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Ethiopia should wake up and smell the coffee

Ethiopia, Africa’s biggest coffee producer, will benefit from unusually dry weather in Brazil that has lowered the output and helped lift the price of Arabica beans. Arabica prices surged to a three-year high – to over 200 US cents per pound – in October, which is expected to lift Ethiopia’s coffee export earnings by 25 per cent to $900m this year.

But Ethiopia is missing an opportunity to make a lot more money from arabica, which originated in the country’s highlands, and is considered the superior of two main varieties of coffee bean (the other, robusta, is more bitter and tends to be used to make instant coffee).

A note from Ecobank said that:

Ethiopia could position itself as a low-cost Arabica naturals producer, but it faces constraints, notably an inefficient supply chain and the low productivity of smallholder coffee farmers.

Ethiopia dominates east Africa’s coffee production (see chart). After the sector was liberalised in the 1990s its coffee output increased, surging 139 per cent between 2004 and 2013.

And yet Uganda, not Ethiopia, is Africa’s biggest exporter. The reasons for this are manifold.

In Ethiopia, where coffee drinking ceremonies are an important part of culture, local consumption swallows half the national output (and perhaps more in future as coffee shops boom)

And output is lower than it should be. Most of Ethiopia’s coffee is grown by smallholder farmers, on farms of less than two hectares where yields are low: around 300 kg per hectare, around a third of the typical yield in Colombia and a quarter of that in Costa Rica. Only 5 per cent of Ethiopia’s coffee is grown on plantations, where the yields are higher.

Output is likely to go up, however. In September, Saudi billionaire Mohamed al-Amoudi bought 18,000 hectares (44,479 acres) of coffee plantation land from the Ethiopian government for $80m last year. Ecobank said his investment would bear fruit in three to five years’ time.

Another problem was inefficient supply chains, said Ecobank, which reduce farmers’ share of the export price, meaning they under-invest in their plots. That made Ethiopia less competitive than its East African rivals, said Ecobank, which noted that:

Ethiopia’s Natural Arabicas have the highest sourcing costs in East Africa, around 40% of the average 2012/13 international price of US$1.29/lb, limiting the farmers’ share to 60% of the export price. This compares with 70% for Kenya’s Washed Arabicas and 72% for Uganda’s Natural Arabicas.

The establishment of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) which sells 85 per cent to local and international markets, was not entirely positive, said the report, because it lacked flexibility. The ECX sold most of the country’s coffee as bulk and only 5 per cent of specialty, and this:

has led to complaints from specialty roasters about the difficulty of accessing single-origin beans in Ethiopia, which are now only available via unions or plantations. Specialty roasters have also raised concerns that ECX grading is opaque

All in all, said Ecobank, Ethiopia’s coffee sector performs below potential.

Call for Conference on Revolt Against Subjugation /Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa:


The Union of Oromo Students in Europe, (UOSE) or Tokkumma Bartoota Oromoo Awurooppaa (TBOA) is a student organization based in Germany. Founded in 1974, it is a political organization that functions according to the political programs and political ideals of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

As active branch of UOSE,UOSG (Union of Oromo Students in Germany) played the biggest role in nurturing the language and culture of the Oromo people, protesting against successive Ethiopian regimes, and coordinating the overall support to the OLF/ABO.

Call for Conference on Revolt Against Subjugation / Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa: Nürnberg, Germany

The Month of November is always remebered in the minds of all Oromos due to its historical sudden occasions of revolt against subjugation. Therefore,we are so excited to announce that the 9th year of fincila didda gabrummaa will be organized in Germany by the Union of Oromo Students. We are looking to see all the Oromo communities living in all Germany states to take part on 08 November,2014 in Bayern (Siebenkees str.4, 90459 Nürnberg ) from 12:00-18:00 Hour.

TBOJ/ Caayaa ABO Executive Committee,

Oromia shall liberate! or

or kindly reach us through the following numbers:

+4915210249774 or +4915217299850

Ethiopia, 30 years after the famine

Three decades after images that shocked the world, country has become darling of the global development community – and the scourge of the human rights lobby

With an Einsteinian shock of hair and a wise man’s beard, Mulugeta Tesfakiros, just off a flight from Washington, settled into an office of glass walls and vibrant artworks in Addis Ababa. The millionaire magnate, who has gone into the local wine business with Bob Geldof, mused on the new Ethiopia: “Most of the people need first security, second food … and democracy after that.”

An hour’s drive away stand the corrugated iron watchtowers of a prison. The inmates include nine bloggers and journalists charged with terrorism. Standing in a bleak courtyard on a family visit day, they talked about how they had been tortured.

“I feel like I don’t know Ethiopia,” one said. “It’s a totally different country for me.”

This is the Janus-faced society that is the second most populous country in Africa. A generation after the famine that pierced the conscience of the world, Ethiopia is both a darling of the international development community and a scourge of the human rights lobby. Even as investment conferences praise it as a trailblazer the entire continent should emulate, organisations such as Human Rights Watch(HRW) describe it as “one of the most repressive media environments in the world”.

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Ethiopian children in a refugee camp during the famine


SEENAA  Y.G(2005)    kutaa 3ffaa

Sochii Oromoo Bara 2014 irratti yaadan eegale har’an xumura. Kanneen yaada akka dhuunfaatti naa kennitan guddaan isin galateeffadha. Gaaffiilee akka dhuunfaatti naa kaaftaniif, ammatti deebii laachuun na rakkisa. Waan dursuu qabnu waa hedduun waan jiruuf. Kanneen yaada furmaataa tokko tokko na gaafattaniif garuu, yaadi furmaataa dirree kana irratti walii ibsuun rakkoo waan qabaatu natti fakkaata. Waan gadi fageenyaa odoo hin taanee, irra keessa waan itti jabaachuu qabnu irratti garuu yaada amma eegale xumuree, akkan mariif dhiheessu hin shakku. Waanuma lafa jiru maxxansuu qofaadha. Sochii keenya xiinxallee kan itti aanutti jabaachuun garuu waan fardiidha. Kutaa 3ffaatti haa ceenu.

  • Midiyaalee walabaa (Intarneetaanis) dhimma Ummata isaanii irratti hojjataa jiran,
  • Dhaabbileen, Waldaaleen gargaarsaa fi Amantii dhimma Oromoo irratti hiriiruu eegaluu ,
  • Baqattootaaf birmannaa taaisfame,
  • Aadaa, Seenaa fi Oromiyaa beeksisuuf sochiilee taasifaman,
  • Ayyaana Irreechaa 2014 irratti Sochii Biyya keessaa fi alatti gaggeeffame,


  1. Miidiyaalee dhimma Oromoo irratti hojjataa jiran ilaalchisee:-

Sochii Oromoo Bara 2014 Biyya keessaa fi alatti addunyaa sochoosee kanaaf hundeen , ykn qooda ol-aanaa kan gumaachan, miidiyaalee Walabaati yoon jedhe dhugaa irraa fagaachuu hin ta’u. Miidiyaalee kana tokko lama jedhanii maqaa waliin dhiheessuun ni danda’ama. Miidiyaa walabaa wayita jennu, SBO,VOA, dhaabbilee siyaasaa Oromoo gara garaa, raadiyoo kominitii Oromoo adda addaa, Sabboontoota Teekinolojii hammayyaan (raadiyoo fi TV Intarneeta irraa fayyadamnii ) gumaachaa fi aarsaa ol aanaa kafalaa jiran, Tv Afaan OROMOON hojjataa jiran kkf, kan wayyaaneen keessaa baafnee, Sochii Biyya keessaa fi alatti qabsiifame kana Addunyaa irratti dhageesisuuf tattaaffiin lammummaa taasisanii fi taasisaa jiran, dhugumatti seenaan kan dagatuu miti. wanni dagatamu hin qabne, humna qabnu hundaa itti gargaaramnee odoo hin taanee, sabakoof maal gumaachuu ? jedhanii kanneen tattaafataniin hojjatamaa akka jiru qalbifachuun dansaadha. kana dhugeessuuf, bara 2000 kaasee Gaazexessitoonni Oromoo Biyya keessaa akka godaanan ykn hojii isaanii Biyya keessaa irraa ari’aman 300 caalan. Miidiyaa dhuunfaa turan dabalatee . kanneen keessaa meeqan keenyatu hojii Ummata keenyaatti cichinee sirna nu miidhe kana irratti hojjataa ykn Ummata keenya ogummaa keenyaan gargaaraa jiraa ? yoo jenne, kan har’aa ka’umsa godhachuu qofatti nu geessa.

Miidiyaaleen Oromoo gama hundaan hojiin itti jiran hedduu nama gammachiisa. Addunyaan Miidiyaan humna waraanaa caalaa bu’aa qabeessa jechaa jirti. nuutis humna akkasitti ce’uuf karaa irra jirra. Sochii kana daran jabeessuuf garuu dursanii humna ta’uun barbaachisaadha. miidiyaan kun yaadaa fi fedhii Ummata kanaa qajeelchuu keessatti qooda ol-aanaa ni qabaatu. Gama hundaan Ummata Barsiisanii wal dhaggeeffachuu har’aa fi Oromummaan wal tumsuun murteessaa ta’uu akkuma hubachiisaa jiran, Ummata kana humneessuuf akkuma jabiinaan hojjataa jiran, isaanis humna jabaa ta’uuf hojjachuu qaban.kana booda miidiyaaleen lakkoofsaan heddummaatan banamuu danda’u ta’a. akka kiyyatti garuu baayyachuun miidiyaalee kanaa waan harkisee dhufu waliin ilaaluun gaarii natti fakkaata. Kan amma jiru irraa yoo ilaalle, midiyaaleen Maqaa Ummata kanaan banaman yaada nama dhuunfaa dhageesisuu irra hin tariin kan jiran ni jiru. Midiyaa yennaa bannu, yaada koo dhageesisuuf jennee odoo hin taanee, sagalee Ummata keenyaa dhageesisuuf jedhamee odoo eegalamee dansaadha.

