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Oromai System of Tigrean Nafxanya in Oromia!

Oromai (an Eritrean Tigrinya word meaning ‘it is pointless’, borrowed from the Italian oramai) is an Amharic-language novel, published in 1983. It was written by an Oromo novelist – Be’alu Girma. The novel presents a cynical account on the Red Star Campaign of the Derg military junta. The book was published by the Kuraz Publishing Agency in Finfinne. In spite of a government ban on the book, it became widely read and famous. It presents ‘an accurate and compelling account of the events surrounding the failure of this campaign’. The Red Star Campaign had been declared by Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam in a speech in Asmara on January 25, 1982. In his speech Mengistu called for the crushing of ‘secessionist bandits’. The campaign was supposed to focus both on military means as well as supporting reconstruction in the affected areas. The government sent some 120,000 troops to participate in the campaign, making it the largest military offensive of the Derg
in the Eritrean war. The author Be’alu Girma, had been invited by Mengistu to work as propaganda chief in the Red Terror Campaign. He had assumed the position believing in the goals of the campaign. However, he came to feel that the ideals of the campaign had been corrupted by militaristic mindsets. Once the campaign had been abruptly called off, Be’alu Girma began writing Oromai based on the events of the campaign. Whilst the official propaganda lauded the Red Star Campaign as a success, Be’alu Girma considered it a failure.

It seems that the current bravado of Abay Tsehaye is similar to that of Mengistu H/Mariam’s speech, signaling Oromai of the Tigrean Nafxanya’s (the TN’s) wish to subjugate the Oromo nation, just as the Derg tried to Eritreans. It is now right time for the Oromo people in particular, and for all oppressed nations in general, including the oppressed mass in Agaw-Midir, to see the Oromai nature of the TN’s action against the Oromo and Oromia. We are now at the crossroad to get rid of the TN and move forward towards the liberty of citizens and nations as well as to the multinational democracy, including self-rule of nations. Simply put, we are on the verge of dismantling the empire’s system of domination in order to build a genuine union of free nations. Few years ago, a certain blogger came up with an interesting topic: “An Oromo Obama: The Audacity to Reinvent Oromia (formerly Ethiopia as defined here: ).” The blogger tried to express his wish that the Oromo people take a responsibility to democratize Biyya-Kush (Gross Oromia), rather than the attempt to decolonize only Oromo region or Biyya-Oromo (Net Oromia) as illustrated here: ). He came up with an “either – or” thinking as if the decolonization of Biyya-Oromo and the democratization of Biyya-Kush (the whole Oromia) are exclusive to each other. Another author reacted with a short article of a very good precision, showing how both decolonization of biyya-Oromo and the democratization of Biyya-Kush can go hand in hand.

I just say, any Oromo “Obama,” who may ignore the existence, decolonization and independence of Biyya-Oromo is doomed to fail. The only country, which might have a chance to survive, is the one based on a free Biyya-Oromo and on the free will of the Oromo people. Thinking otherwise and still preaching a democratic unitary Ethiopia, where Biyya-Oromo will be dismantled or dominated, is an obsolete mindset of the “modern” descendants of the old nefxenyas and that of the currently ruling TN. The only way of democratization which can be accepted by a certain Oromo Obama is a multinational democracy based on the self-determination of Biyya-Oromo. It is only after/with the self-determination of the oppressed nations in the region, including the Agaw, Afar, Ogaden, Oromo, Sidama, Anyuwak, Benishangul, etc., that a true democratization of the region, be it in a from of Oromian union or the Horn union, can take root. Trying to democratize an empire is
simply a self-deception just as it was during the past Teferi Mekonnen’s “aristocratic democracy,” Mengistu H/Mariam’s “autocratic democracy” and the present Meles Zenawi’s vision – “ethnocratic democracy.” We can just talk about this buzz word democracy, but we continue to suffer further under tyranny. The elites in that empire, specially the Habesha elites, should come to their sense and smell the coffee. The era of deceiving the Oromo people and other oppressed nations with the sham democratization of Oromia (Biyya-Kush) is almost over.

That is why it is now the time for calling ALL oppressed nations to rise up against the worst only one EVIL (the ruling TN) in the region. No question that the devil in the Horn of Africa now is this rule of the TN. All nations in the region have this one common enemy; nations in the current empire like the Oromo, Agaw, Gurage, Sidama, Somali, Afar, Welayita, etc. and even the neighboring nations like Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia should have certain de facto alliance against these common foe. I think the “multinational” forces of freedom and democracy starting to cooperate with the national liberation fronts is a new version of the alliance yet to be fostered. The possible alliance of the “illegal” forces of freedom and democracy in addition to the alliance at home by default or by design will definitely be the beginning of the end for the evil of the Horn. One of the best sentences said by opposition leaders until now was: “Weyanewoch
iyekefafelun yalut, kenesu bilxinet yetenesa sayihon, kenya monyinet yetenesa newu”. This wise assertion is a nice call for the alliance of all against tyranny in order to struggle together, having the following two phases:

– first phase to achieve our freedom from TN’s tyranny or from its system of domination, i.e. decolonization.

– second phase to build multinational democracy in the whole Biyya-Kush (Oromia), i.e. democratization.

Here, we see that decolonization of the nations like the Oromo and that of the whole country, Oromia, comes prior to the democratization. Decolonization is the very good prerequisite for democratization. Other way round, theoretically, democratization of the whole Oromia can be a very good means for decolonization of Biyya-Oromo. But thinking to democratize an empire (the status quo) is a pipe dream. Now, we are in the first phase, where we ALL need to cooperate for freedom from the TN’s lording as well as looting and; thereafter, in the second phase, we all can compete for power in the future genuine union of free nations in a democratic way. So, it is now a time for all opposition democratic parties and the liberation fronts, including both the “legals” and the “illegals”, to come to their sense, after the past 24 years of misguided move. I wish all of them agree on one common ground, i.e. on one common purpose: free nations, like free
Biyya-Oromo, within Oromian (Kushland’s) union. It is encouraging that we do observe Habesha dominated organizations talking that they are fighting first for freedom from the TN and then foster a possible multinational and multiparty democracy. There are four groups of politicians in the empire regarding this common purpose:

– the TN, who claim to have achieved both national autonomy for all nations in the empire and claim to have forged a federation (unity) based on the “free will” of these “autonomous” nations.

– the descendants of the old nefxenyas, who do reject national independence (autonomy) of nations in the empire and who do long for Ethiopian unity (an euphemism to keep the empire with its system of domination), by which they mean Habeshanized unitary Ethiopia.

– the Oromo liberation fronts and some other liberation fronts, which do seem to ignore now the possible union, but struggle vehemently for national independence like for an independent Gadaa republic of Biyya-Oromo.

– the organizations, which seem to struggle for establishing a union of free nations in the whole country. I think this was the vision of the Oromo liberation movement from the very beginning – to achieve both Biyya-Oromo’s independence (national freedom) and, if possible, based on the free will of the concerned nations, to forge Oromian union (integration of Biyya-Kush).

I hope the first group will be compelled to stop their deception. Fortunately, those in the second group are seeming to lose their mass base. Those liberators and politicians in the third group need to come to their sense and join the fourth group, for the current momentum is in favour of the fourth group, and it is becoming clear that Biyya-Oromo’s independence and Biyya-Kush’s union are not exclusive to each other per se. Based on public verdict of the Oromo, the independence of Biyya-Oromo can be respected within or without the union. I do think those fronts and parties with common purpose of national independence within a union must forge a new inclusive alliance, not only at home like Medrek, but also in Diaspora in order to get rid of the TN. It is only such clear vision and mission of all nations in the empire which can give birth to the Oromo Obama of the coming true union. There is no Oromo Obama to administer the currently apartheid and
enslaving empire. As Mandela administered the post apartheid democratic South Africa, and as Obama was elected in the post slavery democratic United States of America, a certain Oromo Obama can emerge and administer only in a democratic union of independent nations on the grave of the hitherto domination system of the empire. Are we ready for such a union to be build on the grave of the empire?

I would like to suggest to the Habesha “democrats,” who want to instrumentalize Oromo, as they did to Adde Birtukan Midhagsa, to just stop beating around the bush and to recognize the right of Biyya-Oromo to exist and to be emancipated. If they take such step and be ready for the possible union to be build on the stable rock of an independent democratic Biyya-Oromo, I am sure not only one Oromo Obama, but hundreds can rise up against any sort of injustice in the country, we call it Oromia or otherwise. Let us all learn to decolonize (free from the TN) the nation-states like Agaw-Midir, Afarland, Biyya-Oromo, Ogaden and other national areas in the empire through a cooperated and coordinated move of the existing freedom fighters of oppressed nations. The possible upcoming genuine Oromo Obama is not the one who sings the song of the unitary imiye Ethiopia at the expense of Biyya-Oromo’s independence, but the one who struggles for both Biyya-Oromo’s
independence and Biyya-Kush’s (Oromian) union. Oromo people’s problem is not about giving birth to such Mandela or Obama, but the problem of not seeing any Frederik Willem de Klerk and Helen Suzman from TN elites in particular and from Habesha elites in general. Is there anyone of them, who can think, talk and walk like Helen Suzman of South Africa? Is there any political leader from the TN elites, who is ready to act like de Klerk? When we do see the de Klerk’s and the Suzman’s from their camp as well as when the time comes that we do see enough Habesha politicians accepting and respecting the right of Biyya-Oromo to exist and to be emancipated from the hitherto system of slavery, then it will be really Oromai what the tyrants in Oromia are doing, and it will be the time to see the Oromo Obama’s coming and growing out of the liberated nation.

One of the signs of TN’s Oromai actions in Oromia is Abay Tsehaye’s attempt to intimidate the Oromo nation on the eve of his regime’s destabilization related to the imminent public uprising related to the already programmed vote rigging during the upcoming fake election. Sure is that, be it happen during the sham election or thereafter, the Oromo people are already determined to make Oromai the system of domination in Biyya-Oromo in particular, and in the the whole Biyya-Kush (Oromia) in general. All democratic forces and all freedom fighters, who do have such a vision and mission of making ‘Oromai the TN’s activity in Oromia’ should now come together and organize the upcoming potential public uprising against the tyrannical rule. It is now evident that the cadres of the TN are making much noise to persuade the genuine opposition parties like Medrek to boycott the sham election in order to hinder the possibility of further exposing their already
programmed vote rigging and to inhibit the chance of initiating the public uprising following the rigging. I personally recommend not to boycott, but all anti-TN forces to be ready for the possible peaceful public uprising. I hope that all oppressed citizens and nations rise up and proof Oromai of the TN’s tyranny as well as their system of domination in Oromia, be it during the upcoming sham election or thereafter in the near future. FDG (Fincila Diddaa Garbummaa = peaceful uprising against tyranny) must be intensified. To ignite this revolution, all Oromo nationals and others in diaspora should be ready to support the genuine anti-TN parties in Oromia, who are taking part in the “election”. Surely, the TN’s lording and looting in Oromia is Oromai; it is the matter of time to see the fruits. May Waaqa help us!



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A Human Right Event is to take place on Feb 28, Minneapolis, MN
All are kindly invited to come and attend! Come and Listen from
X-Oromo Political Prisoners and Human rights Scholars! Show your
solidarity to Oromo prisoners!

