adama and Finfinne on the master plan. They officially spoke without any hesitation that ‘’whether we like or not we Oromos will accept the plan’’. This statement was forwarded not only for the participants of the meeting but also for the Oromo nation as a whole. Kana booda akkas jennee itti mammakna. ‘’Shimbirroon galanarratti fincooftu, kashalabbummmaa ishee agarsiisuu malee, galaana hin booressitu’’, jedhama jenna. No any force that can win a nation struggle for freedom.

However, we Oromos should take care of that, still the Tigrean elite group are working day and night to legalize and realize this plan gradually through Non-Oromo OPDO task forces (like Kuma Dammaksa, Muktar Kedir, Aster Mamo  and other Oromo speakers) even though the preparation of the plan will be independent under the guidance of Matewos Asfew. CAUTION ‘’Alshashum, Zoor alu nawu’’.negaru. Don’t trust Abyssinians in your life since they always work in reference to their long plan achievement and economic problems in their mind.

According to the current speculations, the long plan of TPLF was entirely to conduct a wide colonial settlement at the central region of Oromia in the radius of 100 KMs from Finfinne replacing thousands of Oromo farmers by the same Tigrean population transported from arid areas of Tigray region.

Actually, this new colonial settlement is not only limited and planned at the central region of Oromia but also has intensively been going on in other Oromian towns. For evidence, let me reveal, what has be done under the project designed by one Amhara in Ghimbi town, which is only recently known two weeks ago by the indigenous community. This Amhara person has established about 50 container shops, and the employees estimated to hundreds are only from Gojam, Amhara origin. In addition, hundreds of new families are daily seen/observed in many towns and purposely transported to Oromia, especially to the Oromian towns where Amhara is very less in population for the purpose of Oromia assimilation.  Moreover, similar settlements have been conducted in Jimma town through illegal house construction.

Thus, this plan is a well designed project carried out by the regional government under individual hidden investment projects. Moreover, the Oromo land has been freely provided for Amhara workers for house construction through internal orders of higher officials. E.g., By the ministry of Education. The workers have been financially supported to construct more and more houses. The federal highly financed enterprises in Oromia like Bank and others are entirely filled by colonial races through phone calls employment.  However, no one Oromo has a moral right and freedom to work and live in Abyssinia as evidenced from recent event at Bahr Dar stadium including the act of their regional government body against Oromo nation in the presence of Oromo president. In contrast, the Amhara/Ethiopian political parties cry for the full right of Abysinians to work and live in Oromia or everywhere in Ethiopia for assimilation. These are some of the examples of new colonial settlement in Oromia while thousands of educated Oromo generation are obligated to back to their birth place to live with their family farmer’s life without any job. Therefore, no one is foolish after all. As said, ‘’Dutch fur Dutch’’. Oromiyaan kan Oromooti!!!!

It is a well known historical fact that, as a result of more than 100 years of colonial integration under Ethiopian empire, the Oromo nation has copied with Amhara identities while the whole identity of great Oromo nation in East Africa has been gradually buried to the extent of extinct. The same act is going on indirectly through the name of ‘’Liyu Zone Strategy’’  under federal system while Liyu zones were not designed for other regional states in Ethiopia.  Jimma Zone is planned to make under federal system and the office is under construction on the road to Agaro town. Other Oromian towns are also under the same plan especially where the population of Oromo is less compared to the total population of other nation-nationalities in the area. These are evidenced from the official statement of Top TPLF member, Mr. Abay Tsehay on the meeting held at Adama town although entirely rejected by Abba Duulaa or Abbaa Oromoo (??????), as renamed in west Oromia at Dambi Dollo during his contact with Dambi dolloians.

Thus, understanding the firm stand of Abbaa Oromoo and other (officially unknown) Top OPDO members on the constitution, and the current rise of Oromo nation as a whole, against Oromia Assimilation Plan (OAP)  by the TPLF and Amhara hidden- movement has failed on  a half road and promoted by cleaning of Oromia from old wastages in some areas. As a result, Oromia is currently under military control being out of normal administration. The survival of Oromia under OPDO administration is under great question since it is entirely ignored by both Oromo nation and its TPLF-creator.

