Serving the Oromo Nation in Oromia and Diaspora

TPLF to evict Oromo from Central Oromia with aim of dividing Oromia into two

By Gamsiis*

The aim of this short essay is to protest and critique the newly declared Master Plan of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the central city of Oromia. Moreover, it is also aimed to advocate for and bolster the voice of the underrepresented Oromo communities living in around Fifinne – who are affected by this master plan. The so called new master plan of the city of Addis Ababa (Finfinnee) is a top-down, utopian, physical determinist, a blue print production oriented plan, and filled with politically void terms, laden with hidden agenda that has a grand aim of disrupting the territorial integrity of the state of Oromia, and expanding federal government and the minority settlers whom it has been sponsoring for the last 23 years at the heart of Oromo land, Finfinne.

Prior to discussing the details of the so called master plan, this article will define and analyze three major planning and plan related issues. Here, we will discuss the theoretical and practical considerations in defining a city planning, and the legal frameworks surrounding city planning practices.

City planning (town planning) in general term is an activity that regulates the urban development to efficiently manage the urban land use in order to improve the lives of its community by creating safe, healthy, equitable, well situated, and attractive social and economic opportunities for the present residents without compromising the need and possible aspirations of future generations.

Therefore, master plans (comprehensive plans, general plans) should be aimed to create more development opportunity, better living conditions, healthy and livable places. There are multiple outcomes that are expected from the genuine planning activity. Planning should focus on providing and creating better job opportunities for the community, build improved tax base for the city government, and facilitate the provision of better public services, such as transportation, supply, utility services, schools, safety services (policing, fire protection, etc.), recreations, and park services. Secondly, planning is aimed to facilitate economic development outcomes that encourage existing economic institutions and attract new development opportunities. Thirdly, planning activity must create equitable benefits (conditions) for the business community, the public, and the local government (city government). Fourth, city planning activity should empower environment-friendly development activities while regulating activities that can have negative environmental impacts and severe environmental hazards, such as industrial pollution, management of urban runoffs, and control other land use externalities.

Contrarily, planning can have negative impacts on property values; can affect peoples’ life negatively; may have hidden values or vague goals; and can have negative political impacts against citizens. Planning activity without legal and judiciary means of protecting civil rights can serve as covert exercise of power over the private properties, and natural amenities can have a devastating outcome. Authorities, business community, and interested stakeholders may use planning as a land grabbing tool or can impose unfair land use management practices.

Moreover, planning itself can be viewed as a political exercise that manifests itself as taking power (eminent domain) or policing power over public/community properties as well as private properties. In its perfect sense, planning should be purely apolitical, and it is a governmental duty exercised by a city government. But planning can unequally benefit/harm citizens, and even displace and evict communities, destroy shared common values, culture, identity, history and heritage of people, and can kill the sense of belongingness and ownership. Particularly, in places like Finfinne, where the unique merger of history and power accorded aliens the privilege of carving a settlement for themselves among the indigenous people, planning to expand, modify the settlement (city) will have always adverse effect on the surrounding indigenous communities. In addition to the scramble for the physical land resources, there exist invaluable cultural and historical heritages that may be destroyed by planning practices. There are diverse multi-layered socio-cultural orders, common shared values, systems, clans, sub clans, villages, traditional settlements, historical places, and related religious amenities of indigenous nature on which planning can have devastating effects. It can kill all of these values, if not practiced carefully and if legal measures and institutions are not in place to protect all of these, including environmentally sensitive areas.

Additionally, planning is a value laden practice and with multi-faceted interest where affected parties need to consulted, counseled and legally represented at all planning levels, and their needs and rights given proper considerations. Planning graphics, maps, colors, and planning jargon can be very complex; can be hard to be understood by layperson; and are full of professional terms. In some cases, planning can have hidden goals where the outcomes are not clear to everyone, including the stakeholders they were meant to serve.

The Master Clan Killer

As the case study conducted about the current and newly proposed master plan shows:

The analysis of the newly proposed master plan of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) indicated that its content and quality have imposed issues (values) that are dictatorial and top-down planning activity. The so called master plan is aimed at physical development, such as land acquisition for the expansion of the city without full social, cultural, and environmental planning concepts. The industrial zonation of the southeast Finfinnee was an example of bad planning practice that did not take into account the impact it can have on the environment. Industrial wastes from this zone have affected thousands of individuals along Akaki (Aqaaqii) river banks, and the effects have been felt as far south as Koka (Qooqaa). Therefore, this and earlier master plans were aimed to achieve physical design goals, i.e. a plan to expand the perimeter of federal constituency at the expense of social, cultural, environmental, historical and economic injustices to the nearby indigenous communities. The so called master plan failed the affected communities, destroyed their values and can be called the CLAN KILLER. The following is a justification why it has to be called the MASTER CLAN KILLER.

1. The master plan is socially blind and has never mentioned to have a social oriented goal. So, it is socially reckless physical design oriented towards achieving a narrow goal of undermining the state of Oromia and the Oromo people, and expanding breathing ground for aliens settled in the city.

2. It is blind towards the cultural and historical heritage of the Oromo people who existed for thousands of years before the inception of Finfinnee. No evidence of any attempt was presented to protect the cultural and historical heritages of the local communities and the major Oromo clans of the area, such as Abbichuu, Gullallee, Galaan, etc. – these communities are on the verge of extinction.

3. It is a politically-motivated move based on driving the surrounding Oromo community into deeper poverty – offering only empty promise to others – simply echoing what they think people may want to hear, such as ‘international standard,’ ‘accelerated development,’ ‘modernizing the city,’ ‘experts from prominent European master planners,’ etc. They have wrongly judged the Oromo thinking and aspirations when they try to trick the Oromos by naming few Oromo individuals as Mayors like Kumaa Dammaksaa, Berhane Deressa, Driba Kuma, etc. These individuals have always been on the other side of the Oromo issue that the dictators were ingenuous to think that such names would soften the position of the Oromos to thwart the grand political question that they have been asking. No cover-ups and use of Oromo names can answer this questions, only the rule of law implemented without political infringement can. The current Ethiopian constitution touted 20 years ago then is politically void in that many of its provisions, including articles 40, 43, and 49 remained hollow promises. Particularly, Article 49 of the fake constitution gives only lip service concerning the special interest of Oromia on Addis Ababa. So far, the acclaimed special interest had not met any interest of the Oromo people and the State of Oromia, except the contamination of rivers, unmanaged urban runoffs, untreated grey water, and pollution from different land uses of Finfinnee – which continue to wreak lives and destroy livelihoods of the surrounding Oromos. No considerations of inclusionary practice for the Oromo people, who use water from the contaminated rivers, is made in the recent master plan; it rather plans to do worse: uproot the remaining communities and clear up the swaths of land for the alien settlers. The plan is not inclusive and has no room for managing conflicting interests. So, it is morally, ethically, and professionally wrong and void.

4. Politically flawed; federally owned or territorial boundary of the city has no geographically limited space, and no sustainable growth management practices are evinced within the master plan document. The territories of States are divisible and can be manipulated all the time for hidden and clear goals where the state of Oromia has no clear boundaries. The master plan has a clear expansionist goal that will divide the state of Oromia into two separate regions while it gives access (connection) to the Amhara region and Gurage zone in the near feature. So, the master plan is an open venue for the urban sprawl and the development it claims can create political instability for that country.

5. Legally unconstitutional and has no legal means is provided to acquire 1.1 million hectares of land. It is aimed to transfer a political power, state property, and private property to the other private owner (the riches). This is illegal because government cannot take a property from one citizen and transfer it to other private citizen or cannot treat its citizens prejudicially and undermine the rights of indigenous population.

6. The so called master plan has unbearable outcomes; it is aimed to disintegrate the shared values of the Oromo people; it kills the sense of belongingness: the clans, sub-clans, hamlets, and traditional norms.

7. That master plan has ignored the right of the Oromo people and the state of Oromia to administer a large city and has the intent of building a single municipal government on the big chunk of land. The so called prominent European experts on the advisory payroll seemed to have no clue of multijurisdictional planning or ignored the underlying effects of planning that can destroy existing unique identity. If growth is desirable, the undesirable effects of planning could be averted. For instance, cities can have contiguous shape or spotted (leapfrog) settlements while having different local governments that leave sensitive places open as it is in between the cities, such as farmlands, environmentally sensitive places, historical places, and indigenous population. Why is the state of Oromia cannot administer satellite (suburban) cities? No reason except there is a hidden goal.

8. That master plan is naive about the sociological formation of indigenous people and assumed as if no diversity exists. Its planning contents disrespected existing values that are given for diversity of culture, values, and different interests of the Oromian state position.

9. No principles and normative theory are evidenced.

10. No answer is provided for questions, such as who is going to be evicted? Why they are evicted? Where is their destination? And where is the end point of the expansion of the city of Finfinnee?

11. No equal opportunity and equitable conditions provided for the affected

12. No evidence of public participation and the affected side has no say in it. All planning jargon, engineering graphics, color codes, and the full intent of the plan supposed to be explained to the unskilled public. Legal representation and professional advocacy supposed to be rendered for the affected community. The so called master plan has no principles or notion of inclusive community development plan. Its participants are outsiders and foreigners to the Oromo public, and have nothing to do with Oromo to discuss their future destiny on behalf of our community. No authority is vested to any foreign nationals or foreign government or any non-Oromo group to decide on them or ratify any type of master plan on behalf the State of Oromia. This will create distrust between the representatives of Oromian state and the Oromian nationals at large while undermining the fake constitution of Ethiopia. The leaders of OPDO should rise and remove the curtain that has blinded them for too long. If they need any sort of credibility among the Oromo people, this is their chance. They have to stand firm and oppose this TPLF sponsored master plan of destroying Oromia and the Oromo people. The destruction of the Oromo people as we know is the end of OPDO as well.

13. It is a perpetrated document for the federal government to practice an overtly eminent domain and expand the federal government holdings.

14. It is a document aimed to kill (weaken) the tax base of the state of Oromia, and economically marginalize Oromian citizens while holding them in a perpetual poverty trap.

15. It is a planning document without zoning ordinance and legal support.

16. It is a top-down faceted planning activity, and it is the same as the past failed master plans. It is a dictatorial planning system that has no public interest envisioned.

17. It is an old style, rigid, and inflexible blueprint without common value.

(to be continued)

* Gamsiis:

Kutaa 2ffaa

Amaan Tolaa Hamdaa
Bitootessa 2014

Waa sadi arfiin qara:
Dubbii gamnaa arfiin qara;
lilmoo arfiin qara;
eboo arfiin qara.
Waa lama waa lama tolchite; waa lama walballeessite.
Beekaan wallaalaa barsiise tolche;
beekaan beekaa barsiise tolche.
Wallaalaan wallaalaa balleesse.
Leenci maal nyaata jennaan; liqeeffateeti; maal kaffala jennaan eennu gaafateeti.
Waa jaha bakka jette hin teettu:
Waa sadi du’a badde:
Qeerrichi du’a bade;
haftuun du’a bade;
daa’imni du’a bade.
Waa sadi dura badde:
maxaanni dura bade;
wallaalaan dura bade;
boosettiin dura badde.
Waa sadi ganama badde;
waa sadii guyyaa badde;
waa sadi galgala badde:
lunni ganama bade;
Wallaalaan ganama bade;
Dondhi ganama bade.
Haftittiin guyyaa keessa badde;
qeerrichi guyyaa keessa bade;
harkichi guyyaa keessa bade.
Hayyichi galgala bade;
fardi sangaan galgala bade;
ottichi galgala bade.
Waa sadi tura badde:
Arreedaan tura bade;
hayyichi tura bade;
kaamettiin tura badde.
Waa sadi ifnana;
waa sadi dukkana;
waa sadi gomitta’a.
Halkan deemuun dukkana;
jiini namaa bayuun gomitta’a;
lafti namaa bari’uun ifnana.
Biyya abbaa tokkoo dhaquun dukkana;
nama ijaan beekan arguun gomitta’a;
biyya sanuu barachuun ifnana.
Dubbii wallaaluun dukkana;
beekaa qe’ee qabaachuun gomitta’a;
ufii iyyuu dubbii baruun ifnana.
Waa sadi gaafa rakkatte argita:
Fira firummaa isaa;
hiriyyaa hiriyyummaa isaa;
lammii lammummaa isii.
Waa sadi waa sadihiif faayaa:
Jaarsi dubbiif faaya;
jaartiin qe’eef faaya;
jagni lolaaf faaya.

Itti fufa…

De-Oromonizing Finfine and Beyound: TPLF’s Evil Agenda THAT MUST BE STOPPED NOW

By HGoche | April 21, 2014

Over a week ago, while skimming through current news and articles, I read an article titled “Old World Order: How geopolitics fuels endless chaos and old-school conflicts in the 21st Century” on Time Magazine of March 31, 2014 by Robert D. Kaplan., which I thought explains the behaviours past and current Abyssinian regimes land grab in Oromia and the South.

Although, Kaplan’s article much focuses on the geographical struggle between the East-West struggle for control of Ukraine, and the consequent annexation of Crimea by Russia as the mere reality of the 19th century behaviour in the 21st century. According to Kaplan, it is not the international law that defines territory but rather the bonds of blood that go with one’s own territory is central to what defines us human. In other words, the European behaviours of 19th century geographical expansion into different parts of the world for economic and geo-politics of the place is well alive and kicking in different parts of today’s world. Apart from the East-west struggle for control of Ukarine, Kaplan, also demonstrates the fracturing of Middle Eastern states into ethnic and sectarian fiefs or the Sunnis and the Shiites for control more geography and resources, the disputes over territorial claim of the East China sea among the East Asian states as more examples that geo-politics and the control for resources is not negated by technology and globalization. Kaplan, further, argues that “whereas the West has come to think about international relations in terms of laws and multinational agreements, most of the rest of the world still thinks in terms of deserts, mountain ranges, all- weather ports and tracts of land and water. The world is back to the maps of elementary school as a starting point for an understanding of history, culture, religion and ethnicity- not to mention power struggles over trade routes and natural resources”.
Read more @


Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa

QALBEEFFACHIISA: Yaa dubbiftoota walaloo kanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, walaloon kun bara 2011, ji’a Caamsaa keessa mandheewwan Oromoo kanneen addaddaa irratti baafamee ture. Ani kaleessa mandhee “” oggaan banen, kurfeessitoota mandhee tanaatiin ammas deebifamee baafuu isaa arge. Dubbiin ennaa san walaloon kun irratti xiyyeeffame dubbii daran cimtuu, tan lafaa fi lafee uummata keenyaa waan taateef, obboleewwan keenya deebisanii gabbaasani. Akkuma harra mandhee Oromoo isa “” jedhamu irratti dubbiftan, warri abbaa qawwee kunoo ijuma teenya duratti: Aannolee Lammaffaa fi Calanqoo Lammaffaa akka biraatti adeemsisaa jira. Habashoonni Tigraay humna qawwee fi humna abbootii qabeenyaa kanneen warra alaatti hirkachuun, Oromiyaa teenya akka dullacha masqalaatti qircatanii qircisiifachaa jiru. Kan nama dhibu warra isaan akka diina tokkoffaatti ilaalaa turan, nafxanyoota haareyyii fi moofeyyii kanneen Habashoota Amaaraa waammachuun, lafa lafee Oromoo tahe: Ambo irraa hamma Malkaa Jabduu fi Dirree Dhawaatti, Jimma irraa hamma Kombolcha Warra Qaalluu fi Baatii isaan Wallo keessaatti saammachaa, warreeni fi firoottan isaanii badhaasaa, waraabeyyii akka isaanii kanneen baargamaatti gurgurachaa jiru. Hubaddhaa! Awwaallan haadholii fi abbootii keenyaatu, dabreeyyuu kan jagnoota keenyaa kan akka Tufaa Munaa, Birraatuu Goolee, Waamii Garoo, Shabbuu Bordee fi Ilaansoo Halloo faatu buqqifamaa jiraa! Laggeeni fi harawwan Oromiyaatu summii fi xurii-ajaawaa gabroomfatoota Habashaatiin faalamaa jiraa! Daa’immaan Oromootu summii kanan dararamaa jiraa, itti-dabaleetuu dararamuuf deemaa! Yeroon iyyinee iyya dabarsinuu fi, ee akka Oromoota Kurnan Gullallee bara Minilik sanii: “uu uu qabi dhayi” jennu abadan ammuma! Hayyee tokkummaa, tokkummaa! Karaa hundaan ijaaramuu, ijaaramuu! Karaa hundaan hidhachuu, hedhachuu dha mallisaa!