Under Panel I- You have:
Garoma Wakwoya from HRLHA
Amy from Advocates for Human Rights
Prof. Kirk from Uof M, Human rights center
Tsegaye R. Ararsa from Melbourne Law School
and Claire Beston from Amnesty

Panel II- X Oromo Political Prisoners

Nagessa O. Dube
Executive Director, Oromo-American Citzens Council (OACC)
Mob. +1952-607-1156


                    Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa

                    Ginni bittaa-Maqalee
                    Jarri qawween as galee
                    Akkuma Minilik-faa
                    Uummata keenya qalee
                    Ijoollee teenya qalee
                    Yaa Oromoo waltayii
                    Gaaraa-dakaa gadbayii
                    Ofirraa kaasi malee!

                    Biyya keenya qabatee
                    Dilbii keenya qalatee
                    Sabbuu keenya sammatee
                    Buna keenya haratee
                    Damma keenya muuxatee
                    Dhiiga keenya xuuxxate!

                    Arrabasaa dheeressee
                    Sammuusaa daran deegsee
                    Waanbadee nutti ta’ee
                    Waan badaan nutti ka’e!

                    Uummata-koo waltayii
                    Yaa saba-koo olka’ii
                    Isa ofirraa kaasii
                    Manneen hidhaa caccabsii
                    Ijoollee-tee gayyaasii
                    Sansalta irraa baasi!

                    Saba-koo dubbiin baddee
                    Saba-koo biyyis baddee
                    Oljedhii harqi akka qeerransaa
                    Gadbayii caraani akka leencaa
                    Waltayi akka goondaa
                    Hiddi akka kanniisaa
                    Yoosuu yeeyyiin si dhiisaa!

                    Odaa-kee caaseffaddhuu
                    Gadaa-kee deebifaddhuu
                    Siiqqee-tee aadeffaddhuu
                    Buna-kee raajeffaddhuu              
                    Kayyoo ilaa-ilaamee
                    Kan seenaan sitti dhaame
                    Labsi Finfinnee-rrattii
                    Tulluu Daalattii gubbaatti!

                    Erga yeeyyii ofirraa hariitee
                    Idda bacootti aduun dhiitee
                    Ijaarraddhu Oromiyaa-tee
                    Tikfaddhu Oromummaa-kee!

                    Akkuma aadaa keetii
                    Akkuma seenaa keetii
                    Kan nagaan sitti dhufe
                    Nagaan simaddhuu bulchi
                    Ollaan-kee yoo beela’e
                    Waan qabduun du’a oolchi!

                    Atis ilmoo namaatii
                    Innis ilmoo namaatii
                    Akkuma duudhaa keetii
                    Karadeemaa guyyaallee
                    Alagaa baargamaallee
                    “Manni kan Waaqi” jedhii bulchi!

                    Uummata-koo uumee-too
                    Barsiisaa, guddisa-koo
                    Akkuma bara Gadaa
                    Tokkummaa-kee jabeessi
                    Sirnaa fi sheexana jaraa
                    Ofirraa achi fageessi!

                    Dhala-kee isa moggaa moggaa fiffiigu
                    Isa humnaa-tokkummaa kee diddiigu
                    Gorsiitii ofitti deebisi
                    Daaraa jaraarraa kaasii
                    Marcumarra teessisi!

                    Namummaa fi qaroomina Gadaa
                    Gaaddisa miidhagaa kan Odaa
                    Hayaa, addunyaa beeksifaddhu
                    Namummaan namummaa-kee deebifaddhu!

         **************    //    **************

* Hubachiisa: Walaloon kiyya kun ijoollee Oromoo bara-dabre waayee “Master Plan Finfinnee” san irratti diina biyya keenyaa dura dhaabattee, diina saniinis galaafatamteef mee yaadannoo haa tahu! Warreen isaanii fi firoottan isaanii irraa bakka kiyya dhaabachuun, mee imimmaan isaan irraa naaf haa haqu! Isaan manneen hidhaa Habashootaa keessatti dararamaa jiraniif, mee hamileessaa haa tahuufi! Dabaleesoo, dhalawwan Oromoo Qeerroo fi Qeerrittiif galaa isaanii irratti, mee isaaniif haa dabalamu!

Revolution In Oromia (Ethiopia) Is the Best Way To Get Rid Of the Neo-Nefxanya Lead By Abay Tsehaye

Fayyis Oromia

Oromia (formerly Ethiopia as defined here: ) is the future union in which ABO principle will be implemented: (A = Afaan Oromo as a primary working language of the union, B = Black-Red-White of the Cushites as flag of the union, and O = Oromia instead of Ethiopia be the name of the union). Now, this country is under brutal rule of the Tigrinya-speaking Neo-Nafxanya (the NN). Above all, the NN regime is targeting the Oromo people and our resource. In order to subdue (“likki le masgebat”) this nation and to continue the ongoing expolitation, the leader of the NN, Abay Tsehaye, recently showed his arrogant bravado. I actually re-wrote this opinion being motivated by OFC’s recent statement regarding the ongoing election campaign: “Our plan is to use the opportunity to mobilize millions for the next round of the
struggle. To this end, we have already ordered three million leaflets among others. We call upon all to join us in the all-round struggle of our people for freedom and democracy.” What a well formulated mission! Now, I modified it a bit just to air my opinion also ragarding the intimidating message from the leader of the NN.

It is clear that we are nearing the next “election” ritual in Oromia; no one with sound mind expects fair and free election, but the process can be used for mobilization of the oppressed nations and help a revolution be sparked. Yet, we like it or not, there is a big ‘elephant in the room’, which we all tend to evade, but the NN effectively exploits; i.e. the conflict: ‘pro-unity Vs. pro-independence’ Oromian elites. This conflict is still the main area of fear hindering cooperation in the upcoming possible revolution against the NN regime. The pro-unity elites do dream and wish that the whole Oromian peoples share their vision, and the pro-independence elites also want that pro-unity elites come to their sense and struggle for the freedom of their respective people from the NN colonization, so that they can live in the future as a good neighbors to each other. Both blocs just express their respective wish, and they do consider as if their point
of view is the only reality on the ground, but the NN knows very well that these two camps are not yet in a position to trust each other; its cadres do exploit this situation to hinder the Tsunami of revolution from erupting against their bosses in Tulluu Daalatti palace.

I personally do see that now it can be the right and suitable time for the revolution against the dictator in Oromia. Almost all citizens and nations in the country are now calling for the revolution as the best instrument to get rid of the oppressive regime. That is why the NN is now doing everything under the sky to prevent us from revolting. We know that, as long as the NN is in power, we all will suffer not only as refugees in diaspora, but also as slaves at home in Oromia. Unfortunately, it seems that the face-off between the two opposition camps is yet to be a hindrance for the revolution. It seems that the face-off is a very good historical advantage/opportunity, which the NN got to rule over Oromia without any serious challenge and this problem didn’t get an appropriate solution. The NN survives and thrives mainly by dividing and polarizing the elites of the two blocs as well as by sowing a fear among/between them. We do still hear/read that both
camps do live with a strong mistrust to each other, so that they seem to prefer NN’s further rule or prefer not to allow each other the possibility of taking over power.

Despite this self-sabotage of the two camps, I think a well coordinated FDG (fincila diddaa garbummaa = non-violent popular uprising) of the Oromo people in cooperation with that of the other nations in that country is still the best way of a struggle to get rid of the NN. Actually, the Oromo people do have nothing to lose, if the expected revolution starts. One thing beside many, in favor of the Oromo liberation movement, is the fact that the NN will leave Finfinne palace, only after securing its goal – after securing an independence of Tigrai. With such move of the NN, Biyya-Oromo’s chance to get its independence is high. Because of this reason, both the pro-unity conservatives and the Western protectors of the country do not want to see the NN being cornered. They surely know that cornering the NN is almost tantamount to disintegrating the existing state. That is why, it is not the Oromo people, but firstly the NN itself, secondly the colonial-minded
conservative elites, and thirdly their Western handlers, who do fear an emergence of the revolution in Oromia. Thus, the democratic pro-unity forces pushing for the revolution are not as such dangerous for the Oromo liberation movement. Even if not Biyya-Oromo’s independence per referendum, we can achieve it’s autonomy within a multi-national Oromian (Kushland’s) Union as a result of the revolution.

This is one of the reasons that the NN cadres are nowadays very busy to hinder the revolution from taking place in the country by using their manipulation of the difference between the diverse peoples, as their instrument of division and polarization. If the scare tactics, which they try to use, hinder the revolution, the only option the oppressed people do have is the anti-colonial armed struggle, on which we have to concentrate and invest most, even though it is a very difficult job, given the little support we do have from the international community. For the revolution possibly not to take place, unfortunately the pro-independence freedom fighters (the Oromo, Ogaden, Sidama … liberation forces) and the pro-unity freedom fighters (the Agaw, Gurage, Harari … patriotic forces) are still mistrusting each other. Both camps want to secure the direction of the move after freedom from the NN. The first bloc wants no reversal of the already achieved
victory of a limited cultural autonomy on the way towards national independence (self-determination), whereas the second bloc wants to be sure that the country’s territorial integrity stays intact and possibly the process will be reversed back to the unitary state.

But, why should these people worry too much about the situation after the revolution? Is the caution regarding the unity from the pro-unity freedom fighters so different from the scare tactics used by the NN cadres? The NN cadres go to pro-independence forums and tell that the “worse will come; pro-unity elites will take over, and an independent Biyya-Oromo state will never be realized, if you push for the revolution;” and then, they go to pro-unity forums and talk “take care, the worse will come; OLF can take over and it will be end of the united country, if you make a revolution.” It is the fact on the ground that Oromia is actually taken hostage by the NN. Whenever the pro-independence force is stronger, the NN threaten with the possibility of dismantling Biyya-Oromo; and whenever pro-unity force is stronger, they threaten with dismembering the whole country.

The NN uses the opportunity of such division among the opposition to threaten both camps of the freedom fighters. If the revolution really should happen, the two blocs need to be bold enough to take risk of losing their ideals after the revolution and to live with a compromise solution. That means, the pro-independence bloc should be ready to lose, for instance the possibility of achieving an independent Oromo state and the pro-unity camp should be ready to risk their long-term goal of fostering unitary country. Otherwise, in short, the NN is really lucky; there will never be any revolution under such condition of division between freedom fighters; and the chance to get rid of the NN through election is, as we know, very minimal; then armed struggle will be the only option left. In case both public uprising and armed struggle against the NN are not effective, should we not prepare ourselves to be ruled by the NN for the next one century? Not to allow the
NN to rule us for such a long time, we need to know and tackle the methods it uses, specially its scare tactics. In short the scare tactics, which the NN cadres nowadays do use are – “if revolution erupts:

– pro-unity elites can take over the movement and dismantle Biyya-Oromo;
– pro-independence elites will be in power and dismember the whole country;
– the NN army will massacre the civillians;
– there can be a mayhem against the Tigrinya-speakers, like that of Ruanda;
– there will be absolute chaos and civil war among different ethnies”

Are freedom fighters from both blocs ready to deal with these scare tactics of the NN? Can they agree on the middle ground: freedom and referendum (on self-determination of citizens and nations)? Those, who just fight for unconditional independence of nations, must cool down and accept the public verdict, as well as those, who now struggle for the unconditional unity, also should learn to be moderates and accept the public verdict. Both camps must agree on first getting freedom from the NN, and then democratically decide for either independence or unity per referendum (independence or unity based on public verdict). We like it or not, all peoples in that region should be free, regardless of their decision for the political independence or for the political union. The political will of the peoples in the country/region is what matters at the end.