Kanaaf Miidiyaaleen kun takkaa dhaabbatanii , Miidiyaa jabaa Addunyaa irratti Ummata kanaaf gurraa fi iaja ta’u akkamiin ummanna ? jedhanii yaadutti odoo ce’anii fi dhageettii argachuuf odoo carraaquun eegalamee dansaa natti fakkaata. Amma humndumtu karaa isaaf danda’ameen warraaqaa jira. Boruu humni gabaabbachuu gaafa dhufe, humna wal buusuutu dhufa. Kanaaf yeroo humni dhibus bakka gumaacha ofii keessatti laachuun danda’amu ummachuu ykn dhaabuuf osoo hojjatamee, Ummati addatti hawaasi Biyyi alaa irratti odoo hirmaatee waan guddaatu hojjatamuu danda’a jedheen yaada. Sagalee Ummata keenyaa Addunyaatti dhageesisuuf, miidiyaa addunyaan dhaggeeffattu ykn daawwattu ummachuuf hojjachuun dansaadha. Walumaa galatti garuu sochiin Teekinolojii hammayyaatti dhimma ba’anii sagalee Ummat ofii dhageesisuuf hojjatame. hedduu kan nama boonsuudha. Kana caalaatti jabeeffachuu fi shariikoota BBC,CNN,CCTV faa’aa Ummachuun mirteessaa ta’uu hubachuun gaariidha jedheen amana. Jarri kun dhimma keenya akka nu dhiheessaniif isaanii eeggachuu odoo hin taanee, nuutis waan nu irraa barbaadan hojjanneefii, keenyas akka hojjatan taasisuun gaariidha.

Miidiyaaleen ammi tokko waan sirreeffachuu qaban yoo jiraate, yaada walii faallaa ta’e tamsaasuu irratti of eeggannoo odoo taasisanii. Tokko wareegama ijoollee addunyaatti wayita beeksiisuu , inni kaan , dhimma wal dhabdee dhuunfaa tamsaasa yoo ta’ee Seenaanu nama gaafata. Kun irra jireessa Biyya alaa keessatti kan mul’atuudha. Aarii dhuunfaaf jennee dhiiga dhaloota har’aa irratti qoosuun eessaanu nu hin ga’u. dhimma Oromoo fi dhimma dhuunfaa adda baasuun gaariidha.

  1. Waldaalee Amantii , Waldaalee Gargaarsaa, Kominiitiin Oromoo Biyya alaa bifa garagaraan jiru, Sochii Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Biyya keessaan wal qabatee deeggarsi fi qooda fudhannaan taasifame, hedduu kan nama gammachiisuudha.

Sochiin kun ammallee akka itti fufee jiru gabaasaalee adda addaa irraa hubachaa jirra. Kun kana irra jabaatee akka itti fufuu danda’u muuxannooleen kanaan duraa hedduu of harkaa qabna. Hawaasi Oromoo Biyya alaa jiraatu, waan qalbifachuu qabuutu jira. Hiriira Nagaa ykn wal ga’ii ykn marii adda addaa wayita taasisan, YKN Mormii bifa kamiituu yennaa qopheessan waan dagachuu hin qabne, Ijoolee Biyya keessaa hidhamtuu fi duutuuf qofaa odoo hin taanee, Umurii keenya guutuu Biyya halgaa keessa jiraachuu mormuun, mirga Umamaa dhabuu keessaniin, Biyya itti baqattan keessa Dimokiraasiin jiru keenya keessatti maaliif hin kabachiiftan ? Sirna isin deeggartan Bilisummaa umamaa Biyya keessan keessa jiru nu dhabsiisee, kkf  yoo falmaa keessaniif hundee taasiftan, wareegama obbolaa keessanii qofaa hin eegadanii jedheen amana.humnoonni alaa kun waan itti deddeebi’ee dhihaatu dhugeeffatu jedhu warri keessa beekan. Afriikaa keessatti Abbooti irree kan jiraachisaniif, humna namaa gara isaanitti godaansiisanii hojii gadi aanaa hojjachiisuufii kan jedhanis jiru. saamicha humna namaas ta’uu hin dagatiinaa .Hadheeffachuu keessan itti mul’isaa. Ajjeechaa lammiilee keessaniif qofa odoo hin taanee, humnaan godaanuu keessan itti himaa. Koolu galtummaan jiraachuun furmaata keessan isa dhumaa akka hin taanee itti himaa. Gonkumaa kolugaltummaan nutti hin tolu jedhaanii .Ummati keenya miidhaa irra ga’u irraa , Ummata Deeggarsa sirna abbaa irreef taasiftan irraa asi jiraachuu keenyayyu balaaleffachaa jiraa jechuun hiikkaa guddaa akka qabaatuuf warri nuuf quuqaman ni dubbatu . kana jechuun gaaffiin keenya yaadaa fi qor-qalbii jaraa qorachuu illee akka barbaachisu qalbifachuun dansaadha. Toftaalee xiyyeeffannaa argatanittis dhimma ba’uun dansaadha. Addatti karaa abbootii amantiis waan taasifamu kun jabaatee itti fufu isa barbaachisa. aadaa fi Umama keenya keessatti, waan faranjii fi habashaan wal nu komachiisuu ykn fuula itti nu guursiisuu jiraachuun hin hafu. Waan dhimma keenya keessa raawwannu taanaan waan sana ta’anii dhageetti horatanii dabruun gootummaa ol aanaadha jedhama.

Hawaasni Oromoo bifa itti gurmaa’ee jiru hundatti dhimma ba’uun barbaachisaadha. dhimma Ummata keenyaa irratti humna horachuuf waliin hojjachuun hedduu barbaachisaadha. fk. Lammiileen Oromoo Miniyaapolisii keessa jiran kuma 40 ta’uu dhageenya. Kuma 40 kana waggaaf qoodinee, hiriira waggaa guutuu jechuun baatittillee tokko yoo gaggeesina jennee yaannee, Ummata 3000 ol baafachuu dandeenya. Kun dhageetti hoarachuuf humna guddaadha. Gargaarsa yoo jennees, amma danda’amee haa baasuu yoo jennee sochii Nannoo Sanaa mitii kan isa kaanii iyyuu deeggaruu danda’a. wanni guddaan wal qindiiffatanii wal dhaggeeffatanii wal tumsuudha. Dhimma Ummata ofiif dursa kennuudha. Kanaaf baayyina keenya humnatti jijjiiruuf hojjachuun kaayyoo keenya haa ta’u.



  1. Baqattootaaf birmannaa taasifame :

Baqattoota Oromoo Addunyaa maraa keessa jiraniif birmannaan gama hundaa taasifamee, aantummaa Ummata ykn lammii keenyaa ifatti kan addunyaaf ibseedha.keessattu Ilmaan Oromoo Midiyaalee adda addaa keessa jiran tumsi gama hundaa taasisan hedduu nama boonsa. Kun daran jabaatee itti fufu qaba.gama kanaan sochiin gama gargaarsaan godhamuu danda’uu hunda irra jabaatee kan itti fufuu qabuudha. Kanaaf ammoo waldaaleen Gargaarsaa Oromoo kana caalaa hojjachuutu irraa eegama.Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya kamuu jiran karaa hundaa gargaaruun murteessaadha. Lammii nama iyyu yoo qabaatan hunduu nama kabaja . yoo ta’uu baatee Biyya Namaa keessatti salphachuudha. Gama kanaan waan hundee qabeessa ta’ee tokko hojjachuu irratti socha’uun barbaachisaadha. baqattoota keenya dhageettii akka argataniif gama hundaan hojjachuun barbaachisaadha.

8. Oromoo Addunyaatti beeksiisuuf tattaaffii taasifame :

Sochii oromoo bara 2014 keessaa kun bakka ol aanaa qabachuu danda’a. Hawaasi Oromoo Biyya alaa bakka jirutti dhimma Oromoo Biyya  jiru keessatti beeksisee fudahtama argamsiisuuf sochiin taasisan lakkoofsa hin qabu. Biyyoota Addunyaa irra jireessa keessatti hojii boonsaatu hojjatame. Oromoo addunyaatti beeksisuun , qabsoo Bilisummaa gaggeeffachaa jirru cinaan, Ummati kun ofiin of Bulchaa akka ture mirkaneessuuf, eenyummaa , maalummaa , aadaa , seenaa , jiruu fi jireenyi isaa kkf maal akka fakkaatan himachuun murteessaadha. Gaaffiin keenya isa kaan arginee kan kaanee odoo hin taanee, waan kaaneef akka qabnu beeksiisuun hedduu , hedduu barbaachisaadha.  beektoonni keenya dirree siyaasaa ykn si kuffifachoo irratti lubbu wal qabuu irra waan hundee ta’ee akkasii irratti osoo beekumsaa fi dandeetti isaanii wareeganii hojii boonsaa hojjatanii dabru.

Biyya of dandeesse ta’uu seenaa himuun qofti ga’aa miti. gaafa bor murtee Addunyaatti dhihaannu waan qabannee baanu qopheeffachuun abshaalummaadha. Gaaffiin keenya hangam addunyaa biratti, addatti warra addunyaan harka isaanii keessa jirtu biratti ilaalcha qabnu waan beeknuudha. Ulaa nuu saaqamteen daddaffiin keessa hulluuquuf garuu har’a waan nu barbaachisu qopheessuu fi addunya beeksiisuun hedduu barbaachisaadha. kanaaf , kana irra hojjannee oromiyaa Biyya jedhamtu qalbii addunyaa keessa kaa’uuf haa hojjannu.