Jalqabaaf bakka jirru marattuu walagayii fi hiriiratti gadi haa yaanu! Lakkii, ishiin namoonni keenya tokko tokko waan hundumaa beellama kennuun gara boruutti dabarsan, “ennaa Oromiyaan bilisoomte furmaata argata“, nuun jedhan kun gonkumaa hin tahu. Wanneen akkanaa kanatti xiyyeefannee tarkaanfachuun, sirumaa qabsoo saba keenyaa akka jabeeffachaa deemnu nu taasisa malee, kan isa laaffisuu miti! Akkuma yommuu leellisaa Minilik, Teedii Afroo fi warra Biiraa Baddallee irratti olkaane san kana irrattis bobbawuu qabna! Dabaleesoo, ishiin qaruuteewwan warra Wayyaanee: “Magaalaawwan naannoo Finfinnee Shaggar guddisuu fi misoomsuufi” nuun jedhan, dubbii sobaati. Uummata keenya qeyee fi araddaa isaa irraa buqqisaa, aadaa fi afaan keenya balleessuun kan warra abbaa qawwee bakka-buusaa, namaa-sa’a, lafaa-muka summeessaa, barbadeessaa guddinnii fi misoomni wayiituu hin jiru. Kun biyyee fi biyya Oromoo amaaromsuu isa lammaffaati! Kun biyya duubatti-hafaa fi warra duubatti-hafaan kan adeemsifamu malee, biyyoota qaroomina ammayyaatiin tarkaanfatan keessatti magaalaawwan guguddoon isaan xixiqqoo hin liqimsani, hin alkafatani. Fakkeenyaaf magaalmataa Biyya Jarmanii, Barliin ishiin amma keessa taa’ee waraqaa tana shalalu, naannoo ishii magaalattiiwwan xixiqqoo hanga: Duukam, Daalattii (“Alamganaa“), Sabata, Buraayyuu, Koloboo (“Mannaagashaa“), Aqaaqii Basaqaa, Qilinxoo, Sandaafa, Laga Xaafoo, Bakkee, Caancoo fi Sululta faa hin geenye 20 oltu jiru. Motummaan Jarmanii mootummaa qaroomee fi dimokiraatawaa waan taheef, magaalattiiwwan kanneen Barliin jala galchuuf hin aggaamu. Yoo tasa aggaamee immoo uummata naannoo tanaa callaa otoo hin taane, Jarman guututuu itti-ka’uun aangoo irraa isa buusa. Biyyoota qarooman kanneen keessatti magaalaawwan xixiqqootu filatama; jaalatama. Walittii qabiitii summeessin kun kan warra duubatti-hafoo akka warra Habashaa kanaati. Innin waayee Barliin irratti jedhe kun Roomaa fi Paaris, Osloo fi London faafis kan tahu. Kanaafuu, nuti uummata keenya fi Oromiyaa teenya summii fi xurii, diiguu fi mancaasuu warra abbaa mancaas jalaa oolchuuf, alaa-manaa oljennee mee haa tarkaanfannu! Mee iyyinee iyya haa dabarsinu!

Lafa, lafee Oromoo
Qaama sabaa kan qomoo
Biyyee, Biyya Oromoo
Dachee sabaa kan Qomoo
Maaf irra dannabsa
Maalumaaf caccabsa?

Lafatoo saamamee
Lafeetoo raamamee
Biyyeetu summeeffamee
Biyyatu guuyyeffamee
Anoo kanaafan iyyaa
Na dhagayi yaa biyya!

Jarri gaaraa dhufe
Kan roorroo itti-fufe
Warri abbaa qawwee
Nutti ta’e jawwee!

Nutti ta’ee jawwee
Hundumaa dhudha’aa
Nu duguuguuf hawwee
Hundumaa qusa’aa!

Inni sodaa Waaqaan beeku
Homaa safuu biyyaan eegu
Odaa-dha mummura
Awwaala gurgura
Aayyoo-dha garafa
Aabboo-dha wacafa
Kichuu keenyammoo soqola
Namummaa keenyaso fonqola!

Lafa keenya irratti
Lafee teenya caccabsee
Biyyee teenya irratti
Saba keenya daddabsee
Gabroota nu godhatee
Olii-gad nu unkura
Awwaala akkilee-llee
Gabaa baasee gurgura!

Laftoo lafee teenyaa
Kan irratti dhalannu
Kan irratti awwaalamnu
Yaa WAAQ maalumaafi
Kan irratti waadamnu?

Innis ilmoo namaa
Nutis ilmoo namaa
Dacheerraa duguuguuf
Maaliif nutti gamaa?

Isas Waaqatoo uumee
Nuyis Waaqatoo uumee
Inni maaf nu gabroomfata
Ofii-saan of-shuumee?

Dirra Oromoo madeessitee dhaantaa?
Lafee Oromoo caccabsitee nyaattaa?
Lafa Oromoo qiqircattee saamtaa?
Handhuuraa saba-koo ol-harattee baattaa?
Xiqqaa-guddaa keenya garaftee waaddaa?
Uummmata-koo jiraa-saallee awwaaltaa?

Laggeen summeessitee
Gandeen bulleessitee
Dubbii bukeessitee
Garaa-kee kan bineensaa
Kan namaa fakkeessita
Sammuu-kee isa iyyeessa
Kan gamnaa fakkeessita!

Qawwee fi beelaan biyya keenya lixxee
Joollee fi manguddoo waaddachuun fixxee
Kunoo, amma awwaallan abbilee
Maarree, kaabbaawwan aayyilee
Gurgurachuun horoosaa raamta
Lafee namas caccabsitee nyaatta!

Coqorsa ciccirtee
Coqortuu diddirtee
Jaarsa gadamoojjii hiitee-woo garaftaa
Jaartii warra-moodii huutee-too wacaftaa!

Siiqqee caccabsita
Dhugaa daddabsita
Yeeyyiitti hirkattee
Lafee teenya caccabsatta
Alatti hiixattee
Lafa keenya gadabsatta!

Kunoo, Oromiyaa teenya
Gabaa addunyaa baaftee gurgurta
Ilaa, Oromoo fi Kuush keenya
Eeleerratti baaftee guggubda!

Mee-yaa uummata-koo
Uumee-too saba-koo
Hamma yoomiitti waadamaa jiraatta
Hanga hammamiitti dhaanamaa gixaanta?

Abboo silaa duuti hin ooluu
Maleekanillee kana achin qoluu
Akka abbootii keetii hidhaddhuu gadbayi
Akka haadhotii teetii siiqqedhaan olka’i
Yeeyyota alaa-manaa
Qaltuu sa’aa-namaa
Gubduu margaa-mukaa
Awwaaltuu namaa-dhugaa
Ka’iitii asii fi achi bittimsi
Darbaddhuutii ofirraa figgimsi!

Hayyee gaye, gaye
Ilaa gaye, gaye
Olka’ii tokkummaa-kee cimsi
Gadbayii diina-kee bittimsi
Walatayii gabrummaa dhidhimsi!

Akka lamuun deebineef
Dhidhimsii fageessi
Akkan bayyananneef
Irree-kee jabeessi
Jabeessii ofirraa qoladdhu
Cimsii mirga-keef loladdhu!

Olka’ii tokkummaa-kee cimsi
Gadbayii diina-kee bittimsi
Walatayii gabrummaa dhidhimsi
Eekaa, dhidhimsii fageessi
Dachee Abbaa Gadaarraa
Biyya warra odaarraa
Gabrummaa balleessi!

Awwaala gabrummaa-rratti
Kosii roorroo gubbaatti
Republika Gadaa tolchii hundeeffaddhu
Dhiigaa-lafee keenyaan bu’ur-jabeeffaddhu!

Barliin – 10. 05. 11

*** Hubachiisa Miiljalee ***

* Walaloon kun mee miseensota qutee-bulaa Oromoo fi warra Gambeellaa, isaan qeyee fi gandeen ofii irraa buqqifamaniif mararfannoo fi biradhaabannoo haa tahu! Akkanuma uummata obbolaa keenyaa, Somaalota Ogaadeen warra gabroomfattoonni Habashaa rasaasaa fi beelaan fixaa jiraniif, mararfannoo fi biradhaabannoo haa tahu!

Kora Gamtaa Kutaalee ABO Awurooppaa 2014 II



Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Campus Westend, Haupteingang Poelzig-BAu

Kora Gamtaa Kutaalee ABO Awurooppaa 2014

Korri Gamtaa Kutaalee ABO Awurooppaa (Kutaa Giddu Galeessa Awurooppaa, Kutaa UK fi Kutaa Scandinavia) gaafa 01.08. fi 02.08.2014 magaala Frankfurt, Germany tti Geggeeffama! Odeeffannoo baldhaan dhufaa jira! Saganteeffa dhaa! Hirmaa dhaa!

KHQ Kora Gamtaa Kutaalee GGA

Godiina Adda Oromiyaa Finfinneti dabaluun Heeraa Ethiopia diiggudha.
Getachew Jigi Demekssa PhD/

Oromoon yeroo saamamu caalisee ilaaluu hin qabu.

Mootumma Ethiopia Keyata 49 lakkoobsa 5 irratti Finfinnen waan Oromiyya keessa jirtu fi lafa Oromoo waan tateef Tajjajila fi dhiiyeesii  hunda Oromiyaa irra waan argatuuf Oromiyyan Finfinne irratti mirga qabdu fi fayidaa isheen argachuu qabduu kun ammoo balinan seeran mirkana’af jeedha. Kun Heera biyyati olanaa fi waan seera birran hin jijiramnedha. Ummata biyyati qoofatuu heera kana jijira.

Oromiyaan Mirga fi fayida Finfinnee irra argachuu qabu Heera Fedaralan keyata 49 lakobsa 5 irrati keenamee waggota 23 gutuu utu hoji irra hin oliin turun isaani dadhabina OPDO fi Tufii TPLF OPDO irrati qabduu argisisa. Oromoo mirga isaa Heera Federala mirkanayee kana falimacha jira. Mootummaan Heera kana haala dure tokko malee hojii irra olchuu qaba ture. Lamafaan Heera Federalan Dangan Oromiyaa Sararamee Kabajamuu qaba. Federali lafa Naannolee fudhachuu hin danda’uu, lafi kan uumataa fi mootummoota naannooti. Heera kana ala mootummaa Nannoo irra lafa kurmana tokko ile fudhachuu weerara ykn Heera cabsuu dha.  Oromoon lafa isaa akka barbadeeti yeeroo barbadeeti misomsuuf mirga qaba. Mirga Oromoo kana cabsuun Danga fi heera federala cabsuun Godiina Adda Oromiyaa Finfinneti kutun Heera Fedrala Ethiopia diiggudha. Kana malee Mootumman Federla lafa hin qabuu, Mootumma Nannoleetu waligalten Federala humee, busii Mootummaa Naannolen jirachuu qaba. Federal  lafa Nannoolee irrati mirga hin qabu. Lafa ykn Magala Federala kan jeedhu adunya irra hin jiru.

Finfiinen wagoota 130 hunda darban keessati kan babalate Hektara 54 qoofa kan qabatee yamuu ta’uu. Maaster Plani ama kana amoo Godiina Adda Oromiyya irra Hektara Milliona 1.1 (1, 100,000 Hektar) yeero tokkon fudhachuun lafa kana gurgurachuuf yaadameti moo Oromiyya misomsuuf yaadameeti? Kayoon Master Plan kana Ummataa Oromoo millona 5.7 million buqisun,  Aannalee 17 Magaloota 36 dhabamisisun lafa hektara milliona 1.1 gidugalessa Oromiyaa dhunfachudha. Afaan Oromoo fi Adda Oromoo Naannoo sun irra irra baleessan akuma Finfinne ama kana goochudha. Utuu dhugumaa mirga Oromo egan ta’ee, 1faa Kutale Magala 10 fi Annalee Finfinne 116 keessati Mana barumsa Afaan Oromoon banuu turan. Fayida Oromiyyan Finfinee irra argatuu mirkaneesu turan. Gidugalessa Aadaa fi Afaan Oromoo Finfinneti banuu turan. Affan Oromoo Afaan hoji Finfinne goodhu turan. Hojeetan Nannoo Oromiyya Finfinne keessati dura akka argatuu goodhu turen. Wajjirale Oromiyya Finfinne keessa Gamoo mootummati kafalti tokko malee akka fayadaman goodhu turan. Kun hundi waggota 23 kana keessati hin goodhamnee. Oromiyyan Xurii fi Summii Finfinnee keessa dhagala’uun badaa jirti.

Oromoon hundi kana beekee fi xinxalee falmachuu qaba. Misoonsoon OPDO tokko tokko falamii isaan dhagesisaa jiran kan nama boonsuu yamuu ta’uu. Kara birra amoo Yeroo Tigiren Lafa Oromoo Godina Addaa Oromiyya fudhachuf dhadatuu: Oromoon akkamitti caalisee Galee mana rafa?. OPDOn (Abdulazizi Mohamad, Abdulqadirii Husen, Diriba Kuma fi Dhaabbaa Dabale) kan beekuu qaban, Kiyata 49 lak.5 irratti Oromiyyan Finfinnee irra Fayida argachuu qabdi kan jeedhu Oromiyyaf erga Heeran mirkana’ee waggoota 23 Finfinnee irra mal argate? Oromiyyan Mallaqaa Finfinnee irra argate qabdi? Ijoolle Oromoo finfinnee keessatti Afaan isaanin baracha jiru? Finfinneen Oromiyya irraa Bishan, Ibsa, fi Muka argatuuf mal kafala jirti? Xuriin Finfinnee keessa Oromiyyatti gadi ya’ee Oromiyya Baleessa jiruf Finfinnen Beenya hangama kafalte? OPDOn mirga Oromoo Kabachisan jira jeedhu Oromiyyan mirga isheen Finfinnee irratti qabduu maliif hin kabachifne?, Finfiineen duguma Magaloota kana misomsuuf yaadeti moo Wayyanetu lafa  Naannoo kana samee gugurachuuf? Hayyama uumataa Oromoo malee, marii Caffee Oromoiyya malee xalayadhan lafa Oromoo fudhachuun ummaticha tufachuu miti? Fayidan Oromiyya Finfinnen irra argachuu qabdu wagga 23 dhorkatamee utuu deebi hin argatiin Godiina Adda Oromiyya waliin misomsu irra Oromiyyan atamiin fayida argati? Maliif akuma Horii nama gowomsuu yaaluu? Kun deebi argachuu qaba.