Unfortunately, there are still some nationals in both pro-unity camp and pro-independence camp, who yet couldn’t see the common convergent short-term goal of both sides, i.e. ‘freedom from the NN.’ They do concentrate only on their divergent long-term goals: independent state vs. united country. Fortunately, few smart nationalists from both sides are now emerging and trying to forge an alliance by default or by design in order to achieve their convergent common short-term goal and then to decide on their respective long-term goals through public verdict. The dictatorials are too far from accepting and respecting the will of their respective public as a final verdict; they  preach democracy, but are not yet ready to practice it. We hope the few smart and genuinely democratic nationalists in both camps, who try to practice what they do preach, will prevail to cooperate and make the NN’s tyranny history. Those who want to achieve either
‘independent state’ or ‘united country’ per public referendum are the democratic nationals from both sides.

Let’s just try to imagine a very big letter ‘Y’ and distinguish four points on the letter (the bottom, the middle junction, the left top, and the right top). Then, let’s see that the bottom is the status-quo of Oromian politics, where the consitituencies of both camps are under the tyranny of the NN; the middle junction is a point for freedom of both; the left top is the point of national independence; and the right top is the point for federal unity. Then, let’s look that this letter ‘Y’ is a figure to illustrate the route of the liberation journey for both from the tyranny, from their present common situation, towards their short-term and long-term goals. Can we percieve that these two camps do have a possibility to move from the bottom (point of tyranny) to the middle junction (point of freedom) together? It is our common route of journey towards the common converging short-term goal. Then will come the two diverging routes towards the
two different and diverging long-term goals of the two blocs: the left top (independence) and right top (unity).

Now, if we could imagine this route of common journey adequately, it is not hard to comprehend that we need the alliance of the two to move from the status-quo of tyranny under the NN to the point of freedom from the NN, but not necessarily to move together to the right top or to the left top. After achieving our freedom from NN’s rule in unison, it is up to the Oromian public to decide, through referendum, which direction to move further: to the left top or to the right top. If, for instance, the Oromo majority will choose to move to the right top, then Oromo elites’ long-term goal will be similar to that of the pro-unity elites. Otherwise, if the Oromo majority will choose to move to the left top, no one can hinder the Oromo nation from achieving Biyya-Oromo’s independence. Just concentrating on the struggle for freedom from NN’s rule, I think there are three main possible ways of struggle:

– Armed struggle, which was the the method of choice for the OLF and for the other liberation fronts,
– Popular uprising, which is not yet tried in a well-coordinated way, but now seems to be the best option, and
– Electoral struggle, which was the way chosen by the OFC and by other democratic federalists, despite the undemocratic nature of the NN.

From these three ways of struggles for freedom, we have seen that both the armed struggle and the electoral struggle were not yet successful. The armed struggle is too slow because of the limited support from the so-called international community; and the electoral struggle failed due to the undemocratic nature of the brutal rulers. The option of the popular uprising was tried separately by only Oromo students during the years 2000 – 2014, and mostly by pro-unity urbanites after the “election” in the year 2005.

Because of such uncoordinated and uncooperative moves of the elites from different nations in the country, especially due to the polarization of the pro-independence elites and the pro-unity elites, the hitherto fragmented popular uprisings were not successful. But in the future, it seems that there is a hope for a possible cooperation against the dictatorial NN, which can lead us to a successful uprising and also which can be a quicker means leading to our freedom. I think a combination of the above three ways of struggles, in an optimally calculated and planned manner, is the best method, which can lead us to freedom and democracy. That is why NN cadres nowadays do anything under the sun to hinder the fire of revolution from igniting in Oromia and, of course, the “smart” Afaan Oromo-speaking/writing NN messengers are trying to do this job among the Oromo, both in the cyberworld and in the real community, just as the Amharinyaa-speaking ones are
doing the same job among the Amharinyaa-speaking community.

If the revolutionaries in both liberation camps seriously want a revolution to erupt against the brutal NN regime, then their evading, shelving or undermining of ‘an elephant in the room’ is not the solution. The elites in both blocs should be realistic and pragmatic to face the main and the real problem. None of the two blocs can cheat or outmaneuver the other side; they have to be able to come up with a compromise solution. I personally believe that the the popular will of each nation is the alpha and omega of both freedom and democracy, which almost all sides do preach, but very few of them seem to be ready to practice. The elites of the two sides should learn to prepare themselves for the fate of the country based on such public verdicts per referendum. If they are smart enough, they would settle for the multi-national Oromian (Kushland’s) Union either based on polity consensus or as the result of a popular referendum; otherwise, they should
accept the possible peaceful separation of nation-states. The alternative for the anti-sovereignty forces, particularly for the NN and its leader, Abay Tsehaye, is to sing like president Al-bashir of Sudan, when the time comes: “welcome to a neighboring nation of South Sudan;” of course, unfortunately Al-bashir did that after sacrificing about 2 million Sudan citizens and I hope Abay Tsehaye will not repeat this mistake. May Waaqa help us all understand the fact on the ground and respect freedom and democracy as our common values!


Jawar Mohammed: Akeekkachiisa


Wayyaaneen yaalin ummata Oromoo afaanfajjeessuufi sossobuuf torban lamaan kana goote erga fashalaaye booda, tooftaa haraya baafattee hojitti seentee jirti. Kunis sablammiilee Oromiyaa keessa jiran Oromoon walafaan akaayuudha. Bu’aan isaan kanarraa argachuuf deeman waa lama.

1) Oromofi saboota biroo jiddutti falmaa dalgaa ( horizontal conflict) uumuun humna diinaa nutti baay’iftee, humna keenyas laaffiftee ofii haara galfachuu. Akka waan mormiin deemaa jiru jibbaa

2) Gaafii haqaa Oromoon dhimma Finfinnerratti kaase sabni biraas hubatee fudhachuu waan eegaleef, sababa jeequmsaatin sodaatani akka Wayyaanee cinaa hiriiraniif barbaadu. Gaafilee akka ijotti kaasanii ofuuf deeman keessaa: dubbii Minilik, kan Dirree Dhawaa, kan Mooyyaleetif walitti bu’iinsa gama Dhiha Oromiyaatti uumamaa ture fa’a.

Walitti bu’iinsa akkanaa uumuuf tooftaa itti fayyadamuuf filatan keessaa 1) Oromoofi saba biraa keessaa lukkee ( agent saboteurs) filanii seensisuuf wantoota miira ummataa dimshaashan tuqan dubbisuu, qabeenyaafi nageenyarratti balaa buusuun ummata nagayaa duchisiisanii walitti naqauu

2) Gaafileefi dhimmoota amma dura Oromoofi saboota garii walmormisisaa turan akka haarayaatti kaasun moromaafi walarraabsoo banuu. Akeekni diinaa kun akka hin milkoofne namuu, biyya ambaatifi Oromiyaa keessatti of eeggannoofi bilchina cimaadhaan sossohuu barbaachisa. Tarkaanfilee fudhatamuu malan keessaa

1) Gaafilee dhimma yeroo kanaatiin wal hin qabanne kaasuu dhabuu. gaafilee tun gariin kan injifannoon keessa dabarre waan ta’aniif cufamuu qabu. Gariin ammoo waan yeroof ta’anii miti. Warra bakka waltajjiittifi ummata keessatti dubbii akkanaa oofu adda baafachuun gorsuun yoo didan ammoo ummanni akka dammaqu gochuun.

3) Lukkeelee saboota jidduu fiiganii dubbii laaqan adda baafachuun suduudaan dura dhaabbachuu, ykn hawaasa akeekkachiisuu. Lukkeelee Oromoo ta’anii saba kaan tuttuqan akka isaan ejjannoofi ilaalcha Oromoo bakka hin buune manguddootaafi dargaggoota saba kaanitiif ibsu. Lukkee saba biraa tan Oromoo tuqxus sabni sun beekee akka nurraa hidhatu ykn ofirraa dhiibu carraaquu.

4) Yeroo hiriiraatti qabeenya saba biraa kan ummata nagayaa warra barbadeessu ykn saamuf itti aggaamatu dammaqiinsaan hordofanii too’achuu. Yoo dadhabame ummanni kuun akka itti hin dabalamne godhuu.

5) Badii lukkeeleen akkanaa balleessan bifa suura-sagaleetin galmeessuun saaxil basuu feesisa. Tooftaan Wayyaanee kun saba Oromootifi warra kaanifis miidhaa hamaa waan qabuuf saffisaan fashalaayuu qaba. Kanarratti barattoonni, hojjattoonni, daldaltoonnifi qonnaan bultoonni bifa bifaan dammaqanii hojjachuu qabdan.

Dhugaan Oromoo shira diinaatin hin dhokatu! Itti hin dhiisinaa!


                                                                                                      Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa

Dubbiftoota barruu tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, wannin harra isiniif dhiyeessu kun dubbii dureewwan warra Wayyaanee keessaa inni tokko raasaa kana kallachumatti, uummata Oromoo fi saba Oromoo guddicha kana irratti dhaadate kan ilaalu. Nama dubbii biidiyoon nuuf dabarfame kana qalbeeffateef, namtichi Abbaay Tsahaayee jedhamu kun ifumatti duulaa fi waraana saba Oromoo irratti banuu isaa hubata. Mee yaa Waaq aangoo fi saammatanii buluun akkanatti ija namaa cufaa? Akkanatti sammuu ilmoo namaa isa hubatee akka yaaduuf uumame, gara sammuu horii fi bineeyyiitti gadi-buusaa? Namtichi baddaa Tigraay irraa harree ooffatee barabaasoo, bututtuu fi kilaashoon Oromiyaa seenee, saammatee abbaa-kitilaa (“millionaire”) tahe kun eessa dhaabatee? Maal irra taa’ee nutti dhaadata? Eekaa, nu Oromoota kitila 46-ol (46 000 000 +) taanetti dhaadataa? Yaa Oromoo koo, warri Wayyaanee kun garamitti nu dhiibaa jiru? Jarri qaarutee fakkaatan kun gara raatuutti of-geeddaruun, akka nuti gaaraa-dakaa tokkoomnee olkaanu nu gochaa jiru!

Maarree, erga dhiibamnee, erga ijuma teenya duratti uummanni keenya araddaa fi qeyee isaa irraa buqqifamuun itti-fufee, akka nama tokkootti waltahuun oljechuu malee, filmaata biraa tokkollee hin qabnu. Jarri kun, ee warri nafxanyoota haaraa kun tokkom-tokkoon gara nafxanyoota moofaa saniitti of-jijjiiraa jiru. Mee as irratti waan tokko! Muummichi warra Dargii, kan Mangistuu Hayila-Maaraam jedhamu bar tokko, ee oggaa warri Wayyaanee kun qabasaawota turan, tuffii uummata Tigraay irraa qabuun kan ka’e: “wanni nuti Tigraay irraa argannu chookii tokkichallee nuuf bituu hin dandayu” jechuun, uummata Tigraay kabajamaa san isa eeboon madeesse caala arraba isaa addaggee (baalagee) sanaan madeesse. Kun jiraa nama Tigraay dhiisii du’aan isaatuu akka waltahuun qabsaawu isa taasise. Nama Tigraay dhiisitii nutuu akka namummaaf jenneetoo namummaan isaan mararfannu, isaan gargaaru nu taasise. Ammas addaggummaa fi sanyummaan “waddii” Abbaay Tsahaayee kun jiraa Oromoo dhiisitii du’aan isaatuu, akka mootummaa isaa kanatti ka’uun ofirraa gombisu gochaa jira. Dureewwan warra Wayyaanee kanaaf waayeen: aadaa Oromoo, lafa Oromoo, tolcha Oromoo, odaa fi caffee Oromoo, awwaala fi galma Oromoo faa tokkoyyuu hin galleef jechaa dha. Oromoof lafnii fi lafeen gadameessa tokko keessaa akka bayan, lafa isaa qabachuun lafee isaa caccabsanii nyaachuu akka tahe ganaa hin galleef jechaa dha. Kun nafxanyoota Amaaratii galuuf waggaalee 80 isaan irraa fudhate. Kaan isaanitiif garuu, ammumallee homaa hin galleefi. Nafxanyoonni Tigraayiif  kun akka isaanii galuuf waggaalee 80 isaan barbaachisa moo maal dubbiin? Garuu, dhaloonni harraa kun, keessumaa Dhaloonni Qubee kun burkaanni (“volcano”) Oromoo akka daddafeetoo dhowu taasisa.