Thus, the physical life existence of OPDO will only remain alive when they can be confident to themselves self respect and firmly stand, and resist the domination of TPLF in Ethiopia being at the side of Oromo nation before 11 hours. The temporary silence of Oromo nation is not from fear of killings and arrests by Aghazi throughout Oromia but to reorganize himself for the advancement of the struggle under the leadership of untwisted muscle of Oromo young generation, QEERROO’’ and strong OPDO members to break the colonial integration bridge of a century under Abyssinian Empire.

Today, all enemy forces, who intend to stand against Oromo nation should aware of that, there is a great difference between previous and current Oromo generations in reference to the period of faraqaa colonization, Oromo consciousness and the status of its unity. There is also a quite difference between the previous Gobana of Minilik and OPDO of TPLF although caution should be considered on Oromo speakers. These forces (non Oromo Oromo speakers) are more dangerous than those pure enemies directed/originated from Abyssinia. Whatever, true OPDO members like A/Duulaa has made two historical events in Oromo history. 1. The establishment of SIIDAA at Anoole, and 2) the current resistance against finfinnee colonial expansion. As a result, the current focus of TPLF is to restructure of OPDO thoroughly by selecting Oromo speakers so as to elongate its colonial life in Oromia as evidenced from recent placing of non-Oromo, as Oromian President, Muktar Kedir of Yem ethnic origin born in Jimma town and others like Aster Mamo of OPDO chair parson.

Thus, more focus should be given against such individuals for selective-target action so as to stop further infiltration of enemy side forces for the coming election representing Oromo nation under TPLF domination. Doing this, no any force can win a united nation sided by liberation forces including young generation, ‘’QEERROO’’ untwisted muscle forces.

Oromia will be liberated by Oromo nation!

B. Ibsa

Eutelsat jamming by Ethiopian source triples

European satellite fleet operator, Eutelsat, has disclosed that intentional interference from Ethiopian source has tripled over the last three years. The jamming, which accounted for just 5% of the disruptions to its fleet in 2010, increased to 15% of signal disruptions in 2013.

Eutelsat further divulged that the jamming, which has also affected Saudi Arabia-based Arabsat’s satellites along with at least two Eutelsat spacecraft, has been geolocated in northeast Ethiopia and that the jammers are using sophisticated high-powered antennas to disrupt programming on its satellites at 7 degrees West and 21 degrees East.

The company has relayed its jamming data to the French National Frequencies Agency (ANF), which will forward it both to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and to the Ethiopian government. Arabsat, which experienced similar jamming end-May, too has taken its protest to the ITU.


SEENAA Y.G (2005)    kutaa 2ffaa.

Diina irratti wal tumsuuf, waamicha tarrisuun furmaata hin ta’u. Dhaabbileen Siyaasaa Oromoo adeemsa kana keessa jiran dogoggoratti jiruu jedheen yaada. Muxannoon Qabsoo keessa qaxxaamurree jirru, salphaa miti. Aadaa keenyatti amanna yoo ta’es, waan jiru sirreessuuf karaa salphaa qabna Irraa barbaachuun fardiidha. Dhalli Oromoo Addunyaa kana irra jiraatu hundumtuu, keessa isaatti waan of gaafatuu fi waan ta’uu qabu ilaalchisee keessa isaatti bilcheessee mala malachaa jiraachuun ifadha. Tumsa barbaachisuuf gumaacha irraa eegamu taasisuuf qophiidha. Amma gaaffii guddaan Tumsa kana akkamiin Ummachuu dandeenya ? Tumsa akkamii nu barbaachisa ? Tumsaa fi kaayyoo akkamitti araarsina ?  Daangaan isaa maalii ? Tumsi nuuti barbaannu fi kan addunyaan itti jirtu  wal simaayi  ? akka isaanii taana jennee aadaa keenya keessaa ceenee, waan kolfaa hojjachuu wayya ? moo, Makaanizimii Tumsaa Mataa keenyaa addunyaattu qabannee ba’uu dandeenyu uumnee, bu’ura aadaa fi Gadaa gadi dhaabnee, hegaree keenyaaf yaadutu furmaata nu ta’aa ??? jennee of gaafachuu nu barbaachisa. Sadarkaa kana irra ga’uuf wareegama qaalii kafaluu keenya dagachuu hin qabnu. Karaan nu eeggatu kana irra ulfaataa ta’uu waan maluuf, Tumsa Ummachuun amma shamiza of irraa baasanii geeddarachutti fudhachuu dhiifnee, gadi jabeessinee irratti hojjachuutu hegaree isaa mi’eessa.