Waggota 100 ol Oromiyyan Finfinne Bishan Qulqulu Obaftee, Muki Nannoo Finfinne Qooran ta’ee finfinne tajajilee dhumee, Ibsa Finfinne Oromiyyatu madisisa, biyoo fi dhagaan nannoo Oromiya Finfinne fayada jira. Oromiyyan bishan qulquluu Finfinne Obasa jirtu Finfinnee irra kan argatuu garuu Sumii fi Xurii warsha fi Hosptalota qoofa. Waan birran hafnan Hojetoon Mootummaa Nannoo Oromiyya Magala Finfinneti akka hin qacaramne ykn akka jijira hin arganee ajeeja Tafara waluwa fi Kuma Damaqisan waggota 23 ol dorkamee jira. Wajjirleen Oromiyya Gamoo Finfinne keessa hunda basii gudaa kafaluuf, wajjira Mootumma fi Orotodoks Ethiopia keessa dirqaman argi’aman akka mana dhunfa kireefatan goodhamuu. Budjeet wajjiralee heedun kafalti kara manati dhumaa. Finfinnen Fara Oromiyya dalaga jirti malee Oromiyya misomsuuf akka hin yaanee beekamuu qaba.

Finfinnen akkuma Magalota Adunya Gamoo gurguda ijaruun fi manen duloman diigun Mana jirenya amayaa gamoo gurguda ijarun gara samiti ol gudachuu qabdi. Kana malee ummataa lafa irra buqisun caalisan babalisun balaa heeduu qaba. Dogogora bara durbe itti dabala adeemudha. Finfinnen seeran ala babalacha jiru, bala gudaa gesisa jira, uumanii nannoo seera ala buqa’ee qeeyee isaa dhabee dhagga bacha jira. Uumani kun mana jirenya dhabee, maatiin isaa digamee, enyumaa isaa, addaa, afaan isaa dhaba jira. Kan falmacha jiru lafa qoofaf utuu hin tanee Uumata Shawwa Oromoo siirna dhufa darban buqa’aa jiru kana bararudhaf. Finfiinnee fi Federal Oromiyaa irrati murteesuf mirga tokko ilee hin qaban. Finfinnee fi Federala irrati mirga kan qabuu Oromiyya dha. Oromiyyan Godina Addaa Oromiyyan waggotoa meqaa Misoomisaa ba’ee Finfinneef keenina jeechun hangam Oromoo Tufachudha? Dargaggoon Oromoo fi Ummani Oromoo guutun dhimmaa kana irratti yoo caaliftan Oromoo dha ofin hin jeedhina.

Kalessa Naannoo Finfinne uummati jiru harki 95% qoonan bula ture, harraa harki 63% egiduu qabeenya Tigire Wardiya (Guard) yamuu ta’uu, harki 30 ammoo Tigiroota naannichatti mana ijaratanfi dhagga akka batuu raggaan achi irra arganee ni mulisa. Haaluma kanan Oromoon naannoo Laga Lafto /Laga dadhi, Alemtena-Sebeta, Burayu-Ashewa Meda, Lebu-Lafto fi Akaki Beseqa buqa’aan enyuma isaan dhabani jiru. Finfinnen kanan dura gaafa Qaliti humnan Oromiyya irra fudhatuu qabeenya Oromiyyan Qabu fi Misooma Oromiyyan achi irratti geggesa turef beenya tokko ilee utuu hin basin irra fudhate ammas akkas gochuuf deemu, kana Oromoo hundi dura dhabachun falmachuu qaba.

1.       Mirga Oromiyyan Fifinnee irratti argachuu  qabduu Qooratamee akka hojii irra oluu Oromiyyan bara 2003/1995 koree tokko hundese ture, koree kana keessa wara jiran kessa Dhaabba Dabalee, Ittigaafatama wajjira Dargaggoota  yeroosi fi Jamal Abaso  kkf koreen ijaramee hojiin isaa hanga ammatii maliif hin xumuramne? Wagga 5 dura seeri hangi tokko qoophayee ilee hoji irra hin olee. Oromiyya mirga ishee gaafatee deebi dhabdee? Kun Uummata Oromoof malif ifaa hin godhamnee? Kun dura Murte atatama barbada.

2.       Finfinnee keessatti Kuta Magala 10 keessati fi Aanaa 116 hunda keessatti mani barumsaa Afaan Oromoo banamee akka ijoolleen Oromoo Afaan isaani baratan karoorii ba’ee sagantan ba’e Ittiaanan Mootumma Naannoo Oromiyya yeroosi obbo Dagafee Bulaa bu’uura isaa ebban banani turani garuu ijoolle Oromoof hanga amma mani barumsaa Aanalee Finfinee tokko keessatti ilee hin banamne maliif? Ijoolleen Oromoo lafa isaan Finfinnee irratti afaan isaan barachuu dhabuun maliif kana siirresun dirqama OPDO miti?  Kun Haala duree tokko malee hoji irra oluu qaba.

3.       Mirga Oromiyyaan Finfinne irratti qabachuu qabdu Heera Federala Ethiopian murteese TPLF hojii irra olchuu didee wagoota 23 ukamsee jira. Kun akka Hojii irra oluu Miseensoon Paarlamaa OPDO maliif hin goone?. Bakka Mirgi Oromoo hin egaminiti, lafa Oromoo samuu fi Oromoo buqisun Hayamamuu hin qaban, Finfinnee Kara Gengoo ykn Kara Qubela Finfinee marsitu ala ba’uu hin qabdu.

4. Finfinnee keessa xurii fi summin laga Oromiyyati gadii dhagalayee ijoolee Oromoo fixaa jiru atataman dhabachuu qaba. Waggoota 100f xurii fi Summi Oromiyyati dhagalee uumataa fi qabeenya naannoo baleese Finfinne Beenya kafaluu qabdi.

5. Wajjiralee Oromiyya Finfinne keessa jira Wajjira Mootummati basii tokko malee fayadamuu qabu. Bakka Barbadan Giduugalessa magalati bakka wajjiralee itti ijaratan tola argachuu qabu. 

6.       Waggoota 23 mirgi Finfinne irra Oromiyyan qabachuu qabdu seeran mirkana’ee utuu hojii irra hin oliin dabalatan lafa Oromoo Goodina Adda Oromiyya Finfinne jala akka oluu gaafachuun tufii Tigiren Oromoof qabduu miti? Kana Abdulazizifaa atamiin fudhatani seena hin sodatan? Miseensoon OPDO Millioon 4 yeroo Oromoon samamuu caalisee ilaalu fi Uummataa isaa ukamsee ta’uun siiridha?. Kanaafu Oromiyyan qoofa ishee Goodina Adda Oromiyya irrati Master Plan Mata ishee fayadamete uumataa ishee gudiisuf mirga gutuu qabdi.

7.       Uummani Oromoo fi Dargaggoon Oromoo yeroo Tigiren lafaa Oromoo humnan fudhatu caalisun maliif? Waggaa meeqa sodacha jiratuu? Baratoon Oromoo Godina adda kana keessa jiran Tigire achii ari’uu hin danda’ani? Hanga yoomitti gadii gugufani diina jala adeemtun?. Kanafu murteen hayyama Oromoo malee murtatee kun akka dhabatuu dargagoon dura dhabachuu qaba, wareegamaaf of qoophesuu qaba.

8.       Diasporan ala jiru akka Bedele Biraa irratti Petition Malateese mormii isaa argisisee kana irratti Petition Malateesun Moormii isaa argisus qaba; yakka Wayyane kana biyya jiru fi Mootummta adunya hunda birrati iyyachuu qaba.

9.       Dhabbilee siyyassaa Oromoo hundi dhimmaa kana irratti mormii isaan ibsa basuun mulisuu qabu. Dhaabileen Oromoo caalisuun hin qaban. Falamii fi lola uumani lafa isaa irrati goodhu ciina dhabachuu qabuu.

10. Oromiyya Goodiina Adda kana kan Misoomsa turte, Ashura naannoo kana irra argatun uummataa Nannoo kanaaf Addaa fi afaan isaa ittin gudisuuf malee misoomsite Tigiref lachuuf miti, amma garu Tigiren jalatansi jibitansi isiin irra fudhana jeedhe yeroo falimu arga fi dhaga’aa jira, oftuluma Tigire kana warii nu irra ka’aan OPDOn of irra buqisuu qabu.Ummani Oromoo TPLF of irra darbachuu qaba.

11. Finfinne qabiyeen ishee duran Kara Gengoon Marsuu keessa qoofa ammas achi ala ba’uu hin qabu, Finfinnen gudachuu qabdi warii jeedhan Finfinnee daliga gudachuu utuu hin tanee ol gudachuu qabdi, Gammoo dheedheera ijaruun Wajjiralee walti qabun bakka gammoo gurgudati galchuun rakkon furama malee qotatee bula buqisun ta’uu hin qabu, OPDOn fi Uummanii Oromoo kanan falmachuu qaba.

12. . Master Plan bafatan lafa Hektara Millioona 1.1 lafa hanga gudatu humanan fudhachuun Heera Federla Ethiopia diiggu dha. Kanaafu siirn Wayyane TPLF wagoota darban lafa Oromoo kukute naannole birrati dabala ture fi lafa Oromiya Investerota biya alaaf latee seera qabessa waan hin taneefi gara fula durati uumataa Oromoof akka deebiyuu TPLF beekuu qaba.
Uummanni Oromoo biyya keessa fi biyya ala jiru dhimma kana irratti hirira nagaa gochun falmachuu qaba, Media hunda irratti iyyata bareesuun wal damaqisee Petition mormii mallateesun dura dhabachuu qaba, Konkoolata Finfinne dha ba’uu fi galuu yabachuu dhisuu qaba, Konkoolata kan Oromoo ta’aanfi Gabatee ORO qaban qoofa fayadamuu qaba,  Habashoota naannoo sun qubatan irra bituu fi itti gurguru dhisuu qaba, Hotela, Mana Barumsa, Suuqi, Takisi, Habashoota fi kkf hund fayadamuu dhisuu qaba. Oromoon mormii fi Uguraa Habashoota irratti gochun diini akka naannoo Oromiyya keessa ba’uu dirqisisuu qaba. Namoon lafi isaan irra fudhamee hundi wal gurmeesun hanga dhumati falmachuu qabu. Sababin isaa gara fulaa duratti seeri gaafa dhufu qabeenya kun hundi isaanf ta’uu mala. Kanaaf ammoo hara falmachuu qabu. Kana haraa hin falmatiin bara Oromoon abba biyya ta’uu gaafi dhiyeesuf isaan rakkisa.

Mirgi Oromoo soda fi dhadhabna OPDO hubachuun lafi Oromoo Harari Hundane, Diredawa, Dasee fi Gutuma Walloo, Wando Genet, Moyale fi Naannoo Oromiyya yeero yeero yamuu Fedrali humanan fudhatu uumani Oromoo caalisuu hin qabu ture. Uumani Oromoo lafa isaa irra yeero heeran ala buqa’uu dhabbileen Oromoo, hayyuleen Oromoo fi Dargagoon Oromoo calisuu hin qaban. Oromoon biyya keessa fi biyya ala jiru, Median Oromoo bakka jiru Mormii isaa dhageesisun Oromoo lafa isaa irrati wareegama barbachisuu kafaluun salphina jala of basuu qaba. Haawwasi Oromoo hundi Petition Malateesun Mootummota Gamtoomanti dhiyeesu goocha Wayyanee Morumuu qaba. Wayyanen atataman goocha kana dhabuu bana Heei Federala waan ofuma cabsiteef Oromiyyan siiran Fedrala Ethiopia keessa of basuuf OPDO dabalatee Oromoo hundi sagalee tokko Bilisummaa labsachuu qabna. Walumaa galati gaafin Goddina Adda Oromiyya Finfinne jala galchuu fi Master Plan Oromoo lafa isaa irra buqisuu Heera adunya kamiin fudhatama hin qabu.

Ebla 2014 


OromiaTimes OromiaTimes

April 15, 2014: Oromo Heroes and Heroines Day

By Ibsaa Guutama*

An Oromo hero/heroine is one who effects change or dedicated one’s life to change Oromo life with his/her determination and sacrifice. An Oromo hero/heroine is known for bravery, generosity and wisdom, and never flinches in the face challenges and temptations. An Oromo hero/heroine is a patriot for whom the national cause and the love of the people stand first, rather than personal interests. Oromiyaa has produced numberless heroes and heroines for whose sake Oromos have started walking with heads raised. A nation without a hero cannot express its feelings even when it is hurt. It is afraid of aggravating the already worst situation. But, if it has a hero to guide it, fear and pain will no further intimidate it. That is what Oromo heroes and heroines have done. They have helped their people to attain political consciousness, and recognize their identity and rights pertaining to it. That is why the enemy pursues them. The number of unknown Oromo heroes and heroines; those who have become meals for birds of prey; those who are suffering under enemy captivity; and those who are disappeared and not searched for is greater than the known ones. For all, we owe a lot. We remember Oromo Heroes’/Heroines’ Day to show our gratitude for their contributions and also to help the new generation learn from their patriotism.

Oromo youth started discussion about the liberation of their country in the 60’s; in the seventies, they came out with the vanguard of the Oromo liberation movement, the OLF. Hearing that the grand people, after a century of oppression, are coming out organized to fight for their liberation, there were commotions in all enemy camps. When Zaid Barree and Darg, with their allies, went to war, they hated and feared the Oromo movement more than each other. They attacked it from both sides and fatigued it, but were unable to wipe it out. The brave Oromo raised havoc both enemies never expected. Because war had weakened them, it was decided that ten members of the leadership go to Somalia, and look for help and consultation. But, an unexpected catastrophe betook them on April 15, 1980. From then on, it was decided that April 15 be remembered as Oromo Heroes’/Heroines’ Day for past, present and future.

How do we remember our heroes and heroines? One is meeting each year as usual, and preparing songs, dances, poems, reading materials, arts that reflect the occasion, and sing and dance together in their honor. On that day, we renew our vows to continue the struggle they had started to the finish. By doing so, we appease the spirit of our heroes and our ancestors. Not only that, we will also discuss how we can strengthen the struggle based on future plan of action, not on emotion-scratching handout-seeking annual presentations. This day will give us the opportunity to reflect where we started, and where we have reached now and to assess conditions in which our people find themselves at present and what to do next. We may also hear more about our heroes and heroines.