Uummanni Oromoo mirgaa fi haqa, qeyee fi araddaa, manaa fi ala, qabeenya fi leecalloo uummata Tigraay tokkollee hin tuqne. Daangaa iaanii hin dabarre, laggeen isaanii hin summeessinee, dhalawwan isaanii hin galaafanne, jaarsaa-jaartii isaanii hin salphifne, namoota isaanii manneen hidhaatti hin guurre. Warri Wayyaanee kun garuu, wanneen ilmoon namaa ilmoo namaa irratti hin raawwanne, wanneen suukaneessoo hedduu uummata Oromoo fi uummatoota Kibbaa irraatti adeemsisanii jiru. Wanneen nafxanyoonni Amaaraa Minilikii fi Raas Daargeen faa Oromoo irratti adeemsisan keessaa kan isaan hafee harma-muraa fi rakraka-muraa, ija-buqqisaa fi funyaan-kutaa faatu isaan hafe. Bosona Oromiyaa irbaata ibiddaa gochuu fi haroolee fi laggeen Oromiyaa summeessuu kan nafxanyoonni moofaan hin goonee isaan adeemsisanii jiru. Kumaa-kumaatamaan Oromoonni akka biyya ofii gaddhiisanii lubbuuf baqatan godhanii jiru. Dhalawwan Oromoo isaan qurxummii namnyaataa, shaarkii jedhamuun Galoo Adan keessatti liqimfamnii hafan, kanneen adaala Sahaaraa keessatti irbaata bineeyyii tahan, cirrachaan awwaalamanii hafan faa manneeni fi gumaa-baasaan Oromoo haa lakkaawu!

Silaa mee, nama miiddhaa fi roorroo jala turetti, miiddhaa fi roorroo nama irratti adeemsisuun isatti ulfaataa! “Waddii” Abbaay faa ammoo gammachuu fi bashanantiin kanneen adeemsisaa jiru. Isaan irraa namummaa fi nameenyi keessaa cunfamee dhumee jira. Jarreen kun hacuccaa fi rooorroo, abbaa-garummaa fi anamalummaa, of-tulummaa fi sanyummaa bakka amantii ofii buufatanii argamu. Warreen akkanaa kana uummanni Oromoo fi uummanni Ogadeeniyaa, uummanni Afaari fi Sidaamaa, uummanni Hadiyyaa fi Benshaangul, uummanni Sulula Omoo fi Gambeellaa waltayee ofirraa isaan gombisuu malee, filmaata biraa hin qabu. Oromoon biyya namaa hin dhaqnee biyya ofii irratti biyyee  ofiitiif, lafa ofii irraatti lafee ofiitiif olaka’uun isaa namaa fi lafaan, Waaqaa fi ayyaanaan eebbifamaa dha. Uummatoonni addunyaa martis isa deeggaru. Kana immoo nuti dhalawwan Oromoo kanneen garaa waaqaa jala faffacaanee jirru, beekisafachuu fi sagalee takkaan iyyachuun dirqama keenya!

Kunoo, warri Wayyaanee kun isaan qabsaawota irraa gara gaadduu fi saamtuutti of-geeddaran kun bardrabre kana keessa ijoollee Oromoo Oromiyaa guutuu irraa: “Master Plan Finfinnee” san dura dhaabatan heddumminaan gorra’anii jiru. Oromoota 200 oliitu galaafatame. Kaan ammallee manneen hidhaa Habashootaa keessatti waxalamaa, waadamaa jirti. Imimmaan warreen ijoollee teenyaa tanaallee otoo hin qoorin, kunoo bantiiwwan hoggantoota warra Wayyaanee keessaa kan tokko tahe, Abbaay Tsahaayee ifumatti waraana Oromoo irratti labsee jira. Jarreen kanatti bunaa fi jimaa, midhaanii fi horii, albuuda fi hoomisha warshaalee Oromoo malee, mirgii fi haqni, namummaa fi nameenyi Oromoo waa isaanitti hin muldhatu. Nama qawween gaaddatee, saammatee buluutti kan sirriitti isatti muldhatu qawwee san callaa dha. Qawween sun qawweedhumaan hurrooftee akka baddu, waan moorri ija isaa baaruda qawweetiin cufameef, homaa hin galuufi. Uummanni Oromoo beekaa fi guddichi kun inni seenaa isaa keessatti sammuun yaadee, wal-amanisiisee seera gadaatiin, dimokiraasiin of-bulchaa ture sun, kunoo gara waggaalee 140 olii warra qawwee ergifatee, qawwee dhoortoo kadhatee itti-dhufeen bitamee jira; ammas bitamaa jira. Egaa, warra qawwee bakka amantii ofii buutee isatti dhaadatu kana, qawwuma saniin olka’ee ofirraa kaasuu qaba. Kanaafillee, gandeen Oroppaa fi Ameerikaa keessa deddeemee qawwee san waan kadhatuuf hin qabu. Hableen, haamtuun, qottoon, dhagaraan, hordaan, manshiin, eeboon, cakiin, mancaa fi shimalli faa uummata tokkoomee, iyyee iyya dabarsuun olka’eef qawwee san caala. Isumaan qawwee ergisaa fi qawwee kandhannaan dhufe san abbootii qawwee san irraa hiikkata.

Seerri biyyoota addunyaas, seerri Mootummoota Waltayaniis (UNO) saba qawween biyyi isaa qabame, akka qawweenis of-bilisoomsu ni gargaara. Maal dureen uummata Falastiinaa, Yaasir Arafaat shugguxii hidhatee walgayii UNO irratti argamee mitii? Kanan kana kaaseef, Oromoota tokko tokko kanneen: “addunyaan geeddaramte”, “barri bara globalization” faa jechuun impaayarittii Toopphiyaa tana nuuf suppuu fi nu irratti supphuuf yaalaniifi. Uummanni Oromoo inni qawween cabee dhiddhiitamaa jiru kun karaa nagaas, karaa kaanis bilisummaa fi walabummaa ofiitiif qabasaawuun namaanis, Waaqaanis kan deeggaramu; kan eebbifamu. Kanaaf, ee kanaaf uummanni Oromoo guddichi kun, gaaraa-dakaa, alaa-manaa ijaaramee, tokkoomee, walitti-qindoomee, karaa maraan hidhatee mirgaa fi haqa uumaan qabuuf tarkaanfachuu qaba. Jaarmoleen Oromoo marti, dhiiraa-dubartiin Oromoo marti waltahuun oljechuutu isaanis, biyya isaanii boontuu tanas kan baasu taha. Waladaaleen amntiiwwanii kan: Muslimootaas, kan Kiristaanotas, kan Waaqeffatootaas uummanni Oromoo akka birmadoomuuf, sabni Oromoo akka bilisoomuuf, Biyya Oromoo, Oromiyaan akka walaboomtuuf WAAQA kadhachuufii qabu! “Nama Waaqni bilisa taasisee uume, eenyumtuu akka isa gabroomfachuu hin qabne”, lallabuun, barsiisuun hojii isaanii keessaa isa hangafa!

Yaa Oromoo lammiiwwan kiyya, kunoo amma irraa kaasee nama Oromoo dhiisii lafni Oromootuu qabsoo bilisummaa irratti argama. Uummata “iyyii, iyya dabarsi!”, jedhee waltahuun olka’e enyumtuu dura dhaabachuu hin dandayu. Ammaan tana nama Oromoo dhiisitii: horiin, bineeyyiin, allaattii-shimbirroon, laflootuu fi kanneen biroo marti qabsoo irratti argamu. Laggeen, harooleeni fi harawwan Oromiyaa marti diina isaani irraa waraabbatee dhugutti dhiiga fi summii itti-tahu. Lafnii fi margi Oromiyaa diina isaan irra fiffiigaa dhalawwan Oromoo gorra’utti qoree fi eeboo itti-tahuun waraanu. Gaarran, sululoonni fi caakkaawwan Oromiyaa diina isaanitti baqatutti leencotaa fi qeerransoota itti-tahuun haleelu. Amma irraa kaasee, Oromiyaa dachee leencotaa qabatanii ijoollee Oromoo galaafachaa jiraachuun kakuu dha; laguu dha hin jiru! “Uu, uu iyyii, iyya dabrsi! Qabi, qabii dhayi!”, jechuun akka Oromoota Kurnan Gullallee isaan bara 1878 walatahuun olka’uu qabna!

                                                ==============    //    ==============

ማስተር ፕላኑ፦ ለህዝቡ የሚያስፈልገውን የሚያውቀው ከህዝቡ አብራክ የወጣ፣ ከህዝቡ ጋር የኖረ፣ የተማረው የኦሮሞ ወጣት ምሁራን እንጂ የ8ኛ ክፍል ካድሬ አይደልም፡፡

በቅርቡ ሚሚ ስብሃቱ ማስተር ፕላኑን በሚመለከት፣ “የኦሮሚያ ፊንፊኔ ዙሪያ አርሶ አደሮች መሬትን እንደ ርስት መቁጠር ማቆም አለባቸው” ብላ ነበር፡፡

እኛ ደግሞ የምለው ለኦሮሞ አርሶ አደር ለዘመናት የኖሩበትና ወልደው የከበሩበት መሬት ስርታቸው ካልሆነ በአንድ ሌሊት የሚገነቡ የፊንፊኔ ፎቆች የማንም ርስት ሊሆኑ አይችሉም፡፡ ከተደረደሩት ሰማይ ጠቀስ ፎቆች ይልቅ ለኛ ለኦሮሞ ልጆች የኦሮሞ አርሶ አደር ጎጆ ትልቅ ቁም ነገር አላት፡፡ እኛ የኦሮሞን መሬትን የምናየው እንደ የሚዳሰስ ሃብት ብቻ አይደልም፡፡ የማይዳሰስ ሃብት የኦሮሞ ባህልና አብዳር አብሮት አለ፡፡ ስለዚህ በኦሮሞ መሬት ላይ የሚደረግ ወረራ የማይዳሰሱ ባህላዊ ሃብቶቻችንም ላይ የተቃጡ ናቸው፡፡

እኛ የአርሶ አደር ልጆች ከዚሁ ጎጆ ወጥተን ነው ተምረን እዚህ የደረስነው፡፡ ስለዚህ የኦሮሞ ጎጆ ቤቶች ሲደፈሩ ዝም ብለን የምናይበት ሞራል የለንም፡፡