Tumsi waan nu barbaachiseef qofaa walitti haa suphamnu yoo jenne, Uffati suphaaf qofaa suphame, deebi’ee isa kaan fudhatee ciramuun ykn bakka biraatii tarsa’uun akka hin hafne beeku qabna. Tumsi har’a dhaabbatu yoo Xiqqaatee, Siyaasa hegaree Oromoo kan dhaloota lamaa, tilmaama keessa galchee tarkaanfachiisuu ta’uu qaba. kan har’aa Furuuf qofaa yoo yaadame, dhaloota boriis rakko wal fakkaataa keessatti gatuudha. Kanaaf waan Namni tokko yaada isaa facaaseef, ykn dhaabni tokko Intarneeta irratti waan Waamicha godheef, gonkumaa furmaati hin dhufu. Intarneeta irratti wanni wal fudhachiisan hin jiru. nuuti waamicha kana gooneef jedhamee kan hojjatamu furmaata hin ta’u . kana akka gaaritti qalbeeffachuu qabna. Dhaabbileen Siyaasaa Oromoo walitti dhufuu yoo barbaadan , Intarneeta irratti wal waamu maaltu barbaachise.? Walii isaanii dhiiga tokko ta’uutti walii fudhatanii karaa kabajaa qabuun maaf wal hin waamne.? Waggaa waggaan waamciha qofaan eessa ga’u ? dhaloota har’aa jabeessuu moo hamilee cabsuudha ? waan Araaraa, Tokkummaas ta’uu Tumsaa waan gadi taa’anii wal fudhachiisanii Ummatatti waa qabatanii asi ba’an malee, akka hiriyyaa wal hin amannee, Malkaa bu’anitti wal kakisuuf arreeduun badii dabaluu ta’a. wanni nuuti akka salphaatti katabnu hundumtuu waan fafaas, tolaas akka qaban beeku nu barbaachisa. Intarneeta irratti badii jiru tarrisaniif, dhimmi hundi dhumate jechuu dandeenyaa ? kun hojii warra gawwaati . akka kiyyatti dhugaa kanatti aanu fudhachuun dirqii ta’a jedheen amana. Dhugaa baqachuutu har’allee nu miidhaa jiraate hubadhaa .


Tumsi har’a nu barbaachisa wayita jennu, maal jechuu keenyadha ? Tumsa har’a dhaabbatee boruu diigamuudha moo, kan hegareef tolu barbaanna ? yoo ka bor diigamu barbaanna ta’ee narraa haa ba’uuf facaasuu qofaatu ga’a. kan dhaloota boriif yaadamu taanaan, hunda yaada Ilaalchaan  wal fakkaatu tokko taasisanii, kan ilaalchaan waliif ta’uu hin dandeenye akkaataa itti wal tumsu danda’u waloon kaa’ufiitu fala ta’a. Tumsa hundee qabeessa qabu hojjachuutu qoricha. Hojii qulqulaa’aa hojjatanii, tumsa hundee jabaa gadi dhaabuuf jalumaa kaasanii irratti hojjachuu barbaachisa. Tumsi amma nu barbaachisu kan ummataa irra, kan Jaarrmiyaa Siyaasaa Oromoo ti. Kun hundee qabsoo Ummata kanaati. Jarmiyaa Siyaasaa Oromootti aanee, kan miseensootaati. Itti aanee kan jiru kan deeggartootaati. itti aansee kan waldaalee, Afooshaalee fi dhaabilee miti mootummaati. Itti aanee kan miidiyaaleeti. Mee kanneen qofaa akka fakkeenyaatti haa fudhannu. Kanneen walitti fiduuf ykn akka wal tumsan taasisuuf qabxiilee murteessoon ta’anii jiran, maal irratti wal tumsuu fi maaliif wal tumsu isa jedhu ilaaluun murteessaadha. Jarri kun akka wal tumsaniif maaltu guutamu qaba ? kunis murteessaadha . mee haala kana walitti qindeessinee wal simsiisuuf, adda baafnee haa gamaagamnu .Dhaabbileen siyaasaa Oromoo amma jiran lakkoofsaan heddummeessuu dhiifnee, kaayyoo qabaniin ilaallee akkamiin wal tumsuu akka danda’an haa ilaallu .