We appreciate and honor not only heroes that passed away, but also those who survived and are still heating up the struggle with people they initially agitated to rise. Heroes fallen in Ogaden did not budge for the gun pointed at their forehead and give up their unity and national pride for life in return. They stood together with courage and determination to the end, and paid the ultimate sacrificed for their nation. They were entered into the same grave holding to their nation’s dawnkaayyoo without religion and tribe dividing them. Pushing back personal comfort and family interest for the sake of the fatherland, they taught us what firmness on objective, generosity, commitment and determination means. When we remember our martyred heroes and heroines and those who are still languishing in enemy’s captivity, we should also not forget that they like us have old parents, children without support and someone they love to care for.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first Political program of the OLF.

Gabaasa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Ebla 12/2014 Jimmaa

Warraaqsii FDG Qeerroon Bilisummaa Qabsiisaniin Baratootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimma Ebla 11, 2014 eegalan itti fufuun guyyaa har’aa Ebla 12, 2014 bifa adda ta’een itti fufan.–ZdeTh0E&feature=share&list=PLMNB_JthHxcCNsQBUL6_wLo5fBAveTQS7&index=1

FDG guyyaa kaleessa irra kaasee barattoota Oromoon eegaluun haala jabaataa fi qindoomina guddaa kan qabu guyyaa lammaaffaaf jabaatee itti fufee jira. Goototni Baratootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimma Iyyannoo isaanii bulchiinsa Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaatti guyyaa kaleessa galchachuun hiriira mormii sirnota abbaa irree balaaleffatuu qindeessuun dhaadannoo cimaa dhageesisan.

Guyyaa har’aas gaaffii gaafannee fi iyyaannoo keenyaaf deebii kallattii fi Sirnaa barbaannaa jechuun sa’aatii 6:00 irraa eegaluun hiriira mormii guddaa fi Dhaadannoowwaan itti aanu kana dhageesisan:

1. Oromiyaan Haa Bilisoomtuu!
2. Humna Waraanaan Eegamuun Nurraa haa Dhaabbatu!
3. Motummaan Abbaa Irree Angoo Haa Gadhiisuu!
4. Gurgurtaan Lafa Oromoo Irraa haadhabbatu!
5. Siidaan Miniliik Finfinnee fi Oromiyaa keessa haa buqqa’u!
6. Siidaan Eebbisaa Addunyaa Haa Ijaaramu!
7. Gaaffiin keenya Gaffii Mirgaa, Gaffii Dimookiraasiiti!
8. Hidhaan, Ajjeechaa, Biyyaa Irraa arii’atamuun nurraa haadhaabatu!
9. Mirgii Abbaa Biyyummaa Uummataa Oromoo haa kabajamuu!

10 Mootummaan Garbomsaa Hundeen Nuraa Haa Buqqa’uu! kan jedhuu fi kkf dhageesisuun hiriirri mormii cimaan gaggeeffame, FDG Qabsoo uummataa Oromoo keessatti boqonnaa haarawaa banuun jabaatee itti fufee jira.

14. 04. 14


Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa


Jalatamoo fi kabajamoo warra barreefata kana duukaa-buutanii jirtan, mee waan hundumaa duran nagaa fi nageenya isiniif hawwa! Barreeffama kana kutaa sadaffaa, kunoo akkana jechuunan xumureeyyu: “Amma gara wiirtuu dubbii Dr. G. Hayilee sanatti yoo deebine, mee maaluma-laa qaroominni Amaaraa kan inni Oromoo fi Muslimootatu barbadeesse nuun jedhu kun? Innii fi illiitonni isaanii kaan, amma gara seenaa waggalee 400 fi 500-ii faatti deebiyuun kan uummata Oromoo fi Muslimoota Toopphiyaa kabajamoo irratti waraana banan, Toopphiyaa isaanii tana ijaaru fi moo diiguufi? Jarri kun uummata Oromoo isa walakkaa uummatoota Toopphiyaa kan barana lakkoofsaan kitila 92 (92 000 000) tahee, jechuun kitila 46 (46 000 000) fi sana irratti uummattoota Toopphiyaa kana keessaa, Muslimoota dhibbayyaa 50 (“50%”) fi dabreeyyuu, uummatoota Kibbaa maratti summii tuttufuun maal akka isaanii fiduufi? “Yaa qotiyyoo gowwaa, marga malee hin agarre bowwaa!”, jedha Oromoon waan akkanaa-tiin. Mee amma kutaan kun akka nutti hin dheeranneef, asuma irratti haa dhaabnu! Kutaa kanatti aanee dhufu keessatti, erga muummiyyeewwan Amaaraa duula hamaa fi jibbisiisaa: uummata Oromoo fi Muslimoota Gaafa Afrikaa irratti bananii seenaa Oromoos, seenaa Muslimoota keenyaas bardhibbee 16-ffaa fi bara Ahimad Giraanyi duraa irraa kaasuun dhugaa fi dhugoo irratti hundeeffamuun ibsamaatii, mee hammasitti nagaa fi nageenyi qeyee keessan irraa hin dhabamini!”

Egaa, amma akkuma jedhame sanatti itti-fufamaa, yoo yeroon kan isiniif hayyamu tahe, mee barreeffama kana duukaa-bu’aa! Rakkoo fi dhibeen ginni-bittee Amaaraa fi illiitonni isaanii qaban jibbaa fi sodaa isaan uummataa fi saba Oromoo irratti qaban callaa otoo hin taane, kan isaan Muslimoota Gaafa Afrikaa keessumaa kanneen impaayera Toopphiyaa irratti qabanisi. Nuti jaalannus, jibbinus harra impaayerittii tana keessa uummatoota gabromfamanii fi amantiiwwan hacuucamantuu jiru. Isaan kun lamaan walitti guduunfaa cimaa akka qabanis beekuun dogoggora karaa kanaan uumamu jalaayyii nama baasa.

Harqoonni gabrummaa Habashaa inni uummata keenya Oromoo irra jiru kun, akkanuma uummatoota Oromiyaa irraa gara Kibbaa jiran cufa irrattis argama. Kunoo, uummatoonni: Afaari fi Somaalee, Hadiyyaa fi Sidaamaa, Kambaataa fi Gedewoo, Alaabaa fi Burjii, Walaayitaa fi Goofaa, Koonsoo fi Gaamoo, Kafichoo fi Moochaa, Gimiraa fi Kuulloo-Kontaa, Gambeellaa fi Beenishaangul, Guraagee fi Adaree faa gara waggaalee 140 harqoota gabrummaa Habashaa jala jiru. Akkanuma uummanni Kuush keenyaa Agawoo kunoo gara waggaalee 800 olii waanjoo gabrummaa Habashaa jalatti kufee argama. Koloneeffattoonni Habashaa meeshaa-waraanaa kan ammayyaa isa obbolaa amantii isaanii san humnoota Oroppaa oggaa sanaa: Biritaaniyaa Guddoo, Faransaa, Ixaaliyaa fi Rusiyaa irraa argatanii, leenjiftoota Faranjiitiin leenjifamanii, gorfamanii waraana otoo walirraa hin citin waggaalee 31 adeemsifameen Oromiyaa qabatani. Uummata Oromoo lafarraa duguuguun kitila (miliyoona) 10 irraa gara kitila 5-tti gaddeebisanii turani.


Habashaanni humna Afrikaa teenya irraa ala taheen gargaaraman kun yoo Naazota Jarmanii, Hitler faa tahe malee, waan ilmoon namaa ilmoo namaa irratti hin hojjanne, uummata Oromoo fi uummatoota obbolaa isaa warra Kibbaa irratti adeemsisaniiti jiru. Harra harmaa-harka muraan Aannolee, funyaan-muraa fi ija-buqqisaan Calanqoo kunoo ifa bawuun addunyaatti muldhachaa jira. Mootummoonni Habashaa dhufanii dabran marti kana dhoksanii, ukkaamsanii as gayanillee uummanni Oromoo duruu beeka. Kana waan sirriitti beekuuf, ijoollee ofiitti himaa, guddisaa asiin gaye. Kunoo, ammaan tana dhalawwan Oromoo faashistummaa gita-bittee Amaaraa kana biyyalafaa guutuutti beeksanii, ammallee beeksisaa jiru. Illiitonni Amaaraa arrabni isaanii dhugaa mitii, soba dubbachuutti boonu isa kana “fottoqxuuwwan Oromootu uume”, jechuun ammallee kana dhoksuuf duula fi olola hamaa nu irratti oofaa jiru.

Oromoonni Arsii f Barentuu (“Harargee”) mee kan dirree waraanaatti cabuun qabaman bara 1886 fi 1887 keessaa! Waggaa 128 harraa jechaa dha. Akka Oromoon jedhutti gadaa 16 yookaan jaarraa 3 fi gadaa tokko qofa.* Akkoolee fi akaakaawwan keenya gariin gocha Aannolee fi Calanqoo ijaan arganii jiru jechaa dha. Oromoon waggaa Habashaa fi sa’aa Habashaa isa shallaggiin himamu dhimma ittiin hin bawuu, bara lakkaawuu kana sirrumatti beeka; sirruumatti gadaa fi jaarraan lakkaawee afaanii afaanitti, dhalootaa irraa dhalootatti dabarsa. Amma baatii dabre keessa jaarsi Oromoo kan umuriin waggaa 160 tahu mandheewwan Oromoo irratti dubbifnee jirra. Inni akkanaa kunillee kan namoonni hedduun irra-gayanii mitii, kunillee jira jechumaaf asi irratti tuqame. Lafarraa duguugamni kanaa olitti kaafame kun kan uummata Oromoo callaa irratti adeemsifame otoo hin taane, kan uummatoota Kibbaa danuu irrattis godhame. Nu Oromootas mitii, dhalawwan warra Kibbaas mitii, isa kana barreessitoonni Oroppaa hedduun barreessanii jiru. Gariin ennaa Minilik mataan isaa akkuma duula Calanqootti faa waraana isaa gaggeessuun uummata Walaayitaa akka nama tokkootti walatahuun torban sadii guutuu ofirraa ittisee booda qawwee ibiddaatiin lafarraa duguugamu, Faranjoonni ijaan argan barreessanii jiru. Akka uummata Kafichoo fi uummata Dimmee keessaa dhibbayyaa 70 (“70%”) fixaniis, warruma biyyoota alaatiin kitaabamee argama. Hardha sabni Oromoo jabina baay’ina lakkoofsa uummata isaatiin heddummaachaa kan as dhaqqabe yoo tahu, uummatoota Kibbaa hedduutu Habashootaan lafarraa duguugamee dhabame. Kaan lakkoofsi isaa gadi-deebiyuun kuma shan, kuma kudhan faa taheeti argama. Nuti Oromoonni yommuu gabrummaa fi roorroo saba keenya irra jiru ibsinu, kan uummatoota Kibbaa kanas himuu fi dubbachuu qabna! Kana namummaa keenya fi itti-gaafatama seenaatu nu dirqisiisa.


Dursee qaroomina jechuun maal maal faa akka tahe, barreefama kana kutaa afraffaa irratti walumaan ilaallee turre. Muummiyyeewwan (illiitonni) Amaaraa kun qaroomina dhuunfaa mataa isaanii godhachuun nu uummatoota impaayerittii isaanii keessatti argamnu callaa otoo hin taane, Misira irraa kan hafee uummatoota Afrikaa mara “qaroomina maleeyyii” nu taasisanii argamu. Jarri kun of-tuulummaa fi sanyummaan ija of-cufanii jiru. Sanyummaan dhibee hamaa, naqarsa, isa qoricha hin qabne waan taheef isaan barabaraan dhibee kanaan dararamaa jiru. Dhibee hamaa kanatu fakkeenyaaf ija barateessaa Amaaraa, Dr. G. Hayilee cufee akka inni qaroomina Oromoo keessaa sirna Gadaa faa hin mildhanne isa taasise. Kanatu nama kana ilaafilaamee (dimokiraasii) Gadaa, isa addunyaan raajeffatu “maafiyaa dha”, isa jechisiise. Namtichi kun waan maafiyaan tahe, baargama cewuun, Biyya Xaaliyaanii keessa labee beekaa, biyyuma Gadaa keessa uumarii isaa gara irra-caalu jiraatee, waan Gadaan tahe hin beeku. Kan kana akka hin beekne isa taasise namummaa isaa otoo hin taane, sanyummaa isaati.

Inni kana bira dabreetuu uummata Oromoo mara “tiksee” jechuun arrabsa. Maali namni kun seenaa-dhaan doktorummaa argate moo addaggummaa-dhaani (baalagummaa-dhaani)? Akka kiyyatti tikseenis keessumaa nama barate biratti ni kabajamti. Hojiin marti: tiksummaan, horsiisanii-bultummaan, qonnaan-bulummaan, hojiin-bulummaan, daldalummaan, seedatummaan, shammaanummaan, tumtummaan, faaqummaan, weexummaan faa marti ni kabajamu. Hojiiwwanii fi jiruuwwan kun akka hawaasa Amaaraa keessatti hin kabajamne, akka hedduu tuffataman sirriittan beeka. Ammoo, namni kun mee nama barate qofa otoo hin taanee, nama Biyya Ameerikaa keessa jiraatuu! Naannoo fi hawaasa keessa jiraatu sana irraa inni homaayyuu hin baratu moo maal dubbiin? Yaa Waaq dukkana wallaalummaa akkanaa kana keessa Oromootas, uummatoota kiyya warra Kibbaas, dhala-namaa hunda na jalaa hin galchini!

Inni Oromoodhan “tiksee” kan jedhe horsiisee-bulaa (“pastoralist”) jechuu wallaaletii miti. Inni isuma kanas ni tuffata. Isaaf kan uummanni isaa irratti argamu “qonnaan-bulummaa” callaatu kabaja qaba yookaan “qaroomina”. Erga qotiisaan jiraachuun qaroomina tahee, Oromoonis waan qotiisaanis jiraachaa tureef, (ammallee jiruuf) qaroomina Dr. G. Hayilee qunnaa-dhaan namaaf hiru kana, Oromoon keenyas argachuu qaba. Maal jennaan? Uummanni Oromoo hundee uummatoonni Afrikaa Kaaba-bahaa irratti bu’ureeffaman erga tahee, horii-horsiisuus tahee lafa-qotuu isatu obbolaa isaa warra Kuush wajjin jalqabe jechaa dha. Bardhibbee 16-ffaa keessa oggaa waraanni hamaan Habashoota fi Oromoota jidduutti adeemaa ture san, Oromoo keessaa gosoliin baay’een qonna dhaabuun horii-horsiisuu qofa irratti bobbayanii turani. Waraana hamaan warri Habashaa kun ennum sanallee humna Afrikaa irraa alaa, Portugaalota waammachuun adeemsisaa turan, jechuun meeshaa-waraanaa Faranjoota irraa argachuu qofa otoo hin taane, loltoota isaanii 400 tahantu isaan duukaa-deemuun Oromoon lolaa turani. Kanaaf, Oromoodhaa waraanni sun waan laayyoo wayii hin turre.