ልማት ካስፈለገ ቅድሚያ መልማት ያለበት፣ ሀብት ማፍራት ያለበት አርሶ አደሩ ነው፡፡ በአርሶ አደሮቻችን መቃብር ላይ ግን ፋብሪካና ፎቅ እንዲገነባ አንፈቅድም፡፡

የኦሮሞ አርሶ አደሮች እድል አልተሰጣቸውም እንጂ የተባለውንም ፎቅና ፋብሪካ መገንባት አያቅታቸውም፡፡ ምነው ሸገርን ፎቅ በፎቅ ያደረጉት እኮ አንዳንዶቹ ስማቸውን መጻፍ የማይችሉ አይደሉም እንዴ? እድል ስለተሰጣቸው ግን አደረጉት፡፡

እስቲ በሞቴ የአዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር ኦሮሚያ ክልል ውስጥ ገብቶ በአርሶ አደሮች ማሳ ውስጥ ባለ 30 ሜትር ስፋት ያለውን ምን የመሰሉ አስፋልቶችን በአራቱም ማዕዘናት እየገነባ ያለው በክልሉ ጥያቄ ነው? ለአርሶ አደሮች ጥቅም ብሎ ነው? ገንዘብ ከተረፈው ለክልሉ መንግስት ለምን ፈሰስ አያደርግም? በመሰረቱ በፈደራል ስርዓቱ ህግ መሰረት አንድ ክልል ወይም ሌላ አካል የክልሉ መስተዳድር ሳያውቅ ወይም ሳይፈቅድ የትኛውም ሉዓለዊ ክልል ውስጥ ገብቶ ልማትም ሆነ ምንም መስራት አይችልም፡፡

ማስተር ፕላኑንም ሆነ የነበረውን የመሬት ወረራ ፊት አውራሪ ሆነ እየመረ ያለው የአዲስ አበባ መንገዶች ባለስልጣን ነው፡፡ እስቲ በማን ጥያቄ ነው በሉዓላዊ ክልል ውስጥ ገብቶ በአርሶ አደር ማሳ ውስጥ በመጋለብ መንገድ እየሰረ ያለው?

አርሶ አደሮች እኮ መጡብን እንጂ መጡልን ብሎ አያውቁም፡፡ደርግ የትግራይ አርሶ አደሮችን በታንክ ስያስበረግጋቸው ነበር፡፡

እነዚህ ደግሞ አሁን የኦሮሞ አርሶ አደሮችን በዶዘር እያስበረገጉ ነው፡፡ ታንክ ወደ ዶዘር ተቀየረ እንጂ ጦርነቱ ከአርሶ አደሮች ላይ አልቆመም፡፡ ልማት በአከባቢው ህዝብ ነው እንጂ እንደ ሸቀጥ ከሌላ ቦታ አይመጣም፡፡

ከዚህ ቀደም የማስተር ፕላኑ ተዋናይ የነበሩት አቶ ኩማ ደመክሳ፣ የፊንፊኔ ዙሪያ አርሶ አደር 600 ኪ.ሜ. ርቀት ላይ ካለው የኦሮሞ አርሶ አደር ያነሰ ኑሮ እየኖረ እንደሆነ የኦህዴድን የ24 ዓመታት የውድቀት ጉዞ ነግረውን ነበር፡፡ አሁን የኦሮሞ አርሶ አደር ልጆች ተምሯል፣ ህዝቡ እንዴት እንደሚለማ፣አከባቢው እንዴት እንደሚለወጥ፣ ለህዝቡ ምን እንደሚያፈልግ ከማንም በላይ ጠንቅቀው ያውቃሉና የማንንም ጣልቃ ገቢነት አይፈልጉም፡፡ ለህዝቡ የሚያፈልገውን የሚያውቀው ከህዝቡ አብራክ የወጣ፣ ከህዝቡ ጋር የኖረ፣ የተማረው የኦሮሞ ወጣት ምሁራን እንጂ የ8ኛ ክፍል ካድሬ አይደልም፡፡

Abay Tsehaye: The ugly face of Tigrean Chauvinism

The Gulelepost
Few months ago, in an interview with journalist Befekadu Moroda of Oromia Media Network (OMN), I asserted that TPLF and the Tigrean ruling class have transformed into Neftegna. Abay Tsehaye’s recent words and behavior testament to that. Remember the Neftegna system that gave monopoly over the means of violence and the sources of wealth produced chauvinistic agents who exploited and disrespected oppressed groups in Ethiopia. The system also engineered social behaviors that justified the actions of those agents and popularized myths of the dominant groups socio-cultural superiority. Overtime, the ruling class and its base began rationalizing and institutionalizing prejudice and extreme form of violent responses towards those who dissented.

During the early years of their rule, as violent and oppressive they were, TPLF differentiated themselves from their predecessors by being sensitive and showing reasonable respect for groups they subjected. However, they began abandoning such sensitivity as they consolidated power and began amassing wealth, and they have STARTED adopting the ugly behaviors of their predecessors. Nowadays, emboldened by the absolute monopoly of the means of violence, intoxicated with abundance of wealth at their disposal and facing no so significant threat to their rule, the TPLF Tigrean rulers’ rudeness, arrogance and disrespect for other cultures have become their norm. Just like their predecessors, they have the false sense of inherent superiority which had made them feel invincible. This behavior is even worse among their rising generation – which was born into wealth and power and grew up being drugged with post-victory (post-1991) bravado of TPLF.

This is good and bad news. It’s ‘bad’ because such collective behaviors increase and justify violence and repression against the subjected populations. However, on the ‘good’ side, it makes the system intolerable – expanding the base of resistance, and, consequently, speeding up the downfall of the system.

Abay Tsehaye’s Bravado Exposes the TPLF Master Plan

Abay Tsehaye’s threat, its tone and spirit, is very revealing of TPLF’s contempt and disrespect for Oromos, even for those who are serving them as puppets. What is the story behind such an outburst? After the completion of the the ‘Addis Ababa Master Plan’ without any involvement from the Oromia side, Abay Tsehaye gathered senior OPDO leaders and ordered them to implement the Plan. They expressed their concerns that they were not involved in the process of drafting the Plan, and that it would be hard to convince the rank and FILE. They were told that EPRDF/TPLF would not take NO for answer. The OPDO leaders could not even agree on the matter and when they took the issue to the mid-level leadership, they were met with fierce resistance and hostility. While the Oromia State leaders were planning to bring the issue to the Caffee (Parliament of the State of Oromia) for deliberation, Abay/TPLF could not wait so they bypassed them, gathered administrators of cities surrounding Finfinne and told them to begin the implementation. At this meeting, the city administrators raised several procedural and policy objections and said they could not take this Plan without further study and deliberation at Caffee (at the Oromian State’s Parliament level.) The administrators said they could not convince the public about a plan even they themselves neither understand nor accept. In their typical manner, Abay Tsehaye and TPLF leaders rejected the request for further discussion at the leadership level and gave them strict orders to begin the implementation phase. This conflict reached the public leading to the mass protest and massacre of April/May 2014.

During and in the aftermath of the protest, OPDO leaders agreed on the need to postpone the Master Plan as a way of containing the situation. This idea was initially accepted by the official EPRDF – including the Prime Minister. However, Abay Tsehaye summoned the OPDO leaders and accused them of sabotage and threatened to eliminate them from the top down – and anyone who stands in the way of the Master Plan. Terrified, the puppet leaders went home and began hibernating avoiding the subject altogether.

Therefore, what is heard in this leaked audio of Abay Tsehaye threatening over a thousand urban planners and administrators is nothing new. His contempt towards Oromo and insidious plan to rob them of their LAND must be confronted. They have already began implementing the Master Plan, and Abay Tsehaye had made it abundantly clear that they would go ahead by any means necessary. Well, this needs to be met with the same spirit – the plan must be stopped by any means necessary.

Lets remember that the Finfinne issue is not isolated. TPLF’s real Master Plan is to establish Tigrean economic monopoly by depriving Oromos of any real source of economy across the country, including fertile land, mineral sites, manufacturing and TRADE. Therefore, the target of Oromo resistance needs to focus on fighting back against this real Master Plan. The resistance needs to identify businesses of TPLF and its affiliates across Oromia and take them on to ensure they don’t succeed.

Arrogant TPLF leaders should realize that their power is more vulnerable than their fortified headquarters lead them to believe. The roots and branches of their domination extend deep into the remotest part of our homeland.

#StopAbayTsehaye – Seenaa Abdissa: Dhiibbaa Hundeessitoota Wayyaanee (TPLF) Kan Ta’e Abbaay Tsehaayee Uummata Oromoo Irratti Gochaa Turee fi Gochaa Jiru Keessaa Muraasa!

Seenaa Abdissa (Facebook)

Guyyaa Kaleessaa Dubbii Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee waltajjii dhoksaa tokko irratti Waa’ee Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee irratti dubbate OMN’n qilleensa irra Oolchuu dhaan baayyeen keenya dhageenyeerra. Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee kan jedhan
“Jallattanis Jibbitanis Maaster Pilaaniin Finfinnee hojii irra ni Oola. Maaster Pilaaniin kun hojii irra akka hin oolleef kan tattaaffii godhan hoggantoota OPDO dabalatee sirriitti ishee galchina …!” jechuu dhaan tuffii uummata Oromoo fi Hooggantoota OPDO’f qaban ifatti ibsanii jiru. Dhimma kanas namoonni baayyee SHARE gochuu dhaan yaada itti laatanii jiru. Dhimmi kun garuu dhimma baayyee nu ajaayibsiisu miti. Sababni isaas namichi kun yeroo garaa garaatti bifa wal fakkaataa dhaan hojii wal fakkaataa dalagaa waan tureef! bara 1998 dhiibbaa fi tattaaffii guddaa namichi kun taasiseen magaalaan Dire Daawaa Oromiyaa jalaa Baatee Federaala taatee jirti.

Bara 2004 wal ga’ii Magaalaa Baatuu (Zuwaay) keessatti taasifameen Obbo Abbay Tsehayyee qo’annoo tokko gaggeessera jechuu dhaan Magaalota Oromiyaa gudguddoo kanneen akka Jimmaa fi Adaamaa keessatti Afaan Oromoo kan dubbatamu Persentaa 30 gadi waan ta’eef Afaan hojii magaalota kanneenii Afaan Amaaraa ta’uu qaba jechuu dhaan qo’annoo isaanii dhiyeessanii turan. Qo’annoo isaanii kanas Miseensonni OPDO cimsanii kan morman yoo ta’u keessumattuu Momiin Obbo Suleemaan Daddafoo taasisan Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee daran kan finiinse ture. Sababa kanaafis Obbo Abbaay Tsehayyee bakka isaan ta’anitti Obbo Suleemaan Daddafoo reebuuf gaafa jedhan Gargaarsa namootaatiin addaan baafaman. Mormii yeroo sanaa booda har’a Obbo Suleemaan Daddafoo bakki isaan jiran hin beekamu. Akkasumas bara 2008 wal ga’ii kaabinootaa taasifameen qabeenya bunaatiin galii guddaa Oromiyaa dhaaf argamsiisuun kan beekamtu Magaalaan Jimmaa Federaala Jala akka galtuuf carraaqqii guddaa taasise.