Mooraa Qabsoo Oromoo keessatti Dhabbilee siyaasaa Biyya keessaa fi alaa walitti qabnee yennaa xiinxallu KAAYYOO lama jalatti ramadaman. Kunis ,Dhaabbilee Siyaasaa “Walabummaa Oromiyaa fi Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoo dhugoomsuun Kaayyoo keenya” kanneen jedhanii fi “Itoophiyaa keessatti Sirni Fedaraalizimii Bilisummaa ummatootaa eegu yoo jiraate, Biyya Itoophiyaa keessa jiraachuun ni danda’ama , kanneen jadhamanitti ramaduun ni danda’ama. Lakkofsaan 30 ta’u danda’u. amma egaa TUMSA yennaa jennu, Kaayyoon kun lameen wal haa tumsu yoo jenne, (duuchaamatti) Dogoggora. Akka kaayyootti Kaayyoon Fiiixee lameen irra jiru kun gonkumaa wal tumsuu hin danda’u. Qabsoo keessatti wal takaalaa kan ture kanadha. Kana irra deebisuuf deemnaa ? wanni isaan wal tumsuu danda’an, dhimma Oromoo ilaalchisee DIINA irratti walii galuudha.

Kaayyoon kun lameen akka wal hin tumsinef ijoo kan ta’u, waa lama . Inni tokko, Kaayyoo isaaniitu waliif faallaadha. Inni lammataa ammoo, tokko karaa nagaa hojjanna wayita jedhu, tokko lakkii kun waggoota amma kana hin taanee, qawweee qofaatu nu baasaa kan jedhuudha. Tumsi kana keessatti eeggannu, akka Qaawwaa Lilmoo dhiphaadha. Kanaaf kana hedduu irratti hojjachuu barbaada. Waanuma waamichaan haguugamu miti. Qabsoon illee wal tumsina yoo jenne, taa’anii yeroo fudhatanii akka tatta’uu danda’u irratti marii gadi fageenyaa gaggeessuu gaafata. Warri diinaa ,Itoophiyaa Dimokiraatoofte ijaaruuf, warra Itoophiyaa jigisuu barbaadan balleessuu qabnaa sana waliin kan dhaabbatamu yoo ta’e, akkamiin tumsi dhufuu danda’a ? Kaayyoon kun lameen akka waliif dhaabbatan kan taasisu, kaayyoo isaanii dachaasuu qofaadha. Kun ammoo tokkof wareegama Gootootaatti qoosuudha. Isa tokkof ammoo waan biraa ta’u danda’a.