9. IRREECHA 2014:

Irreechii 2014 yaada Lakko. 8ffaa kaasee kanaaf ragaa guddaadha. Ummati Oromoo waan addunyaatti fudhatee ba’uu qabaachuu nu mirkaneesse. Waan diinnu odoo itti hadhaawuu liqimsee UNSCO tti galmeessuuf nu iyyu irra ga’eedha. Kun injifannoo guddaadha. Waa cichanii  qaban xumurri isaa hedduu mirqaansaa ta’a. Irreecha kana diinni shira itti hin xaxu jechuun gawwummaadha. Irreechi duubatti akka hin deebineef garuu, irreecha Bishooftuu qofa irratti xiyyeeffate kana kan Biyyaaleessaa godhuu irratti bobba’uu nu gaafata. Kana caalaa gara itti qaban dhabsiisuu irratti hojjachuu gaafata. Waan irra geenye salphaa miti. diinni osoo ciisuu garuu kana caalaa babal’isuu qabna.

Ayyaannii Irreechaa baranaa Biyya keessaa fi alatti qindoomiinaan gaggeeffamuu isaatu waa hundaa milkeesse yoo jennee dhugaa irraa fagaachuu hin ta’u. Gadaa keenyas akkasitti gadi dhaabuuf lafa jala warraaquu fi ummata barsiisuun dansaadha. Kana irra dubbachuu hin fedhu. Waan hojjatamuu qabu hedduu qabna. Hundumaa qoratanii karaa qabsiisuu fi dhaloota harka buusuun murteessaadha. Bilisummaa keenyatti dhageetti itti horuuf, waan addunyaa keessatti ittin of ibsinu bakkatti deeffachuun barbaachisaadha. kana irra haa hojjannu.

Walumaa Galatti Bara 2014 keessa injifannoon galmeessine, salphaa miti. injifannoon kun diina irratti galmeessuus ta’ee malaa ykn hojiima ummata keenya irratti injifannoo galmeessuus ta’uu mala. Sochiin kun garu waa hedduu nu akeekee jira. Kana adda baafatanii isa itti aanuf of qopheessuun kan abbaati. Yeroo itti wal dammaqisinu keessa hin  jirru. Akka dhunfaatti, akka walootti , akka dhaabaatti, akka waldaatti kkf qoodi keenya maalii jennee yeroo itti sochoonee Bilisummaa keenya itti dhiheeffannuudha.

Wayyaaneen har’aa waa hundaatti ija dunuunfatee kan itti fiigu ta’eera.sochii keenyatu fimaata sihee dhabsiisaa jira. Badii isheen raawwattuun dhimma keenya finiinsuun ni danda’ama. Mormiin nagaa kun isaaf siree quuqqaaa hin qabne ta’eera. Kanaaf fala quuqqaa itti jabeessuu barbaachuu, badiin isaas isa irra dabree maatii fi lammiilee Tigiraayii yaaddoo keessa galchaa waan jiruuf, dhala Tigiree akka dhuunfaattis badiin ijoollee fi obbolaan isaanii raawwataa jiran hegaree isaaniif yaaddeessaa ta’uu akka dhuunfaattillee itti himuun dansaadha. Addatti Biyya alaatti karoorri wayyaanee mormii –mormitootaa jabeessu waan ta’eef itti himuun gaaariidha.

Akka walii galaatti hojii caalaaf of qopheessuu fi hojjachuu irratti haa jabaannu. Barri 2015 Bara Gumaan obbolaa keenyaa itti baatu haa taatu .



Somalia : Foreign Companies and Front Line Countries Exploiting Somalia’s Failed State

Somalia’s two neighboring head of states’ utterance damped international community’s speculations that Kenya and Ethiopia want a peaceful neighbor of Somalia at this critical time.
” We worked your destruction before, but we are the same ones that destroyed you that want to rebuild your country again”, Seyoum Mesfin Gebredinge, Ethiopia’s foreign Minister coaxed members of clan-leaders and delegates represented at the Eldoret/Mbagathi conference in May 2004.
“Former Kenyan President, daniel Toroitich Arap Moi quoted saying, We are very concerned about the revival of Somalia which will reclaim the disputed Somali territories of NFD and Ogaden region under Kenyan and Ethiopian control.” He said this at the American Defense University while his country under Moi’s presidency was sponsoring behalf of international community the Eldoret/mbagathi conference in may 2004.
The two of the above-mentioned countries contribute their own forces in Somalia under the auspices of AMISOM. Under the term of fighting terrorism yet their own selfish interests differ whilst working as brothers in army when it comes to weakening Somalia but other hand both governments of Kenya and Ethiopia confront each other occasionally for the case of the Jubaland state of Somalia.
According to countries studies source site Ethiopia and Kenya concluded a mutual defense pact in 1964 in response to what both countries perceived as a continuing threat from Somalia. This pact was renewed in 1980 and again on August 28, 1987, calling for coordination of the armed forces of both states in the event of an attack by Somalia.
From the Transitional Federal government (TFGs) to the current Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) have failed by protecting the Somali soil and putting Somali people first.
The current government of Dammul Jadiid and the so-called MPS are not answering the needs of Somali people that are dying unnecessarily everywhere and being degrading by neighboring countries as the case of Kenyan Police swoop at Eistleigh and Ethiopian government’s crackdown on Somalis in Addis Ababa.
Unfortunately, the Somali government of Dammul Jadiid has never asked why Norwegian oil companies at the Somali coastal sea of Jubaland are doing there. The government has no answers for Jazeera beach located in the outskirts of Mugodisho and the military training camp of Halane,either.Because it does not aware what are going on. Can’t we say the government opted not to fulfill its responsibilities- not only to safe-guard the well being of its nationals- but the country as well.
How many times do we hear foreign helicopters landed in Somali soil for shooting and hunting or foreign unknown individuals spotted that entered Somalia without visas by violating the law. These individuals intentions left unknown whether they are solely agents or exploring the locals of Somali oil and gas fields as Somalia is now a hotbed for foreign oil-hungry corporation- all we know is they enter and out at will and nobody questions them why they are in there.
In November 14, 2013, Puntland Intelligence Agency arrested briefly two foreign nationals, an English and French nationals both of these men were talking to international governmental and Non-governmental organizations as a series of text messages obtained from their cellphones read , according to Puntland’s former Security Minister, Khalif Isse Mudan.
When will the Somali government and MPs based in Mugodisho focus on serving their own people without working and/or appeasing foreign agents supremacy merely to gain their personal profits?
Foreign exploitation in sea and on land have recent years escalated due to Somalia’s failed state, but the pressing question on the minds of Somali patriots is how long will Somalia which was once powerful country remain no-man’s land.
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It’s been called by some to be a new form of colonialism. Others say it isoutright theft.

Since 2000, over 37 million hectares of land, mainly in the world’s poorest nations, have been acquired by foreign investors “without the free, prior, and informed consent of communities” in what, according to Oxfam and other organizations, constitutes a “land grab.” It’s a portion of land twice the size of Germany, according to researchers.

More than 60% of crops grown on land bought by foreign investors in developing countries are intended for export, instead of for feeding local communities. Worse still, two-thirds of these agricultural land deals are in countries with serious hunger problems. A report by the University of Virginia in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan says that a third to a fourth (pdf, p. 1) of the global malnourished population, or 300 to 550 million people, could be fed from the global share of land grabs.

Instead, the land is used to grow profitable crops—like sugarcane, palm oil, and soy. The benefits of this food production “go to the investors and to the countries that are receiving the exports, and not to the benefit of local communities,” says Paolo D’Odorico, professor of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia. He attributes the phenomenon to a global “commodification of land” and says the problem will only get worse in the coming years as food prices continue to rise globally.

Land grabs in the developing world create a system so unequal that resource-rich countries become resource dependent.

In Ethiopia, one of the world’s largest recipients of foreign aid, the problem is particularly acute. In a country where over 30% of the population (pdf) is below the food poverty line, crops are exported abroad—primarily to India, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

Multinationals buy up the land from the Ethiopian government for lease and bring in workers to farm it.

Favorable climate conditions and government relief have led Ethiopia to be chosen as a new production site by many flower growers present in Kenya. Bangalore-based Karuturi Global, the world’s largest rose exporter, has rose plantations in the country, and is planning the development of a 300,000-hectare lease in the Gambella area.

Alfredo Bini, an Italian photojournalist, examined Ethiopian land grabs in his recently released photo series, “Land Grabbing.” For the investors, Bini explains, the deals were not “land grabs” but opportunities to get huge returns on investments.

As Birinder Singh, the executive director of Karuturi in Ethiopia, plainly states in his interview with Bini: “When someone calls it ‘land grab,’ we call it ‘land development.’”

“These companies—mostly Saudi and Indian—are signing deals with the Ethiopian government to lease this land… for 25, 30, sometimes 50 years, depriving local populations of the ability to harvest their crops and feed themselves,” Bini told Quartz. “The government says the lands are empty and not being harvested but from what I saw and documented in my reporting this is entirely not the case.”