Haa ta’u malee, Mormii guddaa uummata Oromoo fi Miseensota OPDO irraa isa qaqqabeen fashalaa’ee jira. Erga qawwee dhaan Taayitaa gubbaa ba’ee booda uummata Oromoof rafee kan hin bulle Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee amma immoo Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee uummata Oromoo Lafa isaa irraa buqqaasuuf ka’e qabachuu dhaan akka hojii irra ooluuf mudhii hidhatee falmaa jira. Dhimmi Maaster Pilaanii Finfinnee kun Miseensota Giddu Galeessaa OPDO dabalatee Mormii uummata Oromoo hunda irraa ka’een ji’oota muraasaaf cufamee ture. Haa ta’u malee, Lafa Oromoo saammachuuf kan hirriba dhaban Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee dhimma kana bifa haaraatiin kaasuu dhaan haasawaa Diktaatarummaa isaanii muldhisu dhimma kana irratti dubbatanii jiru. Dubbiin isaan dubbatan kun akka muldhisutti Miseensota OPDO keessumattuu warra koree Giddu Galeessaa irratti rakkoo uumuuf kan xiyyeeffate akka ta’e ibsa.” Dhimmi kun dhimma Siyaasaa osoo hin taane dhimma eenyummaati” akkuma jedhame Oromoon hunduu adeemsa namicha kanaa sirriitti ilaaluu qaba.

Dhimmi kun Miseensota OPDO’s ta’e nama kam iyyuu kan yaaddessu ta’uu hin qabu. Dhimma kana kan Mormaa jiru uummata Oromoo hunda dha. Kanaafuu Dubbiin Obbo Abbaay Tsehaayee Araqee isaanii dhuganii dubbatan kufaatii isaanii kan ariifachiisu ta’uu irraan kan hafe Mormii Miseensonni OPDO fi uummanni Oromoo taasisu irratti dhiibbaa gochuu hin danda’u! Waa’ee Uummata Oromoo irratti kan Murteessuu danda’u uummata Oromoo fi Uummata Oromoo qofa!

  • African language books
A native African language has been brought to the pages of children’s textbooks for the first time by a Melbourne teacher.

Gareth Boreham

 16 FEB 2015

(Transcript from World News Radio)

A native African language has been brought to the pages of children’s textbooks for the first time by a Melbourne teacher.

More than 40 million people speak the Oromo tongue but, until now, it’s been largely passed down by word-of-mouth.

Gareth Boreham reports.

19-year-old students Bariituu Abba Bullguu and Ikram Boru grew up speaking Oromo in their family homes.

But the indigenous language of Ethiopia was never something they learnt in the written form.

For Bariituu….her main teacher was her babysitter.

“It was really just word of mouth. So really my vocabulary is quite limited to things like ‘Mum, I’m hungry- when is dinner? That kind of thing. So I wish I’d had these books growing up.”

The books she and her friend leaf through are part of a new global teaching program passing down Oromo to the next generation.

It’s the brainchild of Toltu Tufa – a twenty-nine-year-old born and raised in Melbourne, but with a fierce desire to preserve her Oromo heritage.

She embarked on her learning project after a global fundraising drive.

“So for me the significance is really for the older generation. It’s for them finally seeing their language being promoted in the way that it rightfully should be as the fourth most widely spoken language in Africa and I guess for young children and people who grew up without any resources or materials, it’s an exciting time. It means that we came together and we said we’d do something and well, here we are.”

The Oromo people are the largest indigenous population in the Horn of Africa.

But throughout history their native tongue has been under threat of dying out altogether.

For more than a hundred years up until 1991, the use and teaching of the Oromo language in the written form was considered a crime in Ethiopia.

And keeping it alive is close to the heart of Oromo community members like Yasmin Hassen.

“The language in its written form is relatively new and young and so that amplifies its importance in passing it on to the next generation.”

With colourful ACTIVITY books, posters, flash cards and stickers…..

Soreti Kadir says it’s a simple, but ground-breaking, teaching method.

“This is set to transform and absolutely revolutionise the way that young Oromo children actually learn their mother tongue.”

A language revitalised…. by inspired African youth.

Ethiopian Intelligence Network: Who is behind the growth?

New Delhi Times Bureau

Ethiopia is a low income country with a population of just under 92 million people. The country has since 1991 been under one party rule of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Dissidents who use the internet to criticise the one party rule have been accused of promoting terrorism and have been subjected to strict surveillance. According to Human Rights Watch, the increasing technological ability of Ethiopians to communicate, express their views, and organise, is viewed less as a social benefit and more as a political threat for the ruling party, which depends upon invasive monitoring and surveillance to maintain control of its population. Ethiopia regularly blocks websites, undertakes surveillance of websites and social media, and charges journalists over content published offline and online.
The country’s laws provide for legal sanctions against individuals for content they publish online, or the ‘illegal use’ of telecoms services. Such charges have often been framed as ‘promoting terrorism’, which can attract a 20 year jail term. Thus, the country has been creating a speedily expanding, state-of-the-art surveillance state, with tacit Western back up.
Rumors of the extent of Ethiopia’s digital surveillance and censorship state have echoed around the information security community for years. Journalists have spoken of being shown text messages, printouts of emails, and recordings of their own telephone conversations by the Ethiopian security services. From within the country, commentators connected growing telecommunications surveillance to the increasing presence of East telecommunications company ZTE.
On the external front, analysis of the targeted surveillance of exiled Ethiopians has turned up surveillance software built and sold by Western companies, such as FinFisher and Hacking Team. Observers of the country’s national Internet censorship have reported keyword filtering of websites and blocking of Tor nodes that reveal a sophisticated national firewall conducting deep packet inspection. Ethiopia’s position as an American ally also gives it the opportunity to purchase technology made in the West to carry out its campaigns of censorship and surveillance. Ethiopia has also bolstered its surveillance capabilities with drones built by Israeli company Bluebird Systems.
However, it is widely believed that Ethiopians have not developed the surveillance network using the available resources in the country. Indeed it is even futile to think that a third world country like it, which does not have enough resources to feed its poverty stricken population will invest heavily in surveillance technology.
There are many who believe that West is funding such programs. However, on a more detailed look, it looks as if East technology is behind the program.
Screenshots of extra fields on ZTE’s ZSmart customer relations management tool appear to show that Ethiopia’s telco administrators can check customers against a “blacklist,” and digitally record calls with the press of a single button.
These features could simply be a result of Ethiopia’s censorship team quickly adopting new techniques — or it could mean that Ethiopia is one of the few countries that benefits from the direct export of Great Firewall technology. In the case of Ethiopia, there have been reports that East is training the surveillance team for as period of six months and then using it for own proxy intelligence. Whether or not the activities of such companies represent cybersecurity concerns – these rapid changes in Africa’s media and telecommunications sphere are an overlooked and illustrative example of the impacts and influences of a rising East, which warrant greater study and attention from policymakers and civil society in Africa and elsewhere, in particular those who are keen to ensure both increased cooperation and connectivity and free and secure communications among citizens.

Sirna Kufuuf Daddaaqamaa Jiru Jireessuuf Kanneen Dhama’an Dhumni Isaanii Salphina

Mootummaan Wayyaanee ummatoota irraan gama dinagdee, siyaasaa fi hawaasummaan miidhaa ol aanaa dhaqqabsiisaa jiru kufaatiin isaa kan hin hafne tahuu caalaatti wayta mirkanaa’ee jiru kanatti abdii kutannaa irraa shira gara garaa hojjatuun bittaa isaa itti fufsiisuuf yaalii ijibbaataa gaggeessaa jira. Ummatoota bittaan nu gahe! Sirni Cunqursaan nurraa haa ka’u! jechuun bifa gara garaan qabsoo adeemsisan kolaasuu fi kan ummatoota irraa deggersa qabu fakkaatee mul’atuuf wixxifannaan adeemsifamaa jirus lammiiwwan Itophiyaa gara garaa addatti ammo lammiilee Oromoo sirnicha baqatuun biyya alaatti argaman irratti kan xiyyeeffate tahuu sochii diinni gochaa jiru irraa hubatama.

Lukkeelee diinaa bittoota murna bicuuf riqicha tahanii ummata Oromoo saamuu fi saamsisuu, ajjeesuu fi ajjeesisuu, biyyaa baqachiisuu fi hiisisuu keessatti shoora ol aanaa qaban, ergaa diinaa kana qabatanii biyyoota alaa keessa oggaa laban kan arge isaan taajjabuu irra dabree akka namaatti yaaduu isaanii shakka. Ergamtootni osoo ummatni Oromoo bakka bu’ummaan hin filatiin humnaan bakka bu’aa of taasisan kunneen hin galleef malee kanneen har’a maqaa guddinaa fi misoomaan isa hawwatuuf itti bobba’an kanneenuma kaleessa miidhaa isaanii baqa biyyoota adda addaatti baqatani dha. Kanneen Abbaa fi Haadha, Obbolaa fi firoottan, ilmaan, akkasumas hiriyootni isaanii jalaa ajjeefaman, mana hidhaatti guuramani hiraaraa jirani dha.

Wayyaanee dantaa murna bicuuguutuuf jecha ijaaruu irra diiguu, haqa lagatuun kijibaaf dhaabbatu , mirga dimokraasii dhugoomsuu irra bittaa abbaa irrummaa jireessuu, biyya misoomsuu irra deegsuun beekame, mootummaa guddinaa fi misoomaa ti jechuun duulli ergamtoota sirnichaan biyyoota alatti eegalame fudhatama fi deggeraa dhabee bakka dhaqan maratti mormii ol aanaa fi salphina guddaan akka deebi’an taasifameera. Haa tahu malee salphifamaa fi xiqqeeffamaa harca’aa funaannatuu akka aadaa fi kabajaatti fudhatan lukkeeleen diinaa kunneen, garaa itti nyaatan malee sammuun ittiin yaadan waanitti hin uumamneef mormii irra gahaa jiru danda’aa fi obsaa ergaa diinaa baqataa Oromoon akka gahaniif karoora itti kenname itti fufuuf murteeffatanii jiran.

Lukkeeleen diinaa raata’oo kunneen ummatni Oromoos akkuma isaanii akka raata’uuf hojjatan. Akkuma isaanii har’a nyaadhee bullaan ana gaha! jechuun ulfina isaa gurguree akka jiraatu barbaadan. Akkuma isaanii ashkara alagaa tahee biyya isaa irratti alageeffamee jireenya gadadoo fi salphinaa akka jiraatu barbaadu. Waggoota 24 boodallee fedhiin ummataa maal akka tahe hubatuu dadhabu/diduu irraa mirga isaaf falmatuu dhaabee akka harka kennatuuf irratti bobba’uun isaan taajjabsiisa malee ummata ejjannoo isaa hin jijjiirsisu. Kanneen of xiqqeessanii ummata xiqqeessuuf yaalan hin galleef malee ummatni guyyaa irratti of irroomsanii eegalee kan isaan hin deggerre, waliinis hin dhaabbanne tahuu ifatti itti himeera. Mormuun dura dhaabbatee walabummaa fi bilisummaa isaaf falmateera, falmaas jira.