Gama biraan Sirna har’a barattoota irratti yakka dhiifama hin qabne waliin nagaan hojjachuu barbaanna jedhamaa, Tumsi gama kaaniin hawwiinu akkamitti fudhatama ? gama kanaan waan keessa gadi qabanii ilaallatan hedduudha. Waan kana irratti kana caalaa raga tarrisuu nan danda’a. garuu asi irratti hin tolu. Tumsi asi keessatti hawwinu, akka intarneeta irratti katabnu kanaa hin salphatu kanan jedhuuf kanaafi. Hojii guddaa keessa isaanitti hojjatanii asi ba’uu gaafata. Carraan gama kanaan jiru, kaayyoo akka malee waliif faallaa kun, akka walitti deemu mari’atu, tumsa diinaaf akka hin baaneef wal gorsuun, lammiin hundi irratti hirmaate qajeelchu qaba.  Aadaa keenyatti dhimma ba’anii socha’uu feesisa.yaadoota waloo wal taasisan irratti mari’achuuf, qaamoota walabaa dhimma Oromoo irratti ejjannoo qaban walitti dhufanii yaada gama lameenii qixaan dhaggeeffatanii , waan ta’uu danda’u akka maddisiisan taasisuudha. Waamichi tokko isa tokkof godhu bifa kamiinu fudhatamuus, qulqulummaas, wal dhaggeeffachuus hin uumu. Waan kana irratti wanni hojjatamu waan qophii itti taasisanii furataniidha. Kana irratti abdiin jiru, tarkaanfiin Filitsixeemoonni fudhatan fakkeenya dansaadha. Ilaalcha duraan ture maal irraan akka ga’an hin dubbanne. Garuu Biyya ta’anii addunyaa irratti beekamuuf hojii abshaalummaa ol aanaa gaggeessaa jiran. Hamaaz ilaalcha isaa isa kam fooyyeessee akka obbolaa isaatti makame hin ibsine. Garuu yaada cabsatee dubbii ijoo of harka galchuuf mootummaa waloo dhaabu irratti walii galee sagalee addunyaa hawwataa jira. Hamaaz Israa’eeliif beekumti hin kennu jedhe ammaaf laaffisee, Biyya Filitsixeem labsuuf humna abbaas waliin dhaabbatee jira. Kana irraa ka’ee, Ameerikaan, Chaayinaan, Raashaan beekumtii Filitsixeem mootummaa ta’uu ni fudhanna jechaa jiru. gama kanaan yoo ilaallee Oromiyaa keenya hegareef hawwinu kanaaf waan gufuu ta’uu danda’an ammumaa ilaalu nu feesisa.kana hubannofan kaase.


Dhaabbileen Siyaasaa Oromoo Tumsaaf wal waammachuu qabu yennaa jennu ergaa maalii dabarsuu barbaanna ? Dhaabbileen Siyaasaa Oromoo hundumtuu dhimma Oromoo irratti wal tumsuuf waan isaan dhorku hin jiru. waan kaayyoo qabaniin alatti kan jiru jechuu kiyya. Warri kaayyoo tokko qaban Qopha ,qophaa dhaabbatanii Tumsaaf wal waamuun waan fakkaatu miti. Kaayyoo tokko qabaannaan Tumsaaf wal waamu irra , tokko ta’uutu isaaniif furmaata. Kanatu Ummataaf dhaabbachuu mirkaneessa. Kanatu Jabiinas. kaayyoo tokko qabaatanii , dhaabaan garaagar ta’anii yoo wal tumsuuf walii galan illee, wal gufachiisuun waan hin hafne. Ummata kanas bakka meeqa dhaabu ta’a . kanaaf warri kaayyoo wal fakkaataa qaban tumsaaf yoo wal yaaman illee taajjabbii ta’a. kana Mooraa Qabsoo Oromoo keessaa dhabamsiisuun qoricha hegaree keenyaati. Warri Walabummaa Oromiyaa fi Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoo kaayyeeffatan hundumtuu ABO jabaa gadi dhaabuuf hojjachuun dirqiidha. Warri kaayyoo Biraan dhaabbatanis, akkasuma bakka kudhan dhaabbatanii diinaafis humna ta’uu irra, walubummaa isaanii eeggatanii yoo dhaabbatan Tumsaaf qophii ta’uu argisiisa. Dhaaba adda addaa yaada wal fakkaatu waliin yeroo gara garaa wal arganii mari’achuu irra, bakkuma tokkotti waan nu baasu falachuutu dawaadha. Isaan gidduttis, tumsa odoo hin taanee tokko ta’uu qofaatu eegama.

Egaa haala kanaan kan irratti xiyyeeffannee qalbii keenya amnsiisuu qabnu, warri tumsa waliif ba’uu danda’anii fi hin danda’iin adda baafachuun heddu gaariidha. Yaadoota gara garaa irraa kaanee yennaa ilaallu, Dogoggora Tumsaa fi Tokkummaa irratti agarruutu jira. Dhaaboota Ilaalchaan wal irraa fagoo ta’an kana Tumsa adda addaa ummachuuf karaan jira. Tokkummaan garuu hin yaadamu. Kan kaayyoon wal fakkaatan ammoo, Tumsa Odoo hin taanee, Tokkummaan dhaaba jabaa dhaabbachuutu dirqama. Kana hubachuun waan hin taane hawwinee ibsaa fi waamicha wal irratti baasaa akka hin jiraanneef nu gargaara.