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Teessoo Shaggar fi gosoota Oromoo Shaggar/Finfinnee keessa fi naannoo
ishii Qubatan.
Shaggar/Finfinneen gosa Oromoo keessa isa tokkoo kan ta’ee fi dame
Booraanaa keessa Tuulama kan jedhamuun abbaa qabeenyaa taatee ture.
Tuulama keessa gosti guddaa fi inni angafaa kan ta’e Galaan kan
jedhamu. Qarqara kibba tulluu Cuqqaalaa irraa ka’ee Hawaas(Hawaash)
cehuun hanga walakkaa Shaggar/Finfinneetti tamsa’ee jira. Gosti kun
balbala baayyee of jalatti kan qabu yoo ta’u hanga Wallootti diriiree
Inni Lammaffaan Obo Tuulamaa immoo Galaan irraa gara kaabattii Caffee
Doonsaa irraa kaasee hanga Qarree-Gowwaa jedhamuttii diriiree kan jiru
yoo ta’u, naannoo Finfinnee/Shaggar kan qubatee, ilam angafaa Oboo kan
ta’e gosa Gumbichuu yoo ta’u hanga kaabaa Finfinnee/Shaggar naannoo
Caancotti jira. (Gosa gurguddaa 7 qaba)
Ilmaan Oboo Finfinnee keessa warra jiran lamaan keessaa (Gullallee
Oboo fi Gullallee Beeroo) gullallee Oboo Finfinnee irraa kaasee gara
kaabaa fi kaabaa dhihaatti/Lixaatti diriiree hanga baha laga Mogoritti
yoo ta’u gara kibbaatti immoo Galaan keessa…

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SEENAA  Y.G(2005)

Sochiin Oromoo, Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Bara 2014 Biyya keessatti gaggeeffamen wal-qabatee gaggeeffame, Sochii Oromoon taasisuu dada’u keessaa hangam ta’a jedhanii tilmaamu irra, waan inni nu akeeku irraa barachuutu dansaadha jedhee mata duree kana filadhe malee, falmaa Diddaa Gabrummaa waggaa 100 olii hanqisuuf akka hin taane, naaf hubattu jedheen amana. Seenaa Qabsoo Oromoo Jalqabaa hanga Bilisummaatti jiru yeroon itti katabnuu fi seenaaf keenyu ni dhufa. Hojii guddaan, yeroo sana asi butuuf hojjachuudha. Sochii itti jirru kana yeroo hundaa madaaluun dansaadha. Madaalliin kun gama lamaan ta’uu danda’a.

  1. Humna qabaachuu qabnu ykn baayyina keenyaan , beekumsa keenyaan, dandeettii lammiilee keenyaan, kkfn wal-gitaa ? 2. Humna diinaa nu dura dhaabbatee jiruun. Gama kanaan yennaa ilaalluu , tarii waa hedduu nu akeeku danda’a. hangam hojjachuun akka nu irraa eegamuus nu akeeka. Sochiin jiru garuu rakkoo fi danqaalee keessa ofi illee dabalatee jiru keessa taree kan hojjatame waan ta’eef, waan nu akeeku qaba. odoo yaadaa fi qalbiin keenya gama tokko jiraatee woo ? jennee akka of gaafannus nu akeeka……humna Boonsaa hojii iccittii bobaa diinaa jala taa’anii ykn bakka biraas taa’anii hojjatan, Hojiin qofaa akka irra aannu kan nu mirkaneessan qabaachuu keenyas nu akeeka. Kun dhugumatti kan itti boonnuudha. Seenaa kanas yeroon itti faarsinu ni dhufa. Amma garuu yeroo isaa miti. hojjachuu, falmuu, xiiqeffachuu, gumaa ba’uuf halkanii guyyaa hojjachuu qofaatu furmaata ta’uu nu akeeka. Qabsaa’oonni kaleessa haqa Ummata isaaniif manaa ba’an , duuchaamatti diinaan olitti isaan abaaruun illee sabummaa irraa ka’amee akka akka hin taane nu akeeka. Ijoollee dhalootaan qaroo ta’an, ABO dhaga’uu irra taranii ijaan arganii hin beekne wareegama Boonsaa akkasii Bilisummaaf kafalaa jiraniin, “Bilisummaa Ummata keenyaa nuutiyyuu ijaan arguu dhiisuu dandeenya” jedhenii miidiyaa of harkaa qabaniin tamsaasuun sirri akka hin taane nu akeeka. Sochiin Oromoo Bara 2014 waan nu akeeku qabaan waa hedduudha. “Haasaa 1,000,000 irra , gocha 1 tu Bilisummaatti dhihoodha” kanan jedheef kanaafi.

Kutaa 2ffaatti deebina.


  1. Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Barattootaa fi Dargaggootaa Biyya keessaa
  2. Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya keessaa ijoollee cinaa hiriiruu,
  3. Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya alaa deeggarsaa fi ajjeechaa morme hiriira qindoome gaggeessuu,
  4. Qabsaa’oonni Ilaalchaan tokko ta’an ABO jabaa gadi dhaabuuf murteessu
  5. Midiyaalee walabaa (Intarneetaanis) dhimma Ummata isaanii irratti hojjataa jiran,
  6. Dhaabbileen, Waldaaleen gargaarsaa fi Amantii dhimma Oromoo irratti hiriiruu eegaluu ,
  7. Baqattootaaf birmannaa taaisfame,
  8. Aadaa, Seenaa fi Oromiyaa beeksisuuf sochiilee taasifaman,
  9. Ayyaana Irreechaa 2014 irratti Sochii Biyya keessaa fi alatti gaggeeffame,
  10. Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa 2014 fi Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya alaa ,

Qindoominni Hiriira Deeggarsaa fi miidhaa Ummata keenya addatti ijoollee irra ga’ee addunyaatti beeksiisu irratti hojjatame, Nama boonsa. Humna qabaachuu qabnu keessaa amma tokkon ykn wareegama nuuti baasu qabnu keessaa ka’umsaaf kan ta’uun, dhimmi  keenya sadarkaa Senaatarooraatti akka irratti mari’atamu taasifnee jirra. Biyyoonni fi dhaabbileen edila addunyaa adda addaa ajandaa akka taasifatan taasifnee jirra. Sochiin taasifame kun waa hedduu nu akeekee jira . Lammiileen Oromoo Biyya alaa dhimma Ummata isaanii addunyaatti beeksisuuf carraan qaban bal’aadha. Ummati Biyya keessaa sirna guyyaa saafaa Taankiin Nama irra deemu, Gogaa Namaa quncisee nama adabu keessa jiraatanii wareegama baasaa jiranii, Bilisummaa isaan wareegamaniif nuufis qorichaa maaltu nu irraa eegama ? jedahnii sochiin eegalan itti fufu qaban. Haala ijoolleen falmaa keessatti gaggeessaa jiranii fi haala Biyya alaa Kanaanis of madaaluu barbaachisa.

Dhimma Ummata keenyaa irratti wal bira dhaabbachuu danda’u irra tarree, waliin Asfaaltii irra teenye beelaan of adabnee aantummaa Ummata keenyaa mirkaneessinee jirra. Jireenya Biyya alaa Ulfaataa sana keessatti yeroo ofiillee wareeganii Ummata ofiif dubbachuun waan salphaa akka hin taane beekamaa. Jiraachuun ammoo waan hundaa dursa waan ta’eef. Kanas ta’uu yaadaa fi gaaffii ummata ofii akka fedhanitti bakka dhiheessuun danda’amutti hangam hojjannee ? jennee akka of gaafannu kan nu akeeku tokko sochii 2014 kanadha. Biyya alaa kana keessatti akka yaada ofii ka’anii hiriira ba’uun ykn waan yaadan gaggeeffachuun rakko. Akka sochii 2014 kanaa garuu qindeeffannaan waggaa guutuu sagalee Ummata keenyaa eessattu dhageesisuun akka danda’amu nu akeeka. Yeroo Ajjeefamuu fi hidhamuu Ummata keenyaa qofaa odoo hin taanee,yeroo hundaa miidhaa ummata keenya irra ga’u dhageesisuu akkamiin dandeenya ? jedhanii mari’achuu fi hojiitti hiikuun fardiidha.

Qabsoo jechuun Miseensa dhaabaa irratti qofaa kan gatamu osoo hin taanee, Hawaasa Biyya keessaa fi alaa kan ilaallatu ta’uu qabatamaatti arginee jirra.kana caalaatti akka dhaabaattis, akka Kominiitittis, akka Waldaalee Amantiittis, Akka waldaalee Gargaarsaattis, kkf wal gargaaruun , waliin dhaabbachuun hangam dhageetti akka namatti horu hubanneerra. Kana irra dhaabbatanii akeekkachuun kan nama qalbii qabuuti. Isaan asittis waan qindoomiinaan deemaa jiran argaa jirra. Faranjiinis warra takkaa ho’anii deebi’anii qabbanaa’an jettee , gaafa nuuti iyyannee isin dhageenye jechaa amma nuuti deebinee iyyannutti akka nu hin eegne fi, jarri kun dhugaa qabu jettee kaka’umsa isaanii irraa ajandaa isaanii hanga taasisanitti hojjachuuf, dabareen hiriirrii fi sochiin adda addaa akka taasifamu danda’u waan baranneef itti fufun barbaachisaadha.

“Wal dhaggeeffachuu fi waliif birmachuun aadaa keenya keessatti jiru , garuu nu harkaa bade nutti deebi’uuf nu suufachaa jiru kanaaf balbala bananii simachuun hedduu nu gargaara. Waan adda itti ta’anii beekanii, waan irratti waliif galan irratti hojjachuun, Dimokiraasiin nuuf aadaa dha isa jennuu nu dhugeessa. yeroo gaddaa fi rakkoo adda ba’uu mannaa, yeroo gammachuu adda faca’uu wayya. Gammachuu waloo keessaa yoo dhabanillee dhuunfaatti nama biraa hin hafu. Gaddi garuu Ummata waliin yoo ta’e Nama jabeessa. Yoo qophaa ta’an garuu Nama cabsa.” Kun falaasama Oromooti. Barumsi hammayyaa nu fuutee baddee kan dagatame. Kanaaf Hawaasi Biyya alaa Sochiin taasisu humnoota alaattis iyyachuuf, Ummata Biyya keessaaf hamilee ta’utti amannee, yoo xiqqaate waan Ummata Biyya keessaa Boonsu irratti hojjachuun baroodha. Diinaa Ummata keenya miidhaa Ulfaataa irraan ga’aa jiru irratti hojjachaa , waan keessa ofii tolfachaa deemuun murteessaadha. Qindoominni socii Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya alaa kana caalaa jabaatee dhageetti Ummata keenyaa akka ol kaasee addunyaa irra nu dhaabu hin shakku.