Aadaa fi duudhaa warra Habashaa keessumaa kan warra Amaaraa taheeti, waraanni isaanii saammatee, raammatee buluu malee, waan mindaa jedhamu hin qabu ture. Oggaa waraanni isaanii kun daangaa ofii irra dabrun Biyya Oromoo seene, Oromoonni loonii fi fardeen ofii faa ooffataniitoo gara Kibbaatti, gara miilli Habashootaa dhaqqabuu hin dandeenyetti baqatu. Ammegaa, midhaan isaanii isa oobruu (maasii), oogdii fi gootaraa keessa jiru akkamitti ooffatanii jarreen kana jalaa baqatu? Kanatu bara san Oromoota duraan qonnaa fi horii-horsiisuun jiraatan akka qonna dhiisaniif isaan dirqisiise. Kana jechuun immoo Oromoota keessaa, warreen durumaanuu horii-horsiisuu callaan jiraatan hin jiran jechaa miti.

Ani akkan naannoo Oromiyaa Waltajjii keessaa abbootii seenaa irraa qoraddheetti, jechuun Oromoota Tuulamas, Oromoota Macca Bahaa irraas isuman kanaa olitti ibsame kanaan dhagaye. “Ilmakoo isin warri barattan kun waanuma mana barumsaa keessatti dhageessan, waanuma qeesota irraa dhageessan duwwaatu mirkana jettanii hin fudhatinaa! Oromoonkee duris qoteetuma, loonis horsiisetuma jiraachaa ture. Otoo hin qotin, otoo garbuu faa facaafatee hin galfatin maaliin ateetee bulfata? Maal walitti facaasuun wal-eebbisa. Biqila maalii itti-tufuun shii heerumtuu fi isa fuudhu eebbisa? Ani amman beekutti isuma naannoo kanaan sittimaa Tuulamnis, Maccis qoteetuma, tikfateetuma bulaayyu.” Naan jedhe ekeraan isaa daadhii keessaa isa booka haa dhugduutii, namni seenaa Dabbabaa Gammachuu Qamalittii. Kan inni nuuf ibse kun, akka walqabanneetoo gara seenaa keenya isa bardhibbee 16-ffaa duraatti deebinuu fi gara Madda Walaabuu (Haroo Walaabuu) deemnuuf nu afeera.

Namni Jarmanii kan umurii isaa guutuu waayee Oromoo fi uummatoota Kibbaa qorate, Mabba (Unbarsitii) Firaankifurtii-tti barachiisaa kan ture, Eike Haberland akka Oromoon durattumaa qonnaa fi horii-horsiisuun jiraatu, ragaa hanga harraattuu eenyumtuu dura ijaajjuu hin dandeenye nuuf dhiyeesse. Inni dursee seenaa Oromoon waayee dhaloota isaa akka oduutti (sheekkootti) dhiyeeffatu irraayyi ka’e. Oduu tun tan gosoolii Oromoo hundaa biratti beekamtu. “Oromoon waan sadii wajjin waaqarraa gara lafaatti bu’e. Sadeen kun: sa’a, hoolaa fi garbuu dha.” Pirof. Haberland: “wanneen sadan kun seenaa Oromoo keessatti isaan jalqabaa, isaan durii durii tahuu-laa?”, jechuun wanneen kana qorachuu eegale.

Loon baddaattis, gammoojjiittis waan horsiifamaniif ammana isa hin rakkifne. Hoolota keessaa immoo hoolaa Somaalee faa ishii biyya hoowwaa, gammoojjjiitti horsiifamtu otoo hin taane, “hoolaa Oromoo” tan jedhamtu qorate. Hoolaan Oromoo tun biyya qorru, baddaatti tan horsiifamtu. Inni rifeensi ishii fi duboon ishii otoo hin hafin qorachuun akka hoolaa biyya baddaa taate mirkaneeffate. Dhuma irratti garbuunis eessumattuu akka biyya baddaa callaatti biqilu bira gaye. Wanneen kun sadanuu Oromoon erga addunyaa tana irra jiraachuu jalqabee, kan isaa fi kanneen biyya baddaatti tahan waan taheef, inni “Oromoon baddaa Baalee” irra turee booda, bakka amma Booranni jiruu faa, Oromoon Gabraa fi Ormaa (Keeniyaa) jirufaatti godaane jedhe.** Inni namni seenaa Oromoo Dabbabaa Gammachuu Qamalittii: “Biqila maalii itti-tufuun shii heerumtuu fi isa fuudhu eebbisa?”, jedhe kun isa pirofeesar Habareland jedhu san kan akka gaariitti deeggaru. Garbuun hundee Oromooti jechuutu dandayama. Akaakuu farsoo keessaa inni sonaan jaalatamaan sun, hamma mammaattuu “farsoo Oromoo” kan jedhamu garbuu irraa akka qoppheeffamu yaadachuun mishoo dha.

Kana irratti idayamuu kan qabu waayee bunaati. Bunnis kan naannoo gammoojjiitti biqiluu miti. Bunni naannoo baddadareetti kan margu yookaan kan dhaabamu. Oromoon akka garbuutti isa waliin “waaqarraa lafatti buune”, jechuu baatullee akkuma garbuu faa aadaa fi duudhaa isaa keessatti bunnis bakka olaanaa qaba. Aadaa fuudhaa-heerumaa, ateetee, ayyaana waggaa, shanan dubartii deessee, araara fi eebba faa biraa bunni hin hafu. Oromoof bunni asxaa nagaa-ti. Akkuma coqorsi asxaa jireenyaa tahe bunnimmoo mallattoo nagaa tahee, Oromoo fi nu dhalawwan isaa biraa hafuu didee biyyambaa kanas nu waliin jiraata. Dr. G. Hayilee bunnis kan “tiksee”-ti jechuun isaa ni mala. Ee, uummanni isaa aadaa bunaa waan hin qabneef, waan bara dhiyoo warra “tiksee” kana irraa barateef, ammas akkuma qeesota isaanii jara durattii: “waan Gaallaa kana akka hin tuqneef, waan Islaamaa kana akka harkaan hin qabanneef, maqaa abbaatiin, maqaa ilmaatiin, maqaa hafuura qulqulluutiin isin magannee jirra (“basima-aab, basima-waldi, basima-manfas qiddus gazzitanaal)!” Akka nuun hin jenne.

Isaan as irrattis “Gaallaa” isaanii kana Muslimoota irraa addaan hin baafne. Waan isaan lameen kana, jechuun Oromoo fi Muslimoota warri isaa addaan-baasanii hin ilaalleef, kunoo bardhibbee 21-ffaa kana keessas Oromoo fi Muslimoota Gaafa Afrikaa walitti qabeetoo cagada. Waan hundaafuu Muslimoota keenya isaan Gaafa Afrikaa kanneen dhiisitii, isaan Garba Diimaa gamaatuu waayee bunaa kana Oromoodhuma isaanii irraayyi fudhatani. Maddi bunaa biyya Oromoota Kuush Kuusaa akka tahe amma shakkii wayiituu malee, qorattoota seenatiin bira gayameeti jira. Hayyee, Oromoon keenya buna midhaan eebbaa, WAAQNI eebbisee isa badhaase kana innis eebbisee addunyaa teenya badhaasee jira. Seenaa buna Oromoo ennaa biraan isiinii dhiyeessaa, amma akka Oromoon bara 575 keessa buna dhuguu jalqabee jala-harriqeen dabra.

Habashoonni “keenya”-mmoo bara himame kana dhiisitii bara maraataa fi shifticha isaanii, bara Teediroos-iyyuu (1855 – 1868) uummanni isaanii buna hin dhugu ture. Ginni-bittee isaanii immoo buna dhuguu kan jalqaban, erga Oromoota Walloo fi Yajjuu, Tuulamaa fi Macca keessa Horro, Guduru, Jimma Raaree, Amuuruu fi Sadan Liiban faa keessaa nam-tokkeewwanii fi gurmuuwwan gariin magaalaa fi masaraa Gondor seenanii asii (bara mooticha Suusiniyoos, 1606-1632) irraa kaasanii-ti. Dur qeessonni isaanii buna keenya kanaan: “muka sheexanaa – yesayxaan takil” jedhuun turre. Kunoo galanni kan Oromoo haa tahuutii, gallanni kan qaroomina Biyya Gadaa haa tahuutii, harra numa wajjin midhaan eebbaa kanaan gammaddaa, mirqaanaa jiru! Erga aadaa bunaa warra Gadaa irraa baratanii, maal jedhe naan jedhaa buli-bulii aadaa Gadaas (dimokiraasiis) uummata Gadaa kana irraa ni baratu! Kana malees, mootummaan Habashaa fi dureeyyiin isaanii kunoo hardha bunni akka waan kan mataa isaanii taheetti addunyaatti dhiyeeffatu. Imaltoota (turistoota) impaayerittii isaanii seenan maratti, hoteelota urjiiwwan shanii keessatti akkuma aadaa Oromootti damfisuun: jabanaa marga coqorsaatiin marsanii, shaarfaa bunaa kan garbu irraa akaawame faa dhiyeessanii ittiin daldalachaa jiru.

Kanaa olitti waayee garbuu fi waayee qonnaan-buluu Oromoo durii durii kaafnee turre. Oggaa gosooliin Seem sadii Arabiyaa Kibbaa irraa Garba Diimaa cewuun dachee Kuushotaa irra miilli isaanii hin ijjatin, naannoon Biyya Habashaa isa ammaa kana, Oromiyaa fi naannoon uummatoota Kibbaa kun qonnaan hedduu kan beekamu ture. Kun Ertiraa Kibbaas ni dabalata. Kunoo, midhaan harra Habashoonni akka waan isaan irraa maddeetti dhiyeeffatan: xaafii, nuugii, garbuu fi ajjaa faa koolu-galtuu tahuun otoo isaaan hin dhufin, warra Kuushotaatiin bara dhibba meeqaa fi meeqa dura hoomishamaa turani. Adaala (“desert”) Arabiyaa irraayyi finnee dhufne, akka jedhanii nu hin kofalchiifne, ni abdanna. Kanneen keessaa kan akka xaafii fi nuugii aadaan qonna isaas, jechi sagalee isaas Afaanota Kuushii irraa kan ergifatame. Maali isaan midhaan akkuma garbuu naannoo baddaatti margu sanaan, jechuun ajjaa-dhaan (kunis Afaanuma Oromoo fayi) hanga dhiyootti “YeGaallaa gabsi” jedhuun ture mitii?

Ijjaarsi Aksum, inni isaan harra dhuunfaa ofii godhachuun ittiin boonan kunillee kan isaanii qofa miti. Isaan uummata Kuush raajeffatamaa kana jechuun Agawo keenya lafarraa duguuganii fixanii Goojjam, Walloo fi Beegamdiritti (Beejaa-midir) waa hafee, isaa kaan “Falaashaa” jechuun warra Israa’elitti bara Dargii irraa kaasuun gurgurachaa jiruu, siidaa Aksum kanas handhuuraa isaanii, kan warri Kuush homaayyu keessaa hin qabne godhatuu? Waan hundaafuu, aadaa kallacha Oromoo, aadaa siidaa isa hardhumallee naannoo Oromoo Arsii keessaa Sulula Dhooqaa keessatti argamuu, ijaarsa fi hambaa qaroominaa isa naannoo Oromoo Tuulamaa keessaa Malkaa Qunxuree fi Maaram Adaadii faatti argamuu, qorattoota seenaa keessaa warri xindhakaa qorachuutu barbaachisaa taha.

Sirni Gadaa Dr. G. Hayilee tuffii hamaadhaan “maafiyaa” jedhee arrabsu sun, sirna qaroominaa kan Oromoon Habashootas, Arabootas, Yuudota isaanis, Faranjoots, uummatoota Asiyaa fi Afrikaa keessaa hedduu dursuun ittiin bulu ture. Eekaa, oggaa uummatoonni fi biyyoonni kanaa olitti kaafaman mootolii fi gooftoliin, abbootii irree fi muummichootan bulan san Oromoon caffee isaatti waggaa saddeet-saddeetiin dureewwan ofii filachuun ilaafilaameen walbulcha ture. Seenaa ilmoo namaa keessaa Oromoon sirna dimokiraasiin kan of-bulche ennaan jedhu, dimokiraasii warra Giriikii durii sana irraanfaddhee miti! Inni kun akka kan Oromoo fi akka kan warra Oroppaa fi Ameerikaa Kaabaa isaan ammaa kana dimokiraasii guutuu tahe hin turre. Dimokiraasiin Giriikota durii dimokiraasii abbootii gabraati. Gabroonni kan qaama uummata Giriikii san turan filachuuf mirgaa fi haqa tokkollee hin qabniiyyu. Dimokiraasiin USA-a kunis amma malee, duraan dimokiraasii abbootii gabraa ture. Kanatti dabalameetuu dimokiraasii sanyummaa irratti bu’ureeffame ture. Oggaas kan filamuufis, filachuufis mirga qabu Faranjoota callaa dha. Afroo-Ameerikaanonnii fi Warri Abbaa Biyyaa, kan isaan “Red Indians” jedhaniin mirga wayiituu hin qaban ture. Karaa kanaan hardha addunyaan teenya tun, jechuun karaa dimokiraasii-tiin Oromoomtee jirti jechuu dandeenya.

Mee akkamitti mootummaan tokko abbaa irraa ilmatti dabruun dhaalama? Kun nu Oromootaaf hin galu. Mataa keenyatu daddhabaa tahe otoo hin taane, loojika ilmoo namaa isa kanatti bulu sanatu daddhabaa ture. Warri Dr. G. Hayilee isaan akka hoolotaatti abbootii duulaa (“raasota”) fi mootolii isaanitiin tikfamaa, oofamaa turan sun isa kanaaf mammaaksa tokko qabu. “Samaay aayittaarrasim, nigus aayikkassasim – samiin hin qotamu, mootiin hin himatamu!” Inni kun gadaantummaa gadaantummaa caalu, kan ilmoo namaa akka horiitti ilaalu. Oromoo biratti garuu, Abbaan Gadaa fi ministeeronni waggaalee 8 callaaf filamu. Erga Abbaan Gadaa fi miseensonni kaabinee isaa saglan filatamanii booda waggaa afuritti hojiin isaanii, adaraan biyyi itti-kennate sun yaa’in waamamee gamaaggamama. Balleessanii argamnaan hojii irraayyi buufamu. Afaan Oromoo keessaa jechi Abbaa Gadaa mootummaa irraa buusu kun, jechaa daran jabaa fi jabaataa kan buqqisuu (“to uproot”) jedhamu. “Samaay —”-n warraa Amaaraa tun as irratti bakka wayiituu hin qabdu. Akka nuti beeknuttis, akka addunyaan beektuttis isa Gadaa kanatu qaroomina qaroomina caalu. Warra akka hoolotaatti mootolii fi abbootii duulatiin oofamuu bareef, inni kun “maafiyaa” dha. Hatahu malee, warri sirna qaroominaa kana, sirna Gadaa arrabsaa jiran kunis oolee bulee garuma sanitti deemu. Kunoo, hardhaayyuu gargaarsa Faranjootaa isa bakka amantii ofii buufatan sana argachuuf, “nuti dimokiraatota, Toopphiyaa kottee Wayyaanee jalaa baafnee sirna dimokiraasii-tiin bulchina” jechaa jiru.