Ummati Oromoo Qabsoo kana keessatti qooda isaa kan gumaachaa jiru, akka miseensummaatti, Deeggaraa fi Lammummaattidha. Kanaan alas jiraachu mala. Akka Lammummaatti sochiin qabsoo kanaaf taasifnu hundumtuu Tumsaaf odoo hin taanee, Dirqama keenyadha. Sochiin Qabsoo Ummata isaaniif taasifamu, akka waldaalee gargaarsaa, waldaalee Amantii, akka Afooshaa fi kanneen kana fakkaataniin kan taasifamu hundumtuu dhimma Oromoo irratti wal tumsuu odoo hin taanee, tokko ta’uutu irraa eegama. Kun dirqama. Fakkeenyaaf dhimma Oromoo irratti hiriira ba’uun yoo barbaachise, warri ilaalcha adda addaa keessa jiran dhimma Oromoo addunyaatti dhageesisuuf wal tumsuu danda’u. Dhimma sabummaa keenya kamuu irratti gonkumaa tumsa yaadu hin qabnu. Kun dirqama keenya. Tokko ta’uu qabna . Hawaasi Oromoo dhaabbilee siyaasaa Oromoo waliin waan taasisan hundaaf tumsa taasisan jechuun qaaniidha.

Kana irratti  Miidiyaalee Oromoo bifa gara garaan hojjatan Ummata isaanii qajeelchuu fi iyya Ummata isaanii dhageesisuuf, barsiisuuf, wal hubachiisuuf, tokko ta’uu qaban. Imaammataa fi hojii miidiyaa wayita ilaallu, hundumtuu akka isaaf mijateetti Ummata isaaf hojjachuuf karaa danda’een miidiyaan banatee jiru, akka dhunfaattis ta’uu walootti tattaafachaa jiru , haalatu bakka tokkotti akka hin hojjannee isaan taasise malee, yaada tumsaa wal keessaa qabaatanii akka hin taane beeku barbaachisa. Tumsi hiikkaa irraa waan walirraa fagootti waan cillaanfatuuf, hiikkaa isaa sapaareshinummaa of keessaa qabu dagannee qaamatti akka hin fudhanne of eeggachuu nu barbaachisa. Miidiyaaleen Oromoo gumaachi qabsoo oromoof taasisan irratti wal tumsanii odoo hin taanee, tokko ta’anii hojjatan jechuu wayya. Jechoota TUMSA , GAMTAA kkf wayita fayyadamnu of eeggachuu qabna. Akkuman gubbaatti ibse, dhaabbileen siyaasaa warri ilaalcha tokko qaban gonkumaa maqaa Tumsaa fi  Gamtaa ummachuu kaasuu hin danda’an. Tokko ta’uun dirqama. Ilaalcha siyaasaa walii faallaatu, Gamtaa dhimma Ummata ofi irratti ummata. Warra Ilaalcha tokko qabuuf Gamataa ykn wal Tumsuu danda’u jennee karaa yoo banne, akka dhaaba Siyaasaa Itoophiyaa 100 ol horannaa qalbeeffadhaa . akka walitti dhiheenyaati walitti qabamanii dhaaba siyaasaa jedhanii dhihaachuuf karaa yoo saaqine rakkoo of irratti dhalchaa jirra jechuudha.kanaafan gadi jabeessee waan kana irratti qiyyaafadhe.


Tokkummaa fi Tumsa ummata keessatti arginu, abdii qabsoo Oromoo ti. Tokkummaa warra ilaalcha tokko qaban gidduutti gaggeeffamu hangamuu yeroo fudhatu, irratti hojjatamaa jiraachuu hunduu yaadaa qaba. Hojiin kun akka isa tumsaa, yaada wal danddesisanii kan bira taranii miti. Adeemsa bal’aa kan gaafatu natti fakkaata. Yeroo fedhachuu isaa warri dhimmichi isaan ilaallatu kan wallaalan natti hin fakkaatu. Kun ta’uu diduun miidhaa qabaachuu ni mala. Garuu sochii qabsoo kanaa gonkumaa dhorguu hin danda’u. waanuma amma argaa jirruudha. Waan gaarii akka qabatee asi ba’u abdii kiyya. Warri ilaalcha biraa keessatti gama gamanatti wal ilaalaa jiran tarkaanfii jalqabaayyu hin eegalle. Kun ammoo Tumsa Ilaalcha lameenii boruu waliin mari’achuuf umamuu danda’u irratti rakkoo uumuu hin hafu. Kunis beekamu qaba.