  1. Mooraa Qabsoo Oromoo Irroomsuu :-

Barri 2014 Seenaa Qabsoo Oromoo keessatti waan ittin ibsamu hedduu. Waan hundi yeroo isaa malee akka hin taanee, Maanguddoonni Oromoo barnooti hammayyaa hin booressine gadi jabeessanii dubbatu. Dhugumatti miidhaan Ummata irra ga’u jabaataa wayita deemu fi waan nuuti keessa jirru ilaallee waa hedduu dubbachuu malla. Waa hedduus hawwina ta’a. waanuma halkan tokkotti waa hundaa jijjiirru nutti fakkaatee, waan fagoo nu hin tarkaanfachiifne keessa seennee Maraammartoo siyaasaan kufana ta’a. waan ana qofaaf dubbiin galte goonee Xiinxala hedduus tarrifna ta’a. Addunyaan, amma Miidiyaama yeroos keessa teenya dubbannu yk amma waraqaa irratti katabaa jirru geessi jennee waan boruu deebi’ee mataa gadi nu qabsiisuu haasa’uus dandeenya.kkf.

Kun hundi yeroo isaa malee yoo ta’ee isuma akka har’a teenye of taajjabaa jirru hordofsiisa. Har’a dhalli Oromoo bakka jirutti of ilaalaa jira jedheen amana. Dhugaan eessa akka jirus caalaatti adda baafachaa jira. Dirree siyaasaa keessatti of ilaaluun hedduu barbaachisaadha. Odoo hin hojjannee fi hin falmannee Bilisummaan hin jiru. kan hojjatee fi dhama’u Bilisummaa yoo gaafate irraa bareeda. Kan wareegama waa maraa baasuu Bilisummaan maa fagaattee ? jedhee yoo komate irraa bareeda. Kan Umurii guutuu xiinxalaaf taa’e garuu, guyyuu yoo komataa olee bulu qaama irra na hin yaa’u. Ummati keenya kana adda baafachuun dansaadha. Adeemsi Siyaasaa Mana Ijaaramu tokkon fakkeeffama malee, yeroo inni jaraamee dhumuun wal bira hin qabamu. Mana tokko hundee isaa ijaaruu kaasee, waan mana isa taasisuu fi jabiina qabu ilaalanii siyaasaaf fakkeenya taasifachuun ni danda’ama. Garuu hundee isaa torban tokkotti , gidaara isaa, achi kkf herreeganii waggaatti yk baatii ammanaatti jedhamee herreegamu, Adeemsa qabsoo fi siyaasaa akkasiin lafa keewwachuun rakkoodha. Akkasitti yaaduun hedduu nu dhamaaseera. Firiin muka tokko yeroo isaa malee akka bilchaatu hawwinee, hundee isaatii yoo murree kan yaadine ni argannaa ? ykn firiin sun haa bilchaatu jennee Bishaan guyyaa guutuu itti guurreef, xaa’oo humnaa olii itti dhangalaasneef bilchaachuu firii Sanaa ni ariifachiifnaa ?

Amma yeroon isaa ga’ee ABO jabaa gadi dhaabuu irra ga’ameera. Kun Ummataaf Abdii ol aanaadha. Itti baha isaa argachuuf ammallee yeroo nu gaafata. Kun haala keessa jirru irrattis hundaa’a. kana irra waan jabaas dhaga’uu dandeenya. Waan keessa dabarree nuuf barnoota guddaadha. Humni akkasitti yaadu yeroo keessa dhufa . dhawaataan argama. Calalamee kan akka sibiilaa jabaatu hanga argamutti , yeroo gaafata. Warri Addunyaan nu harka jirti jedhan Biyya waggaa 40 booda dhuunfachuu barbaadaniif, itti duulanii dhaloota yaada isaanii qabu keessatti dhalchaa fi guddisaa jiran. Yeroo guddatan iskoolaar shippii barnootaa jedhanii ofitti fudhatanii barsiisanii akka Biyya bulchu taasisanii waan fedhan hojjatan . fkn……

Biyyi Iskotilaand jedhamtu waggaa 300 booda Biritaaniyaa jalaa ba’uuf hiree murteeffannaaf dhihaattee waan ishee mudate agarree jirra. Isaan tarii waggaa amma kana sabboonummaa isaanii Ummata keessa tursuu yaalaa turan ta’a. Ingiliziin garuu dubbiin garamitti akka deemu waan beektuf, karaa waan kana danqitu irratti hojjachaa turte. Addatti Dingdee gama hundaa jiru tu’atanii dhiibbaa har’aa kana raawwatan. Kanaaf waan hin yaadamne arguu dandeenye.warri dhibee wal fakkaataa qabanis keessaan waa hedduu dalagan. Addunyaa akkasii keessa jirra .(shira kana hawwuu ykn bilisummaa dhabuu jaraa deeggaru koo miti) shirri akkasiis nu irratti raawwatamu mala.nuutis akkas fageessinee yaaduun dansaadha. Mooraan Qabsoo YK Qabsaa’oonni walitti dhufuu qofaa irratti hojjachuun ga’aa natti hin fakkaatu. Hegaree keenya ijaaruu irrattis gorsaa fi yaada laachufiitu dansaadha. Waan har’a arginu fi nu miidhe kana dhaloota itti aanu keessatti akka hin umamneetti akkamiin gadi isaan dhaabnaa jedhanii yaaduun bilchina .Biyyoonni hedduun sagantaan siyaasa isaanii waggaa 20-25ttii akkas goona jedhanii akeekkatu. Yoo kun yaadamuu jalqabee waan har’aa irratti wal qabuun dhibee Nagaan waliin tarkaanfachuutu eegalama jedheen yaada.

Waan har’a irra geenye jirru tuffachuun , qeeqa akka baallee indaaqqoo salphatuun saaduun,kkf eessaanu nu hin ga’an. Halgaa gammachiisuu danda’a. miidhama Ummata keenyatti jabeessuus danda’a. ABO jabaa nuuti hawwinu Ummataaf kan labsu , Nama Jabaadha. Qabsaa’oota jabaadha. Hojii jabaadha. Wareegama jabaadha. Keessa tikifachuudha. Waan hundaa hojiin irra aanuu keenyadha. Diina irraa keessaa fi alaan of irraa ittisuu yoo dandeenyedha. Rakkoon kaleessaa nutti hin deebitu jennee warra yaada kana dhugeessaa jiran waan maraan yoo waliin dhaabbanneedha. Kun haqa. Kun hundi odoo hin taanee yk gochuuf odoo hin murannee hawwuun hawwuumadha. ABOn Jabaachuun Ummati jabaachuudha. Qabsoo walii galaa Ummati keenya itti jiruufis hundeedha. Hundee qabsoo keenyaa jabeeffachaa, sochii Bara 2014 bifa gara garaan itti fufuun murteessaadha.

Gama kaaniin, fedhii Ummata ofii ialaallatanii dantaa ofii nama hollachiiftu of keessaa baasanii , Qabsoo Ummata ofii tarkaanfachiisuun, kakuu jaallanii  dhugeessuu ta’aa jedheen yaada. Gaddaa fi miidhaa keessa taa’aanii dantaa dhuunfaa dhaggeeffachuun sirri natti hin fakkaatu. Waan hunda dura wareegama Biyya keessaaf bakka laachuutu gaariidha. siyaasa addunyaa keessatti , saba tokko keessaa miti, Biyyumti bara baraaf diina wal taasifate hin jiru. yoo barbaachisees, wal irraa fagaachuun keenya lola addunyaatu itti jirtuun tokko miti. taa’aanii yoo yaadan iyyu, kun akkamiin ta’ee ? jedhanii kan nama gaabbisiisuudha. Ilaalchuma tokkotu bakka lama dhaabbate. Yeroo ammanaa fudhachuu isaattuu gaabbuu qabna. yoo bara baraaf wal lolu ykn wal jibbuu ta’es, wayyaanee faa’a waliin malee, obbolaan lama ……hin tolu.

Mooraa Qabsoo walii galaa keessatti tasgabbii Uumanii waliin socha’uun murteessaadha. Kana Umuuf, sochii bara 2014 caalaa akka taasifnu hin shakku. Hundumtu waan ummata kanaaf tolu qofa irratti odoo hojjatee fi waan nu booressu irraa odoo dhaabbatee, Tokkomuun ykn Gamtoomuun Oromoo waggoota nu hin eegsiisu ta’a. Halagaan sadarkaa dantaa isaaf jedhee wal dhabee nu miidhaa jira. Kufaatii keenya irratti mana waloo ijaarrachuuf yaadan. Nuuti ammoo lola isa dhumaan wal dhamaafna. Kana dhaabnaan karaan eegalame milkiin akka xumurru hin shakku.

5.Miidiyaalee dhimma Oromoo irratti hojjataa jiranilaalchisee:-

Kutaa 3ffaan itti fufa

HORAA BULAA !!!!!!!!!!

Haajii Biiftuu Fayyisoo


SEENAA  Y.G(2005)

Bara 2014” Ummati Oromoo Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa isaa kabachiisuuf yk deeffachuuf, Biyya keessaa fi alatti Qabsoon gaggeessaa jiru, diina irratti waloon hojjachuun bu’aa qabeessa ta’uu qofa odoo hin taanee, keessa isaatti , sochiin Nama dhuunfaa eegalee amma dhaabaatti, dabrees/darbees amma Ummataatti gumaacha yoo taasifne, Injifannoon dhihoo ta’uu kan itti hubateedha jedheen amana. Nama waan hojjatame gamaagamee, isa itti aanuuf maaltu nu irraa eegama ? sochii keenya kana irra bal’ifnee yoo itti fufnee Gabrummaa jalaa ba’uu dandeenya, kana irra yoo wal dhaggeeffannee fi wal utubne…… jedhee kan herreeggateef, Barri 2014 barnootaa fi hamilee guddaa nu keessatti uumuu irra taree, sochii itti aanuuf bu’ura godhata. Ummata Mirga isaaf saganteeffatee Biyya keessaa fi alatti sochaa’aa jiru, diinni hangamuu hammeenya nu irratti hojjatu, qabsoo Ummata kanaa dhaamsuu akka hin dandeenye, Ummati kun Qabsoo walii galaaf Qophaa’aa jiraachuu fi kunis injifannoo Ummata kanaan akka Goolabamu diinni dirqamaan akka fudhatu taasisa.