Jilli gara garaa muddama qabsoon ummatootaa gooftolii isaanii irraan gahaa jiru jalaa baraaruuf dhiheenya kana dirqama Wayyaanee fudhatuun Awrooppaa, Ameerikaa, Kanadaa fi Austraaliaatti bobba’uun Oromoota biyyoota kanneen keessa qubatan gowwoomsuuf yaalanii taasisaniin salphifamaa akka turan midiyaaleen gabaasaa turan. Jilootni bakka gahan hundatti salphifamaa turan kanneen kan dhagahu hin argatiin malee, lafti mana irratti ijaarratan magaala Finfinneetii isiniif kennama, qabeenya qabdan investment/misooma irra akka oolchitaniif deggersi addaa fi barbaachisu isiniif kennama jechuun waadaa kijibaa tarrisuun hawwataa akka turanis gabaafamaa ture. Biyyi misoomaa fi guddataa akka jirtu, wal qixxummaan ummatootaa mirkaneeffamuu fi mirgi dimokraasii dagaaguu qaanii malee haa dubbatan malee haalli empaayera Itoophiyaa fi kan ummataa addaan fagoo tahuun hubannaa ummataan ala hin turre.

Mootummaa abbaa irreef aangoo isaa turfatuun alatti kan itti mul’atu waan hin jirreef hanga kufutti tikfatuuf dhidhiitatuu hin dhaabu. Waan taheef Wayyaaneen salphina ergamtoota isaa Awrooppaa fi Ameerikaa itti bobbaafate irra gahe irraa barachuu hanqatee baqattoota Oromoo Afriikaa biyyoota gara garaa keessatti argaman irratti karoora bal’aa baasuun akka sossobanii biyyatti deebisaniif, dadhabame ammoo mootummoota of gargaarsisuun biyyatti deebisuu irratti akka hojjataniif ergamtoota isaa bobbaasee jira.

Baqattoota Oromoo, Sudaan Kaabaa fi Kibbaa, Kenyaa, Ugaandaa, Jibuutii fi biyyoota birootti argaman kanneeniinis waadaa kijibaa:

1. Lafa mana irratti ijaarratan magaala Finfinneetii argattu;
2. Manni koondominemii isiniif kennama;
3. “Garee business” jedhuun embaasii jalattii yo ijaaramtan embaasiin deeggarsa addaa isiniif godha kan jedhanutu argamu.

Haqni bobbaa diinaa kanaan duuba jiru garuu, waldaalee maqaa baqattoota Oromoon ijaaraman diiguun waldaa Itophiyaa jala galchuu, suuraa fi vidiyoolee baqattootaa midiyaa isaanii irratti agarsiifatuun hamilee ummataa biyya keessaa qabsoo irratti finiinsaa jiru cabsuu, baqataa gowwoomsuun biyyatti akka deebi’u taasisuun kanneen hafan galuu danda’u, rakkoon homaatuu irra hin gahu, jechuun golgaa UNHCR irraa argatan akka dhaban taasisuu, Sochii baqattoota Oromoo hordoffii fi to’annoo embaasii Itoophiyaa jala galchuu; hidhaa fi ajjeechaa isaanii jalaa kanneen baafatan biyyatti deebisuun mana hidhaatti darbuu kan akeekkate dha.

Sirni heeraa fi seera ofiif tume cabsuun lammiilee seeraa fi murtiin alatti ajjeesu, badiin alatti raga kijibaan hidhaa waggaa dheeraa itti murteessee manneen hidhaa keessatti dararuu fi humna tikaa fi poolisaa amanamoo isaa tahaniin tumsiisaa jiru, misoomaa fi Sirni heeraa fi seera ofiif tume cabsuun lammiilee seeraa fi murtiin alatti ajjeesu, badiin alatti raga kijibaan hidhaa waggaa dheeraa itti murteessee manneen hidhaa keessatti da-raruu fi humna tikaa fi poolisaa amanamoo isaa tahaniin tumsiisaa jiru, misoomaa fi gud-dina, mirga dimokraasii fi namoomaa ilaalchisee ololli adeemsisu kan madaala kaasu miti. Qabiinsi mirga namoomaa fi mirgi dimokraasii biyyattii maal akka fakkaatu ummatoota biyyattii irra dabree kan alagaan iyyuu kijiba tahuu hubatee dura dhaabbataa jiru tahee jira.

Ummatni Oromoo biyya keessaas haa tahu biyya alaa kijiba Wayyaaneen kan hin dagamne tahuu ifatti agarsiisaa jira. Addatti ammo lammiileen Oromoo biyyoota alaa adda addaa keessa jiran ergama diinaa fashalsuun qoodni gumaachan kan Oromoo hunda boonse, er-gamtoota diina rifaasise dha. Bobbaa’an jiilota Wayyaaneen baqattoota Oromoo Afriikaa jiran irratti xiyyeeffates akkasuma akka fashalu shakkiin hin jiru. Haa tahu malee haalli biy-yoota Afriikaa, akka biyyoota Awroppaa fi Ameerikaa aanjaa kan hin qabne taahuun beeka-maa dha. Waan taheef , hawaasni Oromoo biyyoota adda addaa keessatti argamtan ob-boleeyyaan keenya diinni itti xiyyeeffatuun shira irratti raawwatuuf abuurratee jiru hordo-fuun miidhaa diinaa akka qolatuu danda’aniif tokkummaan akka cinaa dhaabbattan ABOn yaadachiisa. Midiyaaleen Oromoo fi kanneen haqaaf dhaabbatan kan biros gochaa di-inummaa fi farra namoomaa baqattoota Oromoo irratti xiyyeeffate kana saaxiluun garee haqaaf dhaabbatan tahuu akka mirkaneessitan ABOn waamicha isaa isiniif dabarsa. Ak-kasumas jarmiyaaleen kabajaa mirga namaaf dhaabattan duula mirga baqattoota Oromoo ukkaamsu Wayyaaneen itti jiru akka hin milkoofne taasisuuf tumsa barbaachisu akka gootan waamicha isaa dabarsa.

Shirri diinaan Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo irratti raawwatamu qabsoo caalaatti finiinsa malee hin laaffisu. Kanaaf lammiileen Oromoo biyya keessaaf alaa bittaa Wayyaanee ga-teettii ummataa irraa buusuuf qabsoo bilisummaa caalaatti finiinsuun gaaffii yeroo tahuu hubannee tokkummaan haa kaanu.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!

Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Gurraandhala 13, 2015

Dubbii OMN fi Tokkummaa Ilaalchaa Mooraa QBO

Malkaa Caffee*

Gurraandhala 14, 2015

TV-n OMN (Oromia Media Network) erga hundeeffamee tamsaasa isaa jalqabee waggaa 1 guutuuf guyyoota muraasatu isa hafa. Hundeeffamni TV kanaa Media Walaba kan dhiibbaa alagaas tahe qaama/jaarmaya siyaasaa Oromoo kamuu irraa bilisa tahee Dantaa Saba Oromoo kan waliigalaaf tajaajiluu danda‟u Oromoon akka qabaatuuf yaadamee akka tahetti hubatama. Umrii isaa tan hanga yoonaa keessatti jaalalaa fi deggersi, akkasumas, dhageeytiin guddaan inni Oromoo irraa argates amantii fi hubannoo kana irratti kan hudaawee dha.

Akkuma hawwamee fi gammachuu guddaadhaan simatametti, yeroo gabaabduu tana keessatti bu‟aan inni buuses akkaan guddaa dha. Kun sab-boontota ilmaan Oromoo Media kana hundeessuu fi asiin gahuu keessatti bifa gara garaatiin gahee ofii bahachaa turanii fi jiran hunda kan galateeffachiisuu fi quudhisiisuuf tahuutti dabalee akkuma waliigalaattuu Oromoo waa‟ee eenyummaa ifii sirriitti hubatu mara kan boonsee dha jechuutu danda‟ama. Kun hubannoo sab-boontota Oromoo hedduu natti fakkaata.

Osoo akkasii, OMN maaliif umrii isaa reefuu waggaa tokko guutaa jirtu tana keessatti dubbiin/yaa‟iin deddeebitee irra mammarti gaaffiin jettus gaaffii namoota hedduu tahaa dhuftee jirti. Hundeeffamuu OMN irraa kaasee yeroo fi bakka adda addaatti yaadota bifa komii, qeeqaa, shakkii fi gungummiitiin daddarbataman (kan barreeffamanii fi dubbataman) dabree dabree argaa fi dhagahaa turus hundi isaanii guddoo qalbii tiyya harkisuu hin dandeenye. Sababni isaa, OMN akkuma sab-boontota Oromoo hedduudhaan abdatamee fi hubatame sanatti Dantaa Oromummaa (Oromo National Interest) tajaajiluuf dhaabbate yaada jedhu akkan shakku waan na taasisu arguus dhagahuus waanin hin feeneefi. Dubbuma shakkii fi gungummii akkasiitiin wal qabsiisuudhaan ibsi dhiheenyuma kana miseensota Boordii OMN irraa kennames abdii fi hawwii kiyyaa fi kan Oromoota hedduu kan tahe“OMN Dantaa Oromummaa (Oromo National Interest) tajajaajiluuf dhaabbate.” yaada jedhu kan gadi cimsu ture.

Haa tahu malee, osoo hin turin ammaas, jalqaba baatii kanaa irra bobbaa ergamtoota Wayyaanee (Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaafaa) kan Minesootaatiin wal qabatee suuraan tokko kan gaazexeessitoota OMN fi Abbaa Duulaafaan gabatee tokko irratti akka waan waliin soorachaa jiraniititti agarsiisu internet irratti maxxanfamuun amantii fi abdii OMN irratti sab-boontotni Oromoo qabaachaa turan kan hundeedhaan raasu tahee as bahe.

Namootni duraanuu adeemsa OMN irraa shakkii qabaachaa turan dubbii suuraa sanaa booda ammoo inumaa OMN akka waan OPDO waliin qaama tokko taheetti hadheeffatanii dubbachuutti waan cehan fakkaata. Kanneen duraan OMN irratti amantii guutuu qabaachaa turanis ammaan tana shakkii namoota hagoo biraa mumul‟achaa turte sana gara qooddachuutti tarkaanfachuutu mul‟ate. Kana irraa ka‟uudhaan “Maaltu maal tahe?” Waan jedhu irratti akkuma dhihoo oggaa rakkoon dhimma bulchiinsaatiin wal qabatti jedhamte OMN keessatti mudatte godhan sanatti hoogganootni dhimmi ilaalu ammas ibsa ni kennu taha abdiin jettu waan hedduun namaa gurra qeensee eegaa jiru fakkaatti.

Barreeffamni gabaabduun dhimma kanaan wal qabatee Jawaar Mohaammad (nama OMN hundeessuu keessatti qooda ol‟aanaa qaba jedhamu) irraa Amaarinyaadhaan dhihaatte tan fi website dhuunfaa isaa irratti mata-duree “ግልገል ነፍጠኞችን ምንድነው የሚያንጫጫቸው?” jedhuun maxxansamtes ammoo waanuma dubbii tanaaf ibsa ykn. deebisaa akka taatuuf yaadamtee dhihaatte fakkaatti. Haa tahu malee barreeffamni sun haala mudate sanaaf deebisaa quubsaa tahuu dandeesse/dandeessi hin fakkaattu.

Inumaa iyyuu waan OMN keessatti mudate sana irratti barreeffamni Jawaar kun oggaa dabalamtu gaaffii natti bulche (kaniin calleessaan bira kutuu dadhabe)tu akkaan barreeffama gabaabduu tana barreessu na dirqisiise. Gaaffiin tuni ammoo dhimma tokkummaa ilaalchaa mooraa QBO keessatti barbaachistuu jedhee ani amanuu wajji tan wal qabattu malee dhimma nama dhuunfaa ykn. OMN qofaan tan wal qabattu akka hin taane jabeessee dubbistoota hubachiisuun fedha.