Kutaa kana asuma irratti dhaabuun mee haa bullu! Hammasitti nagaa fi nageenyi qeyee keessan irraa, haarri bunaa manaa fi gandeen keessan keessaa hin dhabamini! Horaa naa bubbulaa!

Itti-fufa —!

============== HUBACHIISA MIILJALEE ==============

* Namoonni keenya gariin jecha Oromoo isa “jaarraa” jedhamu, jecha Afaan Ingilizii isa “century” jedhamuuf kennu. Garuu, sirna Gadaa keessatti “jaarraa” jechuun waggaa 40, ilmi abbaa isaa booda dhufuun abbaa bokkuu faa tahuu dandawu sana. Isa kana ammas akkanumatti jechuun waggaa 40-f dhimma ittiin bawuu qabna. “Century”-f immoo jecha “bardhibbee” jedhamu qabna. Akkanuma: barkurnee = “decade”, barkumee = “millennium”.

** Oromoon durii duriis Madduma Walaabuu, jechuun Baddaa Baalee keessa qofaa ture jechaa miti. Otoo inni bardhibbee 16-ffaa keessa gara biyya ofii isa Oromiyaa Waltajii fi Oromiyaa Kaabaa: Raayyaa, Yajjuu fi Wallotti ol hin deebiyin Oromoonni biroo naannolee kana akka jiraachaa turan ni beekama. Otoo Oromoon Tuulamaa fi Maccaa kanneen akka isaan jedhanitti “Haroo Walaabuu” irraa ka’uun gara amma jiraatan kana hin dhufin, naannoo amma Gindabart jedhamu keessa Oromoo “Oromduroo” jechuun Oromoo Durii jedhamutu ture. Kana malees oggaa Macci gariin Laga Gibee cewuun naannoo Wallaggaa dhaqqabu, Oromoonni biroo akka achi turan amma bira gayamee jira. Erga Oromoon qaama hortee Kuush tahee, Kuush kanaaf immoo maddi isaa Nuubiyaa (Nuu+biyya), jechuun Misira Kibbaa fi Sudaan Kaabaa tahee kun kan nama maalaluu miti.

Kutaalee dabran dubbisuuf mee as tuqaa:

Konya ABO Switzerland


Waamicha Kabaja Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo

Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo 2014 Swiss

Konyan ABO Switzerland Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo kabajachuuf qophii irra jira. Guyyaa seenaa qabeessa kan Gootota Oromoo lubbuu isaanii Oromoo fi Oromiyaaf jedhanii kennan akka waliin yaadannu Oromoota biyya Swiss jiran hundaaf waamicha dabarsina. Koottaa, gootota QBO waliin haa yaadannu!

Guyyaan: 12.04.2014; Bakki: Ali Baba, Lerchenweg 35, Länggasse (Bern)

Yeroon: Sa’a 12:00 irraa kaasee hamma galgalaa tti!

Konya ABO Switzerland

Ethiopia: Telecom Users’ Rights Abuse

Mekonenn Elalla Fekadu

In recent reports by Human Right Watch/HRW/,it emerges how Ethiopia has built up a large monitoring system for controlling citizens network and phone usage. In the country there is telecommunication and network monopoly .And according to HRW there is no constraints that prevent the government from gaining an overview of who have contact with any one on the phones, and internet, in addition, they also save cone phone calls on a large scale. Theauthorities have an opportunity to store all phone conversations going on the country and outside the country. According to the HRW report ,it often happens in the interrogation that the police are playing phone calls that the arrested person had with family and friends ,specially conversations with someone abroad .This has led many Ethiopians abroad are afraid to call home to Ethiopia.

It is not a secret to any one that the TPLF bandits are doing all they can to remain in powers, so this is one of their tools supposing intimidate all of those who don’t share their evil ideology of hates and especially those denouncing and fighting their tyrant regime. TPLF/EPRDF are specializes on hijacking, assassination, looting and introducing bombs .They are really specialized on the matter of crimes of terrorism. Majority of the people are starving with the lack of foods, and children suffering of malnutrition but the TPLF bandits have means to through millions of dollars to pay for Chines hackers.TPLF hunt for an anonymous blogger who criticized a new law that defies the constitution. The international Telecommunication union/ITU/ estimated internet penetration at 1.5 per cent, this seems surprisingly low, although the precise scale of usage is notoriously difficult to ascertain in Ethiopia. Foryears, the Ethiopia government had systematically restricted access to political content on line.

Bloggers are not immune from legal threats, and a TPLF security wasted valuable time and resources trying to identify an anonymous blogger who had criticized their conflict with a constitutional court. Ethiopia’s telecom sector cannot easily sustain responsible investment .A repressive legal framework that allows for security, privacy, and human rights abuses governs the sector. These laws permits the government to engage in surveillance, censorship, cyber-attacks collect and store user data, and disrupt communications. Although freedom of expression is enshrined in the Ethiopian constitution, the guarantees are qualified by the phrase, cyber-attacks against opposition pages like OLF /Oromo liberation front/and other websites are common in Ethiopia and have intensified following the protests ,several online forums, websites, and Facebook pages related to the protesters were hacked. It is saddens me to think that, one of the poorest country on earth, deploying the most sophisticated technology to spy its citizens, majority of the people are denied the most simple basic services like clean water,access to reliable telephone services…etc. population of 90 million only 1.5 per cent of the population have an access to internet .I don`t know how on earth one justifies to spend our limited resources frivolously like the way the wanes are spending it. It’s almost a crime for the sake of fake security.


All human beings are born with inalienable rights. These human rights empower people to pursue lives of dignity – thus, no government can bestow them but all governments should protect them. Freedom, built on a foundation of justice, tolerance, dignity, and respect – regardless of ethnicity, religion, political association, or social standing – allows people to pursue these fundamental rights. Whereas dictatorships deny human rights, free societies continually strive to attain them.

 ክፍት ደብዳቤ ለኣሜሪካ ድምጽ ሬድዮ ኣማርኛ ፕሮግራም ማኔጂንግ ኤዲተር ወ/ሮ ትዝታ በላቸው

ከያህያ ጀማል

በቅድሚያ ይድረስ የተከበረ ሰላምታዬ ለወ/ሮ ትዝታ በላቸው። ከሰላምታዬ በማስከተል ይህን ክፍት ደብዳቤ ለመጻፍ ወዳነሳሳኝ ፍሬ ጉዳይ ልዝለቅ። ወ/ሮ ትዝታ ቢያንስ ከ20 ኣመታት በላይ በኣሜሪካ ድምጽ ሬድዮ ኣማርኛው ፕሮግራም ላይ የማውቅሽ ሚዛናዊ የሆኑ ዝግጅቶችን ስታቀርቢ ነው። በተለይም በፖለቲካ ነክ ጉዳዮች ዙሪያ እንግዶችን ጋብዘሽ በምታዋይያቸው ወቅቶች ሁሉ ተገቢና ፍትሃዊ ጥያቂዎችን እየፈለፈልሽ በመሰንዘር የኣድማጮችሽን የልብ ትርታ ማዳመጥ የምትችይ የቱባ ጋዜጠኝነት ልምድ ባለቤት መሆንሽን ነበር የማውቀው። በዚህም የቪኦኤን ኣማርኛ ፕሮግራም ማድመጥ ከጀመርኩበት ወቅት ኣንስቶ ከሞላ ጎደል ኣድናቂሽ ሆኜ ቆይቻለሁ።

ዛሬ ግን ይህን ክፍት ደብዳቤ እንድጽፍልሽ ያነሳሳኝ ጉዳይ በቅርቡ በተከታታይ ክፍሎች የቀረበውንና ሶስት ምሁራንን በማሳተፍ ኣንቺው ራስሽ ባወያየሽው በኢትዮጵያ የታሪክ ጭብጦች ላይ ያተኮረ ወይይት ይዘት ነው። በዚህ ውይይት ውስጥ ለረጅም ጊዜ የማውቅሽ የወ/ሮ ትዝታ በላቸው ሚዛናዊ ኣወያይነትና ጠለቅ ያለው የጋዜጠኝነት ጥያቄ ኣጠያየቅ ልምድሽ የት እንደገባ ኣልተረዳሁም። ውይይቱ ኣንድን ወገን ኣስደስቶ ሌላውን ያሳዘነ ሆኖ ሳለ ይባስ ተብሎ እየተደጋገመ ኣየር ላይ ሲውል ታዝቤያለሁ። በዚህ ክፍት ደብዳቤዬ ቢያንስ በሁለት ዋና ዋና ምክንያቶች እንዳዘንኩብሽ ለመግለጽ እገደዳለሁ።

ገና ሲጀመር በኢትዮጵያ የታሪክ ጭብጦች ዙሪያ ከተጋበዙት ሶስቱ ምሁራን መካከል ኣንዱ የተመረጡበት መስፈርት ምን እንደሆነ ለኔ ግልጽ ኣይደለም። የታሪክ ምሁር በመባል የሚታወቁት ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ በታሪክ ጉዳይ ላይ የራሳቸውን ኣቅዋም እንዲያንጸርባርቁ መመረጣቸው ለኣንድም ሁለት ወይም ሶስት ምክንያቶች ተገቢ ሆኖ ይታየኛል። እሳቸው በሞያ የታሪክና የቁዋንቁዋ ተመራማሪ ከመሆናቸው በተጨማሪ በራሳቸው ስም ኣልፎ ኣልፎ በድረ-ገጾች ላይ በሚያሰራጯቸው ታሪክ ነክ መጣጥፎች ይዘት ዙሪያ ለበርካታ ጥያቄዎች ምላሽ መስጠት የሚጠበቅባቸው ‘ተጠያቂ’ ምሁር ናቸው። በግጭት ኣስወጋጅነት ምርምር ስራ ላይ የተሰማሩት ዶክተር ብርሃኑ መንግስቱም ቢሆኑ በታሪክ ሂደት ውስጥ ስለተከሰቱ ግጭቶች የምናወጋ እስከሆነ ድረስ ውይይቱ ሊመለከታቸው ይችላል። ለነገሩ ዶክተር ብርሃኑ በዚህ ውይይት ውስጥ እንዲጫወቱ የተፈለገው ሚና ኣስታራቂ ሃሳቦችን በማንሸራሸር ሁለት ጽንፈኛ ኣመለካከቶችን ለማቀራረብ ታስቦ ቢሆንም እሳቸው ግን በዚህኛው ውይይት ውስጥ ስልታዊ በሆኑ ቃላት የዶክተር ጌታቸውን ኣቁዋም በመደገፍና በማዳበር ሶስተኛውን ተወያይ እያጠቁ ማንበርከካቸውን ነው ለመረዳት የቻልኩት።

በዚህ ታሪክ ነክ ውይይት ላይ የተጋበዙት ሶስተኛው ሰው ዶክተር በያን ኣሶባ ግን በምን መስፈርት ለዚህ ውይይት ብቁ ተደርገው እንደተመረጡ ነው ያልገባኝ። ውይይቱ የታሰበው (ከመንደርደሪያ ሃሳቡም ኣንዳደመጥነው) ሁለቱን ተጻራሪ የታሪክ ጭብጦች (የኣማራ ልህቃንና የኦሮሞ ልህቃንን በመወከል) ኣገናኝቶ ለማወያየት እስከሆነ ድረስ ኦሮሞን ወክለው የሚቀርቡት ምሁር ልክ እንደ ኣማራው ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሁሉ በታሪክ እውቀት የተካኑና ውሃ መቁዋጠር የሚችል የክርክር ነጥብ የማንሳት ኣቅም ያካበቱ መሆን ይጠበቅባቸው ነበር። ዶክተር ጌታቸው የወዲያኛውን ጽንፈኛ ኣቁዋም ወክለው እንዲቀርቡ ከተመረጡ ዘንዳ የወዲህኛውን ‘ጽንፈኛ’ ኣቁዋም መንስኤ ማስረዳትና መከራከር የሚችል ተመጣጣኝ የታሪክ ምሁር መመረጥ ነበረበት። ዶክተር በያንን እስከማውቃቸው ድረስ ግን እሳቸው የኣንድ ፖለቲካ ድርጅት ኣመራር ኣባል እንጂ በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ዙሪያ ከተቀሩት ሁለቱ ምሁራን ጋራ የሚመጣጠን የታሪክ ትምህርት እውቀት ያካበቱ ኣይመስሉኝም። ባልሳሳት እሳቸው በሞያ የህግ ምሁር እንጂ እንደ ተቀሩት ሁለቱ ሰዎች የታሪክ ወይም የታሪክ ወለድ ግጭቶች ኣወጋገድ ሊቅ ኣይደሉም። በዚህ ረገድ ሲታይ ታሪክና ፖለቲካ ለየቅል መሆናቸውን ልብ እንላለን። ፖለቲካ ሳይንስም ኣርትም ነው። ኣርቱ ካለው ማንኛውም ሰው ብድግ ብሎ ፖለቲከኛ ሊሆን ይችላል። ከዚህም የተነሳ ብዙ የማህበራዊ ሳይንስ ያላጠኑ የተፈጥሮ ሳይንስ ምሁራን ሃይለኛ ፖለቲከኛ (technocrats) በመሆን ኣገር ሲመሩ በኣለም ዙሪያ እናያለን። ነገር ግን ታሪክ ለታሪክ ኣጥኚዎች (historians) ብቻ የሚተው ጉዳይ ነው። የዚህኛው ውይይት ጭብጥም ታዲያ ህግ ነክ ወይም ወቅታዊ ፖለቲካ ሳይሆን ታሪክና ታሪክ ነክ ጉዳይ ነው።