Bara 2014 Biyya keessaa fi alatti sochiileen turan, Seenaa Qabsoo Ummata kanaa keessatti bakka ol-aanaa qabu jechuu dandeenya.Bara 2014 Biyya keessaa fi alatti , Sochiileen taasifaman (bifa kamiinu haa ta’uu) Addunyaa irratti dhageetti kan itti argannee fi hammenya diinaa Addunyaatti kan beeksifannee, akkasumas, Qabsoon keenya haqummaa qabaachuu isaa kan nuuf mirkaneesseedha. Sochiileen kun humna qabnu hundaan itti bobbaanee milkeessinee ?moo warra dhimma Ummata isaanii guyyuu hordofantu waan kana milkeesse ? yoo jenne, deebiin isaa ifadha. gabaabaatti, baayyina keenya humnatti jijjiruuf sochiilee Bara 2014 waan nu akeeku qaba yoo jenne wayya.ykn Ilaalcha kamiinu adda taanu, dhimma Oromoo irratti wal tumsuun akka danda’amu karaa nu saaqeeraa jechuus dandeenya. Diina waan hundaan Biyya keenya irratti of goobsee jiru, sochii akkasiin kan sochoofne, sochii kana dachaa sadiin illee yoo guddifne, jilbeeffachiisuu dandeenya jennee herreeguus dandeenya.

Ani akka Nama tokkotti, Daa’ima waggaa/ganna 10 wayyaanee balaaleffachuuf baatee rasaasaan dhangalaate ijaan odoon arguu, Ummati Oromoo hin dammaqinee jedhee hin dubbadhu. Dammaqisuufis hin yaalu. Karaa fi shira diinaa ittii himuun garuu waan jiraati. Maanguddoo waggaa 80 wayyaanee odoo mormuu rasaasaan jigisan osoo ijaan arguu, Dulloomtee Afaan kee odoo qabattee ta’ee,yk karaa naa gadhiisis hin jedhu. Maaliif jennaan, tokkoo, Gabrummaan Umuriin Nama hin qoodu.Lammeessoo, Dhaloota har’a lubbuun jiru hundaaf hundeedha waan ta’eef. kana malees, akka Nama baranaa, dhaabbata dhabee odoo hin kachachallee, haqa isaaf cichuun isaa , Gabrummaa mormee Ummata isaaf, Ijollee isaaf fakkeenya ta’ee wareegamuun isaa , ganamaa kaasee walabummaa Ummata isaaf falmaa jiraachuun isaa, Seenaa keessatti faarfamaa jiraachuu qaba jedhee waan itti amnuuf. Kanaaf, Barruu kiyya  kutaa 3n dhiheessuuf yaalu keessatti, Bara 2014 akka fakkeenyaatti qabxiilee sochiilee Ijoo ta’an fudhee, Sochiilee Boonsaa kanaaf hundeen Qindoominaa fi wal dhaga’uu ta’utti waanan amaneef, waan kana caalaatti jabeessuuf qabxiilee nu fayyadu jedhee itti amane kaasee, hunduu yaada irratti yoo walii hire, hojii kana caalaa hojjachuu dandeenya kan jedhu fi Bara 2015 humna qabnuun qabsoo keenya finiinsuuf gamanumaa saganteeffachuu fi qindeeffachuun murteessaa ta’uu yaadachiisuun yaade na ofkalchaa .

  1. Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Barattootaa fi Dargaggootaa Biyya keessaa
  2. Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya keessaa ijoollee cinaa hiriiruu,
  3. Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya alaa deeggarsaa fi ajjeechaa morme hiriira qindoome gaggeessuu,
  4. Qabsaa’oonni Ilaalchaan tokko ta’an ABO jabaa gadi dhaabuuf murteessu
  5. Midiyaalee walabaa (Intarneetaanis) dhimma Ummata isaanii irratti hojjataa jiran,
  6. Dhaabbileen, Waldaaleen gargaarsaa fi Amantii dhimma Oromoo irratti hiriiruu eegaluu ,
  7. Baqattootaaf birmannaa taaisfame,
  8. Aadaa, Seenaa fi Oromiyaa beeksisuuf sochiilee taasifaman,
  9. Ayyaana Irreechaa 2014 irratti Sochii Biyya keessaa fi alatti gaggeeffame,
  1. Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Barattoota, Dargaggootaa fi Sabbontootaan gaggeeffame fi,
  2. Sochii Ummata Biyya keessaa ilaalchisee:-

Sochiin Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa bifa haaraan gaggeeffamuu ega eegalee waggoota lakkofsiisee jira. Garuu kan akka bara 2014 hojiin Gootummaa itti hojjatamee fi wareegamni qaaliin itti kafalame mul’ateera jechuun nama rakkisa. Sochiin kun Qabsoon Oromoo Biyya keessaa fi alatti dhageettii guddaa akka argatu taasisuu irra taree,wayyaanee  fi jala deemtootaaf ergaa ol aanaa kan dabarseedha jechuun ni danda’ama. Ummati Bilisummaa Barbaadu hidhamuun, hiraaruun, ajjeefamuun, Biyyaa godaanuun waanuma Addunyaan hundi obsaa fi murannoon keessa baatee Bilisummaa labsattee itti jiraatteedha.Wayyaaneen waan hundaa tu’adheen jira jettee bakka dhaadattutti, teekinooloojiin hammayyaa hundaa ta’udhe jettee lallabaa bakka jirtutti, Humna waraanaan waa hundaa of jala galcheera jettee of mookisaa bakka jirtuutti, Bilisummaa Ummatootaa mirkaneesse, Ummati na waliin hiriiree jira,Qabsoo Ummata Oromoo ABOn durfamu laaffise, dhabamsiisee jettee yeroo dhaadataa jirtutti, Fincilli Diddaa Gabrummaa Oromiyaa keessaa guyyaa tokkotti itti dhohe kun, wayyaaneen waan qabdee fi godhiiftu wallaaltee hangam akka olii if gadi akka fiigde Seenaatu galmeessee jira. Kana malees yeroo ammaa Qabsoon Ummata Oromoo shiraa fi hololli siyaasaa bifa kamiitu irratti gaggeeffamu, ajjeechaa fi hidhaan bifa kamiitu irratti raawwatamu , dhaamsuun akka hin danda’amne, wayyaanee caalaa ragaa kan ba’uu jira natti hin fakkaatu.

Fincillii Diddaa Gabrummaa 2014 Seenaa Ummata Oromoo keessatti bakka ol aanaa qaba. akkasuma Ijoollee fi sabboontoonni Mirga Abbaa Biyyummaa Ummata isaaniif Wareegama bifa kamiitu kfalan seenaan yoomillee isaan hin dagatu.Seenaan galmeessee kaa’aa qofaa odoo hin taanee, dhalonni Oromoo Biyya keessaa fi ala jiru hundumtuu gumaa isaanii baasuuf, sochii daranii qindeessee keessattis hirmaatee diina dachee isaa irraa buqqisuuf halkanii fi guyyaa kan irratti hojjatuudha. Jabiin Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa SEENAAn yeroo itti faarfatu ni dhufa jechaa,Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Qeerroo fi Qarree, Barataa fi Barattuu, Dargaggoo fi Dargaggeetti , Hojjataa, Abbaa Qabeenyaa, Waldaalee adda addaa kkf hammatu itti fufisiisuuf waan nu irraa eegamu gumaachuuf hundi keenya bakka jirru haa sochoonu.

Ummata Oromoo Qabsoo walii galaaf qopheessuu keessatti gumaacha mataa keenyaa taasisuuf , murannoon waliin dhaabbachuu nu barbaachisa. sochiin ijoollee keenyaa Biyya alaatti Hawaasa Oromoo sochoosee sagalee isaanii dhageesisuun akka waliin dhaabbatan san, Biyya keessattis qaama hawaasa Oromoon odoo utubamee ta’ee firiin isaa kana irra mirqaansaa ta’a ture. fkn.Ficila diddaa 2014 irratti wanni addaa mul’ate tokko. Ijoollee kana waliin sabboontonni fi Ummati sochii taasiseedha. Ajjeefamuu ijoollee mormuu, kan hidhaatti guuran gadhiisiisuu, ijoollee irraa bitamtoota dhorkuun sochiin taasifamedha. Kana caalaatti jabeeffachuu nama barbaachisa. gaaffiin ijoollee kanaa sirrii ta’uu fi Ummaticha kan bakka bu’u ta’uu dhugeessuuf , humni nama baratee fi qaama Hawaasichaa biraa isaan cinaa jiraachuun diinaaf soda guddaadha. Kana lfa qabsiisuun dansaadha.

Addatti, Dargaggootaa fi shamarran keenya, Warshaalee fi Kubbaaniyyaa wayyaanee, akkasumas Biyyoota alaa keessatti maqaa hojiin ukkaafamanii ta’aan hirmaachisuuf gama hundaan sochaa’uu nu barbaachisa. Sirna gaaffii Ummataa dhaggeeffachuu hin barbaannef furmaati jiru, dantaa isaa irratti bobba’uudha. Mormii karaa Nagaan yoo hin dhaga’u jedhee, waan biraas waliin akeekkachuu barbaachisa. Wayyaanee kan nu irratti goobsee inni adda duraa, OPDO dha. inni lamataa qabeenyaa keenyadha. Yeroo kanatti adda durummaan kan wayyaaneef bifa kamiinu irree kan  ta’eef, Qabeenyaa keenyadha. Hanga waan kana saamuuf sodaa fi yaaddoo tokko illee hin qabaatinitti, Abbaa irrummaa ishee itti fufti. Kanaaf bifa kanaan qormaata gadi fageenyaa gaggeessinee waan furmaata nuuf ta’u falachuu nu barbaachisa.