Qabxiileen armaan olitti kakaase kun adeemsa keenyaaf murteessaadha. Waanuma eeggachuu qabnu qofaa eeggachuu, waanuma ta’uu danda’u qofaa irratti abdii horachuu, waan ka’umsa isaa irraa kaasee milkaa’uu hin dandeenye irraa abdii qabaatanii yoo duuba dhaban abdii kutachuu irraa akka of eeggnuuf, callisanii waan argan waliin didichuun, maa irraan akka nu ga’e hubannee, furmaata buqqaasaa irratti hojjachuun gaarii ta’uu odoo hubannee gaariidha. Tarii hiraarrii nu irra ga’aa jiru irraa kaanee, waa tokko odoo hin qulqulleessin hojjachuuf yoo jarjarree ammas bakkuma of jibbinetti deebina. Kanaaf waan ta’uu fi hin taanee adda baafatanii irratti hojjachuun kasaaraa siyaasaa keenya hanqisa. Warri Ilaalcha wal fakkaataa qaban, walii isaanii waamanii Jaarsa waammatanii waliin haasa’uun rakkoo hin qabu. Rakkoo kaayyoo waan hin qabaanneef. Qabxiilee kanaan gadi irratti mari’achuuf waluma dhaggeeffachuu qofaa isaan ga’a. Qabsoon OROMOO ilaalcha lameen kaasee walitti fidee yoo xiqqaate diina irratti akka wal tumsan taasisuuf, humna walbaa lameenif walba ta’e barbaada. Akka buna danfifatanii atis dhiisii , atis kana irraa dhaabbadhu jedhanii bira taran akka hin taane qalbifachuun dansaadha.

Humna Qabsoo Oromoo kana gama hundaan akka wal tumsuuf furtuun dhumaa sochii Ummataati. Sochii Ummata Oromoo addunyaa kana irratti Biyya keessaa fi alatti gaggeeffamaa jiru . y nu jabeessa. Kun jabiinaan itti fufnaan Tokkummaanis, Wal Tumsuunis yeroo gabaabaa keessatti mikaa’uu danda’a. waan hundaa gadi fageessinee haa ilaallu. Aadaa Siyaasaa Addunyaan boruu ittin nu beektu har’a bu’ura isaa keewwachuu baannaan, yeroo addunyaan nu gattee deemtu miilla qullaa fiignee bira ga’uu dadhabuu keenya huabachuuf qormaata nu hin barbaachisu.GALATOOMAA !!


የወጣት ኒሞና (ፍሮምሳ) ጥላሁን ሞት የህዝብ ኣይን የሆኑ የኦሮሞ ምሁራንን ለመግደል ወያኔ ያወጣው እቅድ ቀጣይ ኣካል ነው!