ዶክተር በያን በውይይቱ ላይ ሲጋበዙ የኦሮሞ ልህቃንን በመወከል በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ጭብጥ ላይ እንዲወያዩ ታሳቢ ተደርጎ ይመስለኛል። እንደዚያ ከሆነ ደግሞ ከዶክተር በያን ይልቅ ልክ እንደ ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ ሁሉ በታሪክ ወይም በቁዋንቁዋ ጥናት Ph.Dያቸውን ከሰሩ የኦሮሞ ተወላጅ ምሁራን መካከል ተፈልጎ መጋበዝ ነበረበት። ከተቃራኒው ጫፍ ለሚነሱ ታሪክ ነክ ማብራሪያዎች ተመጣጣኝ የሆነ ታሪክ ነክ የመከራከሪያ ምላሽ መስጠት የሚችል የኦሮሞውን የፖለቲካ ጎራ የሚወክል የታሪክ ምሁር መጋበዝ ፍትሃዊነት ይኖረው ነበር። ወ/ሮ ትዝታ ይህን ማድረግ እየቻልሽ ሳታደርጊ በመቅረት ኣድሎኣዊነት የሚንጸባረቅበትን ውይይት/ክርክር ማቅረብ በመምረጥሽ በጣም ካዘኑብሽና ከታዘቡሽ የኦሮሞ ተወላጆች መካከል ኣንዱ መሆኔን እገልጽልሻለሁ።  (በነገራችን ላይ ኣብዛኞቹ የኦሮሞ ብሄረተኞች የቪኦኤ ኣማርኛ ፕሮግራም የመከታተል ፍላጎት የላቸውም። ምክንያቱ ደግሞ ኣብዛኛውን ጊዜ በሚቀርቡት እንዲህ ባሉት ኣድሎኣዊነት በሚያጠቃቸው ዝግጅቶች በመሰላቸትና በማዘን ነው። ኣሁን ስለምናወራው ውይይትም በተመለከተ ብዙ የማውቃቸውን ሰዎች ጠይቄ ኣብዛኞቹ እንዳልተከታተሉት ነግረውኛል።)  ከኦሮሞው ወገን በዚህ ዘርፍ ምሁር ተፈልጎ የታጣ ይመስል የታሪክ ጉዳይ የማይመለከታቸውን ዶክተር በያን ላይ የሙጥኝ በማለት እሳቸውን ኣግባብቶ ለማቅረብ የሳምንታት ጊዜ እንደወሰደ ሳስታውስ የውይይቱ ኣዝማሚያ ወዴት እንደሆነ ኣስቀድሞ የሚጠቁም ነበረ። የውይይቱ ኣላማም የሁለቱን ጫፍ ኣመለካከቶች በቅንነት ለማስታረቅ ሳይሆን የኦሮሞውን የፖለቲካ ማህበረሰብ የታሪክ ግንዛቤን በስህተትነት ለመፈረጅና በተለይም ባሁኑ ወቅት በወጣቱ ትውልድ መካከል የሚታየውን የኣባቶችን ታሪክ መሰረት ባደረገ የፖለቲካ ኣመለካከት ውስጥ የኦሮሞውን ወገን ኣፍ ለማስያዝ ታስቦ መሆኑን ከውይይቱ ኣጀማመርና ኣጨራረስ በቀላሉ መረዳት ይቻላል። ለዚህም ነው ከውይይቱ ፍጻሜ በሁዋላ በቀረቡት የኣድማጮች ኣስተያየት የኣንዱ ፖለቲካ ማህበረሰብ (የኣማራው ወገን) ኣባላት ብቻ በውይይቱ መደሰታቸውን ሲገልጹ ከሁለተኛው (ከኦሮሞው) ወገን ግን ዝምታ የተመረጠው።

ወ/ሮ ትዝታ ሌላው ያዘንኩብሽ ምክንያት ደግሞ ከላይ እንደጠቀስኩት በሳልና ፍትሃዊ የሆነው የኣወያይነት ልምድሽ በዚህኛው የውይይት ሂደት ከቶ ስላልታየኝ ነው። ይሄን ሳነሳልሽ የግድ ስለ ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ ጽንፈኛ ኣቁዋም ከዶክተር በያን ኣሶባ ውሱን የሆነ የታሪክ እውቀት ጋር እያነጻጻርኩ መናገሬ የግድ ይሆናል። እንደምትረጂው (ኣንቺም እንዳነበብሽው በውይይቱ ወቅት ጠቅሰሻልና) ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ ለዚህ ውይይት ከመቅረባቸው ጥቂት ቀናት ኣስቀድሞ ‘እርቅና ሰላም፣ የህይወት ቅመም’ በሚል ርእስ ያዘጋጁትን ኣንድ ጽሁፍ በተለያዩ ድረ-ገጾች ላይ ለንባብ ኣውለውት ነበር። ዶክተር ጌታቸው በዚህ ኣርእስቱ እንደ ቂቤ በለሰለሰና ይዘቱ ግን ኣንደ ጩቤ በሰላ ግጭት ሰባኪ ጽሁፋቸው ኦሮሞና እስልምናን በኢትዮጵያ ጠላትነት በመፈረጅ እስከሚበቃቸው ድረስ ዘልፈዋል፣ ረግመዋል። ኦሮሞን በሚመለከት በጽሁፉ ውስጥ ኣንዲህ ብለዋል። ‘ኦሮምኛ የሚናገሩ ጎሳዎች የእስላሞቹ ኣመጽ በተገታ ማግስት ፈልሰው ከእስላሞቹ የተረፈውን የስልጣኔ ምልክት ጠራረጉት…ጋዳ በሚሉት (ገዳ ማለታቸው ነው) ሁሉን ለጦርነት በሚያሰልፍ የማፊያ ስርኣት በውትድርና ተደራጅተው፣ በግብርና፣ በንግድ፣ በድብትርና የሚተዳደረውን ሰላማዊ ህዝብ ኣረዱት፣ ንብረቱን ኣወደሙት።…’ እያሉ ጠብ ጫሪ የተረት ተረት ትረካቸውን ይቀጥላሉ። ዶክተር ጌታቸው እንዲህ ያለውን በኣደገኛ ጽንፈኝነት የተጠናወተ ወገንተኛ ኣቁዋም ይዘው ሲጽፉ ኣቁዋማቸውን በሚደግፉት ወገኖች ዘንድ ኣንቱ የሚባሉ ምሁር እንደመሆናቸው መጠን ‘የኢትዮጵያ ስልጣኔ ባልቤት ነኝ’ ብሎ ራሱን የሚጠራው የፖለቲካ ማህበረሰብ በኦሮሞ ላይ ምን ያክል በዘረኝነት የተሞላ ጥላቻ እንዲያድርበትና ብሎም የሩዋንዳውን ኣይነት ጭፍጨፋ ሊጋብዝ የሚችል ቡራኬ እያሰሙ ስለመሆናቸው ግልጽ ነው።

‘ፕሮፈሰሩ’ እዚህ ላይ ቢያቆሙ ደግ ነበር። ግን ቀጠሉ። ‘እስላሞቹ የክርስቲያኖቹን ስልጣኔ ኣጥፍተው በራሳቸው ስነ ፅሁፍ ሊተኩት ኣስበው ነበር። ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎቹ ግን እረኞች ስለነበሩ ስልጣኔን በስነ ጽሁፋዊ ስልጣኔ የመተካት ግዴታ ኣልነበራቸውም…’ ኣያሉ ከኣንድ ፕሮፌሰር የማይጠበቁ ትምክህተኝነትን የሚያቀነቅኑና በንቀት የተሞሉ ቃላትን እየተጠቀሙ ኦሮሞን ተሳድበዋል። የወቅቱን የኦሮሞን ህዝብ እንስሳት ኣርቢነት ህይወት ለመግለጽ ፈልገው ባልጠፋ ቃል ‘እረኞች’ የሚለውን የዘለፋ ቃል መርጠው መጠቀማቸው የነፍጠኝነት ትምክህታቸው እብጠት ዛሬም ገና ኣለመተንፈሱን ያስረዳናል። ከዚሁ ጋርም ኣያይዞ እሳቸው የሚወለዱበት ብሄር ወይም የፖለቲካ ማህብረሰብ በስልጣኔ የመጠቀና ኦሮሞው ግን ስልጣኔ ኣልባ ወይም በሳቸው ቃል ‘እረኛ’ መሆኑን ለማስረዳት ሞክረዋል። ይህ ብቻም ኣይደለም። ኦሮሞን እንደ ኣንድ ብሄር ‘ኦሮሞ’ እያሉ መጥራትን ተጠይፈው ‘ኦሮሚኛ ተናጋሪዎች’ የሚል ኣገላለጽ ሆን ብለው ሁሉም ቦታ ላይ ተጠቅመዋል። ዶክተሩ በታሪክ ምርምር ሃቅ ላይ ተመስርተው የጻፉ ቢሆኑ ኖሮ ገዳን የመሰለ ኣገር በቀል የኣፍሪቃ የደሞክራሲ ባህል ቅርስን ኣንደ ኣንድ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ የስልጣኔ እሻራ ኣንጂ ‘የማፊያ ስርኣት’ እያሉ በመጥራት ባልተሳደቡ ነበር።

ግለሰቡ በዚህ ጽሁፋቸው ማሳረጊያ ላይ ‘ለእርቅና ሰላም’ (ድንቄም እርቅና ሰላም) ያሉትን ሶስት ትምክህታዊ ውሳኔዎች ኣሳልፈዋል። ኣንደኛው ‘…የመጀመሪያው እርምጃ ኣባቶቻችንን እንወክላለን የሚሉ እስላሞችና ኦሮሞዎች… በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ላደረሱት…ጥፋት የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ይቅርታ ይጠይቁ…’ የሚል ነው። (ኦሮሞዎችና እስላሞች ዛሬም ‘የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ’ ኣካል ሳይሆኑ ‘የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ’ ይቅርታ መጠየቅ የሚጠበቅባቸው መጤዎች መሆናቸውን እየነገሩን ነው።) ሁለተኛው መፍትሄያቸውም ‘ኣጼ ምኒልክና ራስ ጎበና ዳጬ የተበታተኑትንና እርስ በራሳቸው የሚባሉትን ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎች ኣንድ ያደረጉበትን ቀን…ኦሮምኛ ተናጋሪዎች…በጨፌኣቸው ወስነው በያመቱ ማክበር ኣለባቸው’ የሚል ነው። ሶስተኛው እርምጃ ያሉት በግልጽ ማንን እንደሚመለከት ባይቀመጥም (ነገር ግን ከግለሰቡ ትምክህታዊ ኣቁዋም ኣንጻር ለኦሮሞው ወይም ለህዝበ ሙስሊሙ ሊሆን ኣንደሚችል ይገመታል) ‘ኣስተሳሰባቸውን ከሰብኣ-ትካት (primitive) ወደ ሰብኣ-ዘመን (modern) ኣስተሳሰብ መቀየር ኣለባቸው’ የሚል ቀጭን ትእዛዝ ኣስተላልፈዋል። ዶክተር ጌታቸው ሃይሌ ስለሚባሉት ግለሰብ ማንነት ከላይ የተጠቀሱት ሶስቱ ትምክህታዊ ‘የመፍትሄ’ ሃሳባቸው በቂ ምስል ያሳያሉና ሶስቱን ነጥቦች እየተነተንኩ ኣንድ ባንድ መተቸት የሚያስፈልገኝ ኣይመስለኝም።

ክብርት ወ/ሮ ትዝታ ሆይ!

ይህን የመሰለ ጠብ ኣጫሪ ጽሁፍ ያቀረቡትን ግለሰብ በራዲዮው የውይይት መድረክ ላይ ስትጋብዢ ዶክተሩ በጽሁፋቸው ውስጥ ስለተጠቀሟቸው ጠብና ቁርሾን የሚቀሰቅሱ፣ ባለፉት የታሪክ ቁስሎቻችን ላይ እንጨት እየሰደዱ የሚያደሙንን ተንኩዋሽ ቃላታቸውን እየጠቃቀስሽ በተለመደው ሞያዊ ብቃትሽ ተፈታታኝ ጥያቄዎችን ትሰነዝሪላቸዋለሽ የሚል ግምት በተወሰነ ደረጃ ኣድሮብኝ ነበር። በውይይቱ ወቅት የታዘብኩት ግን ተቃራኒውን ነበር። ዶክተሩ በጽሁፋቸው ውስጥ ከእባብ በከፋ መልኩ የተፉትን መርዝ ለማለባበስ ኣፋቸውን ቂቤ ቅብተው በውይይቱ ላይ ሊያሞኙን ሲታትሩ ሰማሁኣቸው። በጽሁፋቸው ውስጥ ኦሮሞውን ‘እረኛ’ ኣያሉት ድንቅ የስልጣኔ ኣሻራው የሆነውን የገዳ ስርኣቱንም ‘የማፊያ ስርኣት’ እያሉ እንዳልተሳደቡ ሁሉ በራድዮው ውይይት ላይ ደግሞ መርዛቸውን ምላሳቸው ስር ቀብረው ኦሮሞን ጭራሽ የኣቢሲኒያ ገዢዎች ኣካል ኣድርገው ለማቅረብ ሲሞክሩ ሳቅሁባቸው። በ’ዶክተርነታቸውም’ ኣፈርኩባቸው። በጽሁፋቸው የተናገሩትንና ራድዮ ላይ በሚያቀርቡት ሃሳብ መከከል የሚታየውን እንደ ተራራ የገዘፈ የምሁራዊ ስነ ምግባርና የኣቅዋም ልዩነት ኣጋልጦ ግለሰቡን ማፋጠጥ ያንቺ የጋዜጠኛዋ ስራ ኣልነበረምን? ዶክተሩ በጽሁፋቸውን ውስጥ ስላስቀመጧቸው ሶስቱ መፍትሄ ተብዬ ‘ትእዛዞች’ በራድዮው ወቅት ቢደግሙት መልካም ነበር። እሳቸው ለመድገም ፍላጎት ከሌላቸው ደግሞ የመፍትሄኣቸውን ኣነጋጋሪነት ማጋለጥና ማስተቸት የማን ድርሻ ነበር? የዶ/ር ጌታቸውን ኣቅዋም በተመለከተ ኣድማጭ ግለሰቡ ኣስቀድመው የጻፉትን ይመን ወይስ ራድዮ ላይ የተናገሩትን?

በመሰረቱ ይህንን የዶ/ር ጌታቸውን መንታ ምላስነትና ጠብ ኣጫሪ ኣቁዋም በዋናነት ማጋለጥ የነበረበት በውይይቱ (ውይይት ሳይሆን ክርክር መባል ነበረበት) ውስጥ በባላንጣነት የቀረቡት ዶ/ር በያን ኣሶባ ናቸው። ዶክተር በያን ግን ይህንን መዘዘኛ ጽሁፍ ኣስቀድመው ኣግኝተው ያነበቡትም ኣይመስለኝም። ዶክተር በያን በዚህ ውይይት/ክርክር ላይ ፈቃደኛ ሆነው ለመቅረብ እስከወሰኑ ድረስ ደግሞ የባላንጣቸው ጠንካራና ደካማ ጎኖች ምን ምን እንደሆኑና የተፈታታኝነት ልካቸውስ ምን ያህል እንደሆነ ኣስቀድመው ተረድተው የመከራከሪያ ኣቅማቸውን ማጎልበት ነበረባቸው። የዶክተር ጌታቸውን መርዘኛ ቃላት ከጽሁፋቸው እየጠቀሱ በራድዮው ውይይት ላይ ከተናገሩት ጋር በማገናዘብ ማፋጠጥ ከማንም በላይ የርሳቸው ድርሻ ነበረ። እሳቸው ግን በሚያሳፍር መልኩ ጭራሽ ወረዱና የዶክተር ጌታቸው ‘የታሪክ ተማሪ’ እስከመሆን ድረስ የዘቀጠ ተረቺነታቸውን ኣስመስክረው ዶክተር ጌታቸውን ‘ለታሪክ ትምህርታቸው’ ኣመስግነው ኣረፉት። የኦሮሞ ኣብራክ ኣገር ቤትም ሆነ በዳያስፖራው ኣያሌ የታሪክ ምሁራንን እንዳላፈራ ዛሬ በዶክተር ጌታቸው ‘ሌክቸር’ ኣማካኝነት የታሪክ ሀሁን እየቆጠሩ መሆናቸውን በነገሩን በዶክተር በያን ኣሶባ ኣንዲያፍር ተፈረደበት። ዶክተር በያን ለዚህ ትችት ላለመዳረግ ሲባል ኣስቀድመው እንዲህ ባለው የታሪክ ጉዳይ ላይ ኣለመቅረብን መምረጥ ነበረባቸው።