Maastar Pilaaniin Finfinnee haaraan sabbataa, Aqaaqii, Holataa fi kkf akka dabalatu kan taasisaniif, dachee kana Oromiyaa jalaa baasuu qofaaf odoo hin taanee, Finfinnee irraa hanga KM 45tti Qabeenyaan jiru irra jireessa kan wayyaanootaati. Galiin bakka kana irraa qofaa argamu lafee duddaa Biyyattiiti. Galiin kun tokkollee akka Oromiyaa seenuu fi Naannoon Oromiyaa itti fayyadamu hin barbaadan. Naannoo kanaa galii Gibiraa fi kkf irraa galiin argamu, Fedaraalaaf akka galu taasifama. Ammallee. OPDOn kan itti hajajidu muraasa qofa. Tigiraayitti garuu akkas miti. galiin hundumtuu Naannichaafidha. Nageenya isaanii Finfinnee keessaa mirkaneessuuf illee , Naannoo kana akka fedhanitti ijaaruu barbaadu. Sagantaan isaanii yeroo dheeraa kan hedduu nama sukkanneessuudha. Diina gara jabiina akkasii qabuutu nu dura dhaabbatee jira. Kanaaf sochiin keenya kan kanaan wal gitu ta’uu qaba.waan isaan rifaasisuu fi Ummati isaanillee hegaree isaaniif akka yaadan taasisuun murteessaadha.

Akka fakkeenyaatti waa tokko kaasuun ni danda’ama. Wayyaaneen Gaaffii Ummata Oromoo kana Addunyaa kana irratti fudhatama dhabsiisuuf shirri hojjattu lakkoofsa kan hin qabne ta’us, tokko Biyyoonni Addunyaa irratti dhageetti qaban, Biyyattii keessaa dantaa akka qabaatan taasisuun, wayyaaneen yoo jiraatte malee dantaan isaanii sun jiraachuu akka hin dandeenye amansiiftee bara baraaf jiraachuudha. Biyyoonni kun saamicha gaggeessaa jiran akka hin dhabneef, gaaffii Ummatootaa kana ukkaamsuun isaanii waan hin hafne.kanaaf, shira wayyaanee kana dhimma keenyatti naanneeffachuu ni dandeenya.kunis, Qabeenyaa humnoota alaa kamuu keessa ykn Warshaalee, Kubbaaniyyaa, dhaabbilee adda addaa, dhaabbilee miti mootummaa, dhaabbilee edila addunyaa ,Waldaalee, Bakkoota Qonnaa fi kkf ilmaan Oromoo hojjachaa jiran gurmeessanii gaaffii wal fakkaataa kaasuun sagaleen keenya karuma isaanii deebi’ee akka dhaga’amu taasisuun ni danda’ama. Ilmaan Oromoo addatti Ilmaan Qotee bulaa dachee isaa irraa buqqifamee kubbaaniyyaa Finfinnee marsee jiru keessa hojjatan kuma 100n lakaa’aman. Abbootiin Qabeenyaa Biyya alaas ta’ee, Humnoonni alaa Biyyatti keessatti qabeenyaa horatan, dubbiin jabaachaa dhufnaan ykn humna Ummata kanaa ifatti arginaan, Qabeenyaan isaanii baduu irra wayyaanee konkolaachisuu akka filatan shakkiin hin jiru.kanaaf gama kanaan waan nu irraa eegamu yoo raawwannee, sochii Fincila Diddaa gabrummaa Ummata Oromoo kan walii galaatti ce’uu dandeenya jedheen yaada.

Sochiin Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa Bara 2014 hundee wayyaanee raasuu isaa kan nu dhugeessu, holola siyaasaa hanga har’aatti Barattootaa fi Dargaggoota irratti oofaa jiruudha. Gabaabumatti, Fincilli Diddaa Gabrummaabara 2014 Gootummaa ol aanaan gaggeeffame, Mirga Ummata ofii gaafachuuf qofaa odoo hin taanee, Waadaa Jaallan waggoota 100 oliif wareegama qaalii kafalaniif gumaa Bilisummaan baatu jabeessuuf ta’uu dagachuu hin qabnu.Sochii keenya Nama dhuunfaa kaafnee hanga Hawaasaa fi dhaabaatti gaggeessine daran wal jabeessinee itti fufuuf haa hojjannu. Bilisummaan keenya harka keenya keessa malee, harka halgaa keessa hin jirtu. Maandeellaaf Bilisummaa isaa mana hidhaatti kan geesseef hin jiru. odoo achitti geessaniif ta’ee waggaa 27 hin hidhamu. Maandeellaatu Mana hidhaa keessaa baasee dhaqee Bilisoomu isaa labsate. Labsachuuf ammoo wareegama bifa kamiitu Ummata isaa waliin kfaleera. Kanaaf Bilisumma keenya bakkatti deeffachuuf haa hojjannu. Haa Qabsoofnu. Sochii Bilisummaa Ummata ofiif gumaacha bifa kamiituu kan taasisuu , Gammachu fi Galanni isaa Bilisummaa inni Labsatuudha.

Haalaa wayyaanee fi rakkoo keessa ofii keessa luftanii Hojii boonsaa akkasii warra hojjattaniif, sochii kana milkeessuuf yeroo keessan, lubbuu keessan …..kennitanii wareegama ulfaataa kan baaftaniif Galanni keessan Bilisummaa haa ta’u. Namni Bilisummaa Ummata isaaf quuqamu, waan hojiin mul’isuun madaalama. Haasaa miliyoonairra , gocha 1tu Bilisummaaf dhihoodha.

Kutaa 2ffaan itti fufa.

HORAA BULAA  !!!!!!!!!

Adeemsa malkaa MN 2014″ data-width=”466″

Viidiyoo I″ data-width=”466″

Viidiyoo II

Viidiyoo III

Viidiyoo IV

Viidiyoo V

Viidiyoo VI

Heavy TPLF security presence observed at Hora Arsadi, Bishooftuu




Onkololeessa 17, 2014
Ganama sa’a 9:00 AM irraa jalqabee…

Ilmaan Oromoo Amerkaa kaabaa fi Naannoo ishee, akkasumas Kanada keessa kan jiraattan hunduu Oromummaa keenyaaf jecha, homtuu uttuu addaan nu hin baafnee, tokkummaa dhaan roorroo lammii Oromoo biyyaa irratti mootummaa TPLFn raawwachaa jiru murmuuf nageenya biyya keenya Oromiyaa fi saba keenya Oromoof akka ta’uu, Master Plan Finfinnee hojjii dabaa shira waayyaane waan ta’eef hojii irra akka hin oolle, saba keenya kan hajjeesse murtii haqaatti dhi’aatte akka gaafatamu, kan hidhamaan akka hiikaman, mirgi sabaa akka kabajamu, karaa hirriira nagaan mormii keenya Dhaabbata Falma Mirga Dhala namummaa ti hadhageessifnu, jechuu dhaan waamicha keenya Ilmaan Oromoo, hundaaf dabarsina, Kan dhaga’ee isa hin dhaga’iin haadhaggeessisuu!

Iyyaa iyya dabarsaa! Bakka jirtannitti walti nuuf labsaa!


Dhalli namaa addunyaa balaan keessa guutte kessa jiraata. Battala balaan tasaa isa qaqqabuttis gargaarsa barbaada. Kunis gargaarsa duraa jedhamuun kan beekamu yoo ta’u, gargaarsi duraa kuns adeemsa nama miidhaa/balaan qaqqabe tokkoof battalaan taasifamudha. Dhalli namaa kufee cabuun, meeshaa qararra ejjechuun, gororasaan hudhamuun, nyaata nyaataa utuu jiruu hudhamuun, huubni addaa qoonqootti rakkachuun, bishaan isa liqimsuufi kan kana fakkaataniin balaan isa dqaqqabuu danda’a.  Gama biraatiinis, sababa balaa konkolaataatiin namootiin miidhaman hedduudha. Kun ammoo irra caalaan nama balaa konkolaataa isa mudatee tokko yoo fudhannee ilaalle, mana yaalaatiin ga’uun dura gargaarsa duraa dhabuusaatiin kan dhumutu irra caala.  Kanaafuu, nama balaa konkolaataan battalumatti miidhame tokko mana yaalaatiin ga’uun dura mallattoo miidhamaa sanarraa mul’atu hubannee tooftaa garaagaraatti gargaaramuun gargaarsa duraa taasisuufii dandenya.

Nama balaa konkolaataatiin battalatti miidhame tokko amaloota ittiin adda baafannu qabna.  Kunis,  bifa lamaan ilaalamuu kan danda’u yoo ta’u, inni jalqabaa waan mul’ataa kanneen akka dhangala’uu dhiigaa, cabinsa lafeefi hir’achuu qaamaati.  Inni lammataa ammoo ujummoon sombaa nama miidhame sanaa sababa dachaatii qaamaatiin cufamuun dhukkaamfamuu mala. Kun ammoo dhalli namaa qilleensa ala daqiiqaa afur ol waan jiraachuu hindandeenyeef dafee du’uu danda’a. Kanaafuu, namni battala balaan kun qaqqabetti cinaa jiru suuta jechuun afaaniin dhibamaa sanaaf qilleensa kennuu danda’uu qaba. Namni gargaarsa duraa kennu kunis dhukkuba hafuuraan daddarbaniif saaxilamuu danda’us lubbuu oolchuurra waan hincaalleef kutannoodhaan lubbuu oolchee ofii keenyaa boodarra yaalamuu dandeenya.  Akkasumas,  balaa konkolaataatiin kan guutummaan qaama namaa caccabeefi burkutaa’e numudachuu danda’a. Kanarraa kan ka’e, namni gaggabuun sammuusaan ala ta’ee ofirratti guuramuu, fiincaa’uufi bobbaa bobbaa’uu danda’a. Kunis ta’u garuu lubbuu oolchuuf jecha waan dandeenyu mara taasisuun dirqama namummaa ta’a.