የኦሮሞ ነጻነት ግንባር መግለጫ

በወያኔ መንግስት የኦሮሞ ዜጎች ላይ እየተፈጸመ ያለው ጭካኔ የተመላበት የግድያ ወንጀል፡ በሃበሻ ገዢ መንግስታት የኦሮሞ  ምሁራንን ከምድረ-ገጽ ለማጥፋት ለረዥም ዓመታት ኣቅደው በመስራት ላይ ያሉት የዘር ማጥፋት ተግባር ኣካል ነው። በተለይም  የህዝቡ ዓይንና ኣለኝታ፡ የነገ ሃገሪቷ ተስፋ የሆኑ ወጣቶችን በእስር ቤት ውስጥ ለኣካላዊና ለሰነ-ልቦናዊ ሰቆቃ በመዳረግ በኣሰቃቂ ሁኔታ ህይወታቸው እንድታልፍ ማድረግ የተለመደ ሁኔታ ሆኗል። የወያኔ ኣምናገነን መንግስት የፖለቲካ ስልጣኑን በሃይል  ከተቀጣጠረ ኣንስቶ ባሉ 23 ዓመታት ውስጥ ይህን በመሰለ ዘግናኝ ሁኔታ የተገደሉ የኦሮሞ ዜጎች ቁጥር የትየለሌ ነው። የወጣት  ኒሞና ጥላሁን ሞትም በዚሁ ስልት ጠላት ካደረሳቸው ግድያዎች ውስጥ ኣንዱ ነው። ኒሞና በሩጫ ላይ ሳለ ካሰበበት ሳይደርስ  ያለኣንዳች ጥፋት የኦሮሞ ዜጋ በመሆኑ ብቻ ተወንጅሎ በወያኔ ስርዓት በኣጭሩ የተቀጨ የ28 ዓመት ወጣት ነው።  ኒሞና ከኣባቱ ኣቶ ጥላሁን ኢማናና ከእናቱ ወ/ሮ ላቀች እንዳለማ ሙልአታ በምስራቅ ወለጋ ዞን ኣርጆ ከተማ ተወለደ። የ1ኛ እና  2ኛ ደረጃ ትምህርቱንም እዚያው ኣርጆ ከተማ በማጠናቀቅ የከፍተኛ ትምህርቱን ለመቀጠል በ2004ዓም ፊንፊኔ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ገባ።  በዚሁ ዓመት የኦሮሞ ተማሪዎች ከፊንፊኔ ጉዳይ ጋር ኣያይዘው ባስነሱት ተቃውሞ የወያኔ ስርዓት ከ400 በላይ ተማሪዎች ላይ  ባሳለፈው ኢ-ፍትሃዊ ብይን ኒሞና ጥላሁንም ለኣንድ ዓመት ከትምህርት ገበታው ተባረረ። ከኣንድ ዓመት በኋላም ወደ ትምህርት  ገበታው በመመለስ በ2007 ዓም የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪውን በ’Banking and Insurance’ በማጠናቀቅ ተመረቀ። በወያኔ መንግስት  ሃይሎች ህይወቱ እስካለፈችበት ዕለት ድረስም በመምህርነት ስራ ላይ ተሰማርቶ በሸኖ ከተማ ህዝቡን ሲያገለግል ነበር። በስራ  ላይ እያለ ኦሮሞ ሆኖ በመፈጠሩና በብሄርተኝነቱ ብቻ ከወንጀለኛ ተቆጥሮ በ2008 ዓም በወይኔ መንግስት የደህንነት ሃይሎች  ታፈነ። የወይኔ ስርዓት የኦሮሞ ምሁራንና የህዝብ ኣለኝታ የሆኑ የኦሮሞ ዜጎችን በኦነግ ኣባልነት ወንጅሎ የመሰወር ያረጀ-ያፈጀ  ስልት ሰለባ የሆነው ወጣት ኒሞና ጥላሁን እጅግ ዘግናኝና ኢ-ሰብዓዊ ሰቆቃ ሲፈጸምበት ነበር።

ባለፉት ስድስት ዓመታት ውስጥም በማዕከላዊ፣ በቃሊቲ፣ በቂሊንጦና በዝዋይ እስር ቤቶች ውስጥ ከዚህ ዓለም በሞት  እስከተለየበት ቀን ድረስ የድብደባና ቶርቸር ተግባር ሲፈራረቅበት ነበር። በደረሰበት ድብደባና ሰቆቃም ለከፋ የጤና መታወክ  ተዳርጎ ተገቢውን የህክምና ኣገልግሎት በመነፈግ ህይወቱ እንድታልፍ ተደርጓል። ከረዥም ግዜ ድብደባ የተነሳ ቁስሉ ኣመርቅዞ  ለከፋ የእጢ በሽታ ዳረገው። ለይስሙላ ወደ ሃኪም ቤት ተወስዶ የቀዶ ጥገና ህክምና ከተደረገለት በኋላ ቁስሉ ሳያሽር ወደ  እስርቤት እንዲመለስ በማድረግ በቁሙ እንዲሞት ፈረዱበት።

OLF Press Release June 2014 Amharic


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