ኣንደዚህ ኣይነቱ የኣንዱ ተወያይ ብቃት ጥያቄ ምልክት ውስጥ ሲገባ ኣወያዩ ጋዜጠኛ የራሱን ኣስተዋጽኦ ማድረግ ይችል ነበር። በተለይም ወ/ሮ ትዝታን ከጥንት ጀምሮ ስናውቅሽ በዚህ ኣይነቱ የጋዜጠኝነት ችሎታ የተካንሽ መሆንሽን እናስታውሳለን። በዚህኛው ውይይት ላይ ግን ሞያሽን በፍትሃዊ መልኩ ገቢራዊ ያደረግሽው ኣልመሰለኝም። የዶክተር ጌታቸውን ጠብ ኣጫሪ ጽሁፍ ኣስቀድመሽ ኣንብበሽ ኣያለ በተጠቀሟቸው ቃላት ላይ የጥያቄ ናዳ ልታወርጂባቸው ሲገባ ኣለባብሶ ማለፍን መረጥሽ። ኣለባብሶ በማለፍ ደግሞ ኣለመግባባቶች ጭራሽ ይብሳሉ እንጂ በሃሳብ መቀራረብ ወይም እርቅ ሊመጣ ኣይችልም።

በዚህ ክፍት ደብዳቤዬም ይህንን ትዝብቴን እንድትረጂልኝና ይህ ትዝብት ደግሞ የኔ ያንድ ተራ ግለሰብ ብቻ ሳይሆን፣ ትቂቶች ቢሆኑም ውይይቱን የተከታተሉት የሌሎች ወገኖቼ ትዝብትም መሆኑን ላስገነዝብሽ እፈልጋለሁ። ቢያንስ ለወደፊቱ ራስሽ በምታዘጋጂኣቸው ወይም ባንቺ ማኔጂንግ ኤዲተርነት ሌሎች የስራ ባልደረቦችሽ በሚያቀርቧቸው መሰል ውይይቶች ላይ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ የምሁር መካን ኣለመሆኑን ተረድታችሁ ለሚዛናዊ ውይይት ተገቢ ምሁር መርጣችሁ በመጋበዝ እንድታወያዩ በቀረችኝ የተስፋ እንጥፍጣፊ ለማስታወስ እወዳለሁ። ካልሆነ ግን የኣሜሪካ ድምጽ ራድዮ ኣማርኛው ፕሮግራም ዛሬም በትምክህተኛ ኣቁዋም ደጋፊነቱ እንደሚታማው ሁሉ ይህንን ኣይነት ኢፍትሃዊና በኣድልኦ የተሞላ የውይይት ፕሮግራምም ሆን ብሎ የሚያሰናዳው መሆኑን እንገነዘባለን።

ወ/ሮ ትዝታ ስለጊዜሽ በጣም ኣመሰግናለሁ!

ቸር እንሰንብት!

ያህያ ጀማል




Chinese- and European-made spyware is enabling Addis Ababa to silence dissent

April 7, 2014 9:00AM ET

I met Abdi (not his real name), a 32-year-old primary school teacher from Ethiopia’s Oromia region, last July while in Nairobi. Abdi had been arrested a year earlier in his hometown for organizing a protest against local government corruption. He was already under the eye of Ethiopian security officials because he refused to provide information on the activities of his students to local authorities.

Over the course of two weeks in detention, Abdi was repeatedly beaten and accused of belonging to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which originated in nationalist movements fighting for increased autonomy in the 1960s. The Ethiopian government considers the OLF a terrorist organization and uses the threat of an armed struggle to justify repression of ordinary Oromos, who constitute Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group.

The harassment continued after Abdi was released. Eventually, like thousands of other Ethiopians, he felt compelled to flee to Kenya, leaving behind his wife and two children. After some time in Kenya he called home and spoke to his wife, who told him that security officials had been harassing her since he left. That was the last time he spoke to her.

Abdi later learned from neighbors that security officials came to their house hours after his call, demanding to know who was calling her from Kenya and accusing her of being in contact with rebel operatives there. He no longer calls Ethiopia and does not know the whereabouts of his family.

Abdi’s story is not unique. In the last two decades, tens of thousands of Ethiopians have fled their country because of government repression or limited economic opportunities. Most of these migrants, especially those living in neighboring African countries, fear that if they communicate with their families back home, their calls will be traced and their relatives will face repercussions. As new research by Human Rights Watch shows, their fears are well founded. The fear that permeates the lives of many inside Ethiopia has been successfully exported to other countries.

Ethiopian expats, including those living in the United States, have become targets of Addis Ababa’s global espionage. 

The state-run Ethio Telecom is the sole provider of phone and Internet services in Ethiopia. The Chinese telecom equipment and systems company ZTE is helping Ethiopia modernize its telecommunications infrastructure. The Ethiopian government uses a Chinese-developed telecom system to monitor and control the communications of its citizens and to silence dissenters both in Ethiopia and abroad. Security officials have unlimited access to the phone records of everyone in the country who owns a phone. During abusive interrogations, security officials often play back recorded phone calls to people in their custody. Those calling or receiving calls from foreign numbers are particularly at risk of reprisals by a government keen to punish those it considers a threat.

But Ethiopia goes even further to monitor dissenting voices outside its borders. The government has acquired and is using commercially available European-made spyware — namely the U.K.- and Germany-based Gamma International’s FinFisher and the Italy-based Hacking Team’s Remote Control System — to monitor dissenters in other countries, effectively extending its surveillance capabilities far beyond its borders. These tools provide security and intelligence agencies with full access to files and activity on an infected target’s computer. They can log keystrokes and passwords and switch on a device’s webcam and microphone, turning a computer anywhere in the world into a listening device. Ethiopian expats, including those living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland, have become targets of this global espionage.

In late 2012, security officials detained the wife of Yohannes Alemu, a Norwegian citizen and member of a banned opposition group, as she was visiting family in Addis Ababa. They questioned her about her husband’s political connections. Then the security officials demanded information from Yohannes via phone and email about his opposition party colleagues. He refused; after 20 days his wife was finally released and returned to Norway.

But the incident did not end there.

One of the emails he received contained an attachment infected with FinFisher spyware. Once he had downloaded this spyware, the Ethiopian security agencies had unfettered access to all the information on his computer.

While people around the world are right to be shocked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations of mass surveillance by the U.S. government, they should also be concerned that repressive governments such as Ethiopia’s are purchasing and using advanced technologies to target independent voices beyond their borders. The export and use of these European-made commercial products remains virtually unregulated. This is particularly worrying given that evidence exists that similar technologies may be in the hands of authoritarian regimes throughout the world.

These technologies enable repressive governments to monitor dissenting voices in other countries — even in countries where privacy rights are stronger and legal protections are in place to limit state-sponsored surveillance.

The United States, European Union and other donors that together provide an estimated $4 billion in annual aid to Ethiopia should take concerted steps to stop this abuse. They should support global efforts to regulate the export and use of such technologies to governments with poor human rights records. African governments should also speak out and make it clear to Ethiopia that it is an infringement on basic rights to use these technologies to spy on citizens outside of Ethiopia’s borders — people who are all too often seeking protection from repression back home.

Felix Horne is an Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch and co-author of a new report, “‘They Know Everything We Do’: Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia.”



Beekan Gulummaa irraa*


Yaa Waaqa Oromoo gooftaa maqaa dhibbaa

Hinduutu hindulloomtu kankee ajaa’iba

Hiixattee qaqqabdaa kaabas ta’ee kibbaa

Mee waa’ee saakeenyaa sitti himannakaa

Ilmaan abbaa tokkoo kan qomoon tokkichaa

Waliigaluu dideetu halagaan gingilchaa

Saba gaanfa Afriikaa lakkoofsaan cirrachaa

Olaantummaa dhabeetu diinni irra didicha.

Yaa Waaqa guddichaa gooftaa ardiif samii

Araara nuuf godhi balleessinus tarii

Keessakeenya himna isa qabnu aarii

Garaadhaa waa hinqabu nuti akka warra kaanii

Yaa Waaqa tokkichaa gooftaa guddaa nana

Akka nama ulfaa yeroo hundaa maassanna

Hojiif gadi hinteenye halkan guyyaa kaannaa

Garuu bebbeelofnee harka namaa ilaalla


Hayyee!  Hayyee!  Hayyee!

Waaqa uumaa, Waaqa uumamaa,

Waaqa Saglan Booranaa, Waaqa Sagaltama Gabraa,

Jennee sikadhannawoo maaf nuun taane abbaa?

Tokko ta’uu dhiisee lammiin maaf waljibbaa?

Waaqa Torban Baarentummaa,  Waaqa Ciicoo Gurraattii,

Marga harkatti baannee oofuu jennawooti

Maaf garboomne gooftaa Waaqa guddaa mootii

Obsa fixanneerraa nuuf dirmadhu ati

Waaqa Shanan Gadaa Oromoo

Waaqa Shanan Odaa Oromoo

Kaabaaf kibbaa, bahaaf dhihaa siwaamanna nuwoo

Hirkoo sigodhannee suma qabna dawoo

Dafii nuqaqqabi dadhabneerra ammawoo

Waaqa Caffee Tumaa Waaqa Bokkuu Gurraachaa

Waaqa hundaa dandeessu jiraataa tokkichaa

Kan Ereri Kormaa Waaqa Siidaa Tulluu Cuqqaalaa

Mee Oromoof ka’i uummata guddichaa

Quuqqaan nufixeera akka madaa cinaachaa

Waaqa Fincaan Tuulama Sadeenii Waaqa Jahan Galaan

Waaqa Malkaa Hawaas kan jiraattu baraan

Araraarakeen eegi warreen jooraa jiran

Galmaan isaan gahi warreen haqaaf qabsaa’an

Ayyaanni Oromoo Nagaan oolchii nu bulchi.

Garboonfataa keenya nurraa garagalchi

Ofiin of haabulchuu sabni keenya sichi

Nurraa haadhaabbatu dararaafi saamichi

Waan barri deemuun mee jalaa nu baasi.

Hamaa hammaataa nurraa qabi mogolee nu cimsi

Daafii galtee nu oolchi irraa gora nu oolchi

Harcaatuu habashootaa ammas nurraa garagalchi

Kan dabaan nutti deemu dhiibdoo keen nurraa dhiibi

Uumaa teenyaan nu bulchi, cabaa keenya dhidhiibi

Wallaalaa guddisi hayyuus nurra bulchi

Keenyumaan nubulchi orma nurraa qabi

Xinnaa nuuf guddisi guddaa mee nuuf bulchi

Wallaalaa beeksisi  Beekaas nuuf muldhisi

Biyya biyya nagaa nuuf godhi mee nagaa nuuf buusi

Afaan keenya wal nu beeksisi hamtuu cabsii baasii

Jaalalakee nuuf kenni, Wal bira oolchii nu bulchi

Safuu keen nu bulchi Rooba Nagaa nuuf Roobi

Bubbee hamaa nurraa qabi, ka’us gadi qabi

Kan saggoo nu cabsee uleekeen  adabi

Kormi cirrii haa ta’u, Rimaan haphee haa ta’u

Qabeenyi kan abbaa horee haa ta’u

Ilmi kan abbaa dhalchee haa ta’u

Qabeenyi Oromoo Oromoof haata’u

Gaaffii baay’ee qabna kan har’aaf iftaanii

Maaloo yeroo kamuu yaa Waaq nugargaarii

Galgallis ganamnis keenya jiruun aarii

Nutoo siin uumamneeti maal gooneetu tarii

Garraamummaa malee hinqabnuum jallina

Diina daara baasnee ofii qullaa deemnaa

Utuu hundaa qabnuu diinarraa kajeellaa

Yaa Waaq ati faradi nu harkakee ilaallaa

Egaa yaa Waaqayyo guddaadhaafi jabaa

Irkoo ofirraa dhabneeti mee nuuf ta’i abbaa

Keenyumaan nubulchi nubaasi walabaa

Nuuf haararraafamu injifannoon alaabaa

Yaa waaqa guddichaa gooftaa ardiif samii

Gooftaa haqaaf firdii ati hibeektu hamii

Bara hunda jiraatta hinqabdu dorgommii

Cunqursaaf gidiraatti maaloo hinkenniin lammii

Kiyyoo kiyyeessanii xaxaaf shira hamaa

Akka hindarbineef nutti cufuum karaa

Ija akka hin godhanneef caccabsan daraaraa

Raatessuun cabsaniim warreen sammuu haaraa

Kan kaleessaa utuu jennuu kan har’aatu caalaa

Dubbii maaf dhorkamna maaliif dararamna?

Mul’annoo humnadhaa maaliif ittifamnaa?

Ibsaa keessa keenyaaf maaliif dararamna?

Xiinsammuun nu cabee maaliif gaadi’amnaa?

Bilisa taaneetu dhalanneem akka namaa

Dhibee baafachuufoo maaliif luugamamnaa?

Utuu miilla qabnuu maaf jilbaan daa’imnaa?

Dukkanaa dukkanatti wayyoo darbuuf deemnaa?

Guguungumaa deemna akka isa maraatee

Mimil’ataa deemna akka warra hatee

Diinnis nu dararse lammiidhaan da’atee

Yaa Waaqa guddichaa maal yoo nurraa kaaftee?

Roorroon nutti hammaatee mataarra nu darbe

Hayyuun boolla seenee xobbeen kan caccabe

Maanguddoonis iyyee qaalluun fala dhabe

Miidhaa halagaatiin lubbuu hedduu darbe

Kun maaf akkas ta’a? yoo jennee gaafannee

Ilaalcha diinaati jedhamnee shakkamne

Akka garaa hintaane jiraa ukkaamanee

Maaloo Yaa Waaqayyo fala nuu kennimee

Guddina dheebonnee yommuutti wawwaannu

Walqixxummaa dhabnee yerottii dharraanu

Wanta gochaa dhabnee asiif achi ilaallu

Dhokosaaf fala dhabnee asiif achi ilaallu

Imimmaan nugogee dhiiga xuruurfannu

YaaWaaq! Maalumaaf al tokko ijjikee nu laalu?

Gamanaas gamasiis hunduu iyyaa jira

Kumaaf kumaatamaam kan kaate maatiirraa

Kaan dhaabiitti du’e ka’e maasiisaarraa

Baay’een murteeffatee jiraachuus jibbeera

Guyyaan halkan ta’ee ifaan dukkanaa’ee

Qarreen hiree dhabdee qeerroonis raata’ee

Kuusaan dilbii onee nu harkaa tamsa’ee

Waan nuti harkaa qabnu qaata badduu ba’ee

Egaa Yaa Waaqayyoo kam dubbannee fixnaa

Waan itti miidhamne kam  himnee kam dhiifnaa

Maaloo nuu danboobi nuti suma abdannaa

Harka nurra qabi ‘DHUGAA’f wareegamnaa!

Oromoon martinuu WAAQAA sitti iyyannaa!!

***     ***     ***    ***    ***     ***

Beekan Guluma Erena
PhD Candidate, Documentary Linguistics and Culture
Addis Ababa University


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