Tooftaalee garaagaraatti gargaaramuun nama balaan konkolaataa qaqqabe tokkoof gargaarsa duraa taasisuun nidanda’ama.  Fakkeenyaaf, nama balaa tasaa kanaan caccabe tokko iddoo inni kufee olqabuun moofaa qulqulluun lafa cabasaa sana suuta jedhanii hidhuun nidanda’ama.  Akka tasaa ta’ees arrabni keessatti dacha’uu mala. Yeroo kanammoo qilleensi oliif gadi darbuu dhorkamuusaarraan kan ka’e gororri isa fe’uu danda’a. Kanaan walqabatee dhangalaatiin dhiigaas waan mudachuu maluuf namni gargaarsa duraa kennus dhukkuba birootiif akka hinsaaxilamneef of eeggannaa cimaa taasisuu qaba. Cabinsaafi akka malee dhangala’uu dhiigaa keessattis toora/kallattii sirrii qabsiisuun mala gaariidha. Kana jechuun, cabinsa yoo ta’e, suuta jechuun lafee gargar kakkaatte tooratti deebisuuf of eeggannaa gochuun barbaachisaadha. Gama aadaatiinis yoo ta’e, mala dhidhiibbaatiin lafee gargar kaate iddootti deebisanii dhaabuun waan danda’amuuf of eeggannaatiin dhidhiibbaa salphaa taasisuun nidanda’ama. Akkasumas  kan dhiigni dhangala’u yoo ta’e, akka barbaachisummaasaatti kallattii cinaachaa yookaan dugdaan ciibsuun lubbuu badiirraa hambisuu dandeenya. Bifuma kanaan, namni balaan tasaa irra ga’e kun hanqina qillleensaatiin nama miidhamni isa qaqqabe yoo ta’e, olkaasanii yookaan ciibsuun afaan ofii afaan dhukkubsatichaatti qadaaduun afuura kennuufiin nidanda’ama.

Dabalataanis, nama balaa konkolaataan isa qaqqabe tokko gara mana yaalaatti geessisuun gargaarsa lubbuu oolchuuti. Kunis, mala garaagaraan ta’uu danda’a. Fakkeenyaaf, lafa balaan kun itti mudate sanatti humna dabalataa argachuuf iyyanii iyya dabarsuun nama birmachiisuun nidanda’ama.  Namni gurmaa’inaan argamu kun ammoo yoo siree, teessoo yookaan muka ittiin nama dhibamaa sana baatu argate wasaasaan atattamaan mana yaalaan ga’uu danda’a.  Dabalataanis, qaama nageenya nama eegsisutti yookaan teessoo ambuulaansiitti atattamaan bilbiluun akka dafamee bira ga’amuuf hawasni naannoo waliif birmachuun gargaarsa atattamaa kennuu danda’a.

Walumaagalatti, nama balaan konkolaataa qaqqabe tokko mallattoo miidhamaa isa qaqqabeen adda baafachuun nidanda’ama.  Kanarraa ka’uunis, tooftaalee garaagaraa kanneen akka lafa cabaa/miidhamaa hidhuu, hafuura gargar cite afuufuun deebisuu, huccuu/uffata qulqulluun hidhuutiin gargaarsa duraa taasisuu danda’uudha. Dhumarrattis, mana yaalaatiin ga’uudhaan ogeeyyiin fayyaa akka gargaaraniif hawaasni naannoo gama isaatiin tumsa isarraa eegamu mara taasisuu qaba.

*Beekan Gulummaa Irranaa, 2014

Yemen’s Saleh seeks refuge in Ethiopia

Ali Abdullah SalehAli Abdullah Saleh

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has decided to flee to Ethiopia to escape a likely attack by armed Houthi militias, after the group directed many threats at him and besieged his home, a media source close to the presidential palace said.The news website Yemen Ethadi reported that “the regional and international pressure exerted on the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh aims to force him to leave political life and Yemen”.

“Ethiopia received a request from former President Saleh to reside there and it accepted the request on the condition that he does not partake in any political activities during his stay on its territory,” the site continued.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted informed sources as saying that the Houthis besieging Saleh’s home after the fall of Sanaa. He received threats from militants who want revenge for the six wars that took place during his reign against the group between 2004 and 2010; the first of which lead to the death of the founder of the Houthis, Hussein Badreddin Al-Houthi, in Saada.

Ergaa Aaddee Sinqee Wesho (IOYA Vice President)


Ergaa Aaddee  Amanee Badhaasoo (IOYA President)

Kabaja Irreechaa ilaalchisee ibsa obboo Gammachuu fi Obboo Olumaa


Irreecha fi Eebba Maanguddootaa

Kooyyaa Birraa…

OromiaTimes Media Production

Ethiopian diplomat flees US to dodge prosecution

By Mario Trujillo – 10/02/14 04:21 PM EDT

An Ethiopian diplomat who allegedly fired a gun during a protest this week at his country’s embassy in Washington, D.C., has left the United States to escape prosecution.

The State Department on Thursday confirmed that it had asked Ethiopia to waive the diplomat’s immunity so he could be prosecuted in U.S. courts, which was refused.

“In this case, we requested a waiver of immunity to permit prosecution of the individual involved in that incident,” State Department press secretary Jen Psaki said. “The request was declined and the individual involved has now left the country.”

Diplomats are expelled from the United States when their host country declines to waive diplomatic immunity.

Psaki, who did not identify the diplomat, said once expelled, individuals typically are not allowed back to the U.S. for any other reason but prosecution.

The Secret Service responded to reports of a gunshot at the Ethiopian Embassy compound on Monday and detained an individual believed to have fired the shot.

No injuries were reported from the incident, which was partially caught on camera with a man in a black suit wielding a handgun amid a small crowd of people before the gunshot is heard.

Reuters reported the man turned himself into authorities but he was not arrested because of his diplomatic immunity.

Seenaa Galmee Gadaa
Oromia Times OromiaTimes
ani sin barbaada!
Eesummatti argamtaa?
Himtuu sirna Gadaa?

Taphadhee burraaqqee
siiwajiin ragadaa!
sassaabduu icciittii
Gummaachittuu Addaa!
baayyeen si jaalladhaa
Marartoon kee Guddaa!
hindhokattiin kottuu
jireenya koorratti atis GA’EE QABDAA!

MARASAA kee bandhee
seenaa KOO barbaadaa!
Ani achitti of argee
kanaaf ani gammadaa!
firra guddaa qabdaa
marsaa warra
hiddaa sanyii
maaloo walgaafadhaa
Tokkummaan hirree dha
Hirreenis mo’ichaa
Ayyaantuu Oromiyaa
sanas iyyaa fadha!
seenaa seenaa caaluu
Oromiyaa jedhaa!
SBOn anga sans naaf yaadadhaa!
Sudaan kartum jedhee
Ullagaa yaabadha
Taddassee Tellee faa
Sagaleen yaadadha!
immimmaan harcaasseen
Boo’ee gangalladhaa!
Jaallannee naaf waama!
NAMOO DHAA fi Niwwaammiin
Oli jedheen Uyyiissaa
Namaa naaf hayyamaa!

TV oromiyaa dhiiggaan gad dhaabbattee
beeksissaa Aadaatti
Galmee qopheefattee!
Seenaa himmuuf kaattee,
Ijoolleen Oromoos hadhaa abbuuqattee
kaaniis biyyaa yaattee!
Kan jiruu dhorkamttee,
Haxxeen mana mana
keessaa mimmilqixxee
Seenaa saba koottii
Hedduu nuuf beeksiftee,
Qaccallee Oromoo
murattuu fi kuttuu
yoomu gad hin jettuu!

Adaamatti yaattee
studio seentee
Yemuutti muldhattee,
jarra qaanneestee!
hojiiraa dhorkamtee!
Obsi maali abbashee
bar hin jijjiiramtii
Yoomi akkanaa aftee!

TV OROMIYAA waa nayaadachiissii!
Sagantaa kee keessaa
Tarrii ni daggattee
Ilma OBBO Wajjiraa
Kan akka Dhaabassaa?
Oggeessaa fi Ga’eessaa
Oduun Afaan isaa
Damma irraa mi’eessaa
Seenaa saba isaa
QULQULLUUN beeksissaa!

Kana faa ni dhabddee
furtuun kan kee eessaa?
Kanafaa dhageessaa!
Dhugaa achitti baddee,
Hardha ifa baassaa!
ifti bilisummaa
Hardhas ni lalliissaa!

waan Afaan Oromoo irraa,
Kan sinbirtuu Barrii
Waa garaa na nyaatti
hardhas karaa illaala,
Sagalee kee yaaddee
Sinbirtuu barrii irraa,
LAMLAM faattu baddee
Qorroo eessaa illaalaa?

Kan radio Fanaa
sagalee iyyuu hin beekuu
Firooma dhiigattiin
Isattu natti haana
DHIIRROON isaa illaalaa?
kaannee iyyaafana
GARDUUMMII godhatte,
Mataa ittiin tummamnaa,
Dhagaa kan dubbanuu
Egaa kun yoomummaa!

Uttuu wal hin jibbiin
Uttuu adda hin bahiin
waliin yoom hojjennaa?

Kottaa yaa lammii koo
Qorchaa barbaanaa



Abdii Boruu


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