  1. Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa fi fakkaattotni isaa ergamtoota TPLF tahuudhaan akka „robot‟ ykn. akka bineensota mana galan gariitti waan itti ajajaman (tolchuus tahe balleessuu) raaw‟achuu irraa kan hafe akka Oromootti of danda‟anii kan dhaabbatan akka hin tahinii fi aangoo ittiin dantaa Oromummaa tarkaanfachiisan akka hin qabne hundaan beekamaa dha. Kana waan taheef sab-boontota Oromoo biratti jarreen kun Wayyaanee irraa addaan baafamanii hin ilaalaman. Dhiheenyuma kana mirga abbaa biyyummaa Saba Oromoo falmuu irratti (hiriira mormii dhimma Master-Plan Finfinneetiin wal qabateen) lubbuun ilmaan Oromoo danuun (daa‟ima ganna 8 irraa hanga jaarsa ganna 80tti) Wayyaaneedhaan galaafatame. Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa nama wal-tajjii irratti bahee wareegamtoota sanaan “Warri ajjeefaman sun kashilabboota.” jedhee arrabsee dha.

Akka barreeffamni Jawaar sun himtutti gaazexeessitootni OMN nama Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa jedhamu kana wajji gaaffii fi deebii gaggeessuuf gaafachaa turaniiti osoo sanatti milkaawuuf tattaafatanii suuraan sun quba qabeenya isaaniitiin maleetti kaafamte. Egaan, namticha yakkamaa harki isaa dhiiga ilmaan Oromootiin faalame akkanaa kanatu OMN irratti dhihaatee akka dubbatuuf kabajaadhaan afeerame jechuu dha. Barreeffama Jawaar keessatti “…የኦሮሞ ጋዜጠኖች ከአንድ የኦሮሞ ባለስልጣን ጋር ፎቶ ላይ ታዩ ብለው…” dubbiin jettus sab-boontota Oromoo biratti ergaa addaa tan dabarsituu fi shakkii babal‟istuu dha. Sababni isaa, OMN akka dhaabbata (institution) tokkootti, namootni achi keessa jiranis akka dhuunfaatti qaama QBO akka tahanitti ykn. mooraa QBO keessa akka jiranitti hubatamu. Mooraa QBO yeroo jennu Jaarmayoota/Dhaabotaa fi murnoota irraa hanga nam-tokkeetti kanneen kabajamuu mirga bilisummaa fi abbaa-biyyummaa Oromoof dhugaadhaan dhaabbatan/qabsaawan hundi kan keessatti hammataman marsaa ykn. circle sab-boontotaa fi qabsaawota Oromoo jechuu keenya. Kanneen mooraa kana keessa jiran yoo xiqqaatee xiqqaate, dhiiga lammii isaanii dabaan dhangalaafamuu fi lubbuu lammii isaanii akka bineensaatti adamsamee ajjeefamu waan ilaalu irratti ejjennoo wal fakkaataa qabaachuun barbaachisaa dha. Kun Safuu ykn. „ethics‟ Sabummaa ti. Mooraa QBO keessatti hanqina tokkummaa isa ilaalcha siyaasaa, ilaalcha amantii fi ilaalcha gosummaa ykn. gandummaatiin mudatu caalaa Hanqina Tokkummaa Ilaalchaa isa dhiiga lammii keenyaa gar-maleetti dabaan dhangalaafamu irratti ejjennoo wal fakkaataa dhabuudhaan mudatu akkanaatu caalaatti irratti hojjetamee irra aanamuu qaba.

  1. Osoo Abbaan Duulaa afeerraa gaaffii fi deebii/„interview‟ OMN dhiheesseef sana sirnaan simatee, gaazexeessitootni OMN bifa barbaadaniin TV OMN irratti nuuf dhiheessanii waan itti qophaawan mara gaafatanii hoo maaltu taha? OMN Abbaa Duulaa irratti qorannoo yakkaa/„criminal investigation‟ gaggeessuuf akka hin yaaminii fi sana gochuus akka hin dandeenye beekamaa hanga tahetti Abbaan Duulaa OMN irratti kabajaadhaan afeeramee dubbbachuuf carraa argate sanatti dhimma bahee waan barbaade dubbatee nagaadhaan galuuf mirga qaba ykn. gochuu danda‟a ture. Akka kanaan osoo silaa dhihaatee waanuma wal-tajjiilee biroo irratti jechaa bahe sana irra deebi‟ee (“Kashilabbummaa ilmaan Oromoo isaaniin ajjeefamanii” OMN irrattis yoo nutti hime) bu‟aan siyaasaa kana irraa argamu Dantaa Oromummaa (Oromo National Interest) isa akeeka bu‟uraa OMN tahe sanaaf moo OPDO-dhaaf caalaatti gargaara ture? Walabummaan OMN gantootaa fi yakkamtoota harka dhiigaa kanneen akkasiitiifis waltajjii isaa banaa hanga taasisuutti deemuufaa hunda hammataa?

OPDOn (Jaarmayni gantootaa kan Abbaan Duulaa itti miseensa tahe) akka jaarmayaatti diina Ummata Oromoo mitii? Gufuu/farra QBO tahuudhaan faallaa „Oromo National Interest‟ warra dhaabbatan mitii? Abbaan Duulaas tahe miseensi OPDO kamuu hanga Jaarmaya Wayyaanee sana lagatee keessaa hin bahinitti OMN irrattis tahe waltajjii kamuu irratti gochaa gantummaa fi diinummaa Ummata Oromoo irratti hojjechaa jiran sana akka waan gaarii hojjechaa jiranitti(akkuma TV Adaamaa fi Finfinnee irratti ololachaa jiran sanitti) ololachuuf carraa argatanitti dhimma bahu malee dhugaan isaan OMN irratti nuuf himuu danda‟an jirtii? OMN irratti dhihaachuun isaaniif yoo fayyade malee „Oromo National Interest‟ isa OMN tajaajiluuf dhaabbate jedhamee abdatamuuf waan fayyadu ni qabaataa?


Oromoon akka Sabaatti waanjoo gabrummaa (sirna bittaa alagaa) jala jirra. Waanjoo gabrummaa kana of irraa buusuuf/darbuufis akka Sabaatti qabsoo gochaa jirra. Gufuulee QBO keessaa guddaan tokko gantummaa dha. Meeshaa guddaan humnootni gabroomfattuu ittiin cabsanii nu gabroomfatanii fi hanga ammaa gabrummaa jalatti ittiin nu turfachaa jiran tokko gantootaa fi gantummaa dha. Sanaaf ragaan guddaan Goobanaa Daaccii fi fakkaattota isaa kanneen bara Minilikii fi OPDO (akka qaamaatti) kanneen bara ammaa (bara Wayyaanee) ti. Kanaaf jecha, Oromummaan dhiiga tahus Ilmaan Oromoo kanneen hiriira gantummaatti hiriiranii gabroomfattoota wajjin dhiiga lammii isaanii dhangalaasisan mooraa Oromummaa keessatti ramaduunii fi akka Oromootti isaan ilaaluun rakkisaa dha. Isaan faallaa Dantaa Oromummaa warra dhaabbatan waan tahaniif dantaan Oromummaa fi kan isaanii (akka jaarmayaatti) waliin tajaajilamuu ykn. wal tumsuu hin danda‟u.

Media-n kamuu (kanneen media walaba jedhamanis tahe kaan hundi) akeeka dhaabbataniif fi abbaa akeeka sanaaf jecha isaan tolfte qabu. Akeeka sana irratti hundaawuudhaan milkaawinsa akeekichaa irratti abbaa akeeka sanaa tajaajilu. Kana jechuun, yaadaa fi dhimma faallaa akeeka sanaa tahe hin tajaajilan jechuu akka tahe beekamaa dha. Gabaabaatti bal‟inni isaa haa wal caalu malee hundumtuu akeeka dhaabbataniif irratti hundaawuudhaan sarara keessatti daangeffaman ni qabaatu. “Lakkii akkanaa mitii, Media Walaba jechuun akka ifa Biiftuu ykn. akka ‘oxygen’ nama hundaaf wal qixa dhimma baasuu warra danda’an jechuu dha.” Yaadni jedhu yoo jiraate (media akkasii addunyaa tana irra jiru yoo jiraate akka fakkeenyaatti maqaa waliif dhawanii) wal barsiisuu fi wal irraa barachuun garuu ni danda‟ama.

Kanaaf OMN akka itti hubatamaa fi abdatamaa yoona gahetti Kaayyoon isaa guddaan Dantaa Saba Oromoo (Oromo National Interest) tajaajiluu yoo tahe wanneen faallaa kanaa tahan irraa akkaataa itti of eegee bilchinaan socho‟u falachuu qaba. Oromoonis osoo waan xixiqqoodhaan gammaduudhaanis tahe mufachuudhaan hin dogoggorre yeroo waan hamtuu ykn. dogoggora argu qeeqa ijaaraadhaan itti duulaa, yeroo waan gaarii fi jajjabina argus daran jabeessuuf waan danda‟uun birmachaafii (akkuma hanga ammaa gochaa jiru kanatti) OMN Media dhugumaan Dantaa Oromummaa tajaajilu tahee akka daran jabaatee itti fufu taasisiuuf qooda lammummaa ifii namuu bahachuu qaba. Na Hoofkalchaa !

Malkaa Caffee

Czech firm builds brewery in Ethiopia

New Ray Breweries facility in Ethiopia. Photo: ZVU Potez

New energy-efficient facility will have a Czech brewmaster

The firm ZVU Potez, a Czech-based supplier of technology for the chemical, food and energy industries, has completed the implementation of a brewery in Maychew, Ethiopia. The contract is worth €27.6 million.

The modern facility for Raya Breweries will be inaugurated Feb. 15 with the PARTICIPATION of senior representatives of the Czech Republic.

The brewery has a capacity of 600,000 hectoliters per year. The project included the delivery of complete technology for the brewery plant as well as a boiler room, transformer stations, water treatment and sewage treatment plants, and a diesel generator serving as a reserve energy source.

The overall implementation lasted 24 months from the signing of the contract. “A first phase included the training of local personnel, and other phases will continue after the opening of the brewery,” Vladimir Čepelík, CEO ZVU Potez, said in a press release.

“We will acquaint them with our modern facilities and also we also offered them our specialist for further consultation.”

The brewery in the northern Ethiopian town of Maychew, approximately 650 km from the capital Addis Ababa, will create approximately 150 to 200 new jobs.

Czech master brewer Ladislav Pařízek will remain there to oversee production.

The technologies used are among the most advanced energy-saving solutions in the field of brewing, according to ZVU Potez. The plant captures CO2 during fermentation for further processing and also includes a system for reducing energy consumption. Energy created during the production process will be used to heat water. ZVU Potez subsidiary DIO Hradec Králové was also involved in the project.

“The African continent is very interesting for us. Currently we are developing additional business opportunities there and evaluating the potential of each individual INVESTOR. … Our extensive experience in the brewing industry … allows us to penetrate the markets from South America to East Asia,” CEO Čepelík said.

ZVU Potez is based in Hradec Králové, East Bohemia, with around 500 staff. Since August 2014, the company has been part of Swiss-based Safichem Group